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University of Essex - minute template - Guide to Committee


									                                       UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX

                                         ARTS COMMITTEE

                                              14 JUNE 2005
                                            (2.15 – 4.05 p.m.)


Chair           Dr Raines, Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Present         Mr Burrow, Professor Hulme
Apologies       Ms Evans, Mr Oughton, Professor Puttfarken, Ms Salgado
Secretary       Mr Holden, Arts Officer
In attendance   Mr Blackshaw, Ms Illsley, Ms Kenny


Noted           The Chair thanked members of the Committee whose terms of office were due to         15/05
                end on 31 July. Mr Burrow for his contribution and work on the Committee over
                the past six years and Professor Hulme for his work as former Chair of the
                Management Board for the Performing Arts and his input to the Arts Committee.


Approved        The minutes of the meeting held on 8 March 2005.                                     16/05


Received        Draft of revised Arts Strategy.                                                      17/05

Reported        Although the Committee accepted the revision aimed at making the strategy a          18/05
                more concise document, concern was raised that some of the targets for
                development contained in the original were missing.

                It was acknowledged that a reasonable level of educational outreach and work         19/05
                with the local community had been achieved by the introduction of a dedicated
                role within existing staff allocation of p/t gallery assistant and further support
                from project funding. However, it had been generally accepted that the proposal
                for a full-time dedicated arts education officer would enable significant
                development in this area and enhance the University’s commitment to provide
                education outreach to the local community.

                Access to the Lakeside Theatre remained a cause for concern and further efforts      20/05
                should be made to explore ways of advancing towards a satisfactory solution.

                It was agreed that these were still important areas and should be retained.          21/05

                The retention of these aspirational objectives would not be placing the              22/05
                University under any financial obligation or commitment.

Reported        The role of the Committee in discussing and supporting all areas of the arts was     23/05
                raised. The development of further courses in the arts was to be welcomed but it
                was considered important that the Arts Committee retained an element of
                independence from academic activity and departments. Clarification from the
                University that there was no misunderstanding on this would be sought
                particularly in the light of the proposed plans to change reporting structures so
           that Arts Committee would report to Senate rather than to Council in future.

Resolved   That the Arts Officer continue work on the document and agree finalised version   24/05
           with the Chair prior to circulating to members of the Committee for comment.
           Aim for Arts Committee to approve final version before next meeting of the


Reported   A variety of events had been presented during the past three months, including    25/05
           the annual Freud Lecture, readings by Essex Writers as part of the Essex Book
           Festival, music, comedy and drama, with a particularly noteworthy student
           production in the Lakeside Theatre of John Osborne’s ‘Look Back in Anger’
           gaining critical acclaim in the local press.

           The successful culmination of work by the University’s Ensemble in Residence,     26/05
           the Angell Piano Trio, with the Colchester VI Form College had taken place
           with a concert at the Colchester Arts Centre.

Noted      Further development of the programme was intended to include more schools in      27/05
           2005-2006 and present a concert in the Lakeside Theatre in April 2006.

Reported   The University had supported the Annual Colchester Lecture as part of the         28/05
           University’s 40th Anniversary. Tickets for the event, which took place in LTB
           6&7, were organised by the Arts Office and sold out well in advance of the
           lecture given by Tony Robinson. The event was a great success and the
           organisers were happy to consider returning to the University.

           The Gallery Director reported a significant increase in visitor figures of 100%   29/05
           for several events in the exhibitions programme. Activities run in partnership
           had been particularly successful in gaining grants from local bodies.
           The Education Officer had co-ordinated a strong series of work with schools and
           the community which had included workshops, film and poetry.

           The launch of UECLAA Online and accompanying conference at the Minories           30/05
           had attracted a large number of attendees and participants. The opening
           ceremony was led by Sir Nicholas Serota who praised the University for its
           foresight in establishing and developing what was now a significant and
           important collection, years ahead of other institutions.


Received   Service Level Statement covering use of the Lakeside Theatre and Studio and       31/05
           support from the Arts Office.

Noted      A document along similar lines covering the use of the University gallery would   32/05
           be produced.


Received   Minutes of the UECLAA Management Board meetings held on 23 March and 4            33/05
           May 2005.
Noted      The Committee agreed that it would be of great value to have a member of
           UECLAA attend Arts Committee meetings.

Noted                This was the last meeting under the current Chair. The Arts Officer thanked the   35/05
                     Chair for much valued support and work during her term of office.


Noted                Tuesday 29 November (provisional) 2005 at 2.15 pm

Christopher Holden, Arts Officer,
C:\Arts Committee 2004-2005\Minutes\June 2005.doc

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