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The confidence of Indian people is always seen low due to the so called evil of corruption at the highest
level. Every year about $ 1 trillion dollars are lost across the globe in illegal activities. The impact of
corruption is that it decreases the living standard along with the total wealth of a country.

The Root Cause of Corruption
The word corruption means destruction, spoiling or ruining, it can be socially or nation wise. People
having selfishness, their urge to get more and more makes them corrupted. One of the causes of
corruption is also the unemployment; many of the young generations are finding their ways to loot the
people in order to fulfill their basic needs. It is caused due to lack of honesty and integrity. These types of
corrupt people don’t respect the law and always try to do use unsocial ways to cater their needs.

Politicians in India can quarrel with each other but when it comes of public money then they become
united. India is considered as the best country in term of progress but this system of corruption is
decaying it’s all the generations.

India must improve its governance and only saying want suffice this each one has to come up to kill this
evil of corruption. No doubt, law is there for everything, our constitution is made best but the only thing is
implementation of these laws with genuineness.

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