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A monthly publication of AAUW, San Francisco, est. in 1886                January 2007

                  President’s Message                                         Travel Club
                    Marilyn Smith                          Sunday, January 21st, 3 pm, afternoon tea at Elaine
Our Holiday Brunch was really nice – it was good to        Butler’s, 124 Amber Dr. Please bring ideas for future
meet some new members and reconnect with others.           travel destinations. RSVP Elaine at 826-3172 or
Delancey’s service was excellent and we all enjoyed        Elaine.butler.sf
it. Have a Happy New Year – looking forward to
2007!                                                                    Mystery/Adventure
November 28, branch members helped our local               Thursday, January 25th, 7:30 pm, at Susan
public television station with their pledge night. I had   Shwartz’s, 701 Laguna Honda Blvd. We are reading
never been in the studio before, although I’ve seen        The Hummingbird’s Daughter by Luis Alberto
many pledge nights and have joined KQED. We were           Urrea. Harriet Sollod is the reviewer. New members
given our training and told what to do when the            are welcome at any time. RSVP Susan at 661-8038.
phone rings – after answering the first call we
stopped being so nervous. KQED showed our
website address and gave us the spotlight at least                      International Cuisine
twice during the 2 – hour stretch. Afterwards, KQED        Friday, January 26th, 12:30 pm, at Lovejoy’s
reported that we helped raise a grand total of             Tearoom, 1351 Church St. Contact Marilyn Leal at
$41,995. Thanks everyone! We’ll do it again soon.          626-4110.

                    Board Meeting                                            Public Policy
January 10th 6:30 pm, potluck at Marilyn Leal’s, There will not be a meeting in January. Contact
4325 19th Street. All members are invited to attend. Sheila Bost at with ideas for
RSVP 626-4110.                                       discussion and guest speakers for next year.

             Afternoons with Books                          “Life is like a game of cards. The hand
January 11 1 pm, at Olga Gregory’s home, 109
Idio St, South San Francisco. We’re reading The
                                                           that is dealt you represents determinism;
Emancipator’s Wife by Barbara Hambly is the story              the way you play it is free will.”
of Mary Todd Lincoln. Be sure and mark the date on          Jawaharlal Nehru, first prime minister of India
your calendar. RSVP Olga at 650) 588-7309.

           International Book Group                        “Always acknowledge a fault. This will
Monday, January 15th 7 pm, at Janice Gonzalves’s            throw those in authority off their guard
home, 41 Teresita Blvd. The group is reading Desert         and give you an opportunity to commit
Queen by Janet Wallach. It is the biography of
Gertrude Bell, an extraordinary woman adventurer.                           more.”
RSVP Janice at 759-9760.                                                      Mark Twain
AVANTI                                                                 January 2007
        Pictorial History                       Quick LAF clicks:                                   2006-
We are looking for pictures of AAUW     Learn more about sexual assault on                        AAUW-
events. Please send any you have with   campus:                                         President
captions that describe the event and          Marilyn Z. Smith
the people who are in the photo. We     View the full case summary of Doe v.
                                        Berry College:                415) 543-5307
want to develop a scrapbook for the
web site. Send to: AAUW San             cases/doeberry.cfm                             President Elect
Francisco Branch, P.O. Box 31405,       What effect will Chief Justice John             Kelly Joseph
San Francisco, CA 94131-0405            Roberts have on Title IX?      
                                                   415) 821-1737.
                                        05LADailyNews_RobertsOPED.cfm                     EF VP
                                                                                        Marilyn Leal
                                            Sister 2 Sister Program         
                                               Dr. Renee Golanty-Koel                  415) 626-4110

                                        Volunteers are needed to work with 7th      Legal Advocacy VP
                                        and 8th graders. Skills: Those with          Barbara Spencer
                                        some art background; cooking; or who
                                                                                       415) 221-6690
Claudia Hass           January 6th      have a desire to teach some topic of
                                  th                                                Membership Co-VPs
Angela C Little        January 12       interest. Please look at our web page
Krys Wulf              January 14th     for topics.                                   Barbara Scheer
Marion Colton          January 19th     Phone Renee at 415 66l-6276. We                415) 503-0745
    Birthday Not Announced?             now meet each Tuesday from 3:30 to               Julia Kraft
If your birthday is not there and you’d 5:00, and usually leave by 5:15.                415) 563-1111
like to have it included (or corrected) Thanks for supporting Sister 2 Sister        Teodora Strackova
in the Avanti, contact one of the                                      
                                          Welcome new San Francisco                     415) 307-5013
Membership Co-VPs. Only month and
                                            branch AAUW members!
day are printed.                                                                        Program VP
                                                Alice Ballard                              Open
     Any 50-Year Members?                       Sherry Bridygham
Has anyone been an AAUW member                  Kristen Budde                           Secretary
for 50 years? Contact one of the                                                      Amy Dunn-Ruiz
                                                Linda Chapman                         Amy.Dunn-Ruiz@
Membership Co-VPs to have AAUW                  Ruth Conroy                 
national and state give you an honor-           Sheila Desai
ary life membership.                                                                     Treasurer
                                                Sarah Ladewig
                                                                                         Mary Suter
                                                Farnoush Saffarpour       
     Web Manager needed!                                                               415) 665-1185
                                     If you want to welcome any new
If you know HTML or Dreamweaver members, please ask one of our
and would like to help with our web membership Co-VPs to give you their
site – – please contact information.                          Avanti Articles
contact Marilyn Smith (415) 543-5307                                    Please remember to
or SmithMZ                                                submit Avanti articles by
                                                                        the 20th.

AVANTI                                                                       January 2007
2007                                   AAUW Web Pages                      A co-worker stole her idea and
SF Board                        Visit the following links for:             attempted to patent it himself. He
                                news pages           could not believe that a woman could
       Avanti Editor                                                       be able to design such an invention.
                                /pressReleases/ 050113_california.cfm
       Stephen Butler
                      ;           Mattie was finally awarded the patent
        415) 826-3172   Actions to take              after a protracted lawsuit. People
                                issue_advocacy/actionpages/index.cfm       began to call her the “Lady Edison”.
  Public Policy Co-Chairs                                                  With a partner, she established the
        Sheila Bost             Mission in Action      ebulletin/mission/Sep05/index.cfm          Eastern Paper Bag Co. She eventually
       415) 664-4985            and two minute activities                  managed to acquire twenty-two
     Michelle Mammini                patents for domestic devices, rotary                                                    engines, and shoe making machinery.
      415) 864-0394             Subscribe to receive AAUW Media
                                                                           One of her box making machines can
                                Alerts and Press Releases! Visit
 Silver Jubilee Fund Chair                                                 be seen in the Smithsonian. Never
      Connie Armitage                                                      becoming wealthy, Mattie left this            The Paper Bag Lady                   planet with $300 in her bank account
        415) 681-2110                        Pat Camarena                  just as the women’s suffrage move-
  Sister-to-Sister Program      Our Tech Trek applicants will soon be      ment was almost a reality.
     Renee Golanty-Koel         amazing us with their accomplish-          Two children’s books about Mattie           ments again this year as we begin to
       415) 661-6276                                                       Knight are available at
                                interview them for the summer pro-         Mattie’s story can be an inspiration for
         Tech Trek              gram 2007. The lucky few will spend        what can be accomplished with perse-
        Elaine Butler           a wonderful summer week at a local         verance. Mattie took an active stance
Calif. AAUW Leadership &        university honing their math and
 Membership Committee
                                                                           against restrictive gender roles in an
                                science skills and getting a glimpse of    age when women’s rights were barely           what the future might hold for them as     a glimmer on the horizon.
        415) 826-3172           young women.
                                                                           Books: Mattie Knight-Girl Inventor
        Web Mistress            Mattie Knight would have been a            by Brill (2001) and Marvelous Mattie
           open                 great Tech Trek candidate had there        by McCully (2006)
                                been such a program in the 1830s.
Get the Avanti Faster                                                      For more information on Mattie
                                Growing up in New England with two
                                                                           Knight, try this website:
If you’d like to receive the    older brothers, she loved to design
Avanti via email or the         kites and sleds. .By the age of twelve,
web, please tell one of the     in a different time and place, she had        BAWSI Ladies Night Out
Membership VPs, so that a       begun working in a cotton mill. She        Saturday, March 3rd from 4:30pm
printed copy will not be        began making sketches for improve-         at HP Pavilion – all the fun of a Ladies
sent to you. If you prefer,     ments for the loom machinery after         Night Out with specialty drinks,
                                seeing many accidents to workers           gourmet snacks, and entertainment,
we can continue to print
                                when thread shuttles flew off the          plus two games of the Pac10
and mail you the Avanti.
                                looms causing severe injuries. Mattie      Women’s Basketball Tournament. Put
                                devised a safe covered shuttle, which      it on your calendar! Tell your friends!
Members: if you change          is still in current use. Mattie was a      Look for details in the February
your address, kindly notify     victim of the gender discrimination of     Bonfire or call Jean Reed at 408-297-
Barbara Scheer at 415) 503-     the Victorian age. The common square       2691.
0745     bottomed paper bag that we take for
or Julia Kraft at 415) 563-     granted today was one of Mattie’s
1111    inventions. However, it took many
                                years for her to take credit and get any
AVANTI                                                                 January 2007
                     Tech Trek                         our work is not over. She was the only Black full-
                     Elaine Butler                     time Women’s studies faculty member hired in the
                                                       history of San Diego State University. She more than
It is time to begin working toward 2007camperships. satisfied the requirements for tenure, which she was
The Board asked that we try to send 9 girls again to denied. When she brought suit, San Diego County
Stanford (5) and Mills (4). This means fundraising. Superior Court Judge, Jay Bloom, stated that while
You may make a pledge at any time but the money the evidence may show that Washington’s colleagues
needs to be mailed to Elaine by the last week of did not like her, this was sufficient justification for
February 2007. We have more people who have firing her, since “a personal grudge or resentment can
made donations. Thanks to Sheila Bost and Barbara constitute a legitimate, non-discriminatory reason for
Spencer for your support of this wonderful program. an adverse employment decision.” AAUW expressed
Remember anyone can donate for Tech Trek, outrage at the judge’s decision and supported her
individuals, AAUW members, clubs, companies and cause with over a $20,000 contribution. She contin-
grant-making organizations – the list is endless. The ued to encounter other biased legal decisions as her
dates of this year’s camps are: Stanford, July22nd case progressed. Come and hear her story.
through July 28th and Mills, June 25th through July 1.                                  th
Watch for the February AVANTI as the Tech Trek Date/Time: Saturday, January 13 , at 11:30 a.m.
Committee will be meeting and new members are Place: El Cerrito Methodist Church, 6830 Stockton
encouraged to join us.If you have questions or need Avenue, El Cerrito
more information, please contact Elaine Butler at Cost: $16 includes presentation and lunch.
415) 826-3172 or Call Winnie Sayre, 510-524-8954 or Jean Niehaus,
Thank you for your help.                               510-222-5387, for reservations by January 8.
                                                       Reservations can also be secured by checks mailed to
            Tech Trek Donation Form                    the WCC Branch of AAUW, PO Box 501, El Cerrito,
Yes, I’m interested in sponsoring girls to go to Tech CA, 94530, by January 8 . No tickets will be sent.
Trek 2007! I pledge the following amount towards       Please check in when you arrive.
sending girls to camp.                                       International Celebration and Silent
 $25 $50 $100 $200 $750 (1 girl)                                           Auction
 $ ____________                                          AAUW San Jose Branch invites you to an Auction to
Make checks out to AAUW with Tech Trek in the            raise funds for the Virginia Gildersleeve International
memo line.                                               Fund. Virginia Gildersleeve was the President of
                                                         Barnard College and the only woman in the U.S.
Name: ____________________________________               delegation that founded the United Nations. The en-
Address: __________________________________              dowment in her honor funds projects that enhance the
 _________________________________________               health, nutrition, physical security and economic sta-
                                                         bility of women and children in developing countries.
Phone: ____________________________________
                                                         What: Enjoy a delicious international buffet, live in-
Email: ____________________________________
                                                         ternational entertainment, a silent auction, raffle and
If you need to mail your donation, address it to:        door prizes.
      Elaine Butler
                                                         When: Saturday, January 27, 11a.m.-2p.m.
      124 Amber Dr
      San Francisco, CA 94131-1626                       Where: John Muir Middle School Cafeteria, 1260
                                                         Branham Lane (near Almaden Expressway, San
 Legal Advocacy Fund Annual Fundraiser                   Jose).
                  Barbara Spencer                        How: To reserve a ticket, send $8 per person to
Despite the good work that AAUW’s Legal Advo-            Diane Trombetta, c/o AAUW, 1165 Minnesota Ave.,
cacy Fund has been doing for the past 25 years to        San Jose, CA 95125-3324. Other prices are $10 at the
support sex discrimination litigation in higher educa-   door, or $20 for a family ticket. For more information
tion, Dr. Pat Washington’s story will convince us that   e-mail
AVANTI                                                                     January 2007
           Treat Sister’s Trust Report                             Andrea Laudate on Dr. Phil
               Barbara Spencer                          Watch Dr. Phil’s TV show on January 4th to see
Our attorney, Elvira Orly, informed me that the court Andrea giving up chocolate. This is the first of three
granted our motion to amend the Treat Sisters Trust shows from the “Diary of a chocoholic.”
to remove the requirement that we have a corporate          Silver Jubilee Open for Applications
trustee and to have our branch president serve as
                                                        The San Francisco AAUW will offer two
trustee. The Board intends to formulate standing rules
                                                        scholarships of $2,000 each to help upper division
for a committee of past presidents to serve as an
                                                        and graduate women to complete their final year of
advisory committee to the trustee.  We will try to
                                                        study in a college or university. Candidates must live
pattern it after the rules governing the Silver Jubilee
                                                        or be attending a university or college within a 100-
                                                        mile distance of San Francisco. There is no restriction
    A Taste of Success Online Application               on the use of the funds. Completed applications will
The Association Programs Development Committee be due by February 28, 2007.
is looking for cream-of-the-crop branches and states If you are interested, or have friends or relatives who
to exhibit their innovative theme – or mission-based may benefit from this scholarship, please check the
projects, events or activities at the 2007 AAUW Silver Jubilee information on the AAUW San
National Convention! Applications are due Jan. 8, Francisco Web Site at
2007 and decisions will be announced on Feb. 20, Connie Armitage
2007.                                                   Silver Jubilee Scholarship Chair
This year the process has been simplified and
everything is on-line. For more information and to
complete an application please visit
Should you have any question, contact
                                             January 2007
     Sun             Mon            Tue             Wed             Thu             Fri               Sat
               1               2               3               4               4              6

7              8               9               10 6:30 pm      11 1 pm         12             13
                                               Board           Afternoon
                                               Meeting         Books
14             15 7 pm       16                17              18              19             20
               Book Club
21 3 pm        22            23                24              25 6:30 pm      26 12:30 pm 27
Travel Club                                                    Mystery/        International
Tea                                                            Adventure       Cuisine
28          29                 30              31

March ??–Her Story            April (a Saturday)–Presido Hike-Shelia Bost      June ??–Installation Lunch

AVANTI                                                                                                 January 2007

                        Avanti Editor
San Francisco Branch
P.O. Box 31405
San Francisco, CA 94131-0405
Address Correction Requested
AAUW is California’s most active and diverse
organization for women offering action for equity,
personal and professional growth, community
leadership and friendship.
In principle and practice, AAUW values and seeks
a diverse membership. There shall be no barriers to
full participation in this organization on the basis
of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation,
national origin, or disability.

                                      American Association of
                                      University Women
The year was 1919. Europe had been                       Educational Foundation                           Legal Advocacy Fund
ravaged by World War I and radium                      In 1873, a prominent Boston physician,         Founded in 1981, the Legal Advocacy
was far too expensive for a scientist of               Dr. E.H. Clarke, wrote a book arguing          Fund (LAF) works to achieve equity for
modest means to afford for experi-                     that too much study would give women           women in higher education by recog-
ments. Even one as famous as Madame                    brain fever and render their children          nizing innovative efforts to improve the
Marie Curie. As a result, her ground-                  sickly, if they were to have them at all.      climate for women on campus; by
breaking research had reached a virtual                                                               offering assistance to women faculty,
standstill. Then the AAUW came to the                  The Association of Collegiate Alumnae
                                                                                                      staff, and students who have grievances
rescue. Members from Maine to Cali-                    (AAUW’s chief predecessor) fought
                                                                                                      against colleges and universities; and
fornia helped raise an astonishing                     this contention in 1885 and won, by
                                                                                                      by supporting sex discrimination law-
$156,413, enabling Madame Curie to                     gathering data from its members to
purchase one gram of radium and con-                   show that they had suffered no ill health
tinue her experiments that helped her                  from their college and postgraduate            The LAF Board only approves support
create the field of nuclear chemistry                  education. In 1888, the Western Asso-          of cases which are currently involved in
and forever change the course of                       ciation of Collegiate Alumnae (founded         litigation, and that have the potential to
science. Madame Curie received the                     here in San Francisco) made educa-             set legal precedent.
Nobel Prize for her work, but was not                  tional history by establishing the first
                                                                                                      The Legal Advocacy Fund’s annual
admitted to the French Academie des                    graduate fellowship for women (given
                                                                                                      Progress in Equity Award recognizes
Sciences until she won an incredible                   to Vassar graduate Ida Street).
                                                                                                      innovative and replicable college and
second Nobel Prize...all because she
                                                       California is still the largest contributor,   university programs.
was a woman. More than 75 years later,
                                                       enabling the Educational Foundation to
there are still only three women
                                                       award nearly $3 million in grants to
members.                                               women at the dissertation or doctoral
                                                       level, and to those pursuing career-
                                                       related or community-based projects.


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