The Ghost Train

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					                     The Ghost Train

On a cold, miserable, dark day Daniel and Sammy decided
to go to the fair at the edge of the pier. When they got there
they went to the side of the pier. They wanted to go on the
ghost train so their mum gave them some money to go on
it. As they got on the ghost train Sammy noticed that on the
news this is the ride where the children don’t come back.
Sammy was becoming more and more cautious when she
was getting on.
      The ride started to move. Building up speed slowly, it
came to the first corner where there was a mummy wrapped
up in loads of bandages and sand covering it up. Daniel
suddenly remembered one of his dreams which were just
like this; his dream involved a ghost train. Afterwards there
was some screaming from the children behind. All of a
sudden the screaming stopped and the screaming echoed
against the wall. The train began to slow down; eventually
it came to a halt. Sammy and Daniel jumped up in fright.
      “What’s happened Daniel?” asked Sammy in terror.
      “I don’t know. Just keep quiet and look out for
anything moving,” replied Daniel.
      It was getting darker and darker until you couldn’t see
anything, Daniel decided to get out of the carriage and walk
around with the light on his phone. Daniel’s phone started
beeping to alert him that his battery was low and he had
five minutes left until it went dead.
      Daniel started to walk along the track when there was
a piece of wood blocking the track, so he came to a
decision, he would walk along the wall looking for a door
to get out. It was no use. There was no door for them to get
      Meanwhile their mum and dad were wondering where
they were and they couldn’t find them so they went to get
some dinner from the fish and chip shop down the road.
While there mum and dad went to get dinner Daniel could
feel something breathing heavily on his neck.
                              He turned round and there stood
                        a large scary like clown with orange
                        hair, white and red face paint and his
                        sharp stained teeth that could pierce
                        your skin in one bite. The clown
                        forced them to walk backwards into
                        a cupboard that he had all the other
                        children locked up in. They came to
the cupboard; there was all the children wrapped up in cloth
so they couldn’t speak. Daniel felt really scared, then he
found a phone belonging to one of the other children. When
the clown wasn’t looking Daniel quickly grabbed the phone
and tried to dial 999. Daniel dialled the first 9, then the
second and then the clown noticed that he had a phone and
he was trying to dial 999 so the clown smacked the phone
out of his hand as quick a as a lightening bolt and it
smashed on the floor.
      When there parents had had there dinner they could
hear nothing but the sea splashing on the pier caused by the
strong winds. They were getting worried about Daniel and
Sammy because they had been gone for over half and hour.
In the end their parents got so worried that they phoned the
     Daniel could hear the police car sirens getting closer
when he saw the clown getting very angry. When the sirens
stopped Daniel could hear the tyres screeching against the
wood on the floor.
     “You’re doomed!” joked Daniel as the police men got
out of there cars.
     As the police men came through the door the clown
grabbed Daniel and put a 3inch kitchen knife against his
throat and said “Stay back or I kill the boy!” the clown said
to the police…

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