Sheet1 - West Valley Foursquare Church by suchenfz


									                                      May / June / July 2010 Cleaning Schedule

Date          Team                Date              Team                   Date          Team
        1-May Gershon                         5-Jun Gershon                        3-Jul Eliezer
              Mike Moore                            Rusty Marquis                        Walter Winkfield
              Dana Moore                            Mary Marquis                         Todd Schafer
              Andrew Richardson                     Andrew Richardson                    Tracy Gaskell
              Kellee Richardson                     Kellee Richardson                    Doyle Torres

        8-May Youth                          12-Jun Youth                         10-Jul Gershon
              Nick Peffer                           Nick Peffer                          Rusty Marquis
              Kathy Peffer                          Kathy Peffer                         Mary Marquis
                                                    Greg Barstad
                                                    Marla Barstad                        Kellee Richardson

       15-May Kohath                         19-Jun Kohath                        17-Jul Youth
              Debbie Leas                           Debbie Leas                          Nick Peffer
              Jeff Daughs                           Jeff Daughs                          Kathy Peffer
              Joseph Harweth                        Joseph Harweth                       Greg Barstad
              Melinda Phillips                      Melinda Phillips                     Marla Barstad

       22-May Aaron                          26-Jun Aaron                         24-Jul Kohath
              Shuel Family                          Shuel Family                         Debbie Leas
                                                                                         Jeff Daughs
                                                                                         Joseph Harweth
                                                                                         Melinda Phillips

       29-May Eliezer                                                             31-Jul Aaron
              Walter Winkfield                                                           Shuel Family
              Todd Schafer
              Tracy Gaskell
              Doyle Torres

Contact Melinda Phillips if you have any problems or need changes made to schedule 509-969-8996

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