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									100 Mbps Internet speed from BSNL
Availability in Pune Only.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the government setup across the country has stated that it would provide a
100 Mbps internet speed to the customers. FTTH (Fiber to home) is the service that would provide this facility of high
data transmission rate. Although, looking at the present scenario of 3-G this speed is much higher than these
services but as optical fibers have zero/no data loss in transmission over the distance, hence we can imagine of such
blazing speed. If this would turn in a success than other telecom companies in India would also like to serve the
masses with the same technology, this service is implemented in Pune, it would be providing these connections to
about 100 customers as a test phase. Now, why only Pune has been selected, this is due to the reason that all the
new technologies are selected mainly in Pune and after their successful completion they are put into use by the other
state.         This            has          been            a          kind          of         tradition        now.

According to (BSNL) Pune Principal General Manager, VK Mahendra ,"A couple of connections were activated in the
city in the last few months on a pilot basis. After studying its performance, the BSNL has decided to float the services
on a commercial basis. The FTTH service will be provided through optical fiber cables using the 'gigabit-capable
passive optical network' (GPON). This will enable high speed downloading and uploading. Hence, customers will get
speed in addition to the existing broadband. The BSNL is looking at high-end customers who require high-speed

BSNL has checked all the possible towers to transmit the high speed internet access and had a talk with the people
about their acceptance to some of the installations in their premises. This test is really a matter of concern because if
this passes a great deal, then the outlook of internet accessing will surely be changed to a new level and the common
man across the globe would get a benefit of that. BSNL telephone exchanges needs to be upgraded for the new high
speed devices and the same work has been almost done in the city and at no time they will provide these 100
connections           of           high           speed          transmission             to           the        public.

as this is the only telecom company in India, which is totally owned by the government and provides cheap rates
broadband services of unmatched quality and this success would increase its popularity to a large extent.

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