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  Penrith City Councillor
      0419 738 484              Your community news
                                Issue 42            February 2010                     FREE
 ross@rossfowler.com.au         Delivered monthly to Emu Plains, Emu Heights & Leonay
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    Lennox Extension                            Anglican Church                       playground with the auditorium.
                                                                                                                  See page 4
    Plans for the proposed extension to        Tony Jones has joined the team
the Lennox shopping centre are avail-      at Emu Plains Anglican Church as
able for viewing at Penrith Council.       Youth and Children’s Minister. Tony              Christmas Light
    The extension involves the expan-      and his team have fresh, exciting plans              Winners
sion of Woolworths, construction of        for the children and student groups.
                                                                                         Congratulations to all the homes
a new tyre fitting tenancy and recon-          The church has received a grant
                                                                                      that entered the Emu Plains Christmas
figuration of the existing car park. The   to complete the new children’s play-
                                                                                      Lights Competition.
closing date for submissions is the 3rd    ground with shade sails and provide a
                                                                                                                  See page 6
March.                                     multi purpose outdoor area linking the

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                                   Pre-order at www.meatatwelshys.com cut fresh
                                                       Avoid the wAit!
                                  Shop 2, Centro Lennox E: meatatwelshys@bigpond.com

     IBRAHIM’S                                          Join Our AMCAL Club
      15-16 Centro Lennox
                                                             Save & Win!
          Emu Plains                                        See Our Friendly Staff
                                                                 For Details
      Stockists of Natio &
      Dr Lewinn’s Private          Taking care of all your prescription needs                      Introducing a
        skin care range.
         Webster packs                          Ph: 4735 1303                                     breakthrough in
           available                                                                                weight loss

                 EMU FLORIST
                 Flowers for all occasions

   Ph/Fax: 4735 1106
                         Order your special flowers
                          for Valentine’s Day now

                                    Delivery available

                                               Shop 6 Centro Lennox
                                               Emu Plains NSW 2750
                                                        February 2010
                                                                                      Valentine’s Day
                                                                                             14      Open



   Emu & Leonay Gazette
         Delivered monthly to Emu Plains,
              Emu Heights & Leonay
                                                                                   WOLVES                            DEROOS
                                                                                TAEKWONDO                               Established 1980
               Managing Editor                                                  TAEKWONDO
              Margaret Stepniewski
                                                                    Classes held on Tuesday                       Tumbling
      PO Box 121, Mulgoa, NSW 2745
               Phone: 4773 8974
                                                             afternoons at Emu Plains Public School
                                                                    Age Graded Classes from
      districtgazette@optusnet.com.au                                                                            Melrose Hall, Emu Plains
         www.districtgazette.com.au                                    4 Years to Adults.
                                                                                                            CCompetition Display Recreational
         Tuesday, February 16, 2010
                                                                   1st Two Lessons FREE
                                                                                                              BEGINNERS from 4 years
Advertising policy: Priority is given to businesses
connected to local residents. An editorial focus on a lo-
                                                             Ph: 4754 1384 or 0416 264 566                     Call Jenny 4759 1149
cal business may be included if space permits, at the           www.mountainwolvestaekwondo.com                      Fully Qualified Coaches
Editor’s discretion. Community news: The District                                                                   Head Coach - Jenny De Roo
Gazette welcomes the following information (published
free of charge): community news and events, local
achievements, births, deaths, obituaries, weddings,
engagements, anniversaries & birthdays. Articles of
interest will be accepted at the Editor’s discretion. Ar-                                                       Karyn Paluzzano MP
ticles do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Edi-
tor. Letters to the Editor may be printed and edited as                                                          Member for Penrith
necessary. Names must be submitted but can be with-
held from publication at the writer’s request. Every ef-
fort is made to print correct information but no respon-
sibility can be taken for errors or omissions.

Emergency Services                                000
                                                                       Rick Gawler
(Police, Ambulance, Fire)                                       Hire A Hubby - Emu Plains
Penrith Police Station       4721 9444                                 HANDYMAN
Police Assistance Line         131 444
                                                                     Also servicing Emu Heights,
Lifeline 24-Hour Counselling   131 114
                                                             Leonay, Regentville, Mt Riverview, Blaxland,
Churches                                                        Blaxland East, Lapstone & Glenbrook
St Paul’s Anglican Church
                                                                                                                   Phone - 4722 8660
Our Lady Of The Way Catholic Church
                                   4735 1001
 Short St (via Mundy St), Emu Plains
                                                                      0400 453 524                           penrith@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Cnr Troy & Forbes St, Emu Plains   4735 1041
Uniting Church
Emerald St, Emu Plains             4735 1620
                                                                 EMU HEIGHTS                                     Emu Plains
Nepean Valley Church
(A Westminster Presbyterian Church)                            SPIRITUAL CENTRE                                Family Mediclinic
Emerald St, Emu Plains          0416 283 364
                                                                 Service held every Sunday                    19 Water Street, Emu Plains
Emu Plains Community Baptist Church                                                                                  Ph: 4735 2202
Melrose Hall, Emu Plains (cnr Great Western
                                                                 10am to 11.30am at the
H’way & Park St)                  0425 295         111              Community Centre,                          Dr A. Gergis & Dr (Mrs) S. Gergis
The Church of Jesus Christ                                      Wedmore Road, Emu Heights                            Bulk Billing available for:
of Latter-Day Saints                                                               Meditation and             • Baby Health Check • Immunisations
30 Napier Ave, Emu Plains 0438 006 290                                                                       • Asthma Clinic • Diabetes Management
                                                                                   healing groups                 • Work Cover • Dietitian Clinic
Spiritual Church                                                                     available                 • Skin Cancer Clinic • Travel Health
Emu Hts Community Centre 4759 1575                                                                             • Veterans Affairs • Women’s health
                                                                                     For more
                                                                                                               (female doctor available most times)
Community Groups                                                                information please
Lions Club                             4735 5120                                  contact Nadja                 We are accepting new patients
Emu Plains Scouts                    0422 477 247                                                            New Doctor Starting = Minimal Waiting Times!
Glenmore Park Probus                   4730 1503                                  0408 201 323
Emu Community Centre                   4735 2323
Sitters Club                           4733 1179
Nepean Probus                          4782 5593                                                               John GerstelinG
Soroptimist International              4735 1412                                                                       & AssociAtes
                                                             Clothing alterations by qualified,             Accredited Building Design Consultant (BDANSW)
Sports Clubs
Junior AFL                  0412 579 061
                                                                 professional dressmaker                          www.building-designs.net
Cricket Club                0418 209 105                                         Casual + Business +          • ARCHITECTURAL BUILDING PLANS
Hockey                      0419 226 698                                                                              & SPECIFICATIONS
Junior Rugby Union             4736 3912
                                                                                 Formal + Bridalwear         • STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING DESIGN
Junior Rugby League         0437 711 716                                         alterations for men                   & CERTIFICATION
Rugby League                   4736 3912                                             and women               • ALL DOCUMENTATION AS REQUIRED
Emu Plains Little Athletics    4735 2490                                            [Discounts for            BY COUNCIL & STATE GOVERNMENT
Netball                     0419 357 165                                                                       • ENVIRONMENTAL & SUSTAINABLE
                                                                                  school uniforms]
Soccer                      0416 117 858                                                                               DESIGN CRITERIA
Swimming (Nepean)           0416 311 453
                                                             Drop off or pick up in Glenmore Park (just           DoMestic • coMMerciAl
Emu Heights Self Defence 0422 648 206                                                                             strUctUrAl enGineerinG
                                                             off Mulgoa Rd) after hours and weekends
Penrith Panthers BMX        0407 497 606                                                                              2 MArsh roAD silVerDAle
                                                                  Call Sharyn   4733 4745                             PHONE & FAX: 4774 1931
                                                                                                                      MOBILE PHONE: 0419 299 806
www.emuleonaygazette.com.au                                                 February 2010                                                                    2
 1st Emu Plains                      All leaders are trained
                                                                                  9th AnnuAl history ConferenCe
                                 and qualified to a high
     Scouts                      standard through Scouts                                 6th MArCh 2010
     1st Emu Plains Scouts       Australia and parents are
are back in 2010, along          encourages to stay and be                     the MAkings of A City:
with cubs, ventures and a
new Joeys section. All sec-
                                 involved in the night.
                                     Contact Donna Hutchin-
                                                                                MACquArie’s legACy
tions are returning to action    son, 0408 253 582 for any                    Conference Day                               Family History Fair
this week.                       inquires into Joeys or Mark                Saturday, March 6                                   Sunday, March 7
                                                                           Bonynge Concert Hall                          Organised by the Nepean Family
     We are seeking inter-       Belcher on 0422 477 247                        at the JSPAC.                         History Society, the Fair will be open
est for our new Joeys sec-       for other Scouting queries.            Registration starts at 8.30am.                from 10am-4pm in the Lower Lounge
tion that will begin from         Local Funding                      $30 per person (includes conference pack,
                                                                      tea & coffee, lunch, morning & afternoon tea)
                                                                                                                          Area of Penrith City Library.
                                                                                                                             Entry by gold coin donation
Term 2. Joeys caters for
youth members from their             The Emu Plains Cricket                 There is a great line-up of speakers for you this year.
6th birthday to 8 years of       Club manages, promotes,
                                                                       • Dr Carol Liston is a lecturer in history at UWS and is an
age and will be meeting          and develops the game of            expert on the history of the Western Sydney area. Her chal-
weekly for one hour. Jo-         cricket in the area, offering       lenge this year is to give us a new perspective on Macquarie
eys helps youth members          a safe, family-friendly en-         - the Governor, the Man and his legacy.
to build a better future with    vironment for cricketers of           • Dr Siobhan Lavelle is an historical archaeologist who will
mottos such as ‘help other       all ages. The club received         introduce us to Castlereagh - the first settlement in the Penrith
people’, ‘care and share’        $3,980 from the Austral-            area - and the changes that Macquarie’s development plans
and encouraging kindness,        ian    Government        fund-      made on the district.
generosity, and honesty.         ing through the Volunteer             • Dr Anne-Maree Whitaker is a professional historian with a
Joeys also provides a good       Grants 2009 initiative.             special interest in Australia’s Irish colonial history. Dr Whitaker
                                     Emu Plains Junior AFL           will be following Macquarie’s time in the Colony of NSW.
social environment with a
                                 Club received $1,164. The             • Dr James Broadbent is an eminent and highly respected
chance to make new life-                                             historian, curator and conservationist who will be sharing with
long friends in a safe and       club is a vibrant sports or-
                                                                     us some of his knowledge of Mulgoa and the Cox family.
fun environment. With ac-        ganisation where volunteers
                                                                       • Lorraine Stacker, Penrith City Library’s Information
tivities such as games, cre-     encourage community mem-            Librarian, will be visiting the Emu Plains Government
ative projects, and outdoor      bers from all walks of life to      Agricultural Farm, established by Macquarie in 1819
adventures Joeys will be         get actively involved in sport,                  For more information, or to register,
putting the ‘out’ in Scouting.   to improve their health and            call 4732 7687 or email alisons@penrithcity.nsw.gov.au

                                                                             Riverlands Club
                                                                             (Glenmore Park)
                     • Physical Culture is a modern low impact exercise
          • Promotes good posture and presentation to ensure good physical health
                            • Open to all ages beginning from 3
                  • Exercises are structured according to the ability of the
                       age group and modern, popular music is used
        Classes are held on Monday evenings starting with the 3-4 year age group at
          4.30pm and are held at Regentville Public School, Kenneth Slessor Drive,
                      Glenmore Park or Schoolhouse Road, Regentville
                               Please contact Lyn on 0414 472 460 or
                          Charmaine on 0418 887 780 for more information.
    Bring this ad with you and if you register, you will receive your first two classes free.

www.emuleonaygazette.com.au                                 February 2010                                                                                      3
  Emu Plains Station                              and the team’s work was considered                craft, activities, bible stories and God’s
                                                  exemplary by the client.                          good news.
 Upgrade Wins Award                                                                                    • Epic! for High school
    The Emu Plains Railway Station                                                                     students on Fridays, 6.30-8.30pm
upgrade by Barnwell Cambridge was
                                                  Growing Church Team                                  • Boys & Girls (K-Year 2)
declared the Best Commercial Small                    Tony Jones joins the team at                     on Wednesdays, 4-4pm
Project at the 2009 National Electrical           Emu Plains Anglican Church this                      • Boys & Girls (Year 3-6) on
and Communications Association Ex-                year as Youth and Children’s Min-                    Wednesdays, 6.30-8pm
cellence Awards. The awards show-                 ister. He brings years of experience                 • Jump & Jive (ages 0-5)
case the best contractors and projects            as a teacher and specialist working                  on Wednesdays, 9.30-10am
for the past year, from domestic                  with children, high school students and              followed by Coffee, Craft &
and environmental projects, through               their families. Already Tony and his                 Chat for Mums with child
OH&S, voice and data, commercial                  team have achieved a fresh and excit-                minding from 10am-12 noon
and industrial work.                              ing new look to the various groups for               Further details at www.emuplains.
     Barnwell Cambridge Pty Ltd was               children and students. All start in Feb-          anglican.asn.au or 4735 1001.
contracted to supply and install elec-            ruary 2010.
trical services for an easy access up-                Emu Plains Anglican
grade to the heritage listed Emu Plains           Church has a long his-
Railway Station for RailCorp. The                 tory of connecting people
upgrade included a new 415v kiosk                 with each other as they
substation, power supply and controls             connect with God’s good
for new platform lifts, lighting for new          news about Jesus. Now
platform canopies and cable manage-               with additions to the team
ment systems for CCTV, PA, clocks,                and facilities this history
TV monitors and communications.                   looks set to grow.
     Preservation of the heritage build-              The 2010 program for
ing presented a number challenges for             children, students and
Barnwell Cambridge and included the               families begins in the first
removal of previously surface-mounted             week of February. Some
power supplies to enhance the build-              groups are new and
ing’s appearance. Barnwell Cambridge              some have a ‘new look’            Local member, Karyn Paluzzano MP, with Senior Minis-
successfully completed the project to             and are on different days.        ter, Roger Cunningham, and, Youth and Children’s Min-
                                                                                     ister, Tony Jones at the new children’s playground
RailCorp’s design brief and standards             All include age appropriate

                                                                            bella visage beauty salon
                                                                             Opening Specials
                                                                             Full Leg & Brazilian wax - $60
                                                                             Eyebrow - Under Arm - Bikini wax - $40
                                                                             Deluxe Manicure - Deluxe Pedicure - $60
                                                                             Express Facial & Full Body Massage - $85
                                                                                         Gift Vouchers Available
                                                                                Shop 3, 2182
                                                                                The Northern Road
                                                                                                                   4773 3099

                                                                                                                         All work guaranteed.
                                                                                                                             Competitive &
                                                                                                                           reasonable rates

                                                                           • MTA Approved Dealer           • Fuel Injection Service
                                                                           • Qualified Service Engineers   • Electronic Tuning
 • Latest Diagnostic Testing Equipment
 • Rego Checks of Light & Heavy Vehicles                                   • Rego & Gas Inspections        • Brake & Clutch Overhauls
 • New Car Servicing (Warranty Protected)                  TRuck           • All Mechanical Repairs        • Wheel Balancing & Aligning
 • Qualified Service Engineers • Fleet Maintenance       SeRviciNG         • Fleet Maintenance             • Courtesy Driver Lift
 • Fuel Injection Service • Brake & Clutch Overhauls      Saturday         • Car Leasing Services          • Latest Diagnostic Testing Equipment
 • Synthetic Mobil Lubricants Used • Electronic Tuning   By Appointment
 Ask about our Seniors Discount                                                             class mechanical repairs on all makes & models

 13 Railway St Only 100m from Emu Plains Station!                          UNIT 1/11 SMITH ST, EMU PLAINS                     4735 2697
www.emuleonaygazette.com.au                                         February 2010                                                                  4
     Be spider aware                        ble for $10 from the Katoomba Rotary
                                            Club, PO Box 54 Katoomba, 2780.
    The current hot weather has begun
driving deadly Blue Mountains Fun-
nel Web spiders from their burrows in           Barb’s A Champion
search of cooler, moister conditions in-        The ladies at Leonay Golf Club
side homes and backyards                    were very excited to have their Club-
    Katoomba-based naturalist and           Champion, Barbra Grame, win the
noted “spider man” Rex Gilroy is co-or-     Womens Golf Nepean Champion of
dinator of the Dangerous Spiders Pub-       Champions.
lic Awareness project, a nationwide             Barbra had 83 at Windsor Golf Club
lifesaving community service project.       to win the event by 1 stroke. Her name
      A ‘Dangerous Spiders Hotline’ is      is added to the trophy which has been
being operated with helpful advice on       going since 1960 and it’s the first time
any spider problems phoning 4782            a Leonay Lady has won the honour.
3441. An information booklet is availa-     Congratulations Barb!

  Emu Plains
 Auto Electrical                                                     Lower Mountains ~ Penrith Since 1995
          Specialists in:
 • Automotive Air conditioning (ARc#: Au13315)                       Tennis Australia ~ Certified Club Professional Coach
 • century Batteries
 • GMe uHF & cB Radios                    “WiN A DiNNeR oR
 • vehicle entertainment              luNcH voucHeR To JiMMY’S
 • vehicle Security                         STeAkHouSe”             Glenmore Park ~ Emu Plains ~ Blaxland ~ Mt Riverview
 • Reversing cameras & Sensors
 • exchange Starter Motors & Alternators                                          For further information
 • carman Scan tool Diagnosis
                                                                                 4739 1368       0419 625 561
  11 Railway St EMU PLAINS 100m from Emu Plains Station
             4735 2438             0408 303243                        Email ~ topform@bigpond.com


   Connie will soon be welcoming you to her new boutique
     weight control and wellness studio in Penrith. After
   working for nine years for a well known woman’s only                P
  health & fitness gym at Penrith and later as club manager
    in Parramatta, Connie has developed her own weight
                     management system.                                    • Catering for 2-6 year old children
    WE ALSO OFFER….”essentials” IN YOUR HOME                               • Situated in quiet and safe street
  Difficulty with transportation, time or confidence in going              • Preschool and School Readiness
     to a wellness centre or gym? WE COME TO YOU!
                                                                             specialty program
   Weekly Weight Management Consultation and Personal                      • Qualified Early Childhood Staff
   trainer for light exercise and medium impact training.
                                                                           • Operational hours 8am till 4pm
         Our standard home visit programs are for:
         6 WEEKS…..3 MONTHS…..6 MONTHS                                     • Large outdoor play area with new
                                                                             play equipment
                     4774 1931
                                                                          8 Tabor Street, Glenbrook NSW 2773
       OR RING CONNIE AT 040 515 8253

       www.essentials-fitness.com                                                 Ph: 47391008
                                                                                     Fax: 47391109
www.emuleonaygazette.com.au                                      February 2010                                              5
      Christmas Light                       delighted the littlies and a Santa letter       with large ‘Madonna’ statues. This
                                            box. Santa personally responded to              home managed to depict the ‘true
          Winners                           each letter, which was hand delivered           meaning of Christmas’ whilst com-
    Special thanks to competition spon-     into each child’s letter box. The over-         bining the joy and fun of additionally
sors The Good Guys: Richard East-           all light display was great and featured        decorating the home in bright lights
mead, Penrith Panthers and Spyns Inc        a window display with Christmas tree.           and traditional Christmas decorations.
who generously donated prizes for the       Various other displays contained little         Lots of families were stopping to take
competition.                                surprises that delighted families. The          photographs.
    First prize:14 Emerald St, Emu          family also provided information on a               Third prize: 14 Dempsey St, Emu
Plains (corner block), which demon-         range of community activities and or-           Plains. This home was a standout in
strated a great community spirit and        ganisation and ran a Lyons club raffle.         the street. It was well lit, lots of fun,
connection. Visiting children were wel-          Second prize: 20 Dewdney St,               and a great representation of what we
comed by the residents, with sweets         Emu Heights. Judges were impressed              traditionally see in home Christmas
on offer, and lots of fun and laughter      with the uniqueness of the theme, the           light decorations. The street was busy
could be heard. The home had a train        transformation of the home into one             with lots of families driving by to have
that ran along the front of the yard that   with a ‘churchlike’ facade, complete            a look.

                                                                                               LOSE 5-15 KGS IN 30
                                                                                              • Control those cravings
                                                                                              • Enjoy the foods you love
                                                                                              • No exercise needed
                                                                                              • FREE follow up and Support
                                                                                              • 100% natural
                                                                                              • 30 Day GUARANTEED or
                                                                                                     your money back
                                                                                             Call: Amanda: 0416 186 766
                                                                                            email: loseweightforlife@yahoo.com.au

                                        Emu Plains Neighbourhood Centre
                                                - what’s on Term 1 in 2010!
                                                                                                 Sharon & Michael
         Tues: 9.30am-10.30am &               Greek Seniors Social Group
                                                                                            wish you a Happy New Year.
   NEW CLASS: Fri 11.00am-12.00pm                    Meet new people,
                                             Enjoy Greek food & Greek dancing                We look forward to a year of
    Over 55’s gentle exercise class                                                         new challenges, meeting new
                                                     Games & outings
      Heart foundation approved
                                                  Contact Sharon 4735 2323                  people and having lots of fun.
    Cost:$5 Contact Sharon:4735 2323
                                                 Emu Plains Christmas Lights
              Get Involved!                               Competition                                 Music & Dance
   Do you have a skill that you would       “Let Your Lights Shine Bright this Christmas”
   like to share with the community?                                                               Wed: 5.15pm—6.00pm
                                              Congratulations to the Winners:                        7—10 year olds
   Can we help you with something?
                                                  14 Emerald St, Emu Plains                      Have fun with music & dance
        Drop in for a chat or ring               20 Dewdney St, Emu Plains                   Build self-confidence and self-esteem
          Sharon: 4735 2323.                       14 Dempsey St, Emu Hts                    Cost: $5 Contact Sharon: 4735 2323
    Granny Mae’s Grandparent                Thank you to everyone who nominated,
        Carer’s Playgroup                                                                      TAFE Outreach Beginners
                                               the judges, and a big thank you to             Computer & Internet Course
   Would you like to chat with other           The Good Guys: Richard Eastmead                 Wednesday: 1.30pm– 4.30pm
    Grandparent carers over a cuppa?          & Panthers Penrith for their generous         An 18 week beginners computer course
    Would the children like to make new                   prize donations.                  Learn how to use email and the internet
   friends, learn new things & have fun?                                                         Experienced TAFE teacher.
          Contact Sharon: 4735 2323                                                           Cost:$3 Contact Sharon:4735 2323

www.emuleonaygazette.com.au                                February 2010                                                              6
        HSC Success                        Shanil Dhanji of Leonay achieved
                                                                                        MOBILE RELIaBLE
                                           99.70, Loran Peisley of Emu Plains
   Congratulations to the local St
Paul’s Grammar School students who
                                           achieved 95.30, Anthony Morrissey of         aUTO UPHOLSTERY
                                           Emu Plains achieved 91.95, Paige Mc-
achieved great success in the HSC          Carry of Leonay achieved 90.95.                  Your Trim Your Way
and IB (International Baccalaureate).
                                              Local BMX Winners                           From the smallest repair to
                                                                                         the largest retrims including
                                                 Penrith Panthers BMX Club had
                                             5 riders make the trip to Victoria to       • Tonneau covers • Roof Lin-
                                             contest the BMX Victorian State                ings • Restoration Work
                                                 Local Leonay girl, Nicole Do-               30 years experience
                                             cherty, triumphed, winning the Vic-         Go anywhere! Jobs done on site!
                                             torian titles for the 15 year old girls
                                             and backed it up with a second in                  0417 225 741
                                             the A pro open ladies. She also fin-
                                             ished 3rd in the National champbix
                                             round. This has capped of a fan-           GREG ORMEROD AUTOMOTIVE
                                             tastic year for Nicole who has com-
                                             peted in the Australian Titles and          Your Trusted Local Mechanic
                                             World titles earlier in the year.           • Servicing and maintenance to
                                                 Nicole (pictured left) has also           all makes and models of vehicles
                                             just recently won the NSW title for         • Log-book servicing
                                             15 year old girls and was 2nd in the        • E-safety check reports (pink slips)
                                             A pro open ladies in NSW.                     lodged electronically with RTA
                                                 18 year old Ian Docherty has            • Competitive rates
                                             made a great start to the new year          • Friendly service
                                             making the semi finals in Queens-           • Open six days
                                             land in two world ranking qualifying
                                                                                          Mon-Fri: 8-5pm, Sat: 8-12noon
                                             events, riding against against two
                                             Australian Olympic riders.                 Unit 4/8 Bromley Road, Emu Plains
                                                 For club details visit the website             PH:   4735 6328

                      Are you happy with your current
                   Weight, Body Shape or level of Fitness?
                     If the answer is no to any of these questions then our
                              ‘Outdoor Boxing Classes’ are for you
   ‘Looking Good and Feeling Great’ are now starting Outdoor fitness classes on the
 Nepean River on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30am (on the Tench reserve opposite the ‘Coffee Club’).
    These classes are great for anyone who wants to exercise in the outdoors and wants to experience great
   results with weight loss and muscle tone without the costly expense and intimidating nature of most gyms.
                              Please contact Denver or check out the website for more info.
           M: 0403 691 855                E: enquiry@lgfg.com.au                       W: www.lgfg.com.au

   Gordon leven                                      TOP QUALITY AT LOW PRICES
                                                   TOP QUALITY AT LOW PRICES
                                                                    • Fleet Maintenance
                                                                     • Tyres for Car & Truck
                                                                    • Tyres for Car & Truck
                                                                     • Tune & Service
                                                                    • Tune & Service
                                                                     • Wheel Alignments
                                                                    • Wheel Alignments
                                                                     • Brake & Suspension Service
                                                                    • Brake & Suspension Service
   Phone: 4735 4500                                                  • Registration Inspections
                                                                    • Registration Inspections
                                                                     • All Major Brands
                                                                    • All Major brands
    Fax: 4735 2698                                                  • NEW Car Log Book Service
    Email: gleven@bigpond.net.au                            133 RUSSELL STREET, EMU PLAINS
www.emuleonaygazette.com.au                              February 2010                                                           7
                                                                                       Happiness By               lected over a six week pe-
                                                                                                                  riod, each wrapped with the
                                                                                         Helping                  age of the recipient marked.
                                                                                    For the sixth year run-       The school foyer looked like
                                                                                 ning the families, teachers      Santa’s workshop. Staff from
                                                                                 and community members of         Barnardos at Cranebrook,
                                                                                 Emu Heights Public School        were overwhelmed by the
                                                                                 donated gifts to Barnardos.      generosity demonstrated and
                                                                                 261 shoe boxes full of gifts     were delighted to have so
                                                                                 and 31 food hampers were         many gifts to distribute before
                                                                                 donated. Gifts were col-         Christmas.

                                                                                     BUSINESS DIRECTORY
          AIR CONDITIONING                                                 ALARMS                                 ADVERTISE HERE

                                                                          Service & installation of
            Bill McLean                                                  alarms, intercoms, video
                                                                         coms & security cameras
                                                                                                         Advertise your business to 5500
                                                                                                               homes here for just:
  Air Conditioning & Electrical                           Free quotes & friendly service
                                                         Ask about our current promotions                  • $22 (single) per month
   Safety switches • Smoke detectors
                                                    Mention this ad & receive a further 5% off!             • $44 double) per month
     No Job                     4735 3976                            Master Li cence 409587823

                                                                                                             Call 4773 8974 or email
    Too Small                  0409 125 697                          www.ddsi.com.au
                                                      Mob: 0404 014 263 Tel: 4737 9962
 EC34090                               RACL021206
          AIR CONDITIONING                                               ANTENNA                                     BRICK LAYING
                                                               installation of digital antennae,                     BRick lAYiNG, HANDYMAN
                                                              set top boxes, additional points,                        & GARDeN SeRviceS
                                                            equipment tuning, telephone/data                                 30 YEARS ExPERIENCE
                                                                                                         Frank           FULLY INSURED & FREE qUOTES
                                                    points, broadband & home theatre set-up                &             • Brick Laying • Paving • Tiling • Cleaning
                                                               Free quotes & friendly service            Olly’s      • Painting • Carpentry • Lawn & Garden Services
                                                      Mob: 0404 014 263 Tel: 4737 9962                                         WHeN quAliTY couNTS
                                                             www.ddsi.com.au                                 For friendly reliable service contact us on
                                                                          Austel Licence No: S26743
                                                                                                       Lic No.
                                                                                                       221280C    0409 393 243 or 4735 1175
                                                                         ANTENNA                             AWNINGS & CARPORTS
    For all your air conditioning &                  Digital Antenna Guys                               AMAZING AWNINGS & DECKS
      gas central heating needs                             Antenna Supplied and Fitted                 • Carports & Patios • Designer Decks
          Phone 4735 3300                             Digital Set Top Boxes, Insurance Work,                 • Flat, dome & gable roofs
                                                     TV Data & Phone Outlets, Home Theatre                    • Free measure & quotes
  4/84 Old Bathurst Rd, Emu Heights                 Installations, Receive Wollongong Channels.            • Qualified licensed tradesmen
                     Lic No. 148730C
                                                    FREE QUOTES 0410 513 630                               Call Mark on 0404 163 158
                                                     Talk to our friendly technicians today                               Lic No. 169819C
 We DeSiGN. We iNSTAll. We GuARANTee.
          AIR-CONDITIONING                                AWNINGS & CARPORTS                                       AUTO MECHANIC
  Sainsbury Air Solutions
     Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
   • Sales, Service & Installation of
       Ducted & Split Systems                        Specialising in Quality Built Structures
    • 6 days (Mon-Sat) • All Areas                                                  ph 0425 317 798
    Call David on 0424 945 859                      Call now for a FREE personalised design & quote
                                                                                                                                                       9673 0577
 Lic No. 211838c                                    Flat Awnings                                                      Cnr Dunheved Rd & Henry Lawson Ave (Caltex Starmart Site)

      AIR-CON & ELECTRICAL                          Gable Awnings                                                           BEAUTY
                                                    Curved Awnings
                                                    Glass Rooms
                                                    Steel Frame Decks                                      Mobile makeup service for
     • Sales & Service • Maintenance/Repair         Carports and Patios                                      weddings & formals
   • Installation • Ducted A/C • Split systems      Fax: 4777 5648
 • Intercoms • Security systems • Phone lines       Email: sales@patioone.com.au
                                                                                                         ‘cause let’s face it – It’s all about you!
     & Network systems • Home automation                                                                     www.makeupformaidens.com
 • Home entertainment system • Free Quotes          Simon’s Constructions Pty Ltd
                   Ph: 9790 3555                    LicNo. 215495C                                         Or call Rebecca: 0438                    714 329
www.emuleonaygazette.com.au                                               February 2010                                                                                     8
         BUILDER/REPAIRS                                                       CLEANING                                       ADVERTISE HERE
                                                                                 & EXTERIOR CLEANING                  Advertise your business to 5500
                                                                                   *Regular Window cleans                   homes here for just:
                                                                                   *High Pressure Cleaning
  30 Yea rs Experience Lic No R76576 & 150377C                                    *All Exterior, Eaves, Gutters         • $22 (single) per month
                                                                                  *Driveways, Pool Surrounds             • $44 double) per month
 Home & Building Services                                Gold Medal                 FOR A FREE QUOTE
          from Roof top to
                                                         Service for
                                                                                Phone Peter 0414 614 062 or               Call 4773 8974 or email
                                                         your home or                                                 districtgazette@optusnet.com.au
            Underground                                    business!               Free Call 1800 1 5263

                                                                               CLEANING                                            DOG WASH
               All roof repairs, flashing, roof
                       vents, guttering,
                 downpipes,plumbing, all                  Domestic Cleaning
                     carpentry work and
               maintenance, decks, pergolas,
                 skylights, retaining walls                                                                           Hydrobath in warm clean water using environ-
                                                                                                                       mentally friendly products, Brush, Nail clip-
                        and odd jobs
                                                                                                                      ping, Ear & Eye Cleaning, Drying, Deodorise,
                    Credit cards welcome                                                                                Doggy T reat, Aromatherapy Phone Sue

 Call Ross 0403 815 398 Silverdale                                                                                    0404 309 482 or 1300 369 369
              CARPENTRY                                                                                                            DOG WASH
 • Renovations • Pergolas • Decks • Floating floors                                                                                           Dog Grooming
     • Built in wardrobes • Hang doors • Skirting                                                                                             Salon and Pet
        • Architraves • Gyprocking/Plastering              Reliable Cleaning Service                                                            Boutique
  • General household maintenance & much more!                Short & Long Term, Move/Move out
                                                              Spring Clean, Regular housekeeping.
                    FREE QUOTES
                                                                    Professional & Reliable                           Unit 39, 38-40 Abel Street, Penrith,
            Contact Mathew on 0439 322 498                            Excellent references                                         4722 9492.
            or peoscarpentry@hotmail.com
                                   Licence No: 195360C
                                                                     Phone 0403 892 949                                open Mon to Fri 9-6 and Sat 9-3.
              CARPENTRY                                                        CLEANING                                           ELECTRICIAN
 Holloway Carpentry                                      Simply Spotless                                              JRF Electrical
      ServiCeS                                           Home Services
    Renovations • Decks • Pergolas                                                                                     High Quality Work at Fair Prices
                                                              “A COMPLETE AND PROFESSIONAL
Alterations • General Handyman Work                      CLEANING SERVICE FOR THE HOME OR OFFICE”                      Dom estic, Commercial, Industrial
        “I will return your call!”                          FOR A FREE QUOTE CALL OR EMAIL US ON:                       For free estimates call Jason
                                                                      0430 956 591 OR                                                Lic. 174994c
             0435 142 213                                     simplyspotless@optusnet.com.au                                  PH: 0411 810 061
        CARPET CLEANING                                          COMPUTER SERVICES                                                ELECTRICIAN

                                                                                                                              Matcan Electrical
                                                                                                                                          • Domestic & Commercial
                                                                                                                                        • Installations & Renovations
        Carpet Cleaning                                                                                                                          • Telephone &
                                                                                                                                             Computer Networks
   Locally owned & operated. On time, every
    time. Quality work at competitive prices.                                                                                                 0414 490 386
                                                                                                                                              or 4773 9590
1300 557 548 or 4733 5290                                                                                             If anyone can ... Matcan!
         CARPET CLEANING                                         CONCRETE CLEANING                                                  FUNERALS

   ChemDry Vogue                                               HIGH PRESSURE
                                                          CLEANING OF CONCRETE                                        Reflections Funerals
   Drier, Cleaner, Healthier
  Drier, Cleaner, Healthier                                 PATHS & DRIVEWAYS                                          We at Reflections Funerals offer
carpetleather & upholsterycleaner
 Carpet, & upholstery cleaning                                                                                        the support and understanding to
                                                                 Stencil re-sealing                                   help you through the difficult time
      Phone Tiffany Mark on
      Phone Tiffany oror Mark                            Unrestricted Sydney Water Permit
  4731 5818 or 0419 or 907                                                                                                when a loved one passes.
        4731 5818 203                                     Ph 0417 293 770 or 4733 6164                                   We are a local family owned
       0419 CLEANING
     CARPET 203 907                                                      DOG GROOMER                                   business caring for your needs
                         • Specialists in carpets,               N e p ea n M o u n ta in s                                  24 hours every day.
                           upholstery & leather                     D o g G r o o m in g                              In these times, value is important,
                           cleaning                       S ma ll Bu siness Aw ard W inner s 2 000                     we will better any written quote.
                                                         E st a b l is h e d 1 9 9 0   SPECIAL CARE WITH
                         • quick drying and
  EzyClean                 non-toxic
                                                                                          OLDER DOGS
                                                                                           4 735 2 55 8
     Phone Matt           4737 9992                                                       04 2 7 352 5 58
                                                                                       U n it 3 /14 S m ith Str eet
                                                                                                                               • 4732 4440 •
       or Jen:            0415 683 750                                                         E mu P la in s                       All Suburbs
www.emuleonaygazette.com.au                                                      February 2010                                                                         9
                HANDY MAN                                                 LAWN MOWING                                                   PARTIES
 Sam The Handy Man Can ...                                 Bez’s Mowing Services Plus                                  Celebrate your birthday in style with a

                                                           • Mowing • Gardening                                                 PAMPER PARTY!
 FIX IT                     BUILD IT                       • Pressure Cleaning                       ‘BEZ’                   Just for girls up to 15 years
 Doors                      BBQs                           • Gutter Cleaning • Hedging              BERNIE               You & your guests will be spoilt with:
                                                                                                  PH: 0417 400 123
 Windows                    Extensions                     • Rubbish Removal                       AH: 47 333 519           • Mini-facials • Hair • Make-up
 Fly Screens                Brick Laying                   • Tree Pruning • Plus!                                               • Manicure & Pedicure
 Gyprock                    Stone Work                           FRIENDLY SERVICE                                         For more details, phone Danielle on
 Tiles, Paint               Water Features                  FREE QUOTES • FULLY INSURED                                           0422 242 918
 Brick Problems             Concrete Footings
 Leaky Taps/Showers         Retaining Walls                LAWN MOWING & GARDENING                                                    PET CARE
                            All Brickwork
 CLEAN IT                                                   All Lawn & Garden Work                                               Dial A Minder
 Lawn Mowing, Garden Care
 Gutter Cleaning, Rubbish Removal
                                                                                         Residential &                              Pet & Home Care
 General Property Maintenance                                                             Commercial                     Personally tailored pet care & home care
                                                                                                                       solutions to suit you & your pet’s every need.
        M:    0416 373 172                                                              Call Brendon                   - No more kennels or catteries! - Act NOW! -
        ‘Service with a smile’                                                         0416 322 002                    Melina 0412 971 110 or 4733 2453
 ALL WORK GUARANTEED                     Lic No: 185734C    Great Escape Landscape Services                               www.dialaminder.com.au
                HOT WATER                                                 MUSIC TUITION                                               PET CARE
                                                                      Vivo Creations
  All Brands of Hot W ate r Systems Re place d                         Music Life Meaning
       All Hot Wate r Proble ms Solve d
                                                                      Suzanne Cooper
     GAS · SOL AR ·ELECTRIC                                       Classical pianist•Teacher*Lecturer                      Caring for your pets in their home
                                                                   Seminar & Workshop Facilitator                                  Packages tailored to suit
  YOUR LOCAL HOT WATER SPECIALIST                                                                                      • Pet minding • Dog walking • Small pet transport
                                                                         Mob:0400 665 067
      Ph: 0408 Re-roof,
    New Roofs, 259 994                                           suzannecooper-vivocreations@bigpond .com                 Phone Kylie on 0409 186 036 or 4702 1282
  Roof Restoration, Repairs,
   Re-ridging, Extensions,                                             OVEN CLEANING                                                  PLUMBING
                             Accredited Pink
                         License N: 86216C

                                   Batts ® installer            HATE CLEANING YOUR OVEN?
                                                              Get Western Cleaning Solutions to do it for you!
                                                               Western Cleaning Solution use a specialised
                                                             steaming machine that steams at 170 degrees to
                                                             ensure that the best possible results are achieved
    Lic No 86216C
 Supply a nd                                                NO FUMES • NO HARSH CHEMICALS • NO FUSS
  fit fascia &                                                                      $60*
                  (New & Old)
 Supply & fit ceiling insulation                           Call Bob on 0417 262 706 or 4774 0026 (AH)                   Plumber Drainer Gasfitter
   Govt funding of up to $1600 for
   Phone Greg            License No. 63551C                 *Extreme Oven Conditions May Incur An Additional Charge.
                                                                         Loyalty Discounts Can Apply                        24 Hours—7 Days
   0418eligible home owners
        446 590, 4773 8634                                                        PAINT                                       Bathroom Renovations
 • New roofs                                                                                                                       Maintenance
 • Roof repairs & restoration                                                                                                     Blocked Drains
 • Supply & fit fascia & guttering                                                                                                   Hot Water
 • Bonded asbestos removal                                            ∗    House Paints                                            Broken Pipes
        Phone Greg                                                    ∗    Automotive Paints
                                                              Professional Colour M atching Available
                                                                                                                          For friendly & reliable
   0418 446 590 or 4773 8634                                                                                                 service contact
                                                                 BES T PAINT BES T ADVIC E
                                                               108 Russell St, Emu Plains 4735             6777        simon Parnell on 0410 421 573
                  KITCHENS                                                     PAINTER                                                PLUMBING
                           quality Affordable
                              Enquire about a
                                                                  Southern Sun
                             Free Consultation                 Painting & Decorating
                          Come and visit our showroom at    All painting work domestic & commercial
                         U19/29 Coombes Dve Penrith                  Fully licensed & insured
                                                            Domestic, Commercial & Industrial
   p: 4732 4566           open 7.30am-4pm Mon-Thurs
                                                                   Free quotes - No obligation
                                                               Paul Kowalczuk Lic. No. 191875C                            24 hour Maintenance on
                                                                Paul kowalczuk Lic No. 191875C
      f: 4732 4588
                          7.30am-2pm Fri 9am-1pm Sat                 Mb: 0408 741 548
                                                                    Mb: 0408 741 548
                                                                                                                           Plumbing & Drainage
                LAWN CARE                                                                                                 - Blocked drains cleared
                                                                                                                          with electric eel
 Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Services                                                                                         - Taps & Toilets no job too small
         Organic Soil Conditioning
                                                                Ron Hallesy                                               - Hot water services
      Liquid Fertilisation & Greening
     Soil Moisture Retainers (Wetters)                     Painters & Decorators                                          quoted & guaranteed
         Lawn Insect Pest Control                                                                                         - Water jetter services
     Grass & Broadleaf Weed Control                             Ring Ron For A Quote                                      - Camera inspections
   Lawn Disease Monitoring & Treatment
      Fabian Gemin 0401 701 322                                           4735 5477                       Lic. 2411C             Contact Paul on
  fgemin@coochie.com.au • www.coochie.com.au                          Over 30 Years Experience                                  0405 184 516
www.emuleonaygazette.com.au                                                   February 2010                                                                           10
              POOL SERVICES                                     SMASH REPAIRS                                               VIDEOS TO DVD
 Four Seasons Pool Heating                                                                                                      PRESERVE YOUR
       SPECIALISING IN SOLAR                                                                                                      PRECIOUS
             Ph 1300 650 806                                                                                                      MEMORIES
                                                      15 SMITH S TREE T, EMU PLA INS
            FACTORY/SHOWROOM                                PHONE: 4735 4811                                      VHS/tapes, photographs/slides, memorial
  UNIT 2/112 RUSSELL S T EMU PLAINS                                                                             tributes to professionally edited DVD movies
                                                                           INS URANCE AND
  • New Systems                • Service & Repairs                          PRIVA TE WORK                                  Ph: 4753 7761
  • Insurance Work             • Free Quotes
                   POOLS & SPAS                          TAXATION CONSULTANT                                                VIDEOS TO DVD
  Lic No 105354C
                    NEED HELP WITH
                      YOUR POOL?                                IN A STEW                                         BASSeTT HouND
    4773-9977 Mob 0408 96 95 93
                                                                OVER TAX?                                       viDeo PRoDucTioNS
                                                      Specialising in overdue tax returns                              • Film, Video & Camera Tape Transfers to DVD
       ● We supply all your pool needs
           ●We recover green pools                          for up to 30 years back                             • Promotional & Corporate Productions • Special Events
         ●Install & repair solar heating                  • Individuals • Investors                                 • Editing & Multimedia Productions
  ● Supply and maintain pumps, filters, cleaners                                                                   • Advertisements & TV Commercials
    ● Clean pools on regular or casual basis            • Landlords • Small Business                              • Birthday & Slideshow Presentations
                                                        • Family Companies & Trusts                              • High Definition & Digital Productions
              POOL SERVICES                             • Self-Managed Super Funds                                   • Bulk Duplication Videos & DVDs

   Western Sydney                                          GARY CAMPBELL                                                            Capture your memories on DVD
                                                                                                                                    before they fade away forever ...
  Sydney Pool
    Pool Services
                                                                  CPA FTIA FNTAA                                                    • Old Movie Films • Video Tapes
                                                       Certified Practising Accountant • Registered Tax Agent                         • Camera Tapes • Still Photos
   133 Russell St, Emu Plains                         Meeting the financial management &                                                      ALL TO DVD
                Specials on                           taxation needs community since 1976                        Ph: 0409 996 541
       Pumps, INTO SUMMER
   SPRING Filters, Chlorinators                                          BLAXLAND                                Web: www.bhvp.com.au
           Specials on
              & Pool Cleaners                                      Ph 4739 3653                                  email: Starman16@bigpond.com
   Pumps, Spa Range and much more.
   Whole New Filters, Chlorinators,
                                                                          TILING                                          WASHER REPAIRS
  NEW RANGE of Pool Cleaners
         SPECIALS!!!                                      E&M Tiling
        Mon-Fri 9am-5pm                                  All Wall & Floor Tiling                                                           Washers, Dryers
       SAVE ONSun 9am-1pm
  Sat 9am-2pm & WATER!                                   20+ years experience                                                              & Dishwashers
      Come in and see the new
     132 Russell St, Emu Plains                              4732 4298 or
       water saving products                                 0418 250 293
          4735 5322                                                                                                                                 Family
     4773 9005 (After Hours)                                       Licence No. R97930
     Business hours:                                                                                                                               Business
     Mon-FriPOOLS &
             9am-5pm             4735
                                 SPAS       5322                          TILING                                                                    Est 40
     Sat     9am-2pm                                                                                                                                Years
                                  Graham Stapleton
                                       0419 018 909
                                                       Silver Service Tiling
                                                                                                                                              4773 8242
                                                             All aspects of tiling,                                 ·   DISHWASHERS
                                                            bathroom renovations,                                   ·   INSURANCE CLAIMS
                                                                  repair work                                       ·   PENSIONER CONCESSIONS

                                                                                                                        0417 657 410
 • Swimming pool maintenance & inspections
     • Pumps, filters, chlorinators, cleaners         Shane - 0418 439 992 a/h 4774 2511
           RUBBISH REMOVAL                                                   VET                                             WATER TANKS
         Simply the best BI NS
     Simply the best BINS                                                                                       Agent
                                                        “We treat your pets                                      for
                                                       like our own”                                                    •Tanks • Liners • Roofs
         2m³- 6m³      7 days pick up and delivery    • Full service                                            • Extend the life of your leaking
                         Free call
                                                      • Puppy training                                            concrete water tank with an
             1 800 50 2468                              classes                                                   Aqualiner® tank liner.
                                                      • Cat boarding                                            • Tank roofs replaced
                   SCAFFOLDING                          facilities
                    “For all Your Scaffold Needs”     • House calls available                                   • Pioneer steel water tanks
                                                      • Catering for all companion                                (12,000 litres to 2.6 million litres)
                                                        animals                                                   supplied and installed
                         1800 704 611
                                                                                                                       Phone 4677 2772
                                                      • Special interest in birds
                        Locally owned                              1 Station Street                              or email office@mviwss.com.au
                        Supporting Our                EMU PLAINS 4735 3268                                          for an obligation free quote
                         Community                     www.railwayrowvets.com.au                                 See www.mviwss.com.au for details
www.emuleonaygazette.com.au                                             February 2010                                                                               11
      Are you moving house?
     Need boxes for storage?
           Smithfield Cartons provides quality                     Preschool
            secondhand boxes for packing.
                                                             A consistent High Quality childcare centre we have been
    We are a family business of 3 generations and          caring for local families for over 20 years. Qualified teaching
   recently moved from Smithfield to the Industrial         staff prepare individual programs to suit each child and also
      Area of Silverdale, 20 mins from Penrith.            a School Readiness program. We are located in Leonay and
                                                                   surrounded by the Leonay Golf course grounds.
                     We provide:                              •    Caring for ages 2yrs to School Age.
     Boxes for packing ranging from 85c up to $2              •    Open 7.30am to 6.00 pm.
            Bubble Wrap, Butchers Paper                       •    Colourful Shaded Outdoor area.
               Tape & tape dispensers                         •    Qualified Early Childhood staff.
                                                              •    High Quality Centre (NCAC certificate)
                                                              •    Long serving professional staff
                                                              •    Warm, Friendly & professional atmosphere.
                                                              •    Parents welcome to call in at any time.

                                                             We also offer OOSH & Vacation Care from Leonay
                                                           Public School grounds with Active After School program
                                                               sponsored by the Australian Sports Commission.
                                                          OOSH is also available from the Emu Plains Public School
                                                                    with an Active After School program
              29 econo Place, Silverdale
                  Ph: 4774 1111                              Unit 4, The Leonay Centre, 30-32 Leonay Parade, Leonay

     email: info@smithfieldcartons.com.au                                 Phone:    4735-6564
   Website: www.boxes4movinghouse.com.au                                   www.KidsCare.com.au

                                      cHoice of                                    we woRk
                                            30                                     foR you
                                                                                   not tHe
                                        lendeRs                                     banks!
                                      Home loans                          investment loans
                                      Refinancing                         debt consolidation
                                   life insuRance                         low doc loans
                              constRuction loans                          commeRcial loans

                               catherine o’Farrell
                                0408 075 490                       4732 3000

www.emuleonaygazette.com.au                        February 2010                                                             12

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