SkyNet by sumitchandel


									SkyNET – Hacker’s say
An aerial drone which can access unsecured wireless networks across the globe has been
developed by the Stevens Institute of Technology. SkyNet is the name given to this
device. It is constructed in two phases. Firstly, a small helicopter has been constructed
which could make it fly and secondly, a small computer is being installed which can
attack different wireless networks. This is well capable of accessing the networks and
making them useful for hacking and getting all the important information concerning to
a particular hacked network.
SkyNet makes it possible to handle the network from the remote location and getting all
the access to the host computer and getting all the information from that computer.
Thus, it becomes quite difficult to the sufferer of this attack to know that, from where
the computer is being accessed and only way to find it out is to know the flying co-
ordinate of the SkyNet which is unpredictable. The other method to catch it can be, to
follow it back to its base after its all task of spamming and hacking, which can be fake to
make one disguise.
So, when it comes of its internal parts, it consists of quadrocopter, one GPS receiver to
locate the co-ordinates on the graph of its location at the controller side. 3G modem
along with pair of Wi-Fi cards is needed for high rate of instruction flow to this device.
Last but the most important is the modded Linux computer specially modded for
hacking purpose. So, the aggregate cost is about $600.
Therefore, this can be a total crash to your information if you have not secured
connection. So, be careful while getting into some network and make sure it is highly
secured otherwise SkyNet is there to access your useful information and getting over
your system completely.

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