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					Annex C - Estimated changes in public transport travel times

Warwickshire and West Midlands
Magistrates' Courts

                                                 Population      Pop. with Public                                                                                                Population      Pop. with Public
                                                                                       Magistrates' Courts (courts in grey are to
  Current Local Justice Area                      assessed       transport travel                                                         Future Local Justice Area               assessed       transport travel
                                                                                       close, courts in italics to be retained )
                                                   (000s)         under 60 mins                                                                                                    (000s)         under 60 mins

Warwickshire                                              503          79%                                                             Warwickshire                                        503         68%

                                                                                       North Warwickshire (Nuneaton), Rugby, South
  Warwickshire 1                                          503          79%                                                                Warwickshire 1                                   503         68%
                                                                                       Warwickshire (Leamington Spa)

West Midlands                                           2,620          99%                                                             West Midlands                                     2,620        99.5%
  Birmingham                                              835          100%            Birmingham
                                                                                                                                          Birmingham                                     1,017        100%
  Sutton Coldfield                                        182          100%            Sutton Coldfield
  Coventry                                                310          100%            Coventry                                           Coventry                                         310        100%
  Dudley & Halesowen                                      306          96%             Dudley, Halesowen                                  Dudley & Halesowen                               306         97%
  Sandwell                                                289          100%            Warley, West Bromwich                              Sandwell                                         289         99%
  Solihull                                                206          99%             Solihull                                           Solihull                                         206         99%
  Walsall                                                 255          100%            Walsall                                            Walsall                                          255        100%
  Wolverhampton                                           236          100%            Wolverhampton                                      Wolverhampton                                    236        100%

Total for Area                                         3,123           96%                                                                                                              3,123         95%

County courts

                                                 Population      Pop. with Public                                                                                                Population      Pop. with Public
                                                                                       County Courts (courts in grey are to close,
HMCS Area before closures                         assessed       transport travel                                                         HMCS Area after closures                assessed       transport travel
                                                                                       courts in italics to be retained )
                                                   (000s)         under 60 mins                                                                                                    (000s)         under 60 mins

                                                                                       North Warwickshire (Nuneaton), Rugby,
  Warwickshire                                            502          91%             Stratford upon Avon, South Warwickshire            Warwickshire                                     502         68%
                                                                                       (Leamington Spa)

                                                                                       Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Stourbridge,
  West Midlands                                         2,620         99.5%                                                               West Midlands                                  2,620        99.5%
                                                                                       Walsall, Wolverhampton

Total for Area                                         3,121           98%                                                                                                              3,121         95%

a. Estimated public transport travel times are based on data taken from DFT's National Public Transport Data Repository (October 2009) from ONS lower super output area (LSOA) to individual court.
b. Population assessed data is taken from ONS population statistics and applied against LSOA.
c. It is assumed that court users travel to the nearest magistrate court within their Local Justice Area (current, then future) and the nearest county court within their HMCS Area.
1. Stratford upon Avon Magistrates' Court closed following the completion of South Warwickshire Justice Centre and has not been included in the travel analysis.

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