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					                                                                                     Newsletter of Newtown City Hockey Club Inc.
                                                                                                P.O. Box 1098, Geelong
                                                                                             Pavilion phone 52225829
                        DEE NEWS                                                 

                                                                                                     Volume 5, April 24, 2010

DATES TO REMEMBER                                    This will help the coaches manage the                SOCIAL CALENDAR
                                                    numbers on the half pitch allocation.
•    April 24 – Joeys programme starts              All players are encouraged to attend                  Mark these dates in your diary. Come and
•    May 4 – RSVP for Pizza Night                   training where possible, but if you can’t             meet fellow members and have some fun.
•    May 8 – Pizza at the Pavilion                  make it to your own group’s training, check           •   May 8 – Pizza night.
PIZZA AT THE PAVILION                               out the other groups.                                 •   June 5 – Wine Tasting
                                                •   Senior Women – Thursday 7.30 to 8.30                  •   July 17 – Xmas in July
Saturday May 8 – Pizza night at                     pm at Stead Park.                                     •   August 14 – Trivia Night
the Pavilion at Lloyd Reserve.                  •   Minkey – 8.45 am Saturday at Lloyd                    SAVE AT REBEL SPORT
All club members, family and friends                Reserve (before the match start at 9.00
welcome.                                            am).                                                  All club members will be issued with a
Pizza, garlic bread and salad, drinks at the    •   U10/U11 – 10.15 am Saturday at Lloyd                  Rebel Sport MVP Discount Card. Collect
kiosk. $8 per head for adults, $5 per head          Reserve (before the match start at 10.45              your card from your team manager today.
for kids (under 15). 6.30 pm.                       am)                                                   Save 5% on your purchases from Rebel
                                                                                                          Sport and earn rewards for Newtown
RSVP by May 4                                   •   U13 – Wednesday 5.30 to 6.30 pm at
Chris Stuart ph 52418836,                                                                                 Hockey Club. Simply present your free
                                                    Stead Park,                                                                                MVP card at Rebel Sport and receive 5%
                                                    U15/U17 –Thursday 5.30 to 6.30 pm at
Or: Claire Barnes 0417 015130 or                                                                          off your full priced purchases of anything in
                                                    Stead Park.                                                                                   store. Every time you present your card,
                                                    WE ARE ON TWITTER                                     Rebel Sport will also deposit 5% of the total
FIXTURE                                             Claire has signed up with Twitter, so now             sales back to Newtown City Hockey Club in
The remainder of the fixture is expected to         there’s another way to keep up to date with           the form of a credit to be used at Rebel.
be available soon, and will be distributed to       the club information. Just follow us on               Rebel Sport will also have special
members when ready. In the meantime,                Twitter at                                            promotion days where the MVP discount
check the Hockey Geelong website for                                   will be increased to 20%. Keep your eye on
fixture details –                                                                                         the newsletter for further information and                            NEED SOME INFORMATION?                                updates.
Saturday May 1 – Stead Park                         If you are looking for information about the          Members are encouraged to purchase
8.15 U13 Newtown M vs Newtown Go                    club or matches, check these sources:                 hockey items from Just Hockey but the
9.15 U13 Saints vs Newtown W                                                                              MVP card can be used for clothing,
                                                    •     Newtown Hockey Club website
10.15 U15 Newtown W vs Kardinia                                                                           footwear and other sports items at Rebel.
11.15 U15 Newtown M vs Saints                       •     Club newsletter – Dee News –                    SCHOOL COACHING CLINICS
12.30 D2W Newtown Go vs Geelong                           distributed weekly, and also available
2.00 D2M Saints vs Newtown Go                                                                             Thanks to Eichelle Ashley, Karina
                                                          on the club website                             Mutsaerts and Claire Barnes who visited
3.30 D2M Corio vs Newtown W
                                                    •     Hockey Geelong website                          Bannockburn Primary School this week and
6.30 D2W Newtown M vs Newtown W
                                                                        will return next week to conduct hockey
Saturday May 1 – Lloyd Reserve
                                                    •     Follow the club news on                         clinics for 3 more grades. We will also go
9.00 Minkey Newtown M vs Geelong
                                                                       to Clairvaux, Christian College and
9.00 Minkey Newtown W vs Newtown Go
                                                    Or contact a committee member.                        Geelong College primary schools in the
10.15 – Joeys programme begins.
10.45 U11 Newtown M vs Newtown Gr                   NEW PLAYERS WELCOME                                   next few weeks. If you have an hour to
10.45 U11 Newtown W vs Newtown Go                                                                         spare during school hours & would like to
                                                    New players are welcome for all teams, but            help (no experience necessary), contact
Sunday May 2 – Stead Park                           we particularly need more players for:
8.45 U13 Geelong vs Newtown Gr                                                                            Claire Barnes, 0417 015130 or
                                                    •    Joeys - for children turning 4 and 5,   Helpers will
9.45 U17 Newtown W vs Kardinia B                         providing fun games and skills,
10.45 U17 Newtown M vs Kardinia M                                                                         receive a discount on fees.
                                                         without playing matches.
12.30 D1W Newtown vs Saints                         •    Minkey – for children turning 6 and 7            GEELONG ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS –
5.00 D1M Newtown Falcons vs Newtown M                    with modified rules and ¼ size field.            A GREAT IDEA FOR MOTHER’S DAY
CANTEEN HELPERS                                     •    U11 – for children turning 9, 10, 11.            Looking for a gift to last the whole year
Helpers are required for the canteen at             •    U17                                              through? Get Mum the brand new
Stead Park. Junior teams at Stead Park              •    Senior Men                                       2010/2011 Geelong, Surf Coast and
are rostered to provide 1 canteen helper            So if you have a friend interested in playing,        Ballarat Entertainment™ Book and she will
during their match, while senior teams are          please pass on their details to Claire                receive valuable offers on everything she
rostered to provide 1 helper per team for           Barnes, 0417 015130, or                               loves… dining, movies, travel and much
the match after their own.                                               more!
                                                                                                          Selling for only $55, each Book includes an
                                                                                                          Entertainment™ Gold Card, which is valid
Starting from April 22, there will be a             Uniform may be purchased and orders                   for incredible offers from fine restaurants
change to training times for the senior             collected from Lloyd Reserve, Newtown on              and hotels. Entertainment™ Books are
men’s teams:                                        Saturday April 24 from 10 am to 12. There             filled with 25% to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers
•    7.30 – 8.30 - Division 2 Gold and
                                                    is also a small supply of second hand
                                                    uniform, boots, shin pads, sticks and bags
                                                                                                          on almost everything else you can
                                                                                                          imagine… family dining to sports events,
     White                                          for sale. Donations of second hand uniform            theatres to special attractions, travel and
•    8.30 – 9.30 Division 1 Falcons and             are welcome. Contact Dianne Fitzgerald                more!
     Maroon                                         ph: 5241 9354,

                 Newtown City Hockey Club - Sponsored by Just Hockey,
The 2010 | 2011 Geelong                      workshop is designed to help clubs develop      at goal which just missed. Best Team
Entertainment™ Book is full of great         and implement strategies that will assist       Player Awards for both teams – the whole
offers such as:                              communication with members, volunteers          team!!!
• 2-for-1 dining offers for new inclusions   and other stakeholders.                         U11 White vs Maroon 3-2
     At The Heads and Chris' Restaurant;     Learn how to determine what the club            What a great start to the season. The
                                             needs, how to prepare a strategy, how to        Whites displayed great team work and
• A new offer for 25% off the total bill,    contact a journalist, how to join a Forum, or   communication. Fletcher Adams played a
     up to a maximum deduction of $30, at    how Blogs and Twitter can convey                strong passing game, earning him the Best
     The Drysdale Hotel;                     information simply and easily to the right      Team Player award along with Iona Bulford,
• A brand new 2-for-1 offer at Reading       audience.                                       whose clever gameplay earned her the
     Cinemas;                                At the end of the workshop participants will    respect of fellow team mates. Some great
• Over 1000 hotels and resorts,              be invited to attend a media panel              defense work by backs, Callum Seaton and
     offering special Members-only rates,    discussion with key members of the media        Elizabeth Beck kept the Maroon attackers
     that you can browse and book online;    and sporting community to gain personal         at bay, resulting in a 3 - 2 win by the
                                             insights into what the media needs and          Whites.
• As well as hundreds of other 25% off,      wants from you.                                 Scorer: Fletcher Adams 3.
     50% off and 2-for-1 offers providing    Get in quick as places are limited              U11 Maroon v White 2-3
     exceptional - and in many cases,        Contact Chelsey Cameron on 0439 347             The first half saw a good start to the season
     exclusive - value from the best
                                             891 or              with some good passing between team
     restaurants, attractions, sports and
                                                                                             mates and a great goal to Adam Gieles .
     leisure activities!                     COMMITTEE FOR 2010
                                                                                             The second half and the warm conditions
• For a complete listing of                  We welcome any comments or suggestions          saw players run out of puff on the bigger
     participating businesses or more        to improve the club & its organisation.         field, but they kept on going. Cameron
     information about Entertainment™        Please contact a committee member if you        scored early in the second half. A great
     Books for other cities, please visit    have a suggestion or comment.                   team effort. Goal scorers- Adam Gieles and            President     David Fitzgerald 0411             Cameron Mutsaerts.
Order your Entertainment Book now from       109395                                          U13 Gold vs White 3-1
Claire Barnes,       Secretary     Peter Stuart 5241 8836            Newtown Gold played Newtown White in an
or ph 0417 015130.                           Treasurer     Peta Hanley 0418 143816           evenly matched game, with Gold the
                                             Committee      Andrea Crosbie 5243 9952         eventual winners. Goal scorers for Gold
CHANGE TO BANK DETAILS                       Junior Teams Claire Barnes 0417 015130          were Lachie Hulme, Chris Billings and
Apologies to anyone who has been             Womens Teams Claire Barnes 0417                 Lochie Grauuwmans. For most players it
confused about the Club’s bank account.      015130                                          was their first run on the whole field at
The information given says Bank of           Men’s Teams David Fitzgerald 0411               Stead Park and they all enjoyed the
Melbourne, but this is no longer correct.    109395                                          experience and are looking forward to the
The correct bank is now Westpac, but the     Summer Teams Claire Barnes 0417                 rest of the season.
account details are the same.                015130                                          U13 Maroon vs Saints 12-0
FEES FOR 2010                                Property     Peter Bartlett 0418 376430         Good to be back for the new season on a
                                             Uniforms     Dianne Fitzgerald 5241 9354        glorious Autumn morning. A few groggy
There has been a change to the U11 fees      Publicity     David Wyld 0423 121161            legs were warmed up and we were
previously published for this year. As the   Sponsorship VOLUNTEER WANTED                    underway! A good game overall although
U10 and U11 teams will be playing in one     Fundraising Peter Stuart 5241 8836              the Saints were out-played and out-skilled
combined competition, the fees will be       Ground & buildings Peter Stuart 5241 8836       by a determined Newtown attack and
averaged. This means that some players
may now be in credit and some players        THANKS                                          defence. Great to see everyone having a
                                                                                             go with many goals in the first half, and
may need to pay an extra $10.                Many thanks to all those members who
                                                                                             some very tired legs slowing down in the
Fees for 2010 are                            have ‘volunteered’ to act as team
                                                                                             second. Great spirit of the game by the
•    Membership fee              $20         managers for this season. Your input is
                                                                                             Saints team and excellent skills by their
Plus playing fees                            vital for the successful organisation of our
                                                                                             goalie. Well done to both teams!
•    Joeys                      $25          teams, so we really appreciate your help.
                                                                                             U15 Maroon vs White 2-2
•    Minkey                     $70          MATCH REPORTS APRIL 17/18                       Some great passing up the middle of the
•     U10 / U11                 $80                                                          ground helped Maroon mount many
                                             Team managers are reminded to submit
•    U13                       $120                                                          attacks, however tight defence made it
                                             match reports by Wednesday evening to
•    U15                       $130                     difficult to score. 1 Nil to Maroon at half
•    U17                       $145          Minkey Gold vs Geelong                          time. White made a comeback, scoring 2
•    Senior student            $250          A good start to the season from Gold saw        goals to put them ahead, but a great team
•    Senior                    $300          good attack on the ball and great defence.      goal with the ball passed several times
•     Student playing senior & junior        Goal Scorers: Tom Hockley Samon 2,              allowed Stephanie Wilson to score, tying
     $330                                    Monique Chester 1. Encouraging to see           the match. Goal scorers: James Humphries
Fees may be paid in installments. See        good defence from Gold. Best Team               and Stephanie Wilson. Best Team Player
registration form for details.               Player: Monique Chester.                        Awards: Stephanie Wilson, Rebecca
Discounts will apply for fees paid by May    Minkey Maroon vs White                          Welsh, Andrew Pike.
30.                                          A fantastic game by both teams for the first    Womens Maroons vs Geelong
Junior teams (Minkey to U17)        $10      week of the season. Despite being a little      The Maroons took off to a strong start with
Senior teams                        $30      short of players, both teams showed that        3 quick goals against Geelong. Sound
Plus discount for 2nd & successive family    they were willing to get in and have a go.      positioning amongst the forwards saw play
member                    $10                The second half saw one of the best             in our half for the first half. The second half
Contact the Treasurer, Peta Hanley,          Minkey games seen for a first day for many      saw Geelong come back but sound
52439935 ( to          years. Great determination by Alex Adams,       defence from Andy Woodhead and Meg
discuss any other arrangements.              Maggie Dickson, Eryn Seaton and Luka            French squashed any of Geelong’s
                                             Steinwedel for White, with some excellent       attempts. A few more games under our belt
LEARN TO COMMUNICATE                                                                         will develop our match fitness. Well done
                                             tackling and passing. Maroon players also
Leisure Networks and Vicsport invite         showed great potential with Olivia              girls.
women who are involved in sport and          Chadwick, Max Elford, Rosie Maiden and          Women Gold vs Women White 1-1
recreation clubs to join a Professional      Austin Lee showing great teamwork. This         A great start to the season by both teams.
Development Workshops. The introductory      led to a number of attacks with some shots      Gold attacked often in the first half but good

                 Newtown City Hockey Club - Sponsored by Just Hockey,
defence by Meredith Shears, Meghan Kelly
and Nerida Thompson for White prevented
Gold from dominating. Gold showed good
teamwork with Jo Van Den Brouk, Laura
Radnay and Sarah Tan all doing well. Peta
Hanley was her usual damaging self,
creating many attacks and scored for Gold
in the first half. White fought back in the
second half, with some great chasing and
position by Lauren Smith, Bron Kelly and
Kellie Barnes and White gained soem
attacking ground. Meghan Kelly was able
to even the score with a goal late in the
half. Well done all.
Women 1 vs Geelong 0-9
Despite the score, Newtown played well
with some good teamwork and the team
shows great potential to improve.
Geelong’s forwards were very fast and
skilfull but Newtown’s defence never gave
up. Great effort and determination by
Astrid Dean, Andie Hatton, Kate Bryan and
Elena Hobson.

                 Newtown City Hockey Club - Sponsored by Just Hockey,

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