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					                                      FAIRVIEW PROPERTY OW NERS’ ASSOCIATION
                                            BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                                                    JUNE 1, 2010

Attendees: Ke n D olan, M arcy S igurdsen, K arin Sobelm an, Ba rbara Lauer, Jo seph De ibel, Pa tricia Bogard, T om Murphy,
and H ugh Phillips, P hillips C PA . Ab sent: M alcolm Ha ll.

Me eting s tarted at 6:56 p.m .

Reading of Minutes of April 6, 2010 Meeting: Motion by Patricia Bogard to accept minutes as written; seconded by
Barb La uer. M otio n p ass ed un animou sly. (No te: Th e M ay 201 0 m eeting was can celled due to lack of qu orum .)

Introduction of Guests: Kate Sobelman.

Correspondence: Ken received an invitation from Villages Services for a workshop on June 10, 2010, to review Board of
Directors ’ position s. The w ork sho p will be h eld at 6:00 p.m . at Tu sca ny on th e M ead ows .

Ken also received a letter from D eb Littlefield requesting to fill Ralph Littlefield’s position on the Board, but not as

Treasurer’s Report – Karin Sobelman: Karin stated that Malcolm had asked for an accounting of attorney’s fees.

Roads and Grounds – Patricia Bogard: Fairview is due three more m owings this year. The next mowing should be
done in the next few weeks.

W elcom e Co mmittee – B arba ra Lauer: There a re four ne w residents to gree t.

Architectural Control Board – Karin Sobelman: The AC B ha s finally approv ed the Bo gard s’ structure .

New Business – Filling of Ralph Littlefield’s positon – motion by Barb Lauer to appoint Deb Littlefield to the vacant
pos ition; sec ond ed b y Marcy Sigurds en. D iscussion: De b will serve until the ne xt annua l meeting . Mo tion passed
unan imou sly.

Letter from Attorney John Nelson regarding the Covenant Enforcement Criteria (CEC) – Ken said there’s a conflict since
Tom Murphy is on the F airview B oard and is acting as a re sident, no t as a Board m em ber, by req uestin g the attorney’s
opinion. Ken suggested Tom recuse himself. Ken stated the CEC process began in 2008 when the ACB drafted the
documents and submitted them to the Board. The Board then referred the documents to Attorney Anne Hathorn who
suggested a few changes. The CEC were then sent back to Attorney Hathorn for final perusal. Tom Murphy challenged
the CE C, and his written com m ents w ere sent to A ttorney Ha tho rn, wh o re sponded that F airview had a supportable
positio n on the C EC . The CE C were then m ailed to every Fa irvie w property own er askin g fo r com m ents. Th e only
comm ents received were from T om M urphy. Attorney Nelson suggested pulling back the CEC. Ken suggested
forwarding Attorney Ne lson’s lette r to Attorney Ha tho rn for her op inion. If the atto rneys cannot agree, the next s tep in
prem ediation. Motion by Karin Sobelman to refer Attorney Nelson’s letter to Attorney Hathorn for analysis, opinion and
follow-up; s eco nde d by Barb L aue r. M otion p assed unan imou sly.

Managem ent services contract for 2011 – Tom Mu rphy stated Villages Services requ este d to be co nsidered . Motion by
To m to reevalua te and ge t prop osa ls from Hugh P hillips and Village s Se rvices; se con ded by Karin So belm an. Motion
passe d un anim ously (Karin Sobelm an and J oseph Deibel abstained).

By-laws review – T om Murphy sta ted the by-la ws were changed in 2007. He cannot find the m aster docum ent. Jim
Pe ltzer (chairm an of the com m ittee at th e tim e) did the typing. K en will contac t Jim .

Unfinished Business – Streetlight placement – Tom Murphy suggested all Board mem bers review his suggested
placem ents . If the Board agre es to these plac em ents , we c an then p roceed . Joseph Deibel sugge sted notifying re sidents
in the a reas of placem ent.

Board S ecretary – Motion by Karin Sobelman to select Barb Lauer as Vice President to finish term vacated by Marcy
Sigurdsen; seco nde d by M arcy Sigurd sen . M otion p assed unan imou sly.

Motion by Karin So belm an that M arcy Sigurd sen be appo inted S ecretary to c om plete the term vacated by Ra lph Littlefield.
Secon ded by Barb La uer. M otion p assed unan imou sly.
Boa rd M em ber Co mm ents – Tom Murphy said the ACB chairperson, Judy Whitney, needs to be formally approved by
the Board. The Board must also approve Rolando DiLiegghio, Ken McNally, and Karin Sobelman as AC B mem bers. The
AC B also ne eds one add itional m em ber. Motion by Barb Lauer that the Board appoint Judy W hitney as ACB chairperson,
and app rove the appo intm ents of R olando D iLiegghio, Ken M cN ally, Karin S obe lman, and J ose ph D eibel to the ACB .
Secon ded by Ma rcy Sigurds en. Mo tion passed – Ayes – 4; Nays – 2 (M urphy & Boga rd).

Motion to adjourn by Karin So belm an; seco nde d by Patricia B ogard; mo tion pas sed u nanim ously.

Me eting a djou rned at 7:50 p.m .

Respectfully submitted,

Marc y M. Sigurdsen, Sec retary

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