EAST HAMPSHIRE DISTRICT COUNCIL

                                 COMMUNITY FORUM MINUTES
                         (CLANFIELD, HORNDEAN & ROWLANDS CASTLE)

                6th Form Common Room, Horndean Technology College, Horndean

                               Tuesday 10th October 2006 at 6.30 pm.

                                                -: Present :-

                                    Cllr Mrs D K Denston (Chairman),
        Cllr J M Ashton, Cllr T Costello, Cllr K J Graham (Vice-Chairman), Cllr Mrs M C Harvey,
                              Cllr P Rodgers and Cllr Mrs S E Schillemore.

                                           -: Also present:-

                                        Cty Cllr Mrs E Byrom
                Representatives from Clanfield Parish Council, Horndean Parish Council
                                 and Rowlands Castle Parish Council.

                                                 -: Officers:-

Community Manager (South), Head of Housing and Property Services, Housing Development Manager,
Transport Development Officer, Community & Youth Democracy Worker and Committee and Members‟
                                    Services Co-ordinator.

                                           -: Also Present:-

                           Minute 38 – Ms Nicola Winter, Homestart Butser
                        Minute 38 – Mr Justin Kelly, Trustee, Homestart Butser
                  Minute 39 – Mr Brendon Charles, Horndean Community Association
                   Minute 40 (ii) Ms Linda Goodwin, Horndean Technology College

31.    APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE.                              (iii)   Please would members of the public sign
Apologies for absence were received from                   in using the sheet, at the back of the room;
Councillor S Payne.
                                                           (iv)  Please would all members of the public
32.     CONFIRMATION OF THE MINUTES.                       and Councillors switch off their mobile phones;
The minutes of the meeting held on 12th
September 2006, which had been previously                  (v)    The location of the fire exits; and
circulated, were confirmed and signed as a
correct record.                                            (vi)    East Hampshire and Winchester City
                                                           Councils had commissioned consultants to
33.   CHAIRMAN’S ANNOUNCEMENTS.                            undertake a joint open space study of the two
The Chairman announced:                                    Districts. The work was now underway and was
                                                           being carried out by Inpspace Planning Ltd. The
(i)    In order to ensure that all members of              study would look at opportunities and needs
the public could hear the proceedings of the               including:
meeting, a loop system was available.
Members of the public wishing to speak were                      Recreational routes;
asked to use the roving microphone;                              Parks;
                                                                 Outdoor sports facilities;
(ii)    Feedback forms were available, at the                    Children's play areas; and
back of the room, for members of the public to                   Leisure centres and more.
give their views on the meeting;
Over the next two of months, the consultants             that he had been involved in the application
would be contacting each Town and Parish                 process for this function.
Council directly to contribute to the study. This
would be fundamental to the survey work and              Cllr Graham left the room during the discussion
Councils were encouraged to be involved as               and voting on this item.
much as they could. A short paper, prepared by
the consultants, was available which explained           35.   ANSWERS TO PUBLIC QUESTIONS.
more about the study;                                    Answers to public questions raised at the
                                                         September meeting of Forum are attached at
(vii)   At the last Community Forum there had            Appendix A to the minutes.
been a discussion about the Council‟s proposal
for a short-stay traveller site. The discussion          36.    PUBLIC QUESTION TIME. There were
had been postponed and the timetable had                 eight public questions as follows:
been extended to allow a more detailed and
longer consultation period.                              (i) The Fire Station, Blendworth Road, Horndean

The item would come back to the Community                Mr Pete Boyd, Retained Fireman, spoke to the
Forums at a later date when more information             Forum about concerns of retained firemen in
on the proposals would be available.                     Horndean when responding to a call out. He
                                                         explained that once the alarm was sounded, the
A short list of proposed sites was being drawn           retained fireman had to make his way to the fire
up, but it was not ready yet. When it was ready,         station without the assistance of flashing lights
it would be published. There would be a full and         and sirens within the speed limit. The required
open consultation on this in the coming months.          turnout was four and a half to five minutes.
                                                         Currently, the fire station at Horndean was one
A copy of the statement was available for                of the fastest in the County turning out in three
members of the public to read, and more                  to three and a half minutes.
information was available on the following
website www.easthants.gov.uk/travellers;                 Mr Boyd said that the retained firemen were
                                                         now experiencing problems in getting to the
(viii) Hampshire County Council was                      station. This was because of the current
undertaking a public consultation on a proposal          roadworks and the congestion it was causing in
to change the „eligibility criteria‟ for who could       Horndean. There were three large schools in
receive social care services provided or                 the area and there were problems in passing
arranged by the Adult Services Department.               buses parking to pick up passengers near the
                                                         precinct in Horndean. The large bollards in the
An invitation had been extended to a                     road made it impossible to overtake. All of
representative from Adult Services to attend all         these, along with road closures, had a severe
the Community Forums in East Hampshire to                impact on response times. It was estimated it
discuss the proposals.                                   may take retained firemen 10 minutes to reach
                                                         the station. He asked the Forum for help in
The Chairman requested that members of the               asking Hampshire County Council to provide
Forum and public complete a questionnaire                better traffic flow and allowing better access to
which was located at the back of room and                the fire station.
return by Free Post; and
                                                         Councillors all agreed that this was a serious
(ix)  There would be a special meeting of the            problem and the Committee & Members‟
Community Forum on Monday 23rd September                 Services Co-ordinator should write to Dave
2006 on the former Gales Brewery Site. The               Lock, Hampshire Fire Brigade and Hampshire
meeting would start at 7.30pm in Barton Hall,            County Council about the problems. A copy of
Horndean Technology College.                             the letters should be sent to Cty Cllr Mrs E
                                                         Byrom and Horndean Parish Council.
J Graham– personal and prejudicial interest –
minute 40 (ii). The nature of his interest being

(ii) Havant Road, Horndean                               (vi) A3 Bus Corridor

Mr Hatherley, a resident of Havant Road, told            Cllr Mrs Schillemore asked if HCC could be
the meeting that he objected to having his words         asked to consider putting hatching markings on
doubted by Hampshire County Council. Mr                  the tarmac by the lay-by next to the Co-op in
Hatherley said that he was a regular bus user            Horndean Village. Traffic could not flow if two
now, but he was concerned about residents                lorries and a bus parked there.
crossing Havant Road as traffic on the road had
increased dramatically. He believed that                 It was agreed that the Committee & Members‟
motorway standard traffic now used the road.             Services Co-ordinator include this in her letter to
He would like to see the erection of two                 HCC.
temporary bollards in Havant Road to enable
residents crossing the road to use it as a refuge.       (vii) Highcroft Lane
He suggested one should be located opposite
Rosecott and the other north of Rowlands                 Mr B Wright talked about the problems in
Castle Road.                                             Highcroft Land and its two entrances. Both
                                                         roads were heavily congested. He was
The Forum agreed that this was a problem and             concerned about future develpments in the area
a letter should be written on behalf of the Forum        casuing even more congestion. Mr Wright was
to the County Council by the Committee &                 advised to contact the Planning Services at
Members‟ Services Co-ordinator.                          EHDC about his concerns. Mr Wright confirmed
                                                         that he had.
(iii) Traffic Calming Signs
                                                         (viii) Dangerous High Wall, Downwood Way
Mr Hatherley asked why Horndean did not have
prominent traffic calming signs, like those              Concerns were raised about a dangerous high
located in Rowlands Castle, Emsworth,                    wall on the old A3 northbound. The wall was in
Chichester and Selborne. These were large                dangerous state of repair and the Forum was
prominent signs asking drivers to respect the            asked to confirm who was responsible for its
speed limit.                                             maintenance. It was confirmed that Horndean
                                                         Parish Council was aware of the problems and
(iv) Parking on Footpaths                                had reported it. Any further questions on the
                                                         wall should be sent to Horndean Parish Council.
Mr Hatherely expressed concerns about a
garage in Horndean that was parking vehicles             37.    PRESENTATION – WHAT HOUSING
on the pavement/footpath.                                DOES/HOUSING DEVELOPMENT. The
                                                         Chairman introduced the Head of Housing and
Mr Hatherely was informed that this was in fact          Property Services and the Housing
local residents and not the garage. The garage           Development Manager.
owner was checking the conditions of his
licence as he was also unhappy with the                  The Head of Housing and Property Services
situation.                                               spoke to the Forum and explained she had been
                                                         asked to bring the presentation to the
(v) Consultation on Adult Services                       Community Forums by the Good Quality
                                                         Services Panel. She said that the service was
Ms C Coxwell, Community Forum, East                      not just about housing, but also about improving
Hampshire informed the meeting that she had              people‟s lives. It was about the regeneration of
more information on the consultation by                  communities.
Hampshire County Council about Adult
services. Due to concerns being raised from the          The service was not responsible for housing
voluntary and community sectors, Hampshire               stock in the District as it had been transferred to
County Council would be holding a consultation           Drum Housing Association in 1996.
for the public in Eastleigh on the 20th October
2006 in the morning.                                     However they were responsible for a range of
                                                         services including:

       Homelessness;                                   scheme in partnership with the CAB which had
       Housing Register; and                           now been running for three years.
       Providing grants, including:
           o Disabled Facilities Grant; and             Private Sector Housing Team
           o Home safety; and
       Empty homes.                                    The team consisted of five full time staff and
                                                        they dealt with Disabled Facilities, Home Safety
The Head of Housing and Property Services               Grants and React Repairs, empty homes,
talked to the Forum about the responsibilities of       mobile park homes and houses in multiple
each of the teams:-                                     occupation. In addition they also dealt with
                                                        energy efficiency and fuel poverty. There were
Housing Needs Team                                      seven mobile park homes in East Hampshire.
                                                        They also visited properties in need of repair. A
The team consisted of six full time staff who           total of 158 Disabled Facilities Grants had been
dealt with homelessness and housing advice.             awarded in 2005/06, which had been partly
There were 2,800 households on the joint                funded by Central Government.
housing register (JHR) looking for homes. The
team made 1,000 home visits and handled                 The Head of Housing and Property Services
1,200 office based interviews in 2005.                  asked why the Council should bother with empty
Homelessness applications were down 50%                 homes. It was because they could be in a bad
from the previous year which was a reflection of        state of repair and used by squatters or drug
the success of the work on prevention, involving        users. Other householders in the vicinity said
a wide variety of client groups. The                    that they also reduced property prices in the
Government had set a target of reducing the             area. An example shown was a house in Alton
use of temporary accommodation for homeless             in a bad state of repair. The team had been
people by 50% by 2010 and this was a major              contacted by Alton Town Council after local
challenge. There was a £37k grant from the              residents has raised concerns. The team had
Government to help with this.                           contacted the owner and had arranged for the
                                                        removal of all the rubbish. The owner could
The Office was open from 9am-5pm Monday to              afford to pay for the repairs and works to the
Friday and had an emergency call out service.           building.
The team focused on prevention work including
debt advice, working with private landlords and         The Housing Development Manger then spoke
tenancy support training.                               to the Forum about her team.

The team worked with a wide range of client             Housing Development Team
groups including:
                                                        The team consisted of two staff who worked
       Young people;                                   with partners to deliver new affordable housing
       Older people;                                   with preferred partners. Affordable housing was
       Victims of domestic abuse;                      a mix of rented, key workers housing and
                                                        shared ownership. 490 new homes had been
       Mental health; and
                                                        built in the period 2003-2006. This was a
       care leavers.
                                                        significant achievement for such a small team in
                                                        a small authority.
The team also had partnerships with groups
                                                        The Housing Development Manager informed
                                                        the Forum that the District had received £9.2m
       Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB);                    from the Regional Housing Board 2006-2008 for
       voluntary sector;                               218 units. They had also been awarded Beacon
       housing associations; and                       Status 2005-2006 and she explained the criteria
       Social Services.                                in order to become a Beacon Council, and what
                                                        her section had done in order to be awarded this
The Head of Housing and Property Services told          status. Targets for affordable housing had been
the Form that they had introduced a debt advice         exceeded, proving that small local authorities

could deliver. Development constraints had             building affordable homes could result in a
been overcome and innovative ways to fund had          successful community and improvements to
been found.                                            people‟s lives, both EHDC strategies. The DVD
As a result of this status, the team had helped        showed examples of successful housing
other Councils through offering peer support,          schemes in the District.
spoken at high profile conferences and given
evidence to the Government/Rural Housing               Councillors and members of the public asked a
Commission.                                            number of questions (answers are in italics).

The Housing Development Manager briefly                        Why was there a big discrepancy
looked at developments in the District including                between the amount of housing in the
a rural scheme in Ropley for 12 units, the                      North, which appeared to be very large
Church site in Alton, developments in                           compared to the South of the District?
Petersfield and Four Marks. She then talked            There was more land that was suitable and
about developments in the Southern Parishes.           available for development in the North of the
She referred to the development by Drum                        How long did homeless families have to
Housing Association in Rowlands Castle of two                   wait for re-housing?
2 bedroom houses and The Keep, Letcome                 It would depend on the type of accommodation
House, Horndean of 33 units.                           and the area families wanted to live in.
                                                       Normally it was 18 months to two years.
The Housing Development Manager informed                       Could families in the area be housed in
the Forum that a record was kept of those                       the Waterlooville Major Development
interested in shared ownership accommodation                    Area?
and that interest had been very high in The            A number of different Councils were involved
Keep.                                                  including Havant Borough Council, Portsmouth
                                                       City Council, Winchester City Council and
The Housing Development Manager gave the               EHDC. EHDC was hoping that families from
Joint Housing Register figures in the four             EHDC would be housed.
parishes. The figures were:                                    Did you work with the CAB on debt
                                                                advice for people?
Horndean              164 registered                   The debt advice service was run by the CAB
Rowlands Castle        26 registered                   who were much better placed and experienced.
Clanfield              81 registered                           Did the 26 people registered for
Buriton                13 registered                            accommodation in Rowlands Castle,
                                                                currently live there?
The Housing Development Manager then spoke             No, but they would have to demonstrate a
to the Forum about the Hampshire Alliance for          connection to Rowlands Castle.
Rural Affordable Housing (HARAH) Partnership.                  Were private landlords guaranteed
It was a partnership with five other local                      income on empty homes?
authorities, Community Action Hampshire and            No, they would have to go through Private
Hyde Housing Association. HARAH had been               Lettings Agents.
set up to ensure that regional government and                  How did you define homeless for the
funding bodies recognised the importance of the                 housing register?
need for affordable rural housing. Two of the          The criteria was complicated and strict on duty
key objectives of the partnership were to              to help. The Government had changed it under
maximise investment in affordable housing in           the Housing Act 2004. People in need of
rural villages across Hampshire and to achieve         assistance included:
high standards of development, management
and community involvement.                                 o   Elderly who were vulnerable;
                                                           o   People with mental health problems who
A short DVD film called „Building Successful
                                                               were considered vulnerable.;
Communities‟ was then shown. This had been
                                                           o   Families with children under 16 or in full
made with part of the grant awarded when
                                                               time education;
achieving Beacon status. It showed how
                                                           o   Pregnant women;

   o     Care leavers 16-17 year old; and               scheme had organisers, who recruited, trained
   o     Ex armed forces personnel considered           and supported volunteers. There was a team
         vulnerable.                                    of volunteers who each supported a designated
In respect of the armed forces surveys had              family for as long as was necessary. There was
shown that there were a lot of street homeless          also a management committee, consisting of
who were ex forces having served for a number           trustees, a manager, representatives on behalf
of years. They could be homeless because of             of the volunteers, social services and health
marriage failures and having lived in provided          visitors.
tied accommodation.
        Was there a demand from the new wave           Mr Kelly explained that Home-Start Butser
         of immigration coming into the Country?        trained local volunteers who offered informal,
No, not in EHDC, it was more of an issue in the         friendly and personal support to the families.
cities. Immigration was the responsibility of the       They helped to reduce the isolation experienced
Home Office not the District Council.                   by some families and integrated them into other
        The problem of one particular resident         local support groups. He said that since 1998,
         was raised who had been on the register        Home-start Butser had supported on average
         for 10 years.                                  more than 50 local families and 100 children
This reflected the problem where demand                 each year.
outstripped supply. There was now a move
towards choice based letting schemes, which it          Mr Kelly gave some details on the number of
was hoped would help people understand the              hours volunteers worked with families. In 2005-
shortage of housing available.                          2006 32 volunteers worked with 40 families for
                                                        1,840hrs. This year there were 43 volunteers
The Chairman thanked the Head of Housing                working with between 50-60 families.
and Property Services and Housing
Development Manager for their interesting and           Mr Kelly said that there were a number of
informative presentation.                               reasons for families being referred and they
After the discussion it was
                                                              Physical and mental illness;
RESOLVED that the presentation and the                        Postnatal illness and depression;
Forum‟s comments be NOTED.                                    Relationship problems;
                                                              Financial difficulties;
38.     PRESENTATION – HOME-START                             Bereavement;
BUTSER. The Chairman introduced the Mr J                      Isolation – practical and social;
Kelly, Trustee and Ms Nicola Winter, Co-                      Disability; and
ordinator from Homestart Butster who spoke to                 Multiple births.
the Forum on the work of the organisation.
                                                        Families could refer themselves to Home-Start
Mr Kelly advised the Forum that Home Start              Butser or the referral could be made by Social
Butser was based in the Winton House Centre,            Services or medical services.
Petersfield. He described the work they did. He
said that Home-Start was there for the long term        Mr Kelly informed the Forum that there were a
support of families to assist them to build             number of problems facing Home-Start Butser
foundations in their community. He explained            and they included:
that Home-Start Butser was a local,
independent charity that supported families, with             Staffing, they only had a small number of
at least one child who was under five, who were                part time staff with no cover available;
under stress. He said that Home-Start was not
                                                              No presence in the southern area – until
there for a „quick fix‟, but there to support
                                                               the Children‟s Centre appeared;
families in the long term.
                                                              Inadequate premises to increase staff;
Home-Start Buster was one of 333 schemes                      Inadequate equipment for management
nationally supported by local and regional                     and training; and
representatives of Home-Start UK. Each                        Lack of funding.

Mr Kelly said that Home-Start Butser did have a          more confidence and the need for support had
strategic plan to survive and it included:               decreased.

      Increasing staff – by hours and numbers;          Family B. This family had self referred which
      Improving equipment at the office in              Ms Kelly said was particularly brave. The
       Petersfield;                                      mother had suffered with depression and had
      Establishing a base in Horndean with              been on medication but the effects were
       good IT links to Petersfield; and                 wearing off. She struggled to take her children
      Improving the public profile to enhance           out for walks and felt exhausted all the time.
       funding.                                          Home-Start had referred her for counselling and
                                                         a volunteer would be visiting for one to two
Mr Kelly informed the Forum that Home-Start              hours a week.
Butser received funding from:
                                                         Ms Kelly informed the Forum that there was a
      Hampshire County Council;                         waiting list of 10 families who required help.
      Local Council/charities/trusts; and
      Individual donations.                             Councillors and members of the public asked a
                                                         number of questions including (answers in
Mr Kelly told the Forum that they hoped to raise         italics)
extra funding through:
                                                               Do you work with MIND (National
      Lottery and Community Grants; and                        Association for Better Mental Health)?
                                                         Not specifically. However, they did signpost
      Applying for grants to the two local
                                                         people to them.
       Community Forums.
                                                               Had accommodation in Horndean been
Mr Kelly said that the current annual budget for                identified for the new office?
2006/07 was £55,000 and it was forecast that             Yes, they were hoping to use an office at
the budget for 2007/08 would be £62,000. The             Horndean Technology College.
annual budget 2007/08 required to establish a                  How long did the training for volunteers
base and family group in Horndean was                           take?
£75,000.                                                 Approximately 11 weeks.

Mr Kelly said that Homestart Butser was now              Parish Cllr D Giddings, Horndean Parish
focussing on increasing local fundraising to             Council informed the Forum that she had been a
secure their long-term future.                           volunteer with Home-Start and said that their
                                                         system of matching volunteers and families was
Ms Winter spoke to the Forum on the work                 excellent.
carried out by volunteers with families in the
area. She said that there were a number of               The Chairman thanked Mr Kelly and Ms Winter
multiple births in the South of the District. A          for their presentation and said that she was glad
third of the families that Home-Start Butser             the organisation was there to help local families.
worked with came from the Horndean, Clanfield
and Rowlands Castle area. These families had             Following the discussion, it was
a range of needs. Ms Winter then gave a brief
history of the work done with two families in the        RESOLVED that the presentation and the
area.                                                    Forum‟s comments be NOTED.

Family A. This was a single parent who had               39.     PRESENTATION – HORNDEAN
become ill after the birth of her first child. She       COMMUNITY ASSOCATION. The Chairman
had been referred by the Health Visitor as she           introduced Mr Brendon Charles, Manager of
was struggling to support her family. Home-              Horndean Community Association (HCA).
Start Butser had worked with the family for the
last three years. Over the years a strong                Mr Charles spoke to the Forum about the work
relationship had developed and the mother had            of the Horndean Community Association in the
                                                         last year.

Mr Charles informed the Forum that a lot of their       behaviour through the grounds of Merchistoun
work over the period has been underpinned by            Hall or emanating from the centre. The multi
them working with the VISIBLE quality                   agency group had comprised of:
standards for community associations.
                                                               Users – with responsibility for youth;
Last year in his report to the Forum he had                    Crime reduction officer;
highlighted their work in the undertaking of the               Local residents;
pilot scheme.                                                  The Parish Council;
                                                               EHDC;
Mr Charles told the Forum that their                           Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator;
commitment to serving the local Community had                  Police;
been recognised when the Association had
                                                               Youth Services; and
been invited to be a key note speaker at a
                                                               HCA.
conference in London hosted by Community
Matters – (National Federation for Community
                                                        The group had also made a point of raising
                                                        much public awareness of issues in the village.
                                                        He said that this had been a very successful
At the conference the Association had spoken of
                                                        group that had seen an end to the issues. The
their experiences of undergoing the pilot for the
                                                        group was now in abeyance until such time as it
project, which had now been rolled out
                                                        was needed again.
                                                        (ii) Under 10‟s Forum
Mr Charles said that it had been an honour to
stand beside such people as the Chief
                                                        This group was made up of:
Executive of the Charity Commission, The
Director of Community Matters and the Leader
of the House of Lords. He had also given                          Local head teachers;
another speech at a similar conference in                         Hampshire Family Forum;
Nottingham earlier in the year.                                   Crime Reduction Officer; and
                                                                  Out of School Childcare Co-ordinator
Mr Charles then spoke to the Forum about the                       ( EHDC).
different groups the Association had worked
with over the last year. They included:                 The good work of the Under 10‟s Forum had
                                                        secured a grant of £4k from the Local Network
      Horndean Parish Council;                         Fund to undertake a large village consultation
      Hampshire County Council;                        project addressing the needs of children aged
      East Hampshire District Council;                 under 10.
      Havant Borough Council;
                                                        The role of the Under 10‟s forum included:-
      Local residents‟ associations;
      Portsmouth Council of Community
                                                               Signposting;
                                                               Presentations to local schools;
      The Under 10‟s Forum;
                                                                Undertaking roles themselves; and
      Horndean Youth Centre Partnership;
                                                               Advising & supporting those who could
      Horndean Rural Safety Initiative (HRSI);                 influence change;
      HCA Anti Crime Group.                            Mr Charles then looked at the work done by the
                                                        Association in the community and this had
Mr Charles explained in more detail the work            included:
done with two of the groups.
(i) Horndean Community Association (HCA) Anti
Crime Group.                                                   An Outreach drama support “Make It
                                                                Happen” day in Havant & Liphook –
This was a group that worked with local                         drama support.
residents who had been affected by anti–social

      Horndean Express – Drama support,                community to make them aware of what health
       throughout the year.                             and wellbeing was available in the community.

Plays that had been presented this year                 There had been demonstrations in keep fit and
included:                                               line dancing as well as displays and information
                                                        on Health Forums, Horndean Carers Group,
      Noel Coward - Blythe Spirit;                     Connextions, Primary Care Trust, and the
      Ben Elton - Silly Cow;                           Pension service. It had covered all ages within
      Roald Dahl - Charlie & the Chocolate             the community.
       Factory; and
      A number of plays from children‟s own            This was the first in an annual programme of
       original thoughts.                               activities that the Association would take part in
                                                        under the Healthy Hampshire Banner.
Piloted Youth Music Theatre Group
                                                        The Association had held their annual fete,
Annie Jr – presented to much press and                  which had been bigger and better than last year.
audience acclaim. As soon as this was finished,         Among the entertainment had been:
rehearsals were started on the next production
Disney‟s Aladdin Jr to be presented in                        Arena demonstrations;
September 2006.                                               Children‟s activities;
                                                              Refreshments;
Professional Workshops Productions                            Winners of the Prince & Princess of
                                                               Horndean opened the fete; and
This had included Beauty & The Beast where                    Stalls.
developing the actor‟s character was provided
by Hog the Limelight & Proteus Theatre                  During the year, the Association had also
Company.                                                hosted at the centre a number of events
Annual Youth Drama
                                                              Fashion displays;
This was another success – with 14 award                      Polling station;
categories. There had been a buffet and                       Bus token days;
entertainment provided by drama groups the                    Educational appeals;
Association‟s resident dance group Dancin‟                    External company staff training sessions;
Babes.                                                        Family conferences;
                                                              Last French summer school – due to
The Association also participated in the Havant                organiser retiring;
Arts Festival.
                                                              Outreach venue for classes for
                                                               Southdowns & E H Leisure Learning
Horndean Amateur Theatrical Society (HATS)
                                                              Carers day – Carers Together – caring
This was an adult drama group and they staged
                                                               for the carer;
three a year. Some of the work and workshops
were developed to benefit the performers and                  Chain Gang Sunday lunches; and
some for mass appeal.                                         21 functions – Wedding receptions,
                                                               birthday & other parties and christening
Mr Charles gave the Forum details on functions                 receptions.
that the Association had participated in and they
included:                                               Mr Charles informed the meeting that during
                                                        school holidays there were arts workshops and
Healthy Hampshire Open Day                              play activities. Preschool still continued to
                                                        deliver a quality provision for children aged 2yrs
This had been held with the County Community            9 months.
Team. It had been an open day for the local

Mr Charles informed the Forum that a high                         The Anti Crime Group seemed very
priority had been placed on staff training and                     successful. Had any anti social behavior
this had included:                                                 returned to the area?
                                                          No, he had talked regularly to local residents
      Employment law;                                    that had been affected and everything was
      Health & Safety – focusing on: lone                alright.
       working, bullying & harassment;                    Councillors expressed their compliments to Mr
      Chid Protection;                                   Charles, the trustees and staff on the progress
      The Children‟s Act;                                they had made.
      Elderly services;
      Preschool practices; and                           The Chairman thanked Mr Charles for his
      Review of government proposed funding              interesting presentation.
       of the voluntary & community sector.
                                                          Following the discussion, it was
Mr Charles then looked at the development of
the site. There was a multi agency                        RESOLVED that the presentation and the
representation on the Site Development Group.             Forum‟s and public‟s comments be NOTED.
In addition there was a Fundraising Finance
Group working tirelessly on looking at all                40.    AREA PROJECT FUND 2006-2007
sources of available funding. This group had              REVENUE BIDS. The report of the Community
adopted a multi agency approach.                          & Youth Democracy Worker, CT.75/06,
                                                          previously circulated, was considered.
A professional project officer & an architect had
been appointed for the site development. The              (i) Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS)
architect had created schematic drawings of the
main building replacing outbuildings at the rear.         The EHDC Transport Development Officer was
                                                          present to answer any questions.
A piece of land had been marketed in order to
help the Association raise the necessary funds            This was an application for a grant for £1,200 to
to match any external funding they sought. The            develop a volunteer driver scheme to serve
trustees and key staff had met with officers from         Horndean, Clanfield and Rowlands Castle. The
many departments over the year to address the             aim was to set up a fund that would meet the
plans of the sale of land and the proposed                cost of MiDAS training for volunteers, provided
development of the site.                                  they agreed to drive on a voluntary basis for 25
                                                          hours a year.
Mr Charles then took the opportunity to
personally thank again his team of trustees, staff        Cllr Graham indicated his support for the
and volunteers who had embraced each new                  scheme.
challenge with tireless commitment and
professionalism. A commitment that was                    Cllr Mrs Schillemore asked about the Criminal
gaining them national recognition on embracing            Records Bureau checks. The report said these
programmes that had national and local                    were free for volunteers but she did not believe
relevance whilst maintaining a community                  this. She also asked if Horndean Technology
association that was there to meet the needs of           College had been approached to carry out the
                                                          training. She was informed that they had been.
the local community.
                                                          Cllr Rodgers highlighted an error in the report on
Councillors and members of the public asked a             page 8, para 2.6. There were two different
number of questions including (answers in                 figures for total costs. He was informed that this
italics):                                                 was a typing error and the correct figure should
                                                          be £4,700.
      How many people regularly used the
       Centre?                                            Cllr Costello asked if there was an age limit
The figures were not known, but the park was              placed on volunteer drivers. He also asked
used for picnic and sport on a regular basis.             about medical checks as this could be costly for

the over 70‟s and at present organisations met               The difference in donations from the
the cost.                                                     three Parishes.
                                                             That perhaps the older people attending
Councillors indicated their support for the                   the function could contribute more.
application.                                           This was an extra special lunch for older people
                                                       who normally attended a lunch club every week.
(ii) Horndean Campus                                   They were contributing some money to the
Cllr Graham left the room as per his previous                There was some concern that some
declaration of interest.                                      older people would miss out on the lunch
Ms Linda Goodwin was present to answer any                    as they did not attend the lunch clubs.
questions.                                             The organisers tried to get names of needy
                                                       older people in order to contact them to invite
The Community & Youth Democracy Worker                 them to the party.
informed the Forum that there was an
amendment to the amount applied for. Since             Councillors indicated their support for the
the report had been published, Fullers Brewery         application.
had agreed to give £100 of wine and beer to the
event. In addition Rowlands Castle Parish              RESOLVED that the following applications be
Council had agreed to contribute £100.                 APPROVED:
Therefore the application was now for £400.
                                                       (i) MiDAS - £1,835 towards training for drivers
Councillors raised a number of concerns                committed to 25 volunteer hours per year; and
including (answers are in italics):
                                                       (ii) Horndean Campus - £400 towards older
      Surplus money being donated to the              people‟s Christmas lunch.
       Causeway Farm Bus fund.
This had happened once but was unlikely to
happen again.


The meeting concluded at 9.05pm

During the course of the meeting 13 members of the public and no members of the press were present.

                                                                                           APPENDIX A

From: Environment Department, Hampshire County Council

3RD October 2006

Dear Mrs Haveron

Traffic Management Issues – Havant Road, Horndean

I write with reference to Councillor Mrs Dorothy Denston‟s letter of 18 September 2006 regarding the

The recent centre hatching in Havant Road was installed after consultation with Horndean Parish
Council. Due to concerns about speed and noise raised by the Parish and local residents it was felt that
minor traffic calming could improve matters.

Central hatching was chosen as the best compromise due to the road width and number of HGVs using
the route. Although before speeds indicated that the vast majority of motorists were in fact obeying the
current speed limit, introducing traffic calming may lower speeds on this section addressing some of the
concerns. For information, we have not received any other comments or complaints regarding
overtaking since the hatching was introduced.

After study speed checks have been ordered for Havant Road and I am currently awaiting the results of
these. Once these have been received I will be in a position to further discuss any issues.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Simon Nightingale
Engineer (Traffic Management Group)

From: Environment Department, Hampshire County Council
3rd October 2006-10-12

Dear Councillor Mrs Denston

A3 Corridor – Causeway Junction, Horndean

Thank you for your letter dated 18 September 2006. I appreciate the EHDC Community Forum‟s
concern about the current road works, disruption and the time required to complete the work. Our
contractor is working as swiftly as safety and the restricted site will allow, although the sequential nature
of the work (and need for third parties such as Utility companies) can make it appear not busy at times.

The contractors programme has made allowance for winter daylight hours and risk of bad weather. This
has not extended to 24 hour working because in our experience it is very unlikely that the Environmental
Health Officer would agree to such a disturbance for the local community in a residential area like this.
Also this would be a very expensive operation that has not been budgeted for.

However, we will continue to investigate any opportunities to complete the works earlier than planned
and so relieve the stress on the local road users.

Yours sincerely

Geoff Topps
Team Leader Major Schemes


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