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					2006-07: Issue 2            THE NEWSLETTER OF THE JEFFERSON PTA

September 2006

                            The Jefferson
 29 Culture Night Potluck

October                     Jefferson PTA Endorses Measure A
  4 Walk-to-School Day      At the September meeting, the Jefferson        per teacher through third grade, 26 in
  9 No School
                            PTA unanimously endorsed Measure A.            grades 4 and 5, and 28 in our middle and

 12 PTA Meeting
                            Berkeley has benefited from special taxes that high schools.
                            support public education since 1986. Requir- ▪ School Libraries—California is last in the
 27 Halloween Night         ing two-thirds approval, these proposals have nation for school library funding—but
                            repeatedly been approved by voters. The two Berkeley is the exception. Nearly all library
                            measures currently in place, BSEP and Meas- teachers, staff, books and materials are
  3 No School               ure B, expire after this school year. On No-   funded by Measure A.
                            vember 7, Berkeley voters will have the op-    ▪ Maintain our music and arts programs—
6–9 Shortened Days                                                         While other communities abandon arts
                            portunity to approve Measure A, which will
  9 PTA Meeting             extend support for our public schools an-      and music for lack of funding, students in
                            other ten years.                               Berkeley enjoy a broad range of music and
 10 Veterans’ Day Holiday                                                  arts.
                            Measure A maintains the current tax rate of    ▪ Improve Academic Achievement for All
 13 Book Fair Begins
                            the existing measures, and combines them       Students—Measure A funds teacher train-
 16 Ice Cream Social        into one measure. It protects our property     ing, family outreach, translation services,
17-20 Cody’s Benefit Days
                            values, our local economy, and the future of   and program evaluation.
                            every Berkeley child.
23-24 Thanksgiving                                                         Help renew support for our schools. You
                            Without Measure A, these and other crucial     can endorse the measure, sign up to volun-
December                    programs would not be funded:                  teer, get a lawn sign, or even use PayPal to
                            ▪ Small, manageable classes—Measure A          donate. Questions? Send an email to
 14 PTA Meeting
                            funds 30% of classroom teachers and main- or call Dave
12/22-1/5 Winter Recess     tains District-wide averages of 20 students    Manson at 750-8214.
                            Jefferson Celebrates its Diversity at Culture Night
 11 PTA Meeting
                            Come celebrate the proudly diverse cultures        Todd Andrew, Volunteer Coordinator, at
 15 MLK Birthday Holiday
                            of the Jefferson student body at the annual        919-2004, or
 19 Family Art Night        Culture Night Potluck on Friday, Sept. 29,
                            from 6:30 to 8:30 in the Cafetorium. Bring a       We owe many thanks to Dora Dean Wil-
 29 No School                                                                  liams Bradley who
                            dish that reflects your culture(s) to share in a
February                    potluck dinner. Wear traditional dress.            has led this event
                                                                               for several years,
  8 PTA Meeting             The cafetorium walls will be decorated with        but whose Jeffer-
                            student-designed paper dolls that reflect their    son student will be
 16 Lincoln’s Birthday
                            families' cultures and the tables will be cov-     moving on to mid-
 19 President’s Day         ered with student-decorated table cloths.          dle school next
                            We need volunteers to help set up before the       year! We’ll need
                            event and to clean up afterward. Contact           new leaders to take on this event next year.
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   Jefferson           Meet Jefferson’s New Classroom Teachers
Teachers & Staff
                       Joining Jefferson’s teaching staff this year   Ms. Trevor is new to the Berkeley schools,
Kindergarten           are Jeannie Osuna-MacIsaac in third grade      but comes to Jefferson with six years of
 Marguerite Talley-    and Beth Trevor in second grade.               teaching experience. She taught first grade
    Hughes                                                            for two
 Anna Wong             Ms. Jeannie, as her students call her,         years in
1st grade              comes to Jefferson with 30 years of teach-     San Fran-
 Rosemary Robinson     ing experi-                                    cisco and
 Annie Tong            ence, mostly
2nd grade                                                             for four
                       in Berkeley.                                   years in
 Wendy Fong
 Lisa Rossi            She has                                        Oakland.
 Beth Trevor           taught pre-
3rd grade              school                                         Ms. Trevor
 Valene Kuan           through 5th                                    grew up in
 Jeannie Osuna-        graders; this                                  Marin
   MacIsaac            is her second                                  County
4th grade              time teaching                                  and majored in Drama at San Francisco
 Sean Keller
 Beverly Thiele
                       third grade.                                   State, where she also received her Masters
5th grade              Most re-                                       and teaching credential. She likes to bring
 Robert Murray         cently, she taught 4th graders in the Span-    theater into the classroom and works to
 Maggie Riddle         ish Immersion Program at Rosa Parks.           make school interesting and entertaining for
Learning Center                                                       the students. Just last week, room 203 cele-
 Lorna Brand           Ms. Jeannie grew up in Los Angeles, and        brated national “Talk Like a Pirate Day” by
 Mary Cazden           came to the Bay Area for college where she     going on a treasure hunt and writing with
 Beth Hooper           majored in Art and Chicano Studies at St.      feathered pencils in class
 Patricia Smith        Mary’s College in Moraga. She received
Speech                 her teaching credential at U.C. Berkeley in    In her free time, Ms. Trevor enjoys spending
 Noelle Southerland
Reading Recovery and
                       the Black Asian Chicano Urban Program.         time with her two sons, 4-year old Jasper and
Literacy Coach                                                        1-year old Zane, taking photographs, hiking
 Glory Styles
                       When she’s not teaching, she enjoys work-      and sailing. “The dedication of the Jefferson
Library                ing in her garden, figure drawing, and danc-   teachers and parents is amazing and makes it
 Sara Nickerson        ing the salsa!                                 great to come to school each day.”
 Ray Adams
 Stephen Rutherford
Custodians             The Sally Foster Fundraiser is Here!
 Andre Adams
 Ernest Norman         Jefferson students brought home the Sally      your best to make this fundraiser a success.
Secretary              Foster catalog last week to kick off the
 Marie Ferguson                                                       Return the order form along with cash and
                       PTA’s first fundraising drive of the year.
                       This year's catalog has a wide variety of      checks to the school by Wednesday, Octo-
 Betty Delaney
                       gift wrap, gourmet foods and gift items        ber 4th. Ordered items will be ready for
                       you may sell to neighbors, friends, and        pick up at school on November 6-9. While
                       family.                                        students earn prizes for the number of
                                                                      items sold before October 4, online sales
                       Jefferson earns 50% on every item sold.        continue to benefit Jefferson until January
                       The proceeds go towards field trips, class-    15, 2007.
                       room supplies, and parent education. Last
                       year, with only about 30% of families par-     Extra forms and catalogs are in the office.
                       ticipating, we earned over $6000. Because      Contact Dawn Nakashima (549-0606,
                       this fundraiser benefits every member of or Sharan
                       our community, we hope you will all do         Ikeda (525-9888,
                                                                                             2006-07: Issue 2
                                                                                                  Page 3

Walk to School Day — Wednesday, October 4
Get exercise, walk and talk with friends, and    Volunteers are needed to help prepare for
create less pollution and traffic around         the event in the coming days. And, on Oc-
school! Celebrate International Walk-to-         tober 4, volunteers are needed to:
School Month by walking to Jefferson on          ▪ Lead “walking school buses” from loca-
October 4 with students from all over            tions near Rose/MLK, Hopkins/McGee,
Berkeley.                                        Hopkins/The Ala-                                  Josh Kornbluth
Walking to school is a great way to start the    meda or anywhere else                            Measure A Benefit
day. On October 4, students can walk to          where there are Jeffer-                          Sat. Sept 30, 2006
school with "walking school buses" that will     son students; and                                    Berkeley’s Own
leave from different locations near Jeffer-      ▪ Lead activites on the                          Contemporary KQED
son. Participants will be given signs to carry   playground (7:30 -                                  TV Star and Adult
as they walk, and when they get to school,       8:45 am).                                               Humorist
there will be games and prizes for all stu-      If you can help, please contact Todd An-               at St. John's
dents, whether they were able to walk or         drew, Volunteer Coordinator, at toddan-            Presbyterian Church,
not. Students, parents, guardians, teachers or Renee Human,                  2727 College Avenue,
and staff are encouraged to walk to school,      Event Coordinator, at                                    Berkeley
                                                                                                   7:30pm Berkeley High
either all or part-way.                
                                                                                                        Jazz Combo
                                                                                                  8:00pm Josh Kornbluth
Earn Money for Jefferson When You Shop                                                                 performing his
                                                                                                      monologue "The
                                                                                                      Mathematics of
Attention Berkeley Bowl and Berkeley             scrip at Berkeley Bowl and Berkeley Natural
Natural shoppers - Use paper scrip (gift         last year, Jefferson was able to earn more          Admission $25 —
certificates) instead                            than $1000.                                        Sponsors Reception
of cash and help earn                                                                               $100 (includes a 6:30
money for our                                    To purchase scrip or to get more informa-        pm pre-event reception
school.                                          tion about these programs, contact Miriam         with Josh Kornbluth)
                                                 Abrams, Berkeley Bowl, 579-5893 or                LIMITED TICKETS!
Scrip cost you noth-                   ; Sharan Ikeda,               PURCHASE IN
ing extra, but gets                              Berkeley or El Cerrito Natural, 525-9888 or          ADVANCE BY
Jefferson a donation                                                   CREDIT CARD,
from the participat-                                                                                 COMMMUNITY
ing stores. With                                 And, don’t forget to sign up for escrip! For          BOX OFFICE
fewer than 20 fami-                                                                               NETWORK AT (925)
                                                 the list of Jefferson’s escrip supporters, see
lies regularly using                                                                                     798-1300.
                                                 back page.

Not Receiving the School Etree Notices? Read This!
Weekly messages are sent out by the PTA to        Mail folder for a message from
keep parents informed of upcoming events. and make
If you are not receiving these, there are two     sure your mail knows it is Not Junk Mail.
possible explanations:                            2) You are not on the list! Send your re-
1) The messages are automatically being put       quest to subscribe to
in your "Junk Mail" folder. To keep this from
happening, make sure that                         The etree is for Jefferson and school dis-
"" is on your            trict news and events, and we never share
approved sender list. Or, look in the Junk        your email address with ANYONE!.
                                                    The Jefferson Independent

THE NEWSLETTER OF THE                                 Thanks to Jefferson’s eScrip Supporters
                                             We would like to recognize and thank the following 87 people who are currently
Please contact one of the PTA                registered with eScrip. Jefferson earns money every time they make a purchase
officers if you have any ideas,              at selected stores:
questions or concerns:
                                             Abrams, Miriam ▪ Adams, Carrie ▪ Agre, Deborah ▪ Albert, Julie ▪ Barber, Rich-
Robin Henke, Co-President                    ard ▪ Baumgarten, Laurie ▪ Baumgartner, Margaret ▪ Berahovich, Leesa ▪ Betts, or                         Catherine ▪ Branagan, Erin ▪ Bredehoft, Lola ▪ Bredehoft, Patricia ▪ Briccetti,
524-5659                                     Eleanor ▪ Buxton, Brenda ▪ Carper Long, Letitia ▪ Chang, Cindy ▪ Chater, Ve-
Patricia Smith, Co-President
                                             ronica ▪ Church, Susan ▪ Dale, Nina ▪ Dorf, Carol ▪ Doyle, Jennie ▪ Edwards or                      Russell, Jennifer ▪ Elser, Sabine ▪ Enriquez, Laura ▪ Escobar, Rosa ▪ Forrest,
526-8844                                     Kathryn ▪ Forsey, Morgan ▪ Fu, Ng ▪ Gentry, Grace ▪ Gentry, Katherine ▪
                                             Glimme, Aaron ▪ Glimme, Nancy ▪ Goldstein, Sarah ▪ Grechko, Marya ▪
Paul Jenny, Treasurer                        Haenke-Clark, Pam ▪ Henke, Robin ▪ Herman, Sarah ▪ Hill, Barbara ▪ Hoeffer,                          Nancy ▪ Honig, Elizabeth ▪ Humphrey, Nancy ▪ Ikeda, Sharan ▪ Jenny, Alisa ▪
Eric Wells, Co-Secretary
                                             Kochaphum, Jackie ▪ Kuan, Valene ▪ Laddish, Nicole ▪ Lavine, John ▪ Lee,
704-1894 or              Miko ▪ Meyer, Kalen ▪ Miller, Robin ▪ Mugler, Mimi ▪ Mumm, Mark ▪ Naka-
                                             shima, Dawn ▪ Nitschke, Jay ▪ Phillips, Anne ▪ Piccillo, Mark ▪ Pitts, Nicole ▪
Adam Sanchez, Co-Secretary                   Reiner, Chris ▪ Reoutt, Kira ▪ Rickley De Leon, Nichole ▪ Robinson, Rosemary or                      ▪ Romain, Billi ▪ Rossi, Diana ▪ Ruotolo, Donna ▪ Sandoval, Lorraine ▪ Saun-
849-1743                                     ders, Betsey ▪ Scholar, Catherine ▪ Shireman, Bob ▪ Sikes, Kenneth ▪ Sikes,
Newsletter Editor: Lucinda Sikes
                                             Lucinda ▪ Siskin, Sharon ▪ Smallwood-Garcia, John ▪ Smith, Susan ▪ Squire, or 527-6281           Jonathan ▪ Stromsness, Rune ▪ Tan, Jannette ▪ Toledo, Viviana ▪ Travis, Bettye ▪
                                             Tung-Loong, Kem ▪ Van Valkenburgh, Mark ▪ Weaver, Stephen ▪ Wells, Randi
Contributors: Catherine Betts, Victoria      ▪ Whitaker, Db ▪ Whitty, Katherine ▪ Wight, David ▪ Woo-Sam, Anne ▪ Yeung,
Eisen, Kate Gentry, Karen Glimme,            Anna ▪
Robin Henke, Sharan Ikeda, Dawn
Nakashima (tree graphic), Jay Nitschke,      Join this list of supporters. Sign up today at Our group name
Kira Reoutt, and Patricia Smith.             is “Jefferson Elementary PTA.”
From the Editor: Your contributions
to this newsletter are welcomed. Please
submit photos or notices about events,
news items or story ideas to Lucinda
                                            Dear Safeway Shoppers,
Sikes,, or drop      If you received a coupon                   Once you have these Reward Certifi-
them off in the newsletter mailbox in the   when you shopped at                        cates, please put them in the eScrip
Jefferson office by the third Friday of
every month. The Jefferson                  Safeway with this logo on                  PTA box in the school office. We
Independent is distributed the following    it, then read on:                          will then redeem them online and
week.                                                                                  benefit from your shopping! But we
                                            You can turn those coupons into the        have to do this by October 17th, so
               ■■■■■■■                      Reward Certificates anytime between        get them in as quickly as possible to
                                            now and October 7th by returning to        the PTA eScrip box!
           Jefferson School                 the Safeway store where you shopped
            1400 Ada Street
                                            with the coupons and asking them to        Please direct questions to Kate Gen-
          Berkeley, CA 94702
         Phone: (510) 644-6298              print out your reward certificates.        try, 524-1646, or Karen Glimme,
          Fax: (510) 644-6984                                                          868-0228, your electronic scrip coor-
                E-mail:                                                                dinators.

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