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									Ecap & SOL Recruitment Process
       Requirement                  Contract to Hire

                                        Job Boards
                                    Internal Database
                                        Ref erences
      Resume Screening                   Groups
                                     Technology Forums



                                                         Internal Database
   Telephonic Screening

         Suitable         No

                     Ecap & SOL Recruitment Process

                          Technical Evaluation
                                                                Internal Database

                                  Suitable                 No

  Rate Negotiation

                              Submission Process
Consultant Details

                           Client/Vendor Submission

                                   Client             Reject

  Face to Face

                                 Interview             Reject


Background Check
                                   Paper Work
    MSA & PO

                                Joining Logistics
             Ecap & SOL Recruitment Process
Recruitment Process starts when a client has a job position and need to
fill that position.

Source of requirement: we get requirements from Business Development
team, Direct Sales team, Preferred Vendors.

Types of Requirement
Contract: Contract position come for fixed timeframe or contract plus
extension. Anyone can work on contract positions irrespective of their
work authorization.

Contract to Hire: CTH Position will be initially for fixed timeframe and
once that time frame is over the client offers consultant a permanent
position. Only US Citizens, Green Card Holder, TN Visa Holder are eligible
for Fulltime position unless client is ready to process the H1B.

Fulltime Permanent: Fulltime positions are direct hire positions. Only US
Citizens, Green Card Holder, TN Visa Holder are eligible for Fulltime
position unless client is ready to process the H1B.
             Ecap & SOL Recruitment Process
Understanding the requirement: Understanding the requirement
contributes the most to our success in sourcing the accurate resume.

Job boards: Job Boards are used for both resume searching and
requirement posting. Job boards mainly helps us in sourcing resumes for
CTH and Fulltime positions apart from contract jobs. (We have accounts
with Dice, Monster and Career Builder). There are few other free job
boards like, etc.

Vendors/Suppliers: These are the companies who market their own W2’s
most of the time. We usually mass mail these vendors with the
requirement and they in turn will reply with resumes of their consultants.

Internal Database: All the resumes we get from job boards search,
vendors, and other sources will form our internal database for future
              Ecap & SOL Recruitment Process
References: When we speak to a consultant about a particular
requirement and if they are not interested in that position; on request
they will provide the references of their friend/colleagues for the same

Google/Yahoo Groups: Entire world has access to these groups so our
chances of getting a resume will be high. We should identify technology
specific groups or location specific groups and register with those groups
and then we can send our requirement.

Technology Forums: Technology forum is the place where consultants will
answer each other queries. We should register and can send requirement,
if interested they will reply back.

Networking Websites: Networking websites like LinkedIn are also
possible source of recruiting.

Reference, Tech Forums, Networking websites are a very good source of
finding passive candidates.
              Ecap & SOL Recruitment Process


Resume Screening: At this time you should compare the resume with the
requirement and check whether all the required skills are present in the
resume or not. If the consultant worked on one particular skill which is a
must have for the requirement and failed to mention then we should ask
him to update the resume.

Telephonic Screening: We should give a brief of the job description;
required skills etc… and check with him on the same. While talking to him
you should evaluate him on his communication skill, relevant experience,
confidence level, willingness to take the position.

Technical Evaluation: Should technically evaluate them by asking technical
question. We can get lot of interview question form web.
               Ecap & SOL Recruitment Process
Rate Negotiation: The Need of rate negotiation comes in to picture when we
have less rate cap from the client, when we have to maintain minimum/good
margin for the our company and when we have to give them the rate they
actually deserve (rate justification)

Formatting: Formatting meaning maintaining uniformity in font, its size, etc…
Should put company Logo on the Header. We use Verdana 10 as standard
font and size.
Consultant Details: We collect the following details from consultants
Full Name:
Current Location:
Contact Numbers:
SSN (last 4 digits) :
Employer details: (If H1b)L
Date of Birth:
2 Professional References:
              Ecap & SOL Recruitment Process

Telephonic Interview: Most of the companies will ask for Telephonic
interview as screening and take a decision or may also call for Face to
Face to take final decision.

In person interview: Few companies call directly (without telephonic
screening) for Face to Face interview which will be first and final round.
Interview over the Bridge: We should encourage interview over the bridge
if possible. By doing so we will get to know interview questions.

If the client likes the consultant and wants him on board then client will
release the Purchase Order. We in turn will have to prepare Vendor’s
Master Services Agreement or Contractor’s Independent Agreement and
Purchase Order. Follow-up with the consultant regarding joining logistics.
Name of the recruiter:           TIME   MANAGEMENT SHEET
Time of Login/Logout:
Source: Job boards/Groups/ Vendors….

Requirement    Start    End     Keywords used   NO of resumes   Voice      NO of      Difficulties
                Time    Time                     shortlisted    mails   submissions      faced
               (CST)   (CST)







When u step in
   •Check your email for requirements .
   •Crosscheck if you have enough information and
        priority order before you start working.
   • Analyze the following…
        Job Title
        Pay rate
        Required skills
        Desired skills
        TAX TERMS
        Visa type
        Position Type – Contract or contract to hire or
        Start date
• Choosing of appropriate Keywords and verify with me
         before you start searching
• Sourcing
    1. Broadcast the requirement to the employers via
       IM’s – yahoo, MSN or Gtalk
    2. Use job boards assigned to you – dice, monster,
       career builder
    3. Use passive techniques – goggle, big5 hire, orkut
       and other free job boards
    4. Use Google/ Yahoo groups to broadcast job

    • Email the JD to all the consultants sourced.
    Note: Personalize the email to consultant. Do not CC
       or BCC the mail to all consultants at a time.
• Call the consultant
(NOTE: before you talk to any consultant ensure you have
his resume with you)

    1. Good morning / Afternoon / Evening.
    2. Am I talking to _____
    3. My name is ___ and I am calling from Ecap & sol.
    4. How are you? / If he/she asks in return say fine or
       doing good and thank for asking.
    5. This calling is regarding an exciting job opening for
       the position of____(job title) at the location of ___
       for __Months/years duration.
    6. Is this the right time/ Good time to talk to you? If
       Yes proceed….If NO!!! Then ask when is the best
       time to call back.
    7. I have sent you an email along with the job
       description. Have you gone through it as yet. If
       No!! Not an issue I can explain you over the
       phone. This won’t take too long…
8. Explain him the complete JD with the location ,
    Duration and all other details
9. Ask about Technical skills, industries/verticals he
    has worked on, comfort level on each skill from the
10. Ask to explain his/her previous project exp, his
    involvement and role in the project
11. Pay rate along with tax terms – Negotiations if any
12. Interview procedure confirmation as per client
13. Tell him that I have sent an email with the job
    details and will be appreciated if you can reply with
    your updated resume along with the candidate
    summary which is supposed to be submitted along
    with the resume to the client
14. After receiving his resume, check for all the desired
    skills, experience etc in the resume. If no, then
    request the consultant to reframe it accordingly and
    send it back.
15. Get NCA signed by the consultant before you
    submit the resume to the client.
16. Upon receiving the resume with the desired
    information, get a rate confirmation email from the
    consultant or the employer if the consultant is an H1B

17. Before submitting the resume to the client, format it
    according to your client needs. Then send the
    formatted resume along with the candidate summary
    to the client. Some clients insist that we upload the
    resumes in their ATS.

18. Follow up with the client on the feedback for the
19. Enquire for the interview schedules and procedures
20. Coordinate with the consultant and the client for
    fixing the interview process
21.Educate the consultant with basic questions and
    client’s expectations
22.Inform the consultant about the interview results

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