Cloud by sumitchandel


									Backing up of DATA in Cloud Computing
Well, cloud is the latest trend for all the departments as well as for the personal use, as
it is the most reliable and the cheap source to get through with your needs. If you
belong to an organization then using such a computing means proper utilization of your
resources. All the thing/software is just located at one end of the globe and all the users
are availing the facilities far apart from the place.
When we talk about the backing up of data in such systems then this sounds something
bad. The sources that provide such facilities don’t believe in uploading your valuable
data to be uploaded into their servers because this makes them dull and also the space
and time decreases. Henceforth, they just love to upload little bit of data especially the
files and small folders.
So, in such cases one must be very specific to the hard drives in case of system
failures. No doubt that this technology is growing at a faster rate but we cannot say
anything about the backing up of data would be reliable foe an individual/organization in
the coming future and it entirely depends on the latest technologies.
Therefore, other secondary Medias would be a good option in case of system failures.

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