Apple Story by sumitchandel


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									At the end of June every year, the fresh apple crop starts routing up to the market. With the
advancement of the technology, this has been made possible to get the apple for the whole year from
the cold store houses to the masses but the charm of a fresh apple is something un-defined. Since, I
belong to the same family, I have had seen all the happiness within the farmer who produces his crop.
Though, this crop comes from various parts of India, like Kashmir, Uttarakhand and from little states of
the North East; Himachal has got various varieties and normally comes with a packing named as Crisp
AND Crunchy.

The place called Thanedhar, some miles from Narkanda is the place where from the story of apples
came into being. Britishers had found the hilly state or hills queen around 1843 and they at once built a
church at Kotgarh. Around 1900s a person named Samuel Satyananda Stokes came to this place and
loved it for its eternal beauty. He not only loved the people of this place but also married a girl of the
local area. He further fought against britishers in order to make india free from their rule. He was jailed
for improving the economy of the people by apples, schools and temples. He was influenced from the
Hinduism and finally changed his name to Satyanand Stokes. Param Jyoti Mandir, a famous temple in
Thanedhar which depicts the entire story through architecture of the ancient India. He also started a
school where the students from the area went to get a high class education. At his death, his family
continued to be socially and politically active and his youngest daughter named Satyawati who married
to the Dr Y S Parmar the first Hon’ble Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh. The other family member
Vidya Stokes is actively participating in political issues of the state.

Although, apples were grown before Stokes. The taste was sour sine the varieties were mainly Pippins
and they were not much popular. Stokes went to America and found a hybrid named “Red Delicious”
and he at once brought sample and grafted it. When they came up with the fruit it was extremely
delicious and sixe was also good.

Before the introduction of the apple, this place was poorest in the country but apple changed the
destiny of the people as now, it’s the most progressive area economically. Apple is a major crop in
Kinnaur, Kullu and Shimla districts of Himachal Pradesh. The whole credit goes to Stokes for his
experiment and he will be remembered for times.

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