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Pre-congress final -


									     Precongress TOTAL

No country               Date    type of room     gender           name1
 1 Indonesia                13            superiorM Mr. Andrew              Laurent
 2 Indonesia                13            superiorF Ms. MELIANA             MELIANA
 3 Korea                 13,14            superiorM Sunho                   Park
 4 Korea                 13,14            superiorF Eunyeong                Jang
 5 Korea                 13,14            superiorM Dal Hyeon               Kim
 6 Korea                 13,14            superiorM Seon Hyeong             Bae
 7 Korea                 13,14            superiorF Jiyea                   Lee
 8 Korea                 13,14            superiorM Seung Seok              Woo
 9 Korea                 13,14            superiorM SungKyoon               Kang
10 Korea                 13,14            superiorF YOON JEUNG              JANG
11 Korea                 13,14            superiorM WonSik                  Nam
12 Korea                 13,14            superiorM SUNGDONG                OH
13 Korea                 13,14            superiorM Younghoon               Jeong
14 Korea                 13,14            superiorF Jong Wha                Won
15 Malay                 13,14            superiorF Davina Li Zhen          Peh
16 Japan - AUS              14            superiorF Seo                     Jihyun
17 Taiwan                   14             deluxe M 鄭家典 Cheng Chia-Dan
18 Taiwan                   14             deluxe M 林君諺 Lin Chun-Yen
19 Taiwan                   14             deluxe M 林建仰 Lin Chien-Yang

20 Taiwan                  14            deluxe M 廖育緯 Liao Yu-Wei
21   Taiwan                14             deluxe F   陳怡伶 Chen Yi-Ling
22   Taiwan                14             deluxe F   趙妍晴 ChaoYen-Ching
23   Taiwan                14            superiorF   吳育嫺 Wu Yu-Hsien
24   Taiwan                14            superiorF   林宜璇 Lin Yi-Hsuan
25   Taiwan                14            superiorM   蕭博元 Hsiao Po-Yuan
26   Taiwan                14            superiorM   姜昱至 Chiang Yu-Chih
27   Taiwan                14            superiorM   呂立心 Lu Li-Hsin
28   Taiwan                14            superiorM   郭忠維 Kuo Chung-Wei
29   Taiwan                14            superiorF   羅卓鈺 Lo Cho-Yu
30   Taiwan                14            superiorF   余珮璇 Yu Pei Shiuan
31   Taiwan                14            superiorM   郭俊甫 Kuo Chun-Fu
32   Taiwan                14            superiorM   蔡東霖 Tsai Tung-Lin
33   Taiwan                14            superiorF   陳姿蓉 Chen Tzu-Jung
34   Taiwan                14            superiorF   黃湘翎 Huang Hsiang-Ling
35   Taiwan                14            superiorF   張瑋芯 Chang Wei-Hsin
36   Taiwan                14            superiorF   廖頤萱 Liao Yi-Syuan
37   Taiwan                14            superiorF   許丹音 Hsu Dan-Yin
38   Taiwan                14            superiorF   陳柔伊 Chen Jou-Yi
39   Taiwan                14            superiorM   林良翰 Lin Liang-Han
40   Taiwan                14            superiorM   賴柏勳 LaI Bo-Xun
41   Taiwan                14            superiorM   陳倖元 Chen Hsin-Yuan
42   Taiwan                14            superiorM   黃煥元 Huang Huan-Yuan
43   Taiwan-Malay          14            superiorF   余宣慧 Yu Shan-Huey
44   Taiwan                14 single roomsuperiorM   胡瑋凡 Hu Wei-Fan
45   Indonesia             14            superiorF   Stephanie             Zabrina
46   Indonesia             14            superiorF   Thea                  Kirana
47   Indonesia   14   superiorF   jessica                caroline
48   Indonesia   14   superiorF   febia                  fahrodi
49   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Tania                  Taslim
50   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Nur Rachmatyaz         Sakinah
51   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Rivanti                Devina
52   Indonesia   14   superiorM   Deo                    Develas
53   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Adintya                 Kusumadewi
54   Indonesia   14   superiorM   meircurius             surboyo
55   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Tiara                  Antasari
56   Indonesia   14   superiorM   Prasiddha Mahardhika   El Fadhlallah
57   Indonesia   14   superiorM   Aga                    Nurachman
58   Indonesia   14   superiorF    Revina                Marpaung
59   Indonesia   14   superiorM   Andreas                Pratama Nugraha
60   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Astari                 Puteri
61   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Dian                   Sari
62   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Jessica                Santoso
63   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Diva                    Fitria
64   Indonesia   14   superiorF   NURMAIFAH              SUPARMAN
65   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Melisa                 Maria
66   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Mettasar               Wardoyo
67   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Rizka                   Kirana
68   Indonesia   14   superiorF   Ambar Nur              Ardilla
69   Indonesia   14   superiorF   RIANTI DEWI            PERTIWI
70   Malaysia    14   superiorM    Hon Yan Ding
71   Malaysia    14   superiorF    Nadzirah Hanis        Mohamed Munawar
72   Malaysia    14   superiorF   Nasiha Sakina          Ramzuzzaman
uni1                                   gender
                              personal code
Trisakti University           WR-0323 M Mr. Roy                      Saputra
unknown                       WR-0313 F Ms. Melly                    Sriwijayanti
Won Kwang University          KE-0187 M Kyung Tae                    Park
Won Kwang University          KE-0255 F Seolju                       Mun
Won Kwang University          KE-0256 M Taegyu                       Oh
Won Kwang University          KE-0260 M Hae-seong                    Yong
Won Kwang University          KE-0261 F Seung Hee                    Choi
Won Kwang University          KE-0264 M Seong Woo                    Seo
Won Kwang University          KE-0267 M Byungmin                     Kang
Won Kwang University          KE-0268 F Sojung                       Jeon
Won Kwang University          KE-0273 M Seong Ho                     Mun
Won Kwang University          KE-0277 M Seung Hwan                   Koo
Won Kwang University          KE-0281 M Kyeongtae                    song
unknown                       KR-0390 F Hye Jung                     Ha
Universiti Sains Malaysia     ME-0007 F Ee Jye                       Liau
unknown                       JR-0327 F Carla                        Morassi
National Defense Medical Center E-0215 M 劉致德 Liu Chih-Te
National Defense Medical Center E-0247 M 林子軒 Lin Tzu-Hsuan
National Defense Medical Center E-0240 M 朱耕甫 Chu Keng-Fu

National Defense Medical Center E-0232 M 陳奎元 Chen Kuei-Yuan
National Defense Medical Center E-0226
                              T          F   陳昱安 Chen Yu-An
National Defense Medical Center E-0197
                              T          F   曾芳儀 Tseng Feng-Yi
Taipei Medical University     TE-0278    F   蔡薰慧 Tsai Hsun-Hui
Kaohsiung Medical University TE-0245     F   林芸安 Lin Yun-An
Kaohsiung Medical University TE-0244     M   陳冠倫 Chen Kuan-Lun
National Taiwan University               M   陳彥良 Chen Yen-Liang
National Taiwan University    TE-0216    M   蘇政維 Su Cen-Wei
National Taiwan University    TE-0207    M   張詠翔 Chang Yung-Hsiang
National Taiwan University    TE-0209    F   羅蕙廷 Luo Hui Ting
National Taiwan University    TE-0199    F   趙依祈 Chao Yi-Chi
National Taiwan University    TE-0227    M   林承斌 Lin Cheng-Bin
National Taiwan University    TE-0193    M   鄭至為 Cheng Chih-Wei
National Taiwan University    TE-0228    F   郭佳育 Kuo Chia-Yu
National Taiwan University    TE-0218    F   江冠妤 Chiang Kuan-Yu
Kaohsiung Medical University TE-0231     F   林典芸 Lin Tien-Yun
Kaohsiung Medical University TE-0194     F   郭家琳 Kuo Chia-Lin
Kaohsiung Medical University TE-0248     F   詹文涵 Zhan Wen-Han
Kaohsiung Medical University TE-0239     F   雲婉芬 Yun Wan-Fen
Kaohsiung Medical University TE-0186     M   黃彥誠 Huang Yen-Cheng
Kaohsiung Medical University TE-0198     M   謝比赫 Heish Bi-Her
Taipei Medical University ??  TE-0233    M   黃廷暉 Huang Ting-hui
National Taiwan University ?? TE-0249    M   林翰威 Lin Han-Wei
National Taiwan University    TE-0185    F   Karen Voon kai rou
Kaohsiung Medical University TE-0217
University of Indonesia       IE-0003    F Jessica                   Anggono
University of Indonesia       IE-0011    F Astri                     Hapsari
        University of Indonesia          IE-0018 F ingrid           amelia
        University of Indonesia          IE-0020 F Agnes            Puspitasari
        University of Indonesia          IE-0014 F Ria              Hayuningtyas
        University of Indonesia          IE-0046 F Palmira          Mumpuni
        University of Indonesia          IE-0076 F Agustina         Karim
        Universitas Indonesia            IE-0127 M Mr. Andrew       Laurent
        Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry F Agrippine       Asaeli
        Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry M Muhammad        Dimas Ari
        Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry F Maria           Yuniaty
        Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry M Antonius        Arnando
        Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry M William         Suryajaya
        Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry F Diana Suryani   Djohan
        Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry M stanley         kamadjaja
        Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry F Atika           Rahmadina
        Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry F NOVIA           WIDASARI
        Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry F Melisa          Budipramana
        Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry F Khusnul         Khotimah
        Hasanuddin University Faculty of DentistryF NUR              INAYAH
                                         IE-0091 F alveolie
        Universitas Prof.Dr.Moestopo(Beragama) Jakarta,Indonesia    kusbianto
                                         IE-0093 F Rakhmawati
        Universitas Prof.Dr.Moestopo(Beragama) Jakarta,Indonesia    Caesaria
                                         IE-0121 F Sirtha Noo
        Universitas Prof.Dr.Moestopo(Beragama) Jakarta,Indonesia    Suci
                                         IE-0133 F Atika Caesar
        Universitas Prof.Dr.Moestopo(Beragama) Jakarta,Indonesia    Pamungkas
        unknown                          IE-0111 F astrid           anisar
        Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ME-0019 M BRIAN              ASEM
Mohamed Munawar                          ME-0107 F Ainul Basyirah   Samsurrijal
Ramzuzzaman                              ME-0114 F NURUL LYANA       ZAINOL
uni2                              personal code gender              name3
unknown                           WR-0322
unknown                           WR-0314
Won Kwang University              KE-0254
Won Kwang University              KE-0259
Won Kwang University              KE-0258
Won Kwang University              KE-0262
Won Kwang University              KE-0265
Won Kwang University              KE-0266
Won Kwang University              KE-0270
Won Kwang University              KE-0279       F      EunJin
Won Kwang University              KE-0274
Won Kwang University              KE-0280
Won Kwang University              KE-0283       M      Je Hyeok
unknown                           KR-0391
Universiti Sains Malaysia         ME-0035
James Cook University             AE-0179
National Defense Medical Center   TE-0204
National Defense Medical Center   TE-0236
National Defense Medical Center   TE-0203

National Defense Medical Center   TE-0290
National Defense Medical Center   TE-0190      F       蔡宜紋 Tsai Yi-Wen
National Defense Medical Center   TE-0222
Taipei Medical University         TE-0211      F       蔡孟君 Tsai Meng-Chun
Kaohsiung Medical University      TE-0241      F       朱怡瑾 Chu Yi-Chin
Kaohsiung Medical University      TE-0235
National Taiwan University        TP-0378
National Taiwan University        TE-0219
National Taiwan University        TE-0191
National Taiwan University        TE-0220      F       蔡昀蓉 Tsai Yun-Rong
National Taiwan University        TE-0212
National Taiwan University        TE-0224
National Taiwan University        TE-0213
National Taiwan University        TE-0242
National Taiwan University        TE-0221
Kaohsiung Medical University      TE-0202
Kaohsiung Medical University      TE-0206
Kaohsiung Medical University      TE-0223
Kaohsiung Medical University      TE-0192
Kaohsiung Medical University      TE-0237
Kaohsiung Medical University      TR-0371
Kaohsiung Medical University??    TE-0234      M       游元亨 Yu Yuan-Heng
National Yang-Ming University??   TE-0225
Universiti Sains Malaysia         ME-0010      F       Melissa Wei Lynn

University of Indonesia           IE-0005
University of Indonesia           IE-0012
University of Indonesia                             IE-0026
University of Indonesia                             IE-0022   F   Indira
University of Indonesia                             IE-0033
University of Indonesia                             IE-0071
University of Indonesia                             IE-0097
Trisakti University                                 WR-0323
Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry           IE-0042
Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry           IE-0044
Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry           IE-0073
Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry           IE-0070
Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry           IE-0080
Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry           IE-0137
Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry           IE-0138   M   Ray Wenseslaus
Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry           IE-0105
Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry           IE-0118
Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry           IE-0120
Airlangga University Faculty of Denitstry           IE-0131   F   Anis
Hasanuddin University Faculty of Dentistry          IE-0049   F   Hijrah
Universitas Prof.Dr.Moestopo(Beragama) Jakarta,Indonesia      F   Evie
Universitas Prof.Dr.Moestopo(Beragama) Jakarta,Indonesia
Universitas Prof.Dr.Moestopo(Beragama) Jakarta,Indonesia
Universitas Prof.Dr.Moestopo(Beragama) Jakarta,Indonesia      F   Azalia Citra
unknown                                             IE-0117
       name3              uni3                              personal code

                   Kwak   Won Kwang University              WE-0288

                   Park   unknown                           WE-0291

                          National Defense Medical Center   TE-0289

君 Tsai Meng-Chun          Taipei Medical University         TE-0195
                          Kaohsiung Medical University      TE-0251

                          National Taiwan University        WP-0379 คนเดียวกับ WP-0401

                          Taipei Medical University         TE-0188

                   Yap                                      ME-0079
SumendapUniversity of Indonesia                  IE-0027

Moniaga Airlangga University Faculty of DenitstryIE-0160

Irmawati Airlangga University Faculty of DenitstryIE-0177
Pratiwi Hasanuddin University Faculty of DentistryIE-0090
Pakpahan bachelor of dental surgery               IP-0088

Santoso   Hang Tuah University                   IE-0165

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