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					1st Asquith Scout Group
  Annual Report 2010 – 2011

        Asquith Scouts
         Meeting Hall
  43 Lords Ave, Asquith 2077
                                     Asquith Scout Group Annual Report 2010 - 2011


Chaimans Report     ………………………………………………………………………………                           3

Cub Report          ……………………………………………………………………………….                          5

Scout Report        ……………………………………………………………………………….                          7

Treasurers Report   ……………………………………………………………………………….                          8

Group Report        ……………………………………………………………………………….                          10

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                                                Asquith Scout Group Annual Report 2010 - 2011

Asquith Scout Group AGM May 2011

Parent committee chairman’ report

The purpose of the parents’ committee is to handle as much as possible of the Scout
Group’s operations so as to allow the leaders to focus on the kids.

We really need more parents to actively participate in monthly meetings, and to assist with
occasional tasks that inevitably arise.

A few key projects that need parent involvement:

      Fundraising – organisation, purchasing, setup and dismantling, and manning the tea
       and confectionary stall during Gang Show week evenings.
      Additional leaders – we are constrained in the number of members, and our overall
       resources, by our limited number of trained and certified Scout and Cub leaders. We
       need to spread the word and recruit new parents and others in the wider community
       who may be willing to become leaders. It would also be good to resume a Joeys
       group. (For the kids still too young to join cubs.)
      Routine Scout Hall maintenance – we’re always needing to fix the occasional light
       fitting, tap fixture, broken windows, and we’re also experiencing a serious chronic
       graffiti problem at present now that various groups of delinquent kids have
       apparently taken up frequent residence on the Scout Hall veranda. We have a
       veranda pole that needs to be replaced at the moment.
      Longer term we will need to replace some capital items like tent equipment, which
       will require additional fundraising.
      Unusual problems occasionally arise which should be handled by parents rather than
       left to leaders, who are already investing very substantial personal time with our
       kids. At the moment we have an impending tree hazard that’s recently arisen in the
       car park area with all our large standing trees simultaneously dead or dying. We are
       hopeful that this situation might be resolved shortly at low cost to the Scout Group,
       possibly with the assistance of Hornsby Council, the SES, and local tree services

Much of the parents’ committee responsibilities have been borne for some years by Colin
Thom in the role of treasurer. While all members of the parents committee, including Colin,
are willing to continue for 2011 we need do additional parents, particularly cub parents, to
offer to participate and take on official committee positions or associate positions. All
parents are automatically committee members of the Scout Group – although 4 of the
official roles are confirmed to the Scout Association at the AGM. (Treasurer, Secretary, and
2 Trustees.) All parent involvement is welcome. A new fundraising coordinator would be
particularly useful. And a committee chairman. A cub parent who’s willing to familiarise with

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                                               Asquith Scout Group Annual Report 2010 - 2011

the Group’s bookkeeping and cash transactions would also be useful to take over from Colin
in future years.

Parent committee meetings are held at the Scout Hall at 8:00 pm on the 3 rd Thursday of
each month. It normally takes an hour to have a chat and review what needs to be done.
Any parent is welcome to attend. It’s a good way to get to know other parents and leaders
and what’s going on in the Group.

On behalf of all youth member parents I wish to thank our Cub and Scout Leaders,
assistants, and our new Group Leader and immediate past Group Leader for their immense
personal time commitment and contributions to our kids’ experiences. And also thanks to
those who have undertaken official committee roles, particularly Colin Thom as treasurer
and Joanne Pierce as fundraiser organiser.

Pete Hanley

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                                                     Asquith Scout Group Annual Report 2010 - 2011

                                Cub Pack Report 2010/2011

At the last AGM the cub pack was being run by a group of five leaders: Martin and Liz Paul (associate
leaders), Reinoud and Mary Beijerinck (associate leaders), and Tegan Jardine (CSL). Over the past
year, both Mary and Liz have stepped back from their leading roles leaving the primary leaders being
Tegan, Reinoud and Martin.

Tegan Jardine has now also attained training at an AL2 level for leading cubs on camps. Over the last
year, Reinoud Beijerinck has also worked very hard on his BL2, BL3, and in-service training, which is
currently being submitted. Once this is processed the aim is for Reinoud to become 1 st Asquith
Pack's new Akela.

At the beginning of 2011, the pack has also seen Mary Conigrave decide to become a leader, coming
along to assist in our pack meetings. Mary is in the process of commencing her training and her
enthusiasm and new ideas are greatly welcomed by the existing leaders.

Asquith leaders continue to encourage parents to be involved in the pack and its activities, and are
always seeking new leaders and committee members.

Pack Numbers

At the beginning of 2010, 1st Asquith Cub Pack had 16 cubs.

Over the course of 2010 and into 2011:

6 cubs moved up to the scout troop

1 transferred to another pack closer to home

5 new chums joined

Currently, in May 2011 the pack has 14 active cubs (including 3 new chums to be invested at the
beginning of Term 2).


Currently, most of the finances for the cub pack are up to date, with the exception of some fees
which still require payment.

The Cub Pack has a substantial surplus in our account (over $800) which leaders aim to use in
subsidising some district events such as the Bowling Night, and also for the supplies we use with the
cubs at the hall.

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                                                      Asquith Scout Group Annual Report 2010 - 2011

                                         Activities 2010/2011

Special Activities / Events

Cuboree: 6 cubs from our pack, accompanied by 1 leader, participated in the 2011 Cuboree at
Cataract Scout Camp. Our cubs joined a few other packs in our district for the camp, with their group
led by Michael O'Neill from Hornsby Heights Cub Pack. They enjoyed days worth of fun activities,
including themes such as: Harry Potter (quidditch matches and wand making); Roman themed
(chariot races; archery); Australiana (metal work over a fire; candle making; Akela dunking); Caving
in concrete caves/tunnels; a giant water slide; and making their way through Challenge Valley. A
fantastic time was had by all who attended!

Cycling Day: A group of about 6 cubs and several parents enjoyed a day of bike riding along a track
near the Sphinx in Kuringai National Park, this also allowed cubs to attain their Level 1 Cycling Badge.

Group Camp: Some cubs and their families participated in the 2010 Group Camp at Kariong Scout
Camp, based around a “Survivor” theme.

ANZAC Day March: 6 cubs participated in the 2011 Anzac Day March through Hornsby.

JOTA/JOTI Day: Some cubs attended the JOTA weekend held at the Asquith Hall where they could
talk to other cubs and scouts from over Australia and internationally via the internet and radio set

Regular Pack Meetings

Highlights include:

       Bike night – we enjoyed having a staff member from the Hornsby Cycling Shop come to
        teach the cubs about bike safety, maintenance and run some fun activities.
       Night Bushwalk from Mt Ku-ring-gai to Apple Tree Bay
       Japanese Culture night
       Weather night – cubs learnt about how the weather works through a series of games and
       Indoor Sailing night – where cubs made their own sailing boats to race down channels of
       Sydney Wildlife Night – representatives from Sydney Wildlife came to show us and teach us
        about some native animals. They also helped each of us to build possum drays for our
       Flight night
       Photography night
       Water Fight Night – a night of fun and games with water where no cub went home dry!

Badge Work – Badges Awarded

       7 green level cycling badges
       Green level engineering badge
       Pets badge
       Collectors badge

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                                                      Asquith Scout Group Annual Report 2010 - 2011

                    1st Asquith Scout Troop Report 2010-2011
The Scout Troop has had a busy year since the last AGM, having participated in or attended the
following activities:

       Scouthike 2010
       Swimming at Ryde pool
       Gang show
       Ten pin bowling
       Construction course
       Camp Kuringai overnight camp
       Jota/Joti
       1st Asquith Group Camp at Kariong Scout Camp
       Benowie District 2011 Easter Camp at Crosslands
       Gang Show
       Gliding at Camden
       Indoor Rock Climbing
       Shooting at Hornsby Rifle Range
       Slot Cars
       Visit to Waitara Venturers
       Zone 3
       Several Great North Walk hikes
       Basin Camp
       Hornsby Anzac Day March

This year has seen the number of Scouts in the troop increase to around 22 for the whole year. We
have also been able to now take girls back into the Troop and have enough for one patrol.

This year’s Easter Camp was a “Party” theme and was enjoyed by all although we had some wet and
rainy days as is usually the case!

We have been supported very strongly by the parents who helped many times throughout the year.
We thank you for that support as without your assistance it would be impossible for us to run many
of the activities.

We are very much in need of new leaders, especially a female leader, so if you feel that you might
like to experience and be more part of all the fun things that your Scouts undertake, similar to the
above activities, then don’t hesitate to offer your services as a leader. You will have a great time and
be rewarded by seeing the Scouts truly enjoying themselves and developing life skills before your

   Nemo                                     Minties

Kevin Jardine                          Kevin Goodwin

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                                                    Asquith Scout Group Annual Report 2010 - 2011

                                       Treasurer’s Report

          The Scout Association of Australia NSW Branch – Sydney North Region

        Annual Report for 1st Asquith Formation – Period Ended 31st December 2010

                                                  2010                              2009
Miscellaneous                                $          -                      $          -
Interest Received                            $       31.06                     $       28.53
Special Activities                           $    3,366.00                     $    9,380.00
Registration Fees                            $    4,302.00                     $    2,371.00
Hall Rent                                    $          -                      $          -
Fundraising                                  $    5,386.30                     $    4,914.05
Maintenance                                  $    2,383.20                     $    1,531.80
Joey Mob                                     $          -                      $          -
Cubs Pack                                    $      664.00                     $      441.20
Scout Troop                                  $      924.80                     $      580.00
Other / (Contra)                             $      170.00                     $          -
Total Income                                 $   17,227.36                     $   19,246.58

Miscellaneous                                $      421.00                     $      284.00
Bank Charges                                 $       2.50                      $          -
Special Activities                           $    3,308.20                     $    8,861.11
Registration Fees                            $    3,814.00                     $    3,965.00
Electricity, Rates, Insurance                $    2,941.81                     $    2,822.89
Fundraising                                  $    3,141.17                     $    3,082.72
Major Equipment                              $          -                      $          -
Repairs/Maintenance                          $      536.60                     $      388.30
Leaders Cost                                 $      491.09                     $      580.00
Joey Mob                                     $          -                      $          -
Cub Pack                                     $      438.39                     $      275.11
Scout Troop                                  $    1,097.72                     $      396.18
Other / (Contra)                             $      116.00                     $       72.46
Total Expenditure                            $   16,308.48                     $   20,727.77

Cash Surplus/Deficit                         $     918.88                      $    (1,481.19)

Cash Book Balance
Balance Brought forward 1/1/10               $    6,057.23
Net Surplus / deficit for the period         $      918.88
Balance carried forward 1/1/11               $    6,976.11

Account Breakup                                   2010                              2009
Committee Funds                              $    5,345.97                     $    4,537.58
Special Activities                           $      507.59                     $      394.79
Jamboree Fund                                $           -                     $        55.00
Joey Mob                                     $       (56.89)                   $       (56.89)
Cub Pack                                     $      879.66                     $      654.05
Scout Troop                                  $      299.78                     $      472.70

Total                                        $    6,976.11                     $    6,057.23

Fundraising Profit                           $    2,245.13                     $    1,831.33

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                                                          Asquith Scout Group Annual Report 2010 - 2011

The 1 Asquith Group Formation is in a reasonably good financial position. After many years of Cash Deficits,
the Group has finally made a modest Cash Surplus in 2010, mainly due to better compliance with the collection of
registration and term fees, plus significant help from fundraising.

Most of the revenue from fundraising is from the sale of drinks and snacks at the Gang Show in July 2010. This
fundraising activity is absolutely essential for the Group in meeting the year’s running costs and keeping its
financial position above water. Many thanks to all the volunteers who have helped run the stall.

Colin Thom – Treasurer

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                                                    Asquith Scout Group Annual Report 2010 - 2011

                           1st Asquith Scout Group 2010-2011
The 1st Asquith Scout Group from the reports by the Chairman, Cubs, Scouts and the
Treasurer is in a good position both with youth numbers and financially.

Cubs and Scouts
There have been a number of youth activities throughout the year in both Cubs and Scouts.
These activities and the weekly meetings can only happen with the time and effort put in by
all the Leaders and assistance from Parents.

The Asquith Joey Section is still in recess. There is a hope that it will restart this year.

Scout Hall
The Scout hall is in good repair.
There was a working bee was held at the hall on Saturday 9/4/11. It was very poorly
attended, only 3 parents helped who were not committee members or Leaders. However
the following jobs were completed, the car park had road base spread out to improve the
car park, a new hole dug for a removable flag pole, the deck railing was repaired after
vandalism and graffiti removed from around the hall.
There has also been minor vandalism occurring regularly in the past 12 months. The two
large toilet windows were broken by rocks and had to be replaced at a significant cost to the
Group. The balcony had a number of the wooden slats kicked out that were replaced at the
working bee. Graffiti in the balcony area is regularly painted out and the graffiti on the
brickwork was removed during the working bee.
The flagpole at the front of the building has fallen and it has been decided to replace it with
a removable flagpole.
There are still a number of minor repairs needed around the hall.

Scouting Equipment
Scouts and Cubs use a large variety of equipment for activities. Most of this equipment is
showing some signs of age but is still in a reasonable usable condition.
During the year there was a large donation of rope by Hornsby SES which will be put to good

The Group Committee meets every month on the 3rd Thursday at 8pm. The committee
makes a quorum each month. Long standing members of the committee Peter Turrin and
Phillip Sands are both finishing this AGM after serving as Trustees. There are 2 parents who

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                                                 Asquith Scout Group Annual Report 2010 - 2011

have already volunteered to fill these positions. But the committee is in need of more
parents to take an active role to make the Scouting at Asquith more enjoyable for the youth.

Asquith Scout Group has been fortunate to have several long term Scout Leaders. Scout
Leaders are volunteers who donate their spare time to scouting. Eleanor Sands finished as
Group Leader during the year and has kindly volunteered to stay on an extra year as an
Assistant Group Leader.
The current Group Leader is Kevin Goodwin. This has left the Scouts with only one Scout
Leader Kevin Jardine.
To provide a good quality program more Scout Leaders are needed.

Congratulations to Eleanor Sands for being awarded a silver emu the 3 rd highest scouting
award in Australia.
Colin Thom received a 3 year service badge in recognition of his service on the committee as
as treasurer, thank you Colin.

Thank you
To our current committee members, Peter Hanley, Colin Thom, Peter Turrin, Phillip Sands,
Peter Conigrave and Joanne Pierce. Thank you for your efforts in helping the Group.
To our leaders, Eleanor Sands, Kevin Jardine, Reinoud Beijerinck, Tegan Jardine, Martin Paul,
Mary Beijerinck and Mary Conigrave. Thank you for the time you volunteer to provide an
interesting scouting program.
To parents who have helped at meetings, camps, activities, the working bee and
transporting youth to activities. Your help has been noticed and appreciated.
Thanks to Andrew Farmer for the work he does administering the Asquith Scouts website.
The Group also wishes to thank Hornsby Scout Fellowship for the $500.00 donation.

Kevin Goodwin
Group Leader

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