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                                                                  illiams Fire & Hazard Control has traveled the
                                                              Gulf of Mexico, the North Atlantic, Africa, Asia, the
                                                              Paci c Rim, and beyond to respond to land and
                                                              marine re emergencies.

                                                              An industrial re ghting company with more than
                                                              30 years of ammable-liquid re ghting assessment
                                                              and extinguishment experience, Williams has been
                                                              credited with over 200 successful responses.               Based on our experience in the eld ghting
                                                              Our mission is twofold: extinguish res safely and          challenging industrial res, our highly specialized
                                                              effectively and to design and build equipment that         response equipment and re-suppression chemicals
                                                              exceeds all challenges that we face.                       have shaped our industry and led to quicker,
                                                                                                                         more effective response strategies and enhanced
                                                              Williams has a long-standing reputation for quick
                                                                                                                         personal safety. Williams’ groundbreaking
                                                              and effective response to hazardous ammable
                                                                                                                         equipment designs include the world’s rst self-
                                                              liquid res and hazardous
                                                                                                                                                     educting foam nozzle,
                                                              material emergencies.
                                                                                                                                                     our Hydro-Foam™
                                                              We focus on minimizing             “and maximizing success risk
                                                                                                  We focus on minimizing
                                                                                                                         as                          and Hydro-Chem™
                                                              risk and maximizing
                                                                                              we protect client property, the                        equipment, the DASPIT
                                                              success as we protect
                                                              client property, the          community, and the environment.                    ”     tool, and large-volume
                                                                                                                                                     delivery systems, such
                                                              community, and the                              — Dwight Williams—
                                                                                                   Founder of Williams Fire & Hazard Control         as our Ambassador
                                                                                                                                                     monitor. In addition, our
                                                              We have emergency personnel stationed around               exclusive ThunderStorm high-performance

                                                              the world and can mobilize an emergency strike             AR-AFFF foams were engineered to extinguish all
                                                              force within hours of receiving a call...anytime,          types of extreme hydrocarbon res faster and without
                                                              anywhere. We take pride in our successful                  compromising environmental or personal safety.
                                                              extinguishments and in the relationships we have
                                                                                                                         From our earliest days as a response company, each
                                                              with our clients—in helping them understand their
                                                                                                                         challenge has provided an opportunity to improve
                                                              risk and preparing for a crisis. Whether we are
                                                                                                                         our tactics, equipment, and re-suppression
                                                              training clients in more effective tactical procedures
                                                                                                                         chemicals. Williams constantly seeks to raise our
                                                              for their facilities, organizing infrastructure and
                                                                                                                         pr   ciency level, creating a dynamic motivation
                                                              logistical plans, or supporting proper equipment
                                                                                                                         toward solution engineering in every aspect of our
                                                              and supply lines for their protection, we take an
                                                                                                                         systems, components, assessments and tactical
                                                              interest in their capabilities, and we complement
                                                                                                                         procedures—all underscored by our rich history
                                                              them with ours, to better manage an emergency.
                                                                                                                         of overwhelmingly successful extinguishments.
                                                              Our goal is to apply the very best re ghting tactics,
                                                              equipment, and re-suppression chemicals to                 When Williams shows up, it’s all business—
                                                              better manage re emergencies.                              and we don’t leave until the job is done.

P.O. Box 1359, Mauriceville, TX 77662   24 HOUR Emergency —
     WILLIAMS AT WORK                                             ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.
                                                                  Terminals/Storage: Doing what couldn’t be done

      “Doing what ‘couldn’t                                       For decades the general consensus has been to let tanks burn while cooling adjacent exposures. Williams Fire & Hazard Control has shown this traditional thinking to be
                                                                  invalid, unnecessarily expensive, and potentially very dangerous. With the technology developed by Williams Fire & Hazard Control over the last three decades, it is simply
     be done’ in terminal and                                     not necessary to allow large tanks to burn. The means are readily available to control the loss, while protecting production and pr tability.
                                                                  Time and again we have seen terminal-related res exhaust resources and manpower while protecting little. Acting proactively, Williams Fire & Hazard Control has
    tank response – including                                     successfully extinguished tanks involving raw and nished petroleum products — crude, gasoline, jet fuel, naphtha, and more.

     the world’s largest fully                                    Our successful extinguishments include the world’s largest fully involved storage tank re, a 270-foot tank. Years earlier, Williams already had successfully
                                                                  extinguished the re in a 150-foot tank, which shattered the long held stipulation that tanks over 60 feet were immune to TYPE III tactics.
   involved tank at 270 feet.”                                    WRONG! Williams Fire & Hazard Control has rewritten the textbooks with every major response.

                                                                  Process: The Heart of the Matter
                                                                  The process unit truly can be seen as a living heart, pumping highly volatile liquids, chemicals, and gases — usually within the center of a facility — that must have
      “Williams’ systems and                                      immediate life support in the event of a re.
                                                                  This is why Williams’ systems and “small arms” development are targeted at providing more-powerful and more-effective incipient response applications to industry —
    ‘small arms’ development                                      including performance-based foam and dry-chemical proportioning and applications systems, blast-proof Survivor Series nozzles, and automatic remote-controlled
                                                                  monitor packages — aimed at containing industrial re events to the immediate work zone.
     are targeted for a more-                                     In 1989, Williams Fire & Hazard Control assisted a client in extinguishing 15 storage tanks (including two tanks 134 feet in diameter with manifold res and the dikes
       powerful response...”                                      completely involved in re), four API separators, and two pipebands, all involving approximately a quarter of a million square feet of re area. Recently, our patented
                                                                  Ambassador 1x6 water foam delivery device was a vital element of perimeter response applications that ultimately killed such an event when temperatures and re
                                                                  volume at the internal process regions of a Mississippi facility impeded apparatus and personal re response tactics.

                                                                  “Exotics”/Hazardous Sites, Tire Fires, Subterranean, Train Derailments, and More: “Moving Mountains”

   “ with regulatory and                                   Often ghting re is more than putting the wet stuff on the red stuff. Williams Fire & Hazard Control has worked many large and complex responses involving subterranean
                                                                  or ground-level disposal sites in unison with response companies with ancillary disciplines, executing a coordinated response encompassing re extinguishment, vapor
       governmental agencies                                      mitigation, earth moving, remediation, excavation, waste site construction and disposal, and more.
                                                                  For three decades, the ability of Williams Fire & Hazard Control to use our resources in conjunction with other service companies to overcome all odds, to work with
        to properly diagnose                                      regulatory and governmental agencies to properly diagnose localized economic and environmental threats, and to effectively mitigate daunting challenges to local
                                                                  response efforts has been a winning trait.
       localized economic and                                     We have extinguished tire res involving over 7 million tires, responded to train derailments involving chemical spills and to toxic releases of combustible and ammable
     environmental threats... ”                                   liquids, and literally moved a mountain of 170,000 cubic yards of wood, mulch, and construction debris. We have developed the means to break massive emergency
                                                                  events into manageable phases that allow for effective extinguishment and environmental cleansing.

                                                                  Marine: A Fluid Situation
                                                                  As with most industrial re responses, marine re ghting is less about rules and more about adapting to the predicament. Williams Fire & Hazard Control has responded to
                                                                  dozens of vessel-related res that involve ammable and combustible cargo, pressure res, and engine rooms.
     “...vessel-related fires                                      We have extinguished res in cargo holds with over 50,000 tons of coal, developed circulation systems to monitor and relieve ammable gases within the hold while at sea,
                                                                  extinguished res in hazardous containers aboard carriers following seaborne collisions, and extinguished and disposed of fuel tankers and barges. Because Williams Fire
   that involve both flammable                                     & Hazard Control has succeeded in so many ammable liquids scenarios, our incident assessment, response tactics, and equipment applications can be quickly tailored to
                                                                  overcome any challenge we encounter.
    and combustible cargo...”

                                                                  Exploration / Pipelines, Rigs & Wells
                                                                  Williams Fire & Hazard Control has the ability to respond anywhere in the world — from the remote bayous of Louisiana to the desert regions of Kuwait. We have en-
                                                                  gineered transportable equipment packages that offer re ghters a real defense against pressure res, such as wellhead blowouts, pipeline ruptures, relay/pump and
         “With an ability                                         manifold station breaches, and rig-related failures.
                                                                  Williams Fire & Hazard Control supplied frontline re response services throughout the Deepwater Horizon top and bottom kill operation of the blown Macondo well off
      to respond anywhere                                         the coast of Louisiana. Supplying three re response vessels with multiple 6,000 GPM pumps, 1x6 Ambassador monitor packages, and ThunderStorm® AR-AFFF foam,
                                                                  Williams Fire & Hazard Control provided ghting services, vapor mitigation, surface dispersant application and re ght stand-by throughout the event following the loss
          in the world...                                         of the Horizon platform in cooperation with our MRA Alliance Partners Wild Well Control, Inc.

— 409.  .2347 or 281.999.0276 // 800.231.4613
                  It can happen anytime, anywhere…catastrophic re events that can compromise a company’s very
     ILLIAMS      existence. These incidents can rapidly spread, destroying assets and making news around the world.
                  That is when you need “the experienced partner” on your side...Williams Fire and Hazard Control.
For more than 30 years Williams has responded to and extinguished some of the most challenging fire threats
around the world. Our knowledge, techniques, unique equipment, and our re-suppression chemicals are legendary.
When the alarm sounds and all is on the line…rely on experience. Williams Fire and Hazard Control, your partner in protection.
www.williamsfi                                       71

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