The Galway County Badminton Association Constitution

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					  The Galway County Badminton Association Constitution
1. The Association shall be called the Galway County Badminton Association
   (GCBA) of Badminton Ireland.

2. It shall have for its objective, the advancement and control of badminton in the
   Association, as played under the laws of the IBF and the rules of Badminton

3. The Association shall consist of affiliated clubs situated within the county of
   Galway, and individuals who are affiliated shall be deemed members of
   Badminton Ireland.

4. The government/management of the Association shall be exercised through the
   Executive Committee. The Committee shall be elected at the AGM of affiliated

5. The Executive Committee shall consist of:

       a.   The Chairperson
       b.   The Vice-Chairperson
       c.   The Honorary Secretary
       d.   The Honorary Treasurer
       e.   The League Secretary
       f.   The Junior Co-ordinator
       g.   The PRO
       h.   The County Team Manager
       i.   Two Connacht Delegates
       j.   Two Ordinary Committee Members

6. All non-Executive Ordinary Committee Members are encouraged and entitled to
   attend all General meetings and may voice their opinions but are not entitled to
   vote at ordinary meetings.

7. The Hon. Secretary shall keep minutes of all procedures from Committee

8. The Hon. Treasurer shall keep a record of all financial affairs of the Association
   and have a Balance Sheet showing audited accounts of the Association for the

9. Officers may serve in an Executive position i.e. Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson,
   Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and League Secretary, for 3 consecutive years,
10. Should any elected officer resign from the committee during the year, all clubs
    should be notified and nominations for a replacement invited. Should there be
    more than one candidate the secretary shall call an EGM at which the new officer
    shall be elected.

11. Elected officers may only hold one position on the county board to ensure
    efficiency, transparency and to act for the general good of the board and the aims
    set out in the constitution.

12. All officers and members of the elected county committee will act as servants and
    custodians of its constitution. No individual officer has the power to bend or break
    any of its rules. The executive committee as a whole may exercise their discretion.

13. All elected officers are required to attend a minimum of 70% of Executive
    meetings in any given year or they lose their vote at the AGM.

14. The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt an officer onto the
    Committee if the need arises, and also to form sub-committees, if this becomes

15. The executive committee shall in addition act as a grading committee.
    Applications for re-grading of players must be received by the secretary one week
    prior to the main registration meeting. The committee will meet prior to this
    meeting and review the player’s previous performances from the previous league
    sheets/county championship results and will have a report available at the meeting
    stating which players are to be re-graded.

16. In the event of a player's re-grading request being refused, the committee may
    decide to allow the player to play with a lower divisional league team subject to a
    handicap and/or any other restrictions, at the discretion of the committee. The
    player would remain graded at the higher or original grade for the County
    Championships. The handicapped player must be indicated on the league

17. The Executive Committee shall meet as often as becomes necessary during the
    season to carry out the running of the affairs of the Association.

18. AFFLIATION OF CLUBS: All clubs in the Galway County Badminton
    Association competing in any competition, playing against an affiliated club or
    availing of coaching organised by either the GCBA, The Connacht Branch or
    Badminton Ireland, must be affiliated members of the GCBA, having paid the
    appropriate fee.

19. All affiliated clubs as a condition agree to abide by the county constitution and
    rules that govern the Galway County Badminton Association.
20. TOURNAMENTS: All Inter-Club Tournaments must have the prior permission of
    the GCBA and only affiliated clubs will be permitted to compete.

21. Clubs shall register their members with Badminton Ireland independently of the
    GCBA and shall provide a photocopy of the registration form to the League

22. The affiliation fees for each club shall be determined at the AGM and must be
    paid at the appropriate meeting of the Executive Committee. The club registration
    fee & any competition fees shall be paid at the appropriate meeting of the
    Executive Committee.

23. The registration fee for teams in the County League shall apply to all divisions.

24. Players must be registered with one club only – that with which he/she is playing
    league badminton. Transfers from one club to another within the playing year can
    only take place with the permission of the GCBA.

25. No players are allowed to compete in the County League or County
    Championships unless they have been registered to Badminton Ireland. Each team
    player must be registered prior to the first league match in which they compete.
    All competitors in the County Championships must be registered before the
    relevant County Championship date.

       a. Each club is responsible for ensuring that all players are correctly graded.
       b. No player can play in any competition run by the GCBA unless their name
          appears on the official Badminton Ireland & county player register.
       c. Any team who plays an un-registered player or an incorrectly registered
          player will have the total points won by that player taken from them and
          awarded to the opposing team. No exceptions will be made to this rule.
       d. Only registered players may play at county level.
       e. Player registration under Badminton Ireland guidelines must be complete
          before January 1st in a given calendar year. If players are not registered
          with BI then they will not be eligible to play in Connacht or BI

26. The GCBA shall run Leagues for Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.

27. Any person who has played League Badminton in any other County, or has
    represented his/her Province (other than Connacht) at any level must apply
    through his/her club for permission to play in the Galway County League and
    Galway County Championships and must furnish all relevant details of his/her
    playing career to date.

       a. The AGM shall be held before 30th September each year. 21 days notice
          specifying the date, time and venue will be sent by email to the Secretary
          of each affiliated club.
       b. Any motions for the Agenda of the AGM must reach the County Hon.
          Secretary 14 days before the AGM.
       c. Motions for the County AGM will be circulated to Club Secretaries at least
          7 days before the AGM.
       d. The Agenda for the AGM will be as follows:
                i. Apologies
               ii. Roll Call of the Meeting
             iii.  Minutes of previous AGM and matters arising
              iv.  Chairpersons Report
               v.  Hon. Secretaries Report
              vi.  Hon. Treasurer's Report and Balance Sheet and setting of
                   Affiliation Fees for the coming year
             vii.  Report of Sub-Committee
            viii.  Election of Officers and Committee
              ix.  Election of County Team Manager
               x.  Election of Delegates to the Connacht Branch
              xi.  Any Motions previously submitted to the Hon. Secretary
             xii.  AOB

29. VOTING: Each affiliated club in attendance shall have 1 vote per club and 1 vote
    for each League Team. Each outgoing Committee Member will be entitled to 1

30. The voting procedure for the County board is that each member shall have 1 vote,
    which will be done by private ballot & members from the clubs which brought a
    matter to the county board be excused until voting has taken place.

31. A quorum at an AGM or EGM shall consist of 50% of the affiliated clubs.

32. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be held at any time, upon the authority of
    the Executive Committee or upon a request signed by a third of the affiliated clubs
    in the Association. Only matters which appear on the agenda previously circulated
    to clubs will be discussed at the meeting. All affiliated clubs must be given 10
    days notice of such a meeting.

33. The Secretary of each affiliated club, or person authorized to receive notices shall
    send their name, email address and phone number to the Hon. Secretary of the
    Association before October 1st each year.

34. The quorum for an executive committee meeting shall be six committee members.

35. The format for Committee Meetings for the Galway County Badminton
    Association shall be:
       a.   Minutes of the previous meeting
       b.   Matters arising
       c.   Correspondence
       d.   Treasurers Report
       e.   Sub-Committee's Reports, i.e. County Teams, Juniors
       f.   AOB

36. The GCBA will inform each club Secretary in writing (when and where possible)
    of all decisions taken by the GCBA pertaining to their club. Under no
    circumstances will verbal communications between members of the Association
    and Club Secretaries be taken into consideration or tolerated. In the event that a
    Club has to be notified by phone a letter/email will immediately follow.

37. The GCBA will decide at the beginning of the second half of the season the dates
    of all County League play-offs, semi-finals and finals. These dates will be strictly
    adhered to and will not be departed from under any circumstances.
Rules for Leagues and Championships
1. For divisions 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, League Teams will comprise 3 or 4 men and 3 or 4
   ladies but all matches will consist of seven games.

2. There shall be a Division 6 Beginners League which is strictly for beginners. A
   beginner is defined as someone who has never before played badminton. At the
   end of each season the committee will review the division and decide which teams
   and players can no longer be classed as beginners. The committee may decide to
   upgrade the team to division 5, or else handicap individual players to allow the
   team to remain in the division. No person may be re-graded down to this division.
   Teams are to be told that they will not be going forward to a Connacht Final.

3. Where a player fails to attend a match, and has been named on the team sheet, the
   Mixed Doubles will be played in order of strength – i.e. Third Mixed is the first
   Mixed Doubles game to be conceded.

4. A player on a league team may, in any given league fixture, play one or two
   games. This may consist of the singles and doubles, the singles and a mixed, or
   the doubles and a mixed. No player can play in two mixed games, except in
   division 6.

5. Feather Shuttles will be used for Div 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. Plastic shuttles will be used
   for Div 6.

6. Each winning mixed league team will be presented with a perpetual cup, which
   will have to be signed for by the captain. If misplaced/lost it is the responsibility
   of the relevant winning club to replace the perpetual trophy/cup.

7. All matches must be played on or before the date indicated for the various rounds
   of the different Leagues. Results sheets or letters claiming points must be posted
   or faxed to reach the League Secretary not later than five days after the match
   date. The result sheet must be properly filled in, i.e. Division must be clearly
   marked on the sheet and team A or B where necessary, also name of club, venue
   and games counted. Points for each game won, i.e. 5 - 2 or 7 - 0 or 3 - 4 etc. must
   be stated.

8. Sheets must be signed by a member of each team and be sent in by both teams and
   must be signed and dated by the actual sender.

9. The normal order of play for divisions 1 to 5 shall be as follows:

       i.   Mens Singles
      ii.   Ladies Singles
     iii.   Mens Doubles
     iv.   Ladies Doubles
      v.   1st Mixed
     vi.   2nd Mixed
    vii.   3rd Mixed

10. In exceptional circumstances i.e. adverse weather conditions, car breakdown, late
    working hours of a player for the visiting team, the match may depart from the
    normal order of play within the first four games. Completed team sheets must,
    however, be exchanged before commencement of any game.

11. All matches shall commence at a mutually agreed time between both captains.
    Should one team fail to put the relevant players on court at this time for the start
    of the match, the other team may claim the first game - Mens Singles. Games may
    be claimed (in order of play) for each half-hour thereafter that players fail to
    appear on court. Clubs are asked to apply this rule strictly.

12. Total points will be added up and the highest scoring teams will play in the semi-
    finals and finals. Semi-finals will only occur where the division is sectioned (e.g.
    East/West), in which case the top two teams from each section will cross-play in
    the semi-finals. Where teams have equal points the number of sets will be counted
    and if still equal all scores between the two teams will be counted. All semi-finals,
    finals etc. shall be determined by the GCBA.

13. All matches, scoring etc. shall be played in accordance with the rules and laws of
    Badminton Ireland. The GCBA reserves the right to appoint a person in charge of
    a match.

14. The captain of each team must present the composition of his/her team to the
    opposing team captain in writing before play begins. The names of each player
    must be filled out in full. No change in teams or order shall subsequently be
    allowed in that match.

15. All objections, in writing, must reach the County Secretary within 5 days of the
    match date. The Committee of the GCBA will enquire into any objection.
        a. If an objection comes before the Committee, a representative of both clubs
           shall be present at a County Meeting when a decision is made on the

16. Coaching is permitted between sets. 90 seconds between 1st and 2nd sets and 5
    minutes between 2nd and 3rd sets.

17. All monies paid to the GCBA must be made by club cheque only. Under no
    circumstances will cash be accepted. The GCBA will not be responsible or will
    accept no liability for cash sent through the post.
18. Any person who has played for his/her Province at U-15 or U-17 level will not be
    eligible to play in Division 5 or 6 of the County League or County
    Championships. Juniors playing in the U-15 and U17 League and County
    Championships can only take part in Division 4 and upward in Senior County
    League or County Championships, unless they receive specific permission from
    the County Committee. All players U18 play at Division 4 or higher, unless
    approved by the Grading Committee.

19. If a team cancels an agreed fixture, notice of at least 48 hours must be given to the
    captain of the team involved and also the League Secretary. Subs should be
    available to step in for the absence of a player. If less than 48 hours notice is
    given, the cancellation must be approved by the League Secretary. Cancellations
    at short notice may be subject to a points penalty if an insufficient reason for
    cancellation is given.

20. The home team gives two dates for a match. If neither date is agreeable the
    League Secretary sets a date and venue for the match to be played.

21. All perpetual League Cups and trophies must be handed back to the County
    Association by 31st January each year.

22. If a team has failed to fulfill all their fixtures by the end of the season, all that
    teams matches will be deemed to be null & void.

23. The Committee of the GCBA reserves the right to interpret the rules.

24. Clothing: Proper badminton attire to be worn at all County fixtures.

25. At the end of the year the winning team in each league division is promoted
    upwards, to the next division for the following year.

26. There can be NO substitution of players from one team to another team of the
    same club in the same division.

27. When a player is re-graded for a particular division they can play in that division
    for both League & County Championships.

28. The player(s) that win a division in a particular County Championship event may
    not take part in that division or a lower division in the same County Championship
    event in the following year. This stipulation shall apply to the player for a
    minimum period of 5 years if necessary, and does not apply to Division 1 players.

29. When a team wins a County Final any player who played even one game
    throughout the season must go up to the higher division. The player(s) may apply
    to the County Board for re-grading if necessary at the start of the following
30. A player can play in two Divisions on Mixed League Final Day.

31. The committee will publish a fixture list at the start of the league season. It will
    specify one or more dates by which teams must play their league fixtures. As the
    deadline(s) are reached, then for each unplayed game there will be a one point
    league deduction. The game must still be completed before the end of the season.

32. A knockout quarter final structure shall be operated in all County Championship
    Competitions. A minimum of 16 participants in Singles and/or 32 participants (i.e.
    16 pairs) in Doubles are required in order for quarter finals to be part of the
    competitive structure on a particular night.

33. At the end of the season the committee will examine the possibility of running a
    Shield Final in divisions that are split East/West or, otherwise, those divisions
    with a large number of teams, in order to provide extra competition for lower
    placed teams in the division.

Glossary of Terms:
AGM           Annual General Meeting
AOB           Any Other Business
BI            Badminton Ireland
EGM           Extraordinary General Meeting
GCBA          Galway County Badminton Association
IBF           International Badminton Federation
PRO           Public Relations Officer

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