Apple iPhone 4S – Is It worth It?

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					                Apple iPhone 4S – Is It worth It?
So here comes the successor of iPhone 4. It has been named iPhone 4S
by the manufacturers. Contrary to what many people believe, it is not
called Apple iPhone 5. The sales have already started in many parts of
the world. This article will provide you a brief insight on various
changes that Apple has introduced in the latest version of iPhone.

Look and appearance are always important in a phone. You might not
like it but the looks of iPhone 4S is almost the similar to its previous
version. However, in its current form, it still looks very nice. A change
has been made to the antennas. Now there is no more tension of the poor
reception problems. The antenna given in iPhone 4S is revised and has
been split into two. This is done to ensure better receptions to send and
receive the data without compromising on the speed.

The 3.5 inch display is simply spectacular. Some people might complain
that many other handsets of this range features a 4.3 inch screen, still the
960 x 640 pixel retina display is worth watching. The only problem in
the view is that you may not feel as good as you should have when you
watch high resolution images or text. However, the plus point is that
smaller screen implies a smaller casing, thereby making your handset
easier to carry.
The most noticeable change that you will find in 4S is the all new A5
dual core processor. This processor is derived from the Apple iPad 2. It
has drastically increased the graphics performance as well as the
processor speed to several times. This processor makes Apple iPhone 4S
a tough competitor to Motorola Atrix, HTC Sensation as well as
Samsung Galaxy S2.Also, for heavy users of the phone the good news is
that Apple has combined the CDMA as well as GSM technologies in
this phone. This is basically done to streamline the manufacturing. The
phone owners can proudly switch the network, without the need of
changing the handsets. As of now the 4G technology is not into picture,
however the company believes that this device will meet all the
requirements of 4G.

Within few days of its launch, this great Apple product has received
mixed views and opinions from the public. We have to wait sometime,
to see how it fares in the market.

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