The Space Race

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					The Space Race
              Post WWII
 After WWII, the Russians and Americans
  began sending back all sorts of German
  rocket technology and scientists
 Each nation began their own rocket
  programs with this material.
 The goal: defensive and offensive
 Oct 4, 1957
 First artificial satellite in outer space
 Size of a basketball
 Contained radio equipment that simply
 Scared many Americans- if they can
  launch a beeping basketball, they can also
  launch what?
 Led to the creation of more science and
  math classes in the high schools
 Russian dog- first dog in space (stray)
 Was aboard Sputnik II in 1957
 No plans to bring her back- was to have
  been put down after a week but died after
  four days due to overheating in the cabin
            American Efforts
 Explorer I- First American artificial satellite
 Creation of NASA- National Aeronautics
  and Space Administration
 Goal: Put a man in space
                 Space firsts
   First man in Space- RUSSIA- Yuri Gargarin April
    12, 1961
   First American in Space- Alan Shepard May 5,
   First human to orbit earth- USA- John Glenn Feb
    1962- orbited three times
   First female in Space- RUSSIA Valentina
    Tereshkova 1963
   First American female in space- Sally Ride, 1983
   First Space walk- RUSSIA- Feb 1965 (US- Jun
   Space Shuttle- USA- April 12, 1981
US Space Programs and goals
 Mercury- put an American in space
 Gemini- begin work on a moon project
 Apollo- put man on the moon
 Skylab- First US space station
 STS- the Space Shuttle
       Kennedy’s Moon Speech
   We choose to go to the moon. We choose
    to go to the moon in this decade and do
    the other things, not because they are
    easy, but because they are hard, because
    that goal will serve to organize and
    measure the best of our energies and
    skills, because that challenge is one that
    we are willing to accept, one we are
    unwilling to postpone, and one which we
    intend to win, and the others, too.
    Apollo 11- The Moon Landing
 July 20, 1969
 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become
  the first humans to walk on the moon
 Audio of moon landing:
    Products from the space program
 Velcro
 Water and air purifiers
 Better running shoes
 Heat and fire resistant materials
 Communication devices (cell phones)
 Cooling suits
 And many more…

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