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					                                                                                               Thank you
                                                                                 for honoring our community with your
                                                                                generous gifts to the Enloe Foundation.

                                        FEBRUARY 11, 2010 THROUGH FEBRUARY 11, 2011
GIFTS                                  David and Dayton Sayer -             JEAN ANN CHRYSLER               DALE W. GRIVEY                     ELDON LUNDBERG                       ANN ROOD                            Hank McGowan
Anonymous                                Sayer Insurance Agency             Signe Behring                   Violet Grivey                      Melisse Larrabee                     Bob and Suzy Roach                  Michael and Sharon Storm
Zeeshan Shera and Uzma Abbasi          Richard and Lisa Selover             Nannette Carter                 RONALD GIUFFRE                     Carl and Betsy Leverenz              Peggy Steel                         Jeff and Jacque Wells
Diane, Robbie and Bob Adams            Glen and Mary Ann Shols              Scott and Cindy Chalmers        Jessica, Cody and Tyler Chezem     PATTY LYNCH                          HELEN ROSEMAN                       DR. RODNEY THOMSON
Agri Electric                          Beverly Silliman                     Barbara Copeland                                                   Melisse Larrabee                     Peg Morris                          Peggy Steel
Brian D. Anderson                      Paramjit Singh, M.D.                 Walter and Sharon Dahlin        MILDRED GLENN
Diane Anderson                         Donald and Isabel Slater             Les Doll                        Fred Davis                         JAN BARKER McCAIN                    MARGARET ROYCE                      STEINGRIMUR (TAVIE)
                                       Slater and Sons Construction         Loren and Trish Dunlap                                             Ben and Mildred Barker               Shirley Boracci                     THORLAKSSON
James and Mary Aram                                                                                         BURTON ELTON GORDON
                                       Josie H. Smoot                       Alan Forbes                                                        Bonnie Bonnici                                                           Kathleen Kelly
Charles and Debbie Atkins                                                                                   Richard and Kathleen Boggs                                              CLARENCE “SALTY” SALADO
                                       Monica Soderstrom                    Daniel and Lynda Hunt                                                                                                                       Charles and Ruby Soderstrom
Melvin Ave                                                                                                                                     HAL McDONALD                         John and Margaret Alves
                                       Betty Soito                          Al and Jan Langlois             ELIZABETH GRANT
Michael and Susan Baird
                                                                                                            Scott and Cindy Chalmers           Jack and Barbara Lutz                Gene and Kathy Mendes and Family ANTHONY TORRES
Brett and Arah Barham                  Joan Speights                        Melisse Larrabee                                                                                        Pauline Salado                   Donald Beck
                                       Norman Spiker                        Betty Lawler                    Barbara Copeland                   CHALES MAGGI
Claudine Bell and Helen Head                                                                                                                                                        Joe and Vivian Quail             Carole Bryson
                                       Marian Springmeyer                   Tom and Marsha Martin           Edelmira Frias                     Barbara Maggi
Doug and Zinita Benson                                                                                                                                                                                               Marjorie Chittenden
                                       Anthony and Madelyn St. Amant        Matson & Isom                   Ed and Joy Kimball                 BETTY G. MAGNUSSON                   CALVIN SCHAGER
Guy and Brita Besnard                                                                                                                                                                                                Cynthia East
                                       Peggy Steel                          Modern Building, Inc.           Raymond Leaver                     Mark and Vickie Spelts               David and Veronica Gomes
The Family of James and Sally Boice                                                                                                                                                                                  Jeff and Sandy Elvis
                                       Mary and Richard Stein               Richard and JoAnn Mondon        Don and Yvonne Mulkey                                                   ROBERT D. SCHARF, MD
Will and Carrie Bono                                                                                                                           ANNA MARSELLA                                                         Guadalupe and Laura Gonzalez
                                       Anna Mae Sylvester                   Fred and Ann Montgomery         Patricia Pembroke                                                       Mary Ann Grage
John and Barbara Boyle                                                                                                                         Tom and Betty Taylor                                                  Jerry and Cathy Hightower
                                       Carroll and Nancy Taresh             Joel and Priscilla Montgomery   Raymond Pembroke                                                        James P. Hamill, MD
Ashley Boyles                                                                                                                                                                                                        Bill and Lorraine Hooton
                                       Katy Thoma                           Donald and Yvonne Mulkey        Ann and Emmett Skinner, Jr.        IDA MARTIN
Bright Star JC Corporation                                                                                                                                                          WESLEY SCHMIDT                   Neal & Dolores Hurlbert
                                       Mendel and Nadine Tochterman         Don and Susan Murphy            Stanley Staples                    Patricia Hart
Mrs. John P. Browne, Jr.                                                                                                                                                            Linda Thompson                   Theresa Londquist
                                       Marvin and Lynne Turner              Will and Mary Nichols           Phil Witt
Bruce and Rose Mary Burke                                                                                                                      CATHERINE MARTINI                                                     Margaret Ann Marie
Butte County Credit Bureau             Kevin and Barbara Vibert             Cec and Ann Nielsen             KEN AND NELDA GREENE                                                    GENE SCHONAUER                   Gerald and Raylene Marler
                                                                                                                                               The Bible Study Gals
Butte County Farm Bureau               The Wainschel Family                 Bob and Suzy Roach              Leonard and Marsha Kaiser                                               Evelyn Gleason                   David, Mary Alice and
Butte-Glenn Medical                    Dr. and Mrs. David P. Walker         The Shanks Family                                                  NORIENE MATHIS                       Gus and Donna Lohse                 Wendy Miller
                                       Sally Wallace                        Gary and Judy Sitton            ANDY GUILLORY                      Walter and Virginia Bender
   Society Alliance                                                                                         Chet and Christine Piepenburg                                           DEE SCHULLER                     Patricia Williams
Cal Fire, Butte Unit                   Jerry Waters, M.D.                   Claudia Steel                                                      LUCILLE MIEHER                                                        Janet Rist Wilson, M.D.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Vrisimo Orchards, Inc.
California Water Service Company       Jacque Wells                         Corky and June Thompson         BARBARA HALL                       Shirley Boracci
                                       Lorrie West                          Ann Whipple                     Ozell Callahan                                                          JOHN M. SCHULPS                     RON TIVES
Campus Cutters                                                                                                                                                                                                          Francis S. McDonald
                                       West Coast Products                  J.B. and Vonnie Wilson                                             JUDGE JEAN MORONY                    Cathie Shanks
Rhonda Carlson, M.D.                                                                                        ANDREW HANSEN
                                       Denis and Carlla Westphal                                                                               Fred Davis                                                               VERNON TRACY
Fred and Leanne Carne                                                       LOU CHRYSLER                    Norman and Tanis Larson                                                 JUNE S. SCOTT
                                       Dale Wilcox                                                                                             Sankey and Tuula Hall                                                    Maureen Hauser
Carriere Family Farms                                                       Dave and JoAnne Fuller                                                                                  Walter and Sharon Dahlin
                                       Lyman Whitlatch, M.D. and                                            DONALD HANSON                      Carl and Betsy Leverenz
Aileen Carriere                                                             Dolas and Kay Hensley                                                                                   Jack Feder                          DOROTHY TROVAS
                                         Nicole Lemieux Whitlatch, M.D.                                     Richard and Linda Berexa           Bob and Suzy Roach
R.W. and Inger Carriere                                                     Kemen & Son Engineering                                                                                 Elizabeth Hill                      Shirley Boracci
                                       Wigibuy, LLC                                                                                            Dorothy Vanous
Scott and Cindy Chalmers                                                       Contractors                  GERALD L. HARDESTY                                                      Julia Holderbein
                                       Barry and Judi Wineroth                                                                                 Dorothy K. Washington                                                    ART TULLY
Glenn and Betty Chase                                                       John and Jan Lucchesi           Walter and Virginia Bender                                              Sharon F. and Robert S.
Chico Electric                         Leslie Wooden                                                        Don and Roxanne Brashears          KEITH MORRIS                            Johnson, M.D.                    Fran Tully
                                                                            Jim and Angel Lutz
Chico Anesthesiology Partners          Richard and Donna Zimmerman          Tom and Toy Marks               Francis “Skip” McDonald            Collier Hardware                     Jane McCulloch                      JOYCE VAN HOUTTE
Chico Collision Center, Inc.                                                Bob and Vicki Murphy            Robert and Patricia Steveson       Roger and Lindy Marshall             Cec and Anna Nielsen                Bob and Darlene Thomasson
Chico Creek Donor Advised Fund         IN MEMORY OF                         Leonard Whitegon                                                   Ed and Lynn Masterson                Jane Scott
                                                                                                            MICKEY HARRINGTON                                                                                           GARY VERCRUSE
Chico Emergency Physicians             SUE AGAN                                                                                                Reno and Stella Ricci                Cathie Shanks
                                                                            CLARENCE CIAPPONI               Daisy and Abe Baily                                                                                         Cathie Shanks and Family
  Medical Group                        John and Jan Lucchesi                                                                                   MARY HELEN MORRIS
                                                                            Fred Ciapponi                   LISBETH HARTER                                                          W.E. SHANE
Chuck Patterson Toyota                 Tom and Toy Marks                                                                                       Collier Hardware                                                         DON WADLINGTON
                                                                                                            Marian Herrick                                                          Kentwood Mobile Estates
   Scion Dodge                         Shari Silva                          IRENE COBEEN                                                       Jim and Carolyn Edwards                                                  Barney and Candyce Griswold
Gary and Nancy Coelho                                                       Brian and Gail Boswell          Barbara Maggi                                                           LIZ SHANER                          Dorothy K. Washington
                                       MANUEL AGUIAR                                                                                           Roger and Lindy Marshall
Tim Colbie                                                                                                  JERRY HENDERSON                    Ed and Lynn Masterson                Kentwood Mobile Estates
                                       Holy Ghost Society of Fort Bragg     ROSALINE COITO                                                                                                                              PHYLLIS WALLER
Robert and Lina Coruccini                                                                                   Clyde and Mathilda Williams        Reno and Stella Ricci                RICHARD SHEARS                      Eleanor Oldfield
                                                                            Joe and Maggie Navarro
Robert and Laverne Daley               MARVIN RUSSELL AGUIAR                                                                                   STAR Community Credit Union          Hazel Mortensen
Fred Davis                                                                  GARY COOPER, M.D.               CARMON HENSON                                                                                               BERT WARD
                                       Shirley Boracci
Larry and Trish Dearman                                                     Denis and Carlla Westphal       Maxine and Claude Whelchel         JEAN MYERS                           CHRISTINE J. SIMIC                  Virginia Donaldson
                                       Vic and Dorothy Cook
Evelyn DeCou                           William and LaVon Dennison                                           GENE HIBDON                        Rose Rausser                         Don and Alberta Simic               Nile and Johanne Pearce
                                                                            DR. JOHN COPELAND
Richard and Nancy DeMaree, Jr.         Robert and Linda Laman               Martie Chambless                Roxie Spence                       VIRGINIA NESBITT                     LOUIS G. SIMIC                      ELEANOR WARD
Ken and Barbara Derucher               Gus and Donna Lohse                  Barbara Mahler                                                     Cec and Anna Nielsen                 Don and Alberta Simic               Gus and Donna Lohse
                                                                                                            RAY HIBDON
Don and Ruth Deter
                                       GLORIA ANDERSON                      PATRICIA LU COTTER              Evelyn Gleason                     MARY NEVIS                           MARY E. SMALLWOOD                   JOEL WARNICK
Diamond W Western Wear
                                       Pete Anderson                        Dennis and Elizabeth Canny                                         Robert Ryan, DDS                     John and Margaret Alves             Pauline and Mel Corliss
Distinctive Recognition                                                                                     PAT HOILAND
Rochelle Douglass                      PAULINE ARCHAMBEAULT                                                 Barbara Mahler                     BARBARA NICHOLS                      Gene and Kathy Mendes and Family    Ed and Arlene Drennan
                                                                            BILL COUPÉ
Dave Dufort                            Shirley Boracci                                                                                         Robert and Darlene Thomasson         John and Nancy Schouten             Linda Howard
                                                                            Bob and Suzy Roach              ROBERT “BOB” HOBBS
Craig and Lynn Duncan                                                                                                                                                               JOE EDWARD SMITH                    Paul and Mary Krause
                                       ORA ARGO                             RICHARD CRANDALL                Jim and Vicki Shadd                JOHN B. NICHOLS                                                          Carl and Betsy Leverenz
The Gary DuQuette Family               John and Margaret Alves                                                                                                                      John and Margaret Alves
                                                                            Peter Crandall                  BETTY HORTON                       Christina Nichols                                                        Doris Meriam
Eagle Security Systems
                                       GEORGE ATTEBERRY                     Sue Koenig Shafer               Richard and Jacqueline Gettis      LEORA NOE                            SALLY LYON SMITH                    John and Nancy Schouten
Patricia Edwards
                                       Mel and Nina Jones                                                                                      Joanne Lucchesi Martin               Daniel Hunt
Enloe Medical Center Volunteers                                             SARA CUCCIA                     DR. C.K. HUBBARD                                                                                            RICHARD “RED” WARREN
Kristen Fellers                        JOE BACH                             Neoma Bailey                    Daisy and Abe Baily                Fran Shelton and Brooks Houghton     STU SMITH                           Frank and Jean Perlow
Joe Finelli                            Margaret Bach                        Ann Corriea                     Bonnie Burnham                     LEILA NORTHERN                       Nile and Johanne Pearce
Ken and Liz Fleming                                                                                                                                                                                                     CATHY WASHINGTON
                                       Curtis Foster                        LINDA DABB                      Pete and Beth Camper               Wendy Bossetti                       TOM SMITH                           Dorothy Washington
Eric A. and Margaret E. Ford           Sharreen Foster                                                      Martie Chambless                                                        Paul and Judy Oxley
                                                                            Tony and Irene Felix                                               NADINE OBRADOVICH
Stanley and Emily Ann Fortier          Lorraine Haynes                                                      Enloe Medical Center                                                                                        PATRICIA WAYBRIGHT
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Gallaway            Gene and Kathy Mendes                PAT DAHLIN                                                         Ann Alexich                          RUTH SMITH                          Bart and Sandy Frulan
Lisa Galvin                              and Family                         Walter and Sharon Dahlin                                           JUSTIN OLIVERA                       Barbara Mahler                      Paul and Carolyn Marchi
                                                                                                            Jack Feder
Scott Giesbrecht                       Suzanne Polito                       ROBERT D’AMICO                  Gary Flock                         Jean Rumiano                         YVONNE SONSTENG                     Coleen Smith
Steve and Charlene Gonsalves           John and Nancy Schouten              John and Rosemarie Carmichael   Mary Ann Grage                                                          Harlow and Mary Plimpton
                                                                                                                                               STANLEY OMAN                                                             MILDRED WHITEGON
Carly Gordon                                                                Richard E. Wilson               Barney and Candyce Griswold
                                       WILLIAM BAKER                                                                                           Pat Nugen                            CARL SPELTS                         Russell and Florence Addy
James L. and Carol Gray                                                                                     William and Jeanne Hubbard
                                       Michael Marks Insurance Agency       ARTA DAVIES                                                        Karen Oman and Steven Rindone        Chico Heart Medical Clinic –        Maxine Blake
Violet L. Grivey                                                                                            Sharon F. and Robert S.
                                                                            Carol Pacheco                                                      Martin and Patsy Jo Oman              Dr. Peter Magnusson                Elva Boone
Tracy Guerra                           GLEN BALLINGER                                                          Johnson, M.D.                                                                                            James and Carol Braziel
Geri Hall                              Fred Davis                           JODIE DAVIS                     Doris Laughlin                     ROBERT OVERTON                       ALICE SPENCER                       John and Lois Carman
Larry and Joann Hamman                 Marilyn and Joe Goolsby              Gail Perkins                    Michael Marks Insurance Agency     Lawrence and Marilyn Aguiar          Henry W. Spencer                    Barbara Copeland
Arlyne Hazel                           Robert and Darlene Thomasson                                         George and Leanna Rawley           Shirley Boracci
                                                                            JOAN DEDOMINICIS                                                                                        JIM STEACY                          Teresa Dobson
Laura and Eric Hennum                                                                                       William and Elizabeth Reed         Aileen Carriere
                                       HALLIE BARCKLAY                      Stephen Dedominicis                                                                                     Anonymous                           Economics Management
Richard and Nancy Henry                                                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Gary Stromberg        David and Debbie Garcia
                                       The Darrah Family:                                                                                                                           James and Sally Boice                  Corporation
Elizabeth Hill                                                              THOMAS DEVOR                    J.B. and Vonnie Wilson               and Family
                                         John & Mary, Michael & Angela,                                                                                                             Tiffany Capuano                     Shirley Eslinger
Jack and Judy Hires                                                         Kevin and Denise Bowen                                             Dave and Veronica Gomes
                                         Michell & Adam                                                     LORRAINE HUTTON                                                         Kimberly Cone                       Allan and Betty Forbes
Gary and Sherry Holbrook                                                    Enloe Medical Center                                               Gus and Donna Lohse
                                                                                                            Craig and Terri Hutton                                                  Connie Cox                          Marilyn Goolsby
John and Leslie Howard                 MARIA BARROWS                          Administration                                                   John Wackerman
                                                                                                            Gregg and Sue Hutton                                                    Enloe Medical Center                Floyd and Joyce Herendeen
Richard and Marie Hoyt                 Fred Davis                           Ed and Joy Kimball                                                 Jeri Young
                                                                                                            Ken and Donna Spencer                                                      Administration                   Elsie Hibdon
Donald and Laverna Hubbard             HOLLIS BARCKLAY                      Mike and Julie McMurdie
                                                                                                                                               PHOEBE OVREIN                        Ken and Liz Fleming                 Scott Johnson and Marie Paquette
Linda Huffmon                          Chris and Sharon Stromsness                                          HEATHER MARION IPSEN
                                                                            JULIUS DONALDSON                                                   Steve and Katie Schwartz             Wilma Newbrough                     Michael and Edith Keene
The Jewell E. and Faylene                                                                                   Cathie Shanks
                                       DAVE BEEBE                           Kim and Carol Green                                                                                     Linda Rowell                        Kenneth and Helen Kinnier
  R. Jackson Family Trust                                                                                                                      ROBERT A. PALMER
                                       Bill and Rhonda Bragdon                                              LINNEA JEFFRIES                                                         Kazim and Rebecca Senoglu           Larry and Maureen Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Alton Johnson                                                  MONTE DuBOSE                                                       Dr. David Oberlin
                                                                                                            Fred and Carol Ciapponi                                                 Jeff and Jacque Wells               Robert and Patricia Krosnick
Sandy Kalinowski                       RAYMOND BELEW                        Fred and Carol Ciapponi
                                                                                                                                               JOHN PATRICH                                                             Shirley Lydon
Deland Kaneshiro                       Kim and Carol Green                  MARY DUFON                      ALEXANDER JOHANSEN                 Avis McNamee and Nancy Donnan LOWELL STEEL, M.D.                         George and Alma Matthews
William and Gay Kendrick                                                    Margaret “Peggy” DuFon          Jean and Ed Dutro                  Scott and Vicky More and Family Claudia Steel
                                       CHARLES BERNARD                                                                                                                                                                  Joe McClellan
Teresa Kludt, J.D. and                                                                                      Jeff and Kathy Shimizu             Robert and RoseMarie Jonasson   JOSIE STEVENSON
                                       Kentwood Mobile Estates              ETTA DUNNING                                                                                                                                Stephen Meline IV, Robert Meline,
   Walt Schafer, Ph.D.                                                                                      MARGARET “PEG” JOHNSON                                             Pauline Salado
                                                                            Joe and Maggie Navarro                                             GINNY PAUL                                                                  Nelda Jessee and Melanie
Kohl’s                                 HAROLD E. BILLS                                                      Cathie Shanks                      James King                           MARIE STILLEY                          Edgington
Karon LaMalfa and Family               Fred Davis                           DOTTIE EHORN
                                                                                                            RONALD N. “JONESY” JONES                                                Arlyne Hazel                        Duane and Audrey Nuechterlein
Melisse Larrabee                                                            Dave and Veronica Gomes                                            OWEN PAUL
                                       DENNIS BIRO                                                          Ona Jones                                                                                                   Donald and Betty Penland
Robert Lattin                                                                                                                                  Jack and Mary Miller                 DONALD L. STONER, M.D.
                                       Cathie Shanks and Family             JOHN “PAT” ELLETT                                                                                                                           Leonard and Wilma Rathbun
Jim Ledgerwood                                                                                              EDWIN JORONEN                                                           Phyllis Brooks
                                       Emmett and Ann Skinner, Jr.          Suzanne Polito                                                     BILL PEPPARD                                                             Twila Rogers
Nancy K. Ledoyen                                                                                            Robert and Darlene Thomasson                                            Richard and Robin Brooks
                                                                                                                                               Gary Flock                                                               Walter and Patricia Rothe
Robert Leuthold                        DENNIS D. BOWLES                     BETTY ANN ELLIOTT                                                                                       Michael Marks Insurance Agency
                                                                                                            JOSEPH KEGLEY                                                                                               R. and S. Russell
Carl and Betsy Leverenz                Roger and Lindy Marshall             Laverne Cardwell                                                   DAVE PETERSON                        Fred and Ann Montgomery
                                                                                                            Oskar and Janet Joksch                                                                                      Charles and Ruby Soderstrom
Lindsay Lewis                          VELMA BRANDT                                                                                            Cathie Shanks                        Steve and Pegi Schaefer
                                                                            CAROL ERWIN                     Modern Building                                                                                             Patricia Spear
Carol Linscheid                        Family of Velma Brandt                                                                                                                       Don and Alberta Simic
                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Jim Blanchard                                         VERLA PFAFFINGER                                                         Peggy Steel
Jeff and Diana Lobosky                 Christi Calkins                                                      EUGENE KEYAWA                                                           Donald and Anna Smith
                                                                            Jack and Barbara Lutz                                              Pleasant Valley Mobile Estates                                           Walter and Patsy Stile
Logan’s Roadhouse                      Jud and Judy Carter                                                  Gary and Terry Houser
                                                                                                                                                                                    DOUGLAS SUNDBY                      Richard and Bobbie Svihus
Myron and Dorothy Machula              Delton and Marian Graham             JOHN EVEN                       Francis S. McDonald                DELBERT PILLIARD
                                                                                                                                                                                    Scott and Cindy Chalmers            Rayma Williams
Evelyn Manit                           Evelyn A. Hayes                      Dan and Phyllis Even            John and Nancy Schouten            Joanne Lucchesi Martin
John Manuelian, M.D.                                                                                                                           Tom and Marsha Martin                Carl and Betsy Leverenz             GEORGE WHYLER
                                       Tom and Marsha Martin                GERALD FAUGHN                   RENEE KIRKHAM                                                           Melisse Larrabee
Ralph Mathes                                                                                                                                   John and Linda Shea                                                      John and Margaret Alves
                                       Stuart and Sally Thompson            Gus and Donna Lohse             Allan and Betty Forbes                                                  Francis McDonald
Matson and Isom                                                                                                                                                                                                         ROGER WILLIAMS
                                       ROY BRAZZALE                         JEAN FAVILLA                    Sankey and Tuula Hall              SHARON PITTMAN
Walter and Kathy Mazen                                                                                                                                                              JACK SWEENEY                        Martie Chamless
                                       Abe and Daisy Baily                  John and Betty Hopkins          Dolas and Kay Hensley              John and Betty Hopkins
Verner and Lynn McNeely                                                                                                                                                             Bruce and Patrice Jenkins
Butch Meester                          Helen Battistoni                     M. Jeanne Pease                 Sharon F. and Robert S.            RICHARD PLIMPTON                                                         PEGGY WILLIAMSON
Julie Michael                          Carl and Eleanor Calvert                                                Johnson, M.D.                   Harlow and Mary Plimpton             BILL TAYLOR                         John and Jan Donohue
                                                                            HARRIET FEENEY                  Kathleen Kelly                                                          Gus and Donna Lohse
The Mimbs Family                       Connie Cox                                                                                                                                                                       Rose Rausser
                                                                            Jean Rumiano                    Ned Kirkham                        NILA PLUMMER                         Carol Pacheco
Paul and Susan Minasian                Peggy and Harland Farrell                                                                                                                                                        ELIZABETH WILLIS
                                                                            THOMAS FERRARA                  John and Jan Lucchesi              Betty Breedlove
Mom’s Restaurant                       Billie Kanter and Kirk Monfort                                                                                                               LORI TAYLOR                         Frank and Jean Perlow
Evelyn Montgomery                      Rose Koller                          Steve and Pegi Schaefer         William and Margaret Pahland       GENE POINDEXTER                      Tony and Irene Felix
Hazel Mortensen                        Sandra and Bernie McGorrey                                           Bob and Suzy Roach                 Bill and Rhonda Bragdon              Jack and Mary Miller                FRANK ZIMMERMAN
                                                                            BETTY FORBES
Evelyn C. Munoz                        Dan, Joanne & Andrew Wakelee                                         Peggy Steel                                                                                                 Verna Cushman
                                                                            Collier Hardware                                                   SALLY MORONY POTTS                   JESSIE LOELLA THOMPSON
Don and Sue Murphy                                                                                          Dorothy K. Washington
                                       KATHERINE “KAY” BROCK                Fred Davis                                                         Fred Davis
Cris and Becca Cerveri-Navarro                                              Ed and Joy Kimball              MARY KOHNKE                        John and Betty Hopkins
                                                                                                                                                                                    Jackie McKinney                     IN HONOR OF
                                       Tom and Ruth Fry
Dr. Marcia Nelson and Kenneth Gall                                          Ben and Alma Jean Matthews      Lohse Brothers                     Don and Alberta Simic                BETTY THORPE                        JOHN GIAMBALVO
James A. North                         EDITH BROGDEN                                                                                                                                Les Doll                            Suzy and Nick Repanich
                                                                            Don and Yvonne Mulkey           CYRIL KUKURA
Northstate Anesthesiology Partners     Shirley Boracci                                                                                         RUBY LOUISE PROVENCE                 Arlyne Hazel
                                                                            Cecil and Anna Nielsen          Gus and Donna Lohse                                                                                         NANCY HENRY
North State Radiology                                                                                                                          Janetta Lydon                        Dolas and Kay Hensley
                                       DENNIS BRUCE                         John and Nancy Schouten                                                                                                                     “Your Secret Sister”
Kevin and Donica O’Laughlin            Jack and Barbara Lutz                                                ART LEACH                          WILLIAM MIKAEL “MIKE”                Carl and Betsy Leverenz
Forrest and Jennifer Olson                                                  GEORGE A. FOX                   Kentwood Mobile Estates            PYEATT                                                                   SANDY KALINOWSKI
                                       Robert and Suzy Roach                                                                                                                        WALTER TINDELL
Cathy Oviedo                                                                George W. and Sharon Fox                                           Harlow and Mary Plimpton                                                 Rob Anderson
                                       DOUGLAS CANADAS                                                      ANNA D. LEVY                                                            Cathie Shanks and Family
Meda Lou Padden                                                             FLORICE FRANK                   Don and Alberta Simic              Ann Pyeatt                                                               MIGUEL PUIG, M.D.
                                       Gus and Donna Lohse                                                                                                                          PEGGY TINDLE
Bill and Margaret Pahland                                                   Darlene Fagan                                                      KENNETH RAMIREZ                                                          Suzy and Nick Repanich
Kevin and Jennifer Parrish             BILL and JEAN CARPENTER              William and Kathleen Frank      SAM LEWIS, JR.                                                          Fernando and Stacie Corona
                                                                                                            Lance and Audrey Tennis            Jimmy Ramirez                        Sibyl Handley                       ROBIN ST. CLARE
Vimali Paul, M.D.                      Arlene Spurgin                       Tom and Cynthia Neenan
Ann Pierce                                                                                                  Fred and Ann Montgomery            KENNETH REED                         Bruce and Patrice Jenkins           Suzy and Nick Repanich
                                       MARY CASEBEER                        GENE FURIA                                                         John and Myrtle Gregori
Barbara Poetker                        Carl and Betsy Leverenz                                              PAT LIKINS
                                                                            Beverly Askeland                                                   Lyle and Lynnel Job
Johnny Poon and Selena Littrell-Poon                                                                        J.G. Westcamp
                                       LINDA CASSETTA                       Sharon Furia                                                       Gerald and Debora Mattson
H.B. and Jacklyn Popiul
David and Phoebe Potter                Robert and Maureen Hernandez         MARY GAMBLE                     REBECCA DEVOR LIMMER               Delores Reed and Family
Phil and Cindy Price                   Don Klink and Toni Piazza            Bart and Sandy Frulan           Enloe Medical Center               Audrey Stephens and Alice Stephens
Charles and Mary Ann Priddy                                                                                  Information Services Department
                                       ROBERT CHRISTIAN                     JACK GIBSON                     Gus and Donna Lohse                EUGENE RIZZO
Ann Pyeatt                             Milo Burge                           Jean Rumiano                                                       Faye Brown
William and Elizabeth Reed                                                                                  Kerry Paiva
                                       Mary Christian                                                                                          DR. JIMMY ROBERTS
Nick and Suzy Repanich                                                      LEE ANN GILBERT                 MICHAEL LITWIN
                                       Sally Christian, Jim, Deede                                                                             Bernice Bertapelle and Family
Riebe’s Auto Parts                                                          Richard E. Wilson               Alan Tochterman
                                         and children, Brian and children                                                                      Butte Glenn Medical Society
Robert B. Roberts                      Mark and Ella Gauthier, Jr.          SEAN GIVENS                                                                                                                ENLOE FOUNDATION
                                                                                                            CATHERINE LOHSE                    Ruthie Cooper
Maxine Rodgers                         Mark and Shawn Macaulay              Emmett and Ann Skinner                                                                                            249 W. Sixth Avenue • Chico, CA 95926
                                                                                                            Gus and Donna Lohse                Sharon Koonce-Dahlin
Loyd and Raedene Rogers                Daniel John and Irene Skala                                                                                                                         (530) 332-4550 •
Richard and Connie Rowe                                                     CATHIE GORBIS                   JANE LOHSE                         Jack and Barbara Lutz
                                       Georgia Welch                        Bob and Suzy Roach                                                 Gerald and Raeline Perry
Katherine Rubin                                                                                             The Shanks Family                                                           We apologize if your name was omitted or spelled incorrectly.
                                       D.G. and Laurie Woodward                                                                                Dave and Jackie Werling
Brooks and Randolph Sautner                                                                                                                                                         Please notify the Foundation office at 332-4550 so it may be corrected.

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