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									                                C O NTACT
     Eastbourne Primary School, Allambi Avenue, Rosebud West
     Phone: 59 86 4884         Fax: 59 86 1001                         e-mail:

TERM 2                                   ISSUE No. 10– 2010                                         24th June 2010

                 The school and the community in joint partnership for 3 decades –30 years young this year.

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing term 2 break. School resumes on Monday July 12 at 9:00 a.m.
Thanks to all the staff, parents, community members and students who have made this another successful
term at Eastbourne Primary School.

While somewhat sad, it is also with great joy we farewell Mrs Brooke Killeen (Sheedy) as she takes Family
Leave for the birth and care of her first child. Brooke will be replaced by Mrs. Janine Quail.
While on farewells, we also say ‘so long’ to the retiring Marg Stead. We wish Marg all the best after many
years at Eastbourne Primary School.

Community Hub
In early term 3, I am reliably informed that work will begin on stage 1 of the Community Hub. Sewerage
works for the estate to the south of the Hub will be completed over the term 2 school holidays. This
sewerage line, which the Hub will connect to, will run parallel on the east side of the parent car park and will
have the exit point at Allambi Avenue.
Total Constructions, produced the successful tender for stage 1 of the Hub and will level the site and begin
the building very shortly. Stage 2 of the Hub is currently in the design phase and will be built when stage 1 is
completed. This is a very exciting time for the Eastbourne Primary School community and surrounding
districts. Please be patient as some delays may occur at drop off and pick-up times whilst the works are in

Last Day Term 2—Friday 25th June
On the last day of term 2 students will be dismissed at 2:30 p.m. After School Care is available on this day
until 6:00 p.m.

Vacation Care
There are still some vacancies for the Holiday Program. If you are interested contact Kate on 0408 589 387

Rosebud Plaza
We are currently in a competition to collect as many receipts as possible from the Rosebud Plaza to win cash,
prizes and a Canteen Rescue. The information was handed out last week. All it requires you to do is bring in
the receipt from any Rosebud Plaza shop or from Safeway Rosebud West and put it in our collection box in
the office. This promotion lasts until June 27th. We are now second. A few extra dockets could make all the

Auction Night
On Friday August 20 there will be an Auction Night in the Recreation Centre. We are currently looking for
donations for this evening. If you can assist with a voucher or goods please contact the office or a Parents
and Friends Group member.
More information about the actual evening will be in coming next newsletter.

Stephen Wilkinson
      Fri 25th             End of Term 2—students dismissed at 2.30 pm

      Term 3               Commences Monday 12th July
      2—9 July             NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee) Week
      Mon 9th Aug          Ultranet PD for staff—no classes for students

                                STUDENT AWARD
  Student’s Name                              Room Number                Reason

  Chelsea                                     3                          For settling in well to her new school and
                                                                         making many new friends.
  Krishni                                     15                         For always being on task.

  Phoenix                                     15                         For a big improvement in his attitude to his
  Phoebe                                      13                         Phoebe is always working hard and with a
                                                                         positive attitude.
  April H.                                    8                          Always working hard and showing great
                                                                         improvement in reading.

  Aidyn T.                                    8                          He is a deep thinker and takes great pride in his
  Jaidyn                                      17                         For fantastic presentation in everything he
                                                                         does as well as being a reading megastar in the
                                                                         Lexile Cup.
  Maddison                                    5                          For settling in at Eastbourne and making new
  Jessica                                     7                          For concentrating and working with a positive
  Will                                        20                         For his positive attitude to school and the
                                                                         beautiful presentation of his work.

WANTED “plastic garden pots”. Any size—large or small.

Kitchen Garden Volunteers Wanted
Learn organic gardening methods while helping the Kitchen Garden Program.
Have the option of being involved directly with children or outside of classes.
Garden classes held on Mondays and Wednesdays.
For more information or come see our garden any Monday Morning
Contact Karl on 5986 4884

EPS Composting Worms for sale
Wholesale prices!!! $25 per 1000 Limited offer only.
Contact Karl on 5986 4884

  The cold and dark months of winter are the time when we spend more time indoors and turn up our
heating. It’s also the time when our energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions go sky high. Close off any
rooms that are not in use. Furniture can't feel the cold so why waste energy heating areas that you're not
  using. And don’t leave your heater running all night or while you’re out. Turn it off or install a timer .
                                             EMA 2ND INSTALMENTS
 Any families who are new to the school or who have recently received an eligible Centrelink pension/healthcare card
 will need to complete an application form for the second instalment of the Education Maintenance Allowance. Cards
 must be valid as of the 1st day of term 3 i.e. 12th July 2010.
 For those parents who have applied at the beginning of the year and are still
 eligible, it is not necessary to complete a new form.
 Applications for the second instalment close Friday 6th August 2010 and are available from the office.

Chaplain’s Chat:
I am excited to announce that next term, in addition to my two days at Eastbourne Primary, I will be beginning a position as
part-time chaplain at Rosebud Secondary College. The secondary college already has a strong chaplaincy program with
“Ziggy” as the full-time chaplain and I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to work alongside him. Part of the
appeal for me in taking this position is that I will be able to follow students through from their primary
school years, into their secondary schooling and I feel very positive about being able to be a link
between those two school communities.
Colleen Clayton
EPS Chaplain

Guess The Teacher (Baby) Competition
The overall winner was Amber of Room 13 who guessed the most correct names for the
 Teacher Baby photos. Well done Amber!
Congratulations to second place getters -Elizabeth -Rm. 8, Maddison-Rm. 9, Hollie-Rm. 14, Indi-Rm. 18
and Ella-Rm. 17.
Thank you to all the students who participated. Thank you to the staff members for contributing their
baby photos.

Auction Night 2010
Start putting aside spare coins for August 20th. Parents and Friends are busily gathering 100’s of
donations for a huge fundraising night which includes a Silent & Live Auction, door prizes, lucky chair
prizes, straw game and coin roll games . Cost will be $5 for the night which includes admission, table
seating and supper. This is an adult only event and BYO. Anyone who attended Eastbourne’s Auction Night
in 2007 will be similarly impressed by this year’s event.

Don’t forget - P & F meet 2nd & 4th Thurs of the month in the Multipurpose
room at 9am. Come and join us for a cuppa and chat about upcoming events. There
are toys for the preschoolers as well.
Contact Miranda (Rm 20) or Tanya (Rm 4) for more information.

                                             “RAISING AND UNDERSTANDING GIRLS”
                                  - A six week discussion group for parents of girls aged 10-14 -
Fun interactive sessions:
      To learn to build strong and supportive relationships with our girls—keeping ourselves relevant in their lives.
      To explore what is happening to our girls as they grow, learn and become aware of their place in our community.
      To assist as parents in building strong resilient young women who are independent.
      Other issues important to you.
Venue:         Hastings Primary School, 10-20 Hodgins Road, Hastings.
When:          Tuesday—10 am to 12 pm 20th July—24th August 2010 (6 weeks)
Contact:       Andrea Gerolemou or Lynette Norton on 59 719 444 or email OR
      to register. You will need to make your own childcare arrangements.           3
       Congratulations and Happy Birthday
          to the following students who
are celebrating birthdays over the next few weeks

 Riley                    26th
 Isabella                 27th
 Bethany                  27th
 Lucas                    29th
 Kristy                   30th

 Darcy                    1st
 Daniel                   2nd
 Nathan                   3rd
 Ella                     5th
 Brody                    5th
 Rylee                    5th
 Rhys                     6th
 Morgan                   7th
 Susie                    8th
 Joel                     8th
 Zarria                   9th
 Jakob                    10th
 Andre                    10th
 Kiara                    12th
 Haylie                   12th
 Dean                     13th
 Kieren                   14th
 Isabell                  15th
 Jessie                   17th
 Terence                  17th
 James                    17th
 Jayde                    18th
 Delphyne                 18th
 Alex                     21st
 Danika                   21st


Winter Lightning Premierships
Last week's WLP was held in good conditions on the Wednesday and not-so-good on the Thursday.

We had mixed results; most teams performing quite well. Our overall champions were girls Soccer. Held at Boneo,
this team put in quite a dominant performance and now have the right to play the winner of the Hastings District.

The Tballers were the unfortunate team to get drenched in a wintry rain blast that sent everyone running for cover.
Thanks to Mr.Gordon for his stoic performance.

Thanks to everyone involved - especially the 5/6 teachers who trained and organised their teams so the students
could have a great day of local sport - Mrs Jones, Mr Hornsby, Mrs Clements. Mrs Mackenzie and Mr Anderson
also put in a lot of effort prior to the event. A big thanks to my helpers Bossy and Courtney from RSC, and the Year
7 RSC boys that umpired so well and kept the soccer tournament moving.

Our group results were:-
    Big schools football - winners = Red Hill P.S
    Big schools boys Soccer - winners= Rye P.S
    Big schools girls soccer -winners= Eastbourne P.S
    Netball - (see separate report by Mrs Jones)
    Tball - washed out.

Grade 6 Cross over Sports Day
 There will be a meeting tomorrow for Gr 6's interested in football for girls, and Netball for boys. A local tournament
will be held on Wednesday July 21st. We normally have a footy day for the girls, but wish to add a netball day for
the boys this year.

Thanks everyone

Enjoy the holidays- keep fit.



                       Three Eastbourne Netball teams played at Truemans Rd in the Winter Lightning Premiership. The
                       Eastbourne Alligators played well all day with the help of Chloe’s mum Narelle. Rhiannon was happy
                       to score a goal as she does not usually play in that position.

                       Our Grade 5 team of Eastbourne Blazers had first spot in sight but were outplayed in the final by 2
                       goals. Thanks to Simone & Kaye for their help with the team.

                      The Eastbourne Cats were delighted when they won one of their games as many of these girls had
                      never played in a team before. Congratulations to Taleah and Jamie (our goalscorers), to Ebony who
                      did a great job in centre, to Shannon who felt ill all day but played on, and to Maddy, Kathryn and
                      Susie who were very competitive all over the court. These girls improved dramatically as the day
progressed, and some are now planning to play Netball out of school.

Well Done everyone for fantastic behaviour, sportsmanship and effort.

Mrs Jones


Bullying – Breaking the Cycle

As a follow up to the article I put in the CONTACT last month I am including in this edition the main methods we use at
Eastbourne to deal with bullying.

Remember that bullying is the repeated and deliberate targeting of another person to create a power imbalance
in favour of the perpetrator. Often an incident can appear as bullying but when you scratch below the surface it turns
out to be something less insidious. These incidents are none the less important to sort out as children often need
guidance in dealing with minor conflicts.

Recently I have dealt with many issues involving friends – children have had limited experience with ending a
relationship and so when they outgrow friends sometimes they become antagonistic towards each other – these
problems usually require ‘closure’ on the friendship. I have also dealt with children who have surprised themselves
when they have lashed out at a friend or peer and have feelings of regret, guilt, shock etc and don’t know how to cope.

The most common conflict I am encountering is when children get into a slinging match – by the time I intervene the
issue that started it is forgotten but like a feud the conflict continues.

There are so many reasons for child conflicts and they can seem worse because the players are not able to understand
their emotions and feelings or they do not possess the social skills to avoid conflict or break the cycle.

At Eastbourne we are committed to helping students experiencing any conflict issues – sometimes it involves simply
giving them the skills to build resilience by allowing them to put the issue in perspective and be able to deal with the
problem themselves. This is called strengthening the target.

But often we use the following interventions to help -

    RESTORATIVE PRACTICES – This was outlined last month and is becoming the most often used and is very
       affective. Restorative Practices can be used to help students sort out conflict and problems – it allows all
       involved to explain their point of view and is ‘solution focused’ rather than ‘problem saturated’. The offender
       reflects on his or her unacceptable behaviour and experiences a sense of remorse. This is followed by an
       agreed action to restore the damaged relationship. This is particularly effective when misunderstandings
       happen and both parties use inappropriate ways to deal with the issue (eg passive or aggressive). Children
       learn empathy and forgiveness and other social skills and feel they have a ‘voice’ that is being heard.

    METHOD OF SHARED CONCERN – this is also a non punitive approach and is used where the bullying is more
       ingrained. A facilitator or mediator works with the bully and the target individually. As the bully develops a
       greater understanding of the affect his or her actions is having an action plan is developed by the bully that is
       going to address the problem. This is time consuming as it requires much discussion and follow up but very
       effective in some cases.

    THE TRADITIONAL DISCIPLINARY APPROACH – This is the more punitive approach and is the one most of us
       believe is the most effective because it is the one we remember as children. Essentially it seeks to prevent
       bullying from continuing by imposing sanctions or punishments on the offender. Unfortunately this way does
       not allow for the relationship to be fixed and can even drive the offender to use retribution or become more
       covert and less detectable in their bullying. It also requires a high degree of surveillance which is realistically
       hard to maintain. This method, though still used, is usually a last resort.

It is important, however, to notify the school if you have a concern but remember there is always two sides to any
conflict and if we work together in partnership we can fix the problem.

Brett Pascoe

                                   EASTBOURNE PRIMARY SCHOOL BREAKFAST CLUB
                  Every Wednesday and Friday in the Multi Purpose room – 8am to 8:45am. All are welcome
             We Would like to acknowledge the generous support of the following businesses
          *Bakers Delight *True Blue Cafe * Illaroo St Milkbar * Waterfall Gully Bakery *The Peninsula Life Church
                                  Who are supporting this Wellbeing Program.

           The Breakfast Club is also supported by volunteers from the Peninsula Life Church.

                                   COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD
                                           The ROSEBUD SCOUT GROUP are
              looking for Boys and Girls between the age of 6 and 8 to join the fun and adventure of scouting.

                                             JOEY SCOUTS
                              OR JOEY MOB WILL BE STARTING IN TERM 3, 2010
Joey Scouts are boys and girls between 6-8 years of age. Joey’s provides an introduction to Scouting
through a wide range of activities aimed at helping them learn about themselves, nature, helping others and
finding fun in accordance with the Joey Scout theme “Helping Other People".

The activities are based on the natural sense of fun and enthusiasm of the age group and thus the training is
achieved largely through games, interaction in small groups and activities.

There will be a Joey information session held on Tuesday 22nd June at the Rosebud Scout Hall from 4.00pm.

Please come along and have some afternoon tea and see what Joeys is all about.

For more information on Joeys or the Rosebud Scout Group please contact our Group Leader:
Matt Sherry 0400 572 505.

Meeting times: Joeys Tuesday 4.00-5.00, Rosebud Scout Hall is located on the Rosebud Foreshore opposite 4 th Avenue.

                                                                                         NEW NETBALL SEASON

                                                                         1st game starts:         17th July (straight after holidays)
                  Parents Building Solutions
                                                                         Ages:                    8 yrs old—15 yrs old
             With Barbara Biggelaar and Lauren Duckett
                                                                                                  7 years old (Net, set, go)
        Ages and Stages of Child Development
                                                                         Registration:            Netball Club Rooms
                                                                                                  Truemans Road, Tootgarook

                                                                         When:                    Wednesday 23rd June at 4.00 pm
                                                                                                  Wednesday 14th July at 3.45 pm
                    Do you ever wonder :
         How do children grow and develop between                        Come along and join in the fun.
                 the ages of 5 and 12 years?                             Tootgarook Netball Committee
        What changes and challenges might I expect?                      Enquiries:  Kaye Young 0409 868 864
What strategies could I use to help my child through this stage?
  Come along and join us and other parents as we discuss
   information, ideas and strategies in a relaxed, friendly
             environment. Morning Tea provided.                           Please be advised that advertisements that appear in our
                                                                          newsletter are not necessarily endorsed by the Eastbourne
When:      Wednesday, 28 July 2010                                        School Council
Time:      9am – 11am
Where:     Eastbourne Primary School
           Allambi Ave
           Rosebud West
                                                                                                     Wishing you all a
           Multi Purpose Room
Cost:      Free but bookings are essential                                                          very happy and safe
           Child minding available                                                                        holiday
         To book or for further information please contact
                 Lauren Duckett on 0447 500 341


Enrol now for Term 3 Classes
All juniors receive a free tennis racquet on
payment of their first term of fees.

Classes will be run by local coach James
Plumridge under the guidance of Mark
Plumridge registered Tennis Australia
Club Professional Coach.

Coaching is also available for adults and
as private or semi private lessons

For enquiries regarding lesson times and
fees, etc. call Mark Plumridge on
0421971957 or 59865640.


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