Day at the Beach by qingyunliuliu


									                         Day at the Beach

     There was a little girl named Fabiana. She had brown hair. She
had short hair and she loves animals. She is 7 years old. And she is
short. She wanted to go swimming but she is afraid of the jellyfish
in the water, because Fabiana saw a little boy that got stung by a
jellyfish. And the little boy started to cry a lot and that’s how
Fabiana got scared to go in the water and swim.
    The jellyfish was all purple and with some blue spots on the
jellyfish and it looked scary for Fabiana.
    Fabiana had no other choose to go swimming in the water
because it was a very hot day. So Fabiana went swimming and no
jellyfish stung her and Fabiana had a great time in the water.

                                                Sabrina Andrade
                                                         Age: 10
                                         Wednesday June 14, 2006

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