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West Side Story by liuqingyan


									West Side Story True or False?
Riff and the Jets are an all-white street gang at war with Bernardo and his Puerto Ricans, the Sharks.

_____ 1. We first see the Jets on a city playground.

_____ 2. The Jets dump paint on some Puerto Rican Sharks.

_____ 3. Lt. Schrank asks Baby John why he’s crying.

_____ 4. Riff doesn’t want girls to join the Jets.

_____ 5. Riff doesn’t want to fight with guns or blades.

_____ 6. Riff started the Jets all by himself.

_____ 7. Tony works at Doc’s candy store.

_____ 8. Maria wants Anita to lower the neckline of her (Maria’s) dress.

_____ 9. Bernardo is Maria’s brother.

____ 10. At the dance the kids enjoy making new friends with a “musical
         circles” game.

____ 11. At the dance Tony and Maria almost kiss.

____ 12. At the dance Bernardo and Riff plan a war council.

____ 13. Tony sings, “The most beautiful sound I ever heard—Maria,

____ 14. Anita hates America and wants to go back to Puerto Rico.

____ 15. Anita tells Bernardo that a war council is the only answer.

____ 16. Maria prays at bedtime.

____ 17. Maria lives with her brother and sister, not with her parents.

____ 18. Maria and Tony talk on the balcony of Maria’s apartment.
______19. Tony, Maria, and Anita sing, “Today the world was
          just an address—no better than all right.”

______20. Tony and Maria plan to meet again at Doc’s Candy Store.

______21. The Jets jokingly sing “to” Officer Krupke.

______22. The gangs plan to rumble under the highway.

______23. Lt. Schrank doesn’t favor either the Sharks or the Jets.

______24. Doc is happy for Tony and Maria.

______25. Anita sings, “I feel pretty.”

______26. Maria wants Tony to stop the rumble.

______27. Maria and Tony sing, “From Hand to Heart.”

______28. Bernardo stabs Riff with a knife.

______29. Tony kills Bernardo in a blind rage.

______30. Anita gives Maria the news of Bernardo’s death.

______31. Maria prays, “Make it not be true.”

______32. Maria and Tony sing, “There’s no place for us—nowhere a
          place for us.”

______33. After the rumble, Baby John breaks down and cries.

______34. The Jets try to “cool down” in a parking garage.

______35. Chino has a gun and wants to kill Tony.

______36. Tony refuses to go to Maria’s bedroom.

______37. Tony says he’ll get money from Doc.
______38. Anita doesn’t see Tony leave Maria’s room.

______39. While Anita looks on in silence, Maria sings, “When love comes
          so strong, there is no right or wrong.”

______40. Maria sends Anita to Doc’s Candy Store for aspirin, not to
          deliver a message.

______41. The Jets almost rape Anita.

______42. Anita tells the Jets that Chino has killed Maria.

______43. Tony keeps calling to Chino, “Come and get me, too.”

______44. Tony and Chino both die.

______45. The Jets refuse to let the Sharks help them carry Tony’s body.

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