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					                 DRUG USE/MISUSE, HARM REDUCTION
                     QUIZ FOR S3/4 (ANSWERS)

   1) Stimulants, Depressants & Hallucinogenic’.
   2) Vomiting (could choke on own vomit) Lowers inhibition (can lead to risk
      taking, e.g. unprotected sex, trying other drugs) Get into fight (Can
      lead to personal injury, getting in trouble with police – leading to
      criminal record)
   3) Snorted, Swallowed, Injected or mixed into drinks
   4) True
   5) No, alcohol is a depressant drug, mixing with other
      drugs (which could be depressants, stimulants or hallucinogenic) would
      be very dangerous
   6) Can last up 6 hours
   7) Take regular breaks from dancing (go to chill-out areas)
      Take sips of water (no more than 1 pint per hour)
   8) Feeling drunk, dizzy, racing heart beat, can lead to hung over
      feeling, nausea, vomiting, blackouts, bad cough, spots/sores
      around, mouth, persistent cold and heart problems.
      Inhaling with a plastic bag can cause suffocation.
   9) The effects of LSD can last for up to 12 hours, Acid has very
      random and sometimes very frightening effects. Trips feed off a
      person's imagination. One person can spend 12 hours in a very
      happy place while someone else who's bought the same stuff can
      spend 12 hours lost in their own fears and paranoia. How the trip
      goes has everything to do with who you are, how you're feeling and
      how comfortable you are with the people you are with. A trip can
      speed up and slow down time. Trips can speed up and slow down
      movement. Colour, sound and objects can get distorted. Think
      dancing wallpaper, angry traffic cones and double vision. Trips can
      make a happy person happier and a freaked out person more
      panicky and confused.
   10) Smoked (in a joint) in a bong, eaten, baked in cakes
   11) True, it has a similar effect to alcohol
   12) False, Ecstasy dehydrates you so does alcohol, it is a very bad
        idea to mix drugs (see ‘Its all in the mix’)
   13) Cannabis can worsen mental health problems (including schizophrenia)
and may even trigger them in some cases. Smoking cannabis increases your
chance of getting lung diseases (like chronic bronchitis) and may also cause
lung cancer. Some people can get hooked on cannabis and they experience
withdrawal symptoms when they stop. The strength of the strongest type of
cannabis called sinsemilla (or 'skunk') has roughly doubled in the last 10
years. The strength of other types of cannabis, such as resin or weed, has
stayed more or less the same.
   14) 5% to 10% the rest can be made up of talc’ chalk dust etc
   15) HIV Infection from dirty equipment, collapsed veins, thrombosis
   16) Not being able to travel to some countries (e.g.USA) not able
       to get certain jobs like the Armed Forces, Police & jobs where
       a CRB check is required (like child care) Some firms keep
       records of convictions which perspective employers can search

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