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					Why United HealthCare?
       Arizona Market
    •     UHC’s Value Proposition
    •     Networks – Maricopa/Pinal Counties
    •     Compliance
    •     Formularies
    •     Passport Program
    •     Dual Product – United HealthCare Dual Complete

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                                   Value Proposition
    Share the FACTS about United HealthCare:
    • Financially Stable: Fortune 21 company; prices do not
      fluctuate drastically; Largest Healthcare Provider
    • AARP: branding relationship
    • Commitment: shareholders, bondholders, policy
      holders and our sales channels
    • Trust: 1/5 Seniors own our product; we will deliver on
      our promise
    • Support: Good Corporate Citizen; give millions to non-
      profits: Alzheimer's and Diabetes Coalitions

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                                    Value Proposition
    • Value Proposition - United HealthCare (UHC)
         –     Plans available nationwide
         –     Longevity in the market
         –     Comprehensive product portfolio
         –     Commitment to growth in the senior market to maintain largest MA
               plan status
    • Value Proposition – Phoenix
         – 25 year commitment to the Phoenix market
         – Largest Medicare plan in Arizona with approximately 136,000
           members statewide, 72,000 in Maricopa County, and 20,000
           members ASRS
         – 1 out of every 6 Medicare Beneficiaries in Phoenix is a UHC
           Member - 36% market share
         – One of the most comprehensive provider networks
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                  Value Proposition to our Agents
                                         Compliance is our Rock…
so United HealthCare is dedicated to keeping our agents compliant by providing tools such as:

    • Agent Toolkit
           –    Learning Center
           –    Product Information and Materials
           –    Online Enrollment
           –    Applications and Enrollment
           –    Commission Status
           –    Resource Center

    • Local Support Team
           – Manager of Agent Development and Education
                   • Heather Heineke
                   • Abe Valdez
           – Area Sales Manager
                   • Carrie Barker-Settles

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                                     Network Structures
    PCPs can be in multiple networks
    If you identify a member who wants a PCP in several networks, ask the question,
    “If you were hospitalized, what hospital would you like to be admitted?” That helps
    identify which network to assign member.

    Also, check to see if member is seeing any specialists, to ensure they are in the


    Thunderbird Network - Banner Thunderbird Hospital
    SunHealth Network - Boswell and Del Webb Hospitals
    Banner East Valley Network - Banner Desert Hospital, Banner Baywood, and
    Banner Gateway
    Phoenix Secure Hospital Network- John C Lincoln Hospitals, Chandler
    Regional, Mercy Gilbert, Tempe St. Lukes, Phoenix St. Lukes, Scottsdale
    HealthCare, Mountain Vista, Arrowhead, Maryvale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix Baptist,
    West Valley Hospitals, Banner Estrella Hospital
    LifePrint Network (NEW FOR 1/1/11) Same Hospitals as Phoenix Secure
    Hospital Network

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    •     Report your marketing/sales events as soon as you schedule them.
           – Be sure any changes are immediately updated in the system so they can be reported to Centers for
              Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
           – Be sure all registered events are conducted as scheduled unless you receive permission from your
              Sales Manager to cancel it.
           – New events, changes to events, and cancellation of events should be entered at least 72
              hours prior to the event to ensure timely CMS reporting.

    •     Use the Meeting in a Box to assist conducting a compliant presentation. The Pre-Sale kit
          contains the required disclosure statements…please make sure to have the Pre-Sale kits
          available at the presentation.

    •     At the beginning of the presentation, list all the plans/products that will be discussed.

    •     Use only the CMS approved sign-in sheet provided by UnitedHealthCare. Do not use the
          bConnected roster or a blank sheet as a sign-in sheet.

    •     Do not require potential enrollees to provide their contact information. Providing contact
          information is completely optional for the consumer.

    •     The PFFS disclaimer must be read if a PFFS plan is being presented.
    •     Medicare C Checklist
    •     AARP Talking Points
           – "We are the only MA plan that carries the AARP name"
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    • MAPD, AARP RX, and Dual product all have different formularies

    • New Pharmacy Saver Program

         – Pharmacy Saver will provide United Healthcare’s Medicare plan members valuable cost
           savings plus the flexibility and convenience of accessing their prescriptions at many of
           America’s most popular pharmacies. Beginning Jan. 1, 2011, members can take
           advantage of Pharmacy Saver at more than 3,000 pharmacy locations nationwide and
           with our own mail service pharmacy.

         – Pharmacies participating in the program include:
                          Fry's and Safeway Inc.

    • To learn more about our Pharmacy Saver program, visit

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    •    Here’s How the UnitedHealth
         Passport® Program Works - Before
         a member travels, they need to make
         sure to activate the UnitedHealth                 UnitedHealth Passport® Service Area
         Passport program to make certain              The red states on the map below show the states
         their health care coverage travels with   in which there are UnitedHealth Passport service areas.
         them. To activate your coverage, call
         SecureHorizons Customer Service
         from 8 a.m.–8 p.m. local time, 7 days
         a week.

    •    No Additional Costs — Pay no
         additional charge for health care
         coverage while you travel within the
         service area, except applicable
         copays and coinsurance.

    •    Access to Care — Receive
         non-emergency care benefit coverage
         when traveling within the service area,
         including preventive care, specialist
         care and hospitalizations (Emergency
         care is covered worldwide.)

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                                    UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete
                                        Medicare Advantage SNP

     • Update on 2011 benefits: Dental, Hearing, Health
       Product Catalog
     • Eligibility Verification
     • Personal Care Specialist
     • Contact List

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                                             Wrap Up

                                    Thank you for participating!

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