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b. Mexico City, 1976

After finishing his professional studies at New York’s Culinary Institute of America,
Enrique Olvera returned to Mexico to open Pujol, now considered one of Mexico
City’s most essential haute-cuisine destinations.

Following a period of review, analysis and reinterpretation, Olvera’s culinary
proposal focuses on a more personal approach. It explores and creates based on
Mexico’s extraordinary ingredients—always maintaining its signature Mexican
identity—yet never ceasing its experiments in contemporary as well as millennia-
old culinary technique, always liberally seasoned with imagination, humor and
attention to detail.

Recognitions for Olvera’s work are practically innumerable. In 2004, at 27, Olvera
received Catadores magazine’s “Chef of the Year” award. In 2005—and again in
2007—he received the “Young Restaurateur’s” award from Mexico’s National
Chamber for the Restaurant and Prepared Foods Industry (CANIRAC). He has
been named “Chilango (Mexico City Resident) of the Year” by Chilango magazine
on numerous occasions and the same magazine also named him “Chef of the
Decade.” Expansión—Mexico’s most important business publication—placed him
on its list of the “Thirty Most Talented Mexicans” in 2009 and GQ México named
him as one of 2009’s “15 Men of the Year.” Food & Wine, one of the world’s most
recognized gastronomy publications, chose Olvera as one of its “10 Most
Promising Figures in World Cuisine.”

In 2010, Pujol celebrated its tenth year. As part of the festivities, Olvera has
published his first book, UNO (ONE), which in addition to expressing the history
and philosophy behind his work, recounts ten years of Mexican haute cuisine, the
current trends, and where things are heading in the future. 2010 also saw the UK’s
prestigious culinary journal Restaurant publish its San Pellegrino list of the “World’s
100 Best Restaurants,” with Pujol coming in at number 72. In September, published its “Top-Ten International Figures in World Gastronomy”
and included Olvera. Quién magazine called him one of the “Fifty People Who
Move Mexico” in October.

2011 witnessed Olvera’s inclusion in the book Uno + Uno—as one of “32 Leaders
Who Make Mexico What It Is”—as well as recognition in the March issue of
Chilango magazine for Pujol as “Mexico City’s Best Restaurant.” And then there’s
the year’s greatest recognition, to date: Pujol has moved up to the San Pellegrino
fifty best worldwide restaurants list, snagging 49th place in 2011, an historical first
for a Mexican restaurant with a Mexican chef. Olvera’s work continues unabated as
he creates a space for Mexican cooking on the world gastronomic scene.

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