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					                                      Believe It Or Not!
                                               Connie Hitchens
                                               Tri-Point Elementary/Jr. High

                                               Summer 2006

Nebraska State Historical Society,
DIGITAL ID nbhips 13006

Students will research inventions and the people who invented them. They will
analyze how the invention has affected people’s lives. They will construct and
orally present an Invention Pyramid evaluating an invention from their research.

Overview/ Materials/LOCResources/Standards/Procedures/Evaluation/Rubric/Handouts/Extension

Overview                                                                 Back to Navigation Bar
Objectives                           Students will:
                                      read about inventors, taking notes and analyzing the
                                        benefits their inventions have made to the world.
                                      describe ways inventions have changed over time.
                                      construct an Invention Pyramid containing information
                                        about a chosen inventor and his/her invention.
                                      orally present the Invention Pyramid and the
                                        information included.

Recommended time frame               Five 40 minute class periods
Grade level                          4th
Curriculum fit                       Science; English/Language Arts
Materials                             Supplies for the Invention Pyramid: paper, scissors,
                                         glue, crayons, colored pencils, markers.
                                      Invention Pyramid Directions
                                      Inventor’s Notes Worksheet
                                      Power Point
                                      Invention Resource Table
Illinois State Learning Standards                                        Back to Navigation Bar
                                     Language Arts:
                                     GOAL 1: Read with understanding and fluency.
                                      1.C. Comprehend a broad range of reading materials.
                                          o 1.C.2d Summarize and make generalizations
                                              from content and relate to purpose of material

                                                   An Adventure of the American Mind
                                                                Illinois State University
             GOAL 4: Listen and speak effectively in a variety of
              4.B. Speak effectively using language appropriate to
                 the situation and audience.
                     o 4.B.2a Present oral reports to an audience
                         using correct language and nonverbal
                         expressions for the intended purpose and
                         message within a suggested organizational

             GOAL 13: Understand the relationships among
             science, technology and society in historical and
             contemporary contexts.
              13.B. Know and apply concepts that describe the
                 interaction between science, technology and society.
                     o 13.B.2b Describe the effects on society of
                         scientific and technological innovations.
                     o 13.B.2c Identify and explain ways that science
                         and technology influence the lives and careers
                         of people.

Procedures                                     Back to Navigation Bar
             Day One:
             Students will view a Power Point presentation introducing
             some inventions through history. The students will discuss
             what each invention is and how it may have changed over
             time. They will also evaluate how the invention has helped
             people’s lives.

             If time, the student’s may play the following online game:

             Day Two:
             Students will visit one or more of the following websites.
             They will read about no fewer than four inventors and
             inventions to discover how the invention has improved
             people’s lives. They will write notes on the Inventors
             Notes worksheet.

                   An Adventure of the American Mind
                                Illinois State University
             Day Three:
             Continue researching inventors and inventions from Day 2.

             Day Four:
             Students will choose one of the inventors and inventions
             from their Inventor’s Notes worksheet to create an
             Invention Pyramid depicting the inventor, his/her
             invention, and how the invention has been used to improve
             people’s lives. Invention Pyramid Directions.

             Day Five:
             Students will orally present the information shown on their
             Invention Pyramid.

Evaluation                                     Back to Navigation Bar
                Invention Pyramid Rubric
                Oral Presentation Rubric
Extension                                       Back to Navigation Bar
             On-Line Games


                   An Adventure of the American Mind
                                Illinois State University
     Primary Resources from the Library of Congress
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Image/Resource   Description              Citation                      URL
                 Bell’s design sketch     Library of Congress,
                 of telephone, 1876       Manuscript Division           -

                 Steamer and John         F.A. Pazandak       
                 Deere plow               Photograph Collection,        i-
                                          NDIRS-NDSU, Fargo.
                                          DIGITAL ID
                                          ndfapaza 068                  @field(NUMBER+@ba

                 Inventor’s Workshop:     Artist's interpretation of    Website:
                 Leonardo’s Mysterious    Design for Spinning 
                 Machinery                Machine
                                          Library of Congress.          shop.html
                                          U.S. Govt. 31 July 2005

                 America on the Move      America on the Move,          Website:
                 games                    National Museum of  
                                          American History,
                                          Behring Center, July

                 Description of           Col, Jeananda. Enchanted      Website:
                 inventors and their      Learning.                     http://www.enchantedlea
                 inventions in  
                 alphabetical order.

                                   An Adventure of the American Mind
                                                Illinois State University
More Library of        Library of Congress. U.S.
Congress Resources     Govt. July 2006             arn/features/science/reso
(for teachers)                                     urces.html#locres

(Game) How may         Invention Playhouse:        http://www.inventionatpl
ways can you help      Tinker Ball.      
                       Lemelson Center at the
the ball reach its     Smithsonian's National
destination.           Museum of American
                       History in partnership
                       with the Science Museum
                       of Minnesota. July 2006.

Try to name the        United States Patent &
                       Trademark Office
invention from the                                 /opa/kids/games/
                       (USPTO) Kids Pages
sketch.                                            ml

Invention Facts and    The Great Idea Finder
Myths                  (TGIF)                      m/history/of_inventions.

USS Holland            Library of Congress.
Submarine              U.S. Govt. July 2006        i-

Read about different   Library of Congress.        http://www.memory.loc.
inventions.            U.S. Govt. July 2006        gov/learn/features/scienc

What in the World is   Library of Congress.        http://www.memory.loc.
That?(game)            U.S. Govt. July 2006        gov/learn/features/scienc

                An Adventure of the American Mind
                             Illinois State University
Thomas Jefferson’s   Library of Congress,
drawing of a         Manuscript Division
                     A30 (color slide); LC-   bin/query/r?ammem/mcc:
macaroni machine.    MSS-27748-180 (B&W

               An Adventure of the American Mind
                            Illinois State University
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                      Oral Presentation Rubric : Invention Pyramid

      Teacher Name: Connie Hitchens

      Student Name:    ________________________________________

    CATEGORY      4                       3                      2                       1
Comprehension     Student is able to      Student is able to     Student is able to      Student is unable to
                  accurately answer       accurately answer      accurately answer a     accurately answer
                  almost all questions    most questions         few questions posed     questions posed by
                  posed by classmates     posed by classmates    by classmates about     classmates about
                  about the topic.        about the topic.       the topic.              the topic.

Content           Shows a full         Shows a good         Shows a good                 Does not seem to
                  understanding of the understanding of the understanding of             understand the topic
                  topic.               topic.               parts of the topic.          very well.

Preparedness      Student is              Student seems          The student is       Student does not
                  completely prepared     pretty prepared but    somewhat prepared, seem at all prepared
                  and has obviously       might have needed a    but it is clear that to present.
                  rehearsed.              couple more            rehearsal was
                                          rehearsals.            lacking.

Stays on Topic    Stays on topic all      Stays on topic most Stays on topic some It was hard to tell
                  (100%) of the time.     (99-90%) of the time. (89%-75%) of the  what the topic was.

Speaks Clearly    Speaks clearly and      Speaks clearly and     Speaks clearly and      Often mumbles or
                  distinctly all (100-    distinctly all (100-   distinctly most ( 94-   can not be
                  95%) the time, and      95%) the time, but     85%) of the time.       understood OR
                  mispronounces no        mispronounces one      Mispronounces no        mispronounces more
                  words.                  word.                  more than one word.     than one word.

                                           An Adventure of the American Mind
                                                        Illinois State University
                 Making A Product : Invention Pyramid

                 Teacher Name: Connie Hitchens

                         Student Name:       ________________________________________

  CATEGORY         4                        3                        2                       1
Required           The pyramid              All required             All but 1 of the        Several required
Elements           includes all required    elements are             required elements       elements were
                   elements as well as      included on the          are included on the     missing.
                   additional               pyramid.                 pyramid.

Mechanics          Capitalization and       There is 1 error in      There are 2 errors in There are more than
                   punctuation are          capitalization or        capitalization or     2 errors in
                   correct throughout       punctuation.             punctuation.          capitalization or
                   the pyramid.                                                            punctuation.

Use of Class       Used time well           Used time well           Used some of the        Did not use class
Time               during each class        during each class        time well during        time to focus on the
                   period. Focused on       period. Usually          each class period.      project OR often
                   getting the project      focused on getting       There was some          distracted others.
                   done. Never              the project done and     focus on getting the
                   distracted others.       never distracted         project done but
                                            others.                  occasionally
                                                                     distracted others.
Attractiveness     The pyramid is           The pyramid is           The pyramid is          The pyramid is
                   exceptionally            attractive in terms of   acceptably attractive   distractingly messy
                   attractive in terms of   design, layout and       though it may be a      or very poorly
                   design, layout, and      neatness.                bit messy.              designed. It is not
                   neatness.                                                                 attractive.

                                             An Adventure of the American Mind
                                                          Illinois State University
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                           INVENTION PYRAMID DIRECTIONS

1. Start with an 8 ½ in. square piece of drawing paper.

2. Bring opposite corners together and fold. Open the folded paper and then refold bringing the
   other pair of opposite corners together forming and X-fold pattern.

3. Cut one of the folds to the center of the X, or the midpoint, and stop. This forms two triangular
   shaped flaps.

4. The information will appear on one of the flaps and the other two sections. One of the flaps
   will remain blank. You may draw and write the information using crayons, colored pencils,
   and markers or you may glue on pictures and labels. Include the following information:

         Section 1 – Name the invention. Include a diagram or picture(s) showing the earliest
         form of the invention and/or its modern day appearance.

         Section 2 – Tell where and when the item was invented. Name the inventor and include
         a picture, if available.

         Section 3 – Describe how the invention has affected people’s lives.

   5. Glue the blank flap under the other flap forming a pyramid.
                         INVENTED    USEFULNESS

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