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					Visible Light Communication (Future Technology)

It is a latest technology in the field of optical data transmission, serving dual purpose, one of data
transmission and other of the illumination. Our knowledge about the science that light medium is less
crowded since it is not based on bandwidths and frequencies and also no magnetic fluctuations. Since,
all the other Medias are more bulky and has a much chances of data loss and interferences, this
technology is capable of transmitting high speed (speed of light) data transfer.

VLC technology can transmit data at hundreds of megabits per second with even not much loss of the
data. Moreover this is the best since speed has crossed every bar in this case as it is the speed of light
which comes to action in this very technology. Light radiation neither interferes nor suffers from
electromagnetic interference (EMI) causing it to be the best option in cases where electromagnetic
radiations is the great issue, the places like hospitals, power projects and many more.

The security is always the concern, hence this system of communication is more secured within the
scope in buildings and small platforms hence can be incorporated in the defence/military sites.

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The scope for this technology:

       Wi-Max Relief – it can provide a large bandwidth in addition to other Medias too.
       Local Area Network – is very capable of providing high speed data transmission and much
        secured login sessions.
       Revenues – since, it is a wireless technology and hence can be used to earn within a small
       Exhaustive Environment- can work in environments like petrol pumps, electromagnetic
        areas since light has nothing to do with such things.
       Defence/Military– can be used in mobile stations in spying etc.
       Water Communication – can establish communication of divers with mobile vehicles.

This project is going to be implemented from the year 2012 on its full power.

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