Showing Who is the Winner - Compared To The First And Second Release Of Tablets

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					        Showing Who is the Winner - Compared To The First And Second Release Of Tablets

        We don't yet know for sure, but based on the teasing image accompanying media invitations
to an Apple press event later this week, all signs suggest that the iPad 2 will be unveiled officially.
Rivals are aggressively trying to compete with the Apple tablet, but the iPad 2 already has other
tablets beat and it's not even a reality yet.

       The competition is going larger as time goes by, and other company looking at the ipad 2 as
the mid-life of the product which is slowly evolving. These rivals are aggressively trying to put the
iPad 2 as the underdog of the competition with the tablet release, but in reality it was already
proven that they are already beaten by Apple’s iPad 2.

       Most of the results that are given by anonymous and well known journalist are about specs,
size and weight, resolution and display, the processor, memory that can be upgraded, and storage
capacity, the types of ports available, whether or not it has a camera or two, and so on. The
comparison of the iPad tablets with the other company’s tablet will lack.

        The iPad 2 may not rise entirely on the other tablets completely but majority it only shows
that other company’s tablet has no match with the iPad 2 and beat them. And Apple already show
why it was already been decided since the first time that the other tablets are release. Apple
basically just has to show up. Stated below are the reasons why the iPad 2 has the upper hand.

        It is easy to be number one when you create a new market and your device is the only one
available. But, no matter how or why it got there, the iPad has a virtual monopoly on the tablet
market and after a year major upgrade made happen that even they beat the first iPad still can’t
match the iPad 2. With that sort of dominance comes confidence that the tablet has third-party
support, and that it will not die a sudden death even if there are still tablets that are released after
the iPad 1.

        Tech gadgets often have bugs to work out, and mobile OS platforms have glitches as
well.but in just few months these flaws are already resolved. Apple has an advantage in that its
tablet platform has already had a chance to prove itself, and go through any initial growing pains.

        iOS which Apple provide for the iPad has exponentially more apps than rival mobile
platforms, and ,pre than much the Android can give. More importantly, there are thousands upon
thousands of apps that are written specifically to take advantage of the larger display and unique
aspects of the iPad. Even if they release the Android 3.0 "Honeycomb", there are still tablet-specific
Android apps that will work for the "Honeycomb" but compared with the iOS all of the applications
are working properly and a big volume of choices.

        The familiarity to the iPhone and iPod Touch application for example “iTunes and the Apple
App Store” of the user will definitely favor the iPad. That is because, why users will invest to another
tablet with different system to use that they can actually use iPad with them to use the same system
and applications that they are already familiar.

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