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A Day at The Beach


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									                 A Day at the Beach
 It was a fine summer day. The sun was shining in a glorious blue
 sky. The five of us strolled down the path to the beach, laughing
   and joking. With luck, we’d find a nice spot to hang out for the
                day. The water looked cool and inviting.
    We searched around for at least twenty minutes to find a good
     spot. We settled down, opened out the towels and put up the
  umbrella. It was lovely and warm in the sun. We put on our sun
              cream and sat in the lovely warm, soft sand.
  As we played in the sand we made three castles, two huge holes
   and a boat. It was starting to get very hot, so we went under the
umbrella. After a short while, we decided to go for a walk because
   it had cooled down a bit. As we walked, we came across some
                         rocks with fish pools.
  As we went in, we brought our buckets and fishing nets. Daniel
went in further down a big drop. As he went down step by step, he
slipped on a piece of seaweed. The tide was in down there and he
  fell into the water. The current was very fast and he was drifting
  away quickly. We called the lifeboat and they set off.. We went
back up and put the towels around us. The lifeboat cruised slowly
    back towards the beach. The four of us stood, huddled in our
   towels, watching as it slowly got nearer. The rest of the crowd
 stood apart from us in anxious groups. We waited, hoping for the
  best and fearing the worst. It was sharp eyed Aoife who spotted
    him first. “It’s Daniel!” she cried “They found him!”. As the
lifeboat came to the shore, we could make out the form of Daniel,
 draped in a blanket, waving weakly to us. I was almost sick with

By Marie-Christina

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