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•   News Hounds Needed for Plan-It stories                            •   Postcards from the edge - Williams Tower report
•   Possible flow reversal - precipitation chances on the rise        •   Upcoming Events
•   DC-3 and Electra up today, Twin Otter & G-1 tomorrow              •   Thoughts for the day

The Daily Plan-it
                                                                                                                     The TexAQS 2000
                                                                                                                     Field Study Newsletter
                                                                                                                             Issue 6
                                                                                                                       August 20, 2000

                                   A View from Williams Tower - Latest Downtown Happenings
                                               light west-southwest wind in the                     probabilities    for  clouds          and
                                               morning backing around to the south-                 precipitation   for tomorrow          and
Reporters Needed                               southeast by late morning/early                      Tuesday.
                                               afternoon. Ozone hot spots under
   As Editor of the Daily Plan-It it is        these conditions should be around the                Electra N308D
my privilege to assemble new and               ship channel.
exciting news-you-can-use items for                                                                     Following a hard down day
                                                  The continental cool front to the                 yesterday, the NOAA/NCAR Electra
our scientists and other folks who             east has withered away and a high-
wonder what we’re up to here in                                                                     is flying this evening beginning at 5:00
                                               pressure ridge has formed across the                 PM and ending at 10:00 PM
Houston. However, I cannot even                south from the South Carolina coast all
hope to do a good job without your             the way to east Texas. Our dew                          The flight plans call for a day-into-
help - in the form of written news             points are climbing and bring increased              night tracking of the Houston plume
items, pictures, personal                                                                                    to the north and east of the
interest stories, restaurant                                                                                 Houston area.
reviews, etc.
   Today we are indebted to                                                                                  G-1 N701BN
the Williams Tower Crew -
                                                                                                                The G-1 crew is enjoying
particularly Carl Berkowitz
                                                                                                             a well-deserved “hard” down
and Chet Spicer - for taking
                                                                                                             day today.
the time to let us know a little
bit about what’s happening at                                                                                    Initial    results     from
their     impressive     high-                                                                               yesterday’s flight are quite
elevation sampling site.                                                                                     interesting. The DOE G-1
                                                                                                             left Ellington at about 2:20
Tomorrow’s Weather                                                                                           PM for an 2.75 hour flight to
                                                                                                             characterize the Houston
   According to the weather                                                                                  plume. Flying at 1500 feet
forecasters,      tomorrows                                                                                  msl, the G-1 flew two-thirds
weather should be much the                                                                                   circular patterns (southwest to
same     as    today      with                                                                               northeast)      around       the
somewhat higher winds aloft                                                                                  Houston downtown area at
and lighter surface winds -                                                                                  15, 20, and 30 mile distances.
bringing the possibility of a                                                                                Background ozone ranged
flow reversal situation over                                                                                 from 85 to 100 ppb with the
Galveston Bay.         Surface                Image provided by David Allen, based on work of                highest     levels     occurring
temperatures           should             Dr. ChristineWiedinmyer (Ph.D. Universityof Texas 1999)            northeast of the city in the
moderate a bit (95o F) with                                                                                  urban area plume. The 15
mile circle yielded a maximum ozone                Today, another urban plume                         Tower Team,” setting up shop on the
of 175 ppbv, the 20 mile circle yielded        mission is being done by the DC-3                      62nd floor of the Williams Tower in
200 ppbv, and 165 for the 30 mile              and the intrepid NOAA-ETL Lidar                        the Galleria area of uptown Houston.
circle. The location and pattern of            crew. The flight pattern consists of                   Working in air-conditioned comfort at
these maxima were consistent with              multiple E-W transects starting about                  a height of approximately 900 feet
contemporaneous surface level ozone            20 nautical miles south of Houston and                 above ground level, they've set up 20
readings at Mont Belvieu (146 ppbv             the ship channel and extending well to                 instruments sampling 24-hours a day, 7
hourly average), Aldine (124 ppbv),            the north and east of the Houston                      days a week. Key to the successful
and Conroe (121 ppbv). Carbon                  metro area. The pattern will be flown start up of the site has been the Hines
monoxide levels remained in the high           twice. The nominal flight level is                     Management Corporation, which has
200’s to low 300’s for the entire flight.      10500 feet msl. Takeoff was at 12:00                   provided outstanding support.
    A morning and afternoon flight are         PM and the duration of the flight will
                                                                                                          This skyscraper site makes several
planned for the G-1 on Monday                  be 5-6 hours.
                                                                                                      important contributions to TexAQS
August, 21. The morning flight will                                                                   2000. First, a rather complete suite of
have a 10:00 takeoff with sampling              Twin Otter N153BU
                                                                                                      gas and aerosol measurements taken
concentrated to the south and west of
Ellington including several traverses              The Twin Otter crew is enjoying a here will be used to characterize the
                                               well-deserved “hard” down day today.                   Houston air west of the major
over Galveston Bay and the ship                                                                       emission sources.         The elevated
channel. The G-1 will also pass by the             Tomorrow, conditions willing, they                 measurement site also contribute to
Williams Tower and cross the I-10              will fly two bay breeze characterization               studies of air chemistry above and
corridor. Profiles will be done over           flights - one in the morning to                        within the nocturnal boundary layer.
the Bay and over land. The expected            characterize inflow and one in the                     Finally, the measurements will be used
flight duration is 2:45 hours. The             afternoon to characterize flow reversal.               in the analysis of the role of regional
afternoon      flight                                                                                                      scale    transport
(pending            a                                                                                                      during
favorable up-to-                                                                                                           meteorological
date        weather                                                                                                        periods associated
report) will start as                                                                                                      with        strong
soon as the flight                                                                                                         advection.
attendants        can
replace the snacks,                                                                                                            The        Tall
fluff the pillows                                                                                                          Tower Team has
and make sure that                                                                                                         filled two rooms
the magazines are                                                                                                          at the tower. The
all current.      We                                                                                                       small north room
expect that takeoff                                                                                                        contains primarily
will be about 2:30                                                                                                         gas-phase
PM.      The flight                                                                                                        instruments being
pattern will be                                                                                                            operated under
similar to that run                                                                                                        the watchful eye
on         Saturday,                                                                                                       of Chet Spicer
August 18th and                                                                                                            and his colleagues
will include two-                                                                                                          from Battelle and
third arcs around
                            Showing the rugged working conditions of scientists at the tall tower site. Standing in air    Pacific Northwest
                           conditioned comfort are (from left to right): Carl Berkowitz (PNNL), Alex Laskin (PNNL),
Houston                   Barbara Hillery (SUNY/Old Westbury), Chet Spicer (Battelle), Dan Imre (BNL), Judy Lloyd          National
International                     (SUNY/Old Westbury), Alla Zelenyuk (BNL), Rob Disselkamp (PNNL) and                      Laboratory
                                                            Tom Cahill (UC/Davis).
designed to capture                                                                                                        (PNNL).        Key
the plumes from the urban area and                                                                    measurements include O3, NO/NOY,
                                                Williams Tower                                        PAN, SO2, CO, CH2O, HNO3,
ship channel.
                                                                                                      HONO, temperature and moisture.
                                                   As part of TexAQS 2000, scientists
 DC-3 N56KS                                                                                           Asked about observations made
                                               from six research organizations have                   during the first few days of operation,
                                               banded together to form “The Tall
Chet told Daily Plan-it reporters that      Daily Plan-it makes its way to             Science Overview Meeting -
peak ozone levels have been in the 60-      newsstands across the country.             Tuesday, August 22nd - 8:00 PM
70 ppb range, formaldehyde in the 10-                                                  (Ellington, CapRock Building)
                                               Judy Lloyd (State University of
12 ppb range, PAN 1.0-1.5, and NOY
                                            New York at Old Westbury) is making        Media Day - Thursday, August 24th -
up to 50 ppb. There's been little
                                            peroxide measurements at the tower;        2:00 PM (Ellington, Southwest
evidence that the site has been
                                            Paul Doskey, Heather Price and Jeff        Services)
decoupled from the surface at night
                                            Gaffney (from Argonne National
during the first few nights of the study.                                              VIP Day - Wednesday, August 30th
                                            Laboratory) are measuring VOCs,
                                                                                       (Ellington, Southwest Services)
   Scientists in the south room are         NO2 and PAN; and Karsten Baumann
focusing       more       on     aerosol    and Danny DiPasquale have their
                                                                                       The Garrulous Gourmet -
characterization. Alex Laskin (PNNL)        TEOMS/ozone system up and
is deploying a new aerosol collector        running. But for some reason, these        Jason’s Delicatessen
system that has a time resolution on the    scientists have not yet had a chance to
order of minutes.         The collected     look at their data. Our reporters have        If you haven’t yet had the pleasure,
samples will be analyzed back at            determined that this could this be         please give Jason’s Deli - on Bay Area
PNNL using scanning electron                because they are splitting their time      Boulevard between Galveston and I45
microscopy with energy dispersed X-         between the skyscraper, the G-1, Deer      - a try real soon. An excellent selection
ray analysis and time of flight             Park, La Porte, Rice University and        of all kinds of Deli food that should
secondary         ionization       mass     (most significantly) Houston traffic.      please all but the most discriminating
spectrometer, among other techniques.                                                  palate - I’d not take Lenny Newman
                                               Last, and possibly least, visitors      there, for example - but the rest of us
In an exclusive interview with the Daily
                                            should look around for the official        should enjoy it just fine.
Plan-it, Alex said that preliminary
                                            TexAQS 2000 pendulum, which
results from a LASAIR counter                                                             Real value, too. They have a no-fat
                                            provides a quantitative measurement
suggest that 0.1 to 0.5 micron aerosols                                                Turkey Rueben that’s pretty tasty and
                                            of building sway. When asked to
increase throughout the afternoon,                                                     comes with some fruit salad to boot
                                            comment on peak values of sway, one
followed by an abrupt fall-off after                                                   for only $4.95 plus tax. Those allowed
                                            distinguished scientist replied “Oh, I
sunset. The opposite pattern was                                                       more tasty, higher fat fare have sung its
                                            donno....couple or three inches. You
observed in particles between 0.5 to 2                                                 praises as well. Eat there and as a
                                            can sure feel it rock'n rollin' when the
microns.                                                                               bonus you can get free frozen yogurt
                                            winds come up, though.”
   The       Brookhaven         National                                               as well. Hard to beat a deal like that!
                                               Call Carl (713 850-7180) or Chet        Three and one half (out of four) stars.
Laboratory single particle time of flight
                                            (713 850-7189) to book your own
mass     spectrometer       is    quickly
                                            personal tour.
recovering from its rocky ride from
Long Island thanks to the efforts of                                                   Thoughts for the Day
                                            Upcoming Events
Alla Zelenyuk, Barbara Hillery, and                                                    “The opposite of a correct statement is
Dan Imre. Single particle size and          Aerosol Group Meeting - Every              a false statement. The opposite of a
composition data should be available        Tuesday at 2:00 PM (Ellington,             profound truth may well be another
by press time. BNL scientists Fred          CapRock Building)                          profound truth.”
Brechtel and Gintautas Buzorius also
expect their Scanning Electrical            LaPorte Team Meeting - Every               - Niels Bohr (1885-1962)
Mobility     (SEM)      Particle     Size   Tuesday at 3:00 PM (Ellington,
                                            CapRock Building)                          “The graveyards         are    full   of
Distribution system to be fully                                                        indispensable men.”
operational by the time this issue of the
                                                                                       - Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970)

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