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Costco Wholesale offers three membership
options to our members. The Goldstar is a
personal membership that allows anyone to
enjoy the great savings at Costco
Wholesale. The Goldstar membership is
$45.00 and comes with a free spouse card.
For members that own or operate a
business Costco’s business membership is
the way to go. Members that will be
purchasing for resale need to bring in their
resale license to purchase product tax
exempt.      Remember that all resale
purchases must be for resale in your
business. All members that plan on paying
with a business check must have a business
membership. The Business membership is
also $45.00 with a free spouse card.

The Executive membership is Costco’s
only membership that offers 2% cash back.
The executive membership is available to
both goldstar and business members. The
primary and secondary cardholders are the
only recipients of the 2% reward. The
executive card is an additional $55.00 per
year. Costco guarantees that the program
will benefit our members or your money
back. The 2% annual reward is paid to our
membership via check and is mailed out
with your renewal notice. If the 2% reward     Costco Wholesale
check is less than what you paid for the         4500 W. Shaw      Costco Wholesale is a dedicated warehouse
upgrade, simply bring the check into any       Fresno, Ca. 93711   store that offers our members the highest
Costco membership counter for a full            (559) 271-6511     quality product at wholesale prices. Visit
refund.                                                            the nearest Costco Wholesale today!
Costco has teamed up with a variety of          Small-business Loans and Lines of Credit.
                                                                                                 Goldstar Application
service providers that can substantially save   This service is one of Costco's newest
members money. These services are               services. Members can receive up to           First Name__________________________
available for both the home and business.       %100,000.00.
Executive members enjoy additional                                                            Last Name__________________________
discounts on these services. Some of the        Payroll Processing. Save up to 30% on
services for the home include:                  payroll processing for your business.         Address____________________________

Great deals on auto sales. Costco has                                                         City_________ State______ Zip________
teamed up with a wide variety of
dealerships throughout the country to
                                                American Express                              Date of Birth_______________
provide members with exceptional savings        The only credit card that Costco takes is
on new cars.                                    American Express. Costco has teamed up        Drivers License Number_______________
                                                with American Express to offer our
Auto and Home Insurance. Costco                 members a no annual fee, revolving            Free Spouse Card
members can save up to 20% on auto              balance American Express. Members that
insurance.                                      apply for the Costco American Express
                                                                                              First Name__________________________
                                                have one convenient card that serves as
Home Equity Financing. Costco's home            both a membership card and a credit card.
                                                                                              Last Name__________________________
equity financing service offers home equity     The above example is what your new
lines of credit as low as prime +0%.            American Express will look like. To apply
                                                                                              Date of Birth________________________
                                                visit your local Costco at any of the three
Financial Planning. Members that use the        locations in the map above.
                                                                                              Drivers License Number_______________
financial planning service provided by
Costco save up to $175 on the cost of an
initial financial plan.

Some of the services for your business

Merchant Credit Card Processing. Business
members that need credit card processing
to increase profits this is your service!
1.66% plus $0.21 for retail classified

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