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					                                  D U N G E O N                 C R A W L E R

RACES                                                        HUmANS

The following are the allied races of Ara, listed in order   Humans inhabit every facet of the world, ranging in size
of most common to least; humans, elves and dwarves.          and shape to ability and ambition. They are the wild
Each still holds secrets from the others, and they have a    cards, the averages and the extremes. As the worlds
basic understanding that each individual does not hold       most abundant and unpredictable of races, the Hu-
the same values as the main body. There are many dif-        mans always seem to have an uphill struggle in the
ferent races spread throughout the world of Ara, and         world around them; not to mention their own internal
many of those races have sub-races. The sub-races            fighting to contend with. There are many different sub-
exhibit extreme differences in culture, climate, habi-       races of humans in Ara, however, only four are available
tat, philosophy, appearance and behaviour from each          to the player; the Keldornans, Barbarians, Gypsies and
other that can not be easily overlooked. They could be       Azrahdii. Their societies range in possibilities, from
considered the same race if it were not for these super-     solitary to clans to tribes to great and vast civilizations.
ficial nuances.                                              They can be found anywhere due to their adaptability
                                                             and versatility, where most other races are more at-
To begin, only Human, Elf or Dwarf characters should         tuned to specific habitats.
be used. Getting to use other races should be earned.
                                                             Human sub-races are not limited to these four only,
                                                             many others exist on Ara, such as; the savages of the
                                                             Wastelands, the northmen of Vahlla beyond the Far-
                                                             coast, the highlanders of Glasvod, the cannibals of the
                                                             jungles of Kharim and the empirical dreadlanders that
                                                             have spread over Aerymohr.

                                                             The Humans following here are stout enemies of the
                                                             Horde, which includes, but are not limited to; orcs,
                                                             trolls, goblins and ogres. They are part of an Alliance of
                                                             Humans, Elves and Dwarves.

                                                             A human is the basis of a bipedal creature in Dungeon
                                                             Crawler, they range anywhere from 3’ tall to 7’ on aver-
                                                             age. Their weight ranges accordingly. Hair colour in-
                                                             cludes; black, brown, blonde, auburn, grey and white
                                                             variations. Their eyes are brown, blue, green and grey
                                              D U N G E O N                C R A W L E R

            variations. Their age base is 80. On average they stand     include; Warrior, Mercenary, Cleric and Wizard. It is rare
            between 5’ and 6 ½’ tall and with a solid build weighing    for them to take on the Necromancer or Enchanter
            around 140-200lbs.                                          classes. Their favoured weapons include; long sword,
                                                                        crossbow, spear and short sword.
                                                                        They have tamed many animals and beasts, but cats,
            Long ago the Keldornans wandered the land from the          and dogs remain their most frequent pets and horses
            north and settled in the grasslands. Eventually they        hold as their favoured mounts, however, the King has
            came together under one banner, the banner of King          acquired some Wind Drakes for a special cavalry unit in
            Aarad Keldorn, its red eagle spread across a white field.   his army.
            Later, for their citadel, a golden triangular shield was
            added behind the eagle. Their King was the last to sur-     Most Keldornans pursue career over conquest, whether
            vive a long and bloody battle with a marauding Orcish       that be herbalism, farming, ranching, martial or schol-
            Horde calling themselves the Black Tusk. The Horde          arly pursuits. Many are open minded and have accom-
            consisted of forty Orcish clans and a mix of various        plished the seemingly impossible, such as taming Wind
            horde creatures. Not long after the city gathered in his    Drakes or negotiating with the Horde.
            name and the grasslands fell to their protection.
                                                                        They speak Keldornan and Trade languages. Their
            Most Keldornans are fair haired and blue eyed. Keldor-      names usually contain hard K’s or C’s. Their sirnames
            nan villagers dress in white, browns, and blues. The        follow suit, and sometimes seem interchangeable.
            Kings colours are red, silver and white. However, due
            to the wide range of organizations there is very little
            uniformity between its peoples. Their clothing is more
            form fitting and heavier that the Azhradii, however they    The Barbarians that live in the Icecrest Mountains, Deep
            do dress in layers such as cloaks or capes.                 Marsh, the Forest of Tears or the wilds of the world.
                                                                        They are remnants of a day gone by. This strong and
            Keldornans favour SP for their bonus stat. Faith is where   proud race holds with their traditions stemming from

            the heart of Keldorn lies.                                  spiritualism and surviving off of the land. These tribes
                                                                        have continued their traditional lives rather give up
            Keldornans can take any Class. Their favoured classes       their “souls” or connection to the land to live in a citadel.

                    Calban Markorr
                    Keldornan Priest

                                                                    Grimur Brightcave
                                                                      Medicine Man

                                    D U N G E O N                 C R A W L E R

A peace between them and the Keldornans has always             They live amongst nature and have bonded as brothers
existed, since when the Keldornans were a barbarian            with animals and beasts, but cats, and dogs remain their
tribe. Now, though, the Barbarians act as guides, hunt-        most frequent pets and horses hold as their favoured
ers, scouts or hired muscle for some Keldornans.               mounts. Some have befriended Sabre Toothed Tigers,
                                                               Cave Bears or even Gryphons.
Typically Barbarians are larger and more muscular hu-
mans on average, as their life is harsh and demanding.         They share their territorial ranges with Ogers and will
Their hair is usually brown or dark, their eyes are blue       often battle with the aggressive ones, or trade with the
and their skin tanned and weathered from exposure to           peaceful ones.
the elements. Barbarians keep things simple, they wear
furs and hide to keep out the cold. The weapons they           They speak Barbarian Tribe and Trade languages. Their
have are often painted with their clan or tribal print, but    names often contain sounds that are akin to a “growl”
their armour is often dull and old, in fact they remove        such as with G’s or D’s, while their last names consist of
paints from anything they find to better hide amongst          two words used to describe very unusual natural events,
their surroundings. A warrior may adorn themselves             such as; Redsky, Wisperingwind, Brightcave, Crowingli-
with paint when on the warpath, but a Medicine Man             on or Greenbear.
or Shaman may always leave markings to depict them-
selves as the tribal spiritual leaders.                        GypSiES

Barbarians favour AD for their bonus stat. A quick clean       To be a Gypsy is to roam the world. They are nomads
kill means that you will not starve in the wilds.              that travel from land to land because they have never
                                                               settled to live in just one place. They are wise and joy-
Barbarians are restricted to the following classes; any        ful people that share many secrets with different lands.
fighter, any terrestrial invoker or villager. Their favoured   Some Gypsies, however, have also picked up certain
classes include; Warrior, Mercenary, Berserker, Scout,         bad traits or reputations due to misunderstandings or
Thief and Medicine Man. It is rare for them to take on         flat out exploitations from either side. Because of their
                                                               open demeanor some townsfolk mistrust or dislike the

the Druid or Witch classes. Their favoured weapons in-
clude; spear, short bow, club, and two handed sword.           wanderers calling them thieves or worse.

                                                               Gypsies have various coloured eyes such as brown, blue,

                                                                                            Seraja Dal’kim
                                                                                            Azhradii Cleric

        Zayla Vanzani
        Gypsy Sorceress

                                                D U N G E O N                 C R A W L E R

            green or grey attributed to mixing with other races            HUMANS
            from other lands, usually dark hair and tanned skin
            from traveling under the sun, and sometimes pale skin          BP     8        AD     2+0+0S          Height       2
            from riding in the shade of their covered wagons. The
            Gypsies love a wide range of bright mixed colours and          MP 8            DD 2+0+0               Width        1
            frills. They often wear veils, sashes and scarves like the
                                                                           SP     2        MV 8                   Length       1
                                                                           +1 Bonus Stat to BP, MP, SP, AD, DD, or MV.
            Gypsies favour MV for their bonus stat. It is better to be
            fleet of foot then to live jailed by another’s laws.           +2 Skill Slots at Adventurer Caste.
            Gypsies are restricted to the following classes; any fight-    Photo 50, Hear 10, Smell 3, Taste 0, Touch 0
            er, any spell caster or villager. Their favoured classes in-   Visibility +0, Sound +0, Odour +0
            clude; Thief, Wizard, Mercenary and Weapon Specialist.
            It is rare for them to take on the Berserker class. Their      Morale 3
            favoured weapons include; short sword, short bow and
            dagger.                                                        There are many different banners of the Azrahdii, the
                                                                           two predominant ones are; the blue field with the yel-
            They travel and have come across many animals and              low sun and the red sphinx of their benevolent Maha-
            beasts, but cats, and dogs remain their most frequent          raja (King) Ahmrourim Jasahd, or the yellow field with
            pets and horses hold as their favoured mounts. They            the black scimitar and snake of the High Order of the
            often have exotic pets brought from other lands, and           Temple their ruling religion. These people are very in-
            domestic animals that can be brought along their jour-         telligent devising elaborate weapons and structures
            neys.                                                          that are sometimes unfathomable to the “barbaric” Kel-
                                                                           dornans. Trade is often done between the two nations,
            They often find themselves on the opposite side of             and they have never been to war with one another. This
                                                                           ancient and mysterious race had halted the destruction

            civil laws, but always attempt to barter their way out
            of trouble rather than being forced to lose an ally or to      of Keldorna at the hands of the Dreadlanders and kept
            traverse the long way around or avoid a particular des-        their promise of peace.
                                                                           The Azrahdii have dark skin, brown eyes and black
            They speak Trade and Gypsy (Farlane) languages. The            wavy hair. The Azrahdii have long flowing clothing
            Trade language actually belongs to the Gypsies. In             that is usually plain solid colours, with different colours
            their travels they spread the word and communicated            layered beneath. Their females wear veils, while they
            with all of the cultures they met, in essence spreading        all wear scarves, sashes and various headdresses. The
            the word. They developed their own tongue in order             Kings soldiers dress in gold, blue and red clothing and
            to keep certain trade secrets from becoming known.             armour. The High Order of the Temple dresses in black,
            Both their given and sirnames often contain Z’s, Y’s or        yellow and white.
            A’s, such as; Zanya, Azra, Andanni, Zombardi or Yanni.
                                                                           The Azhradii favour BP as their bonus stat. A hard life in
                                                                           the sun will teach anyone true resolve.
            In the desert land to the west on the Far Coast there          Azhradii are restricted to the following classes; any
            is a race called the Azrahdii. Their civilization arrived      fighter, any celestial invoker, any spell caster or villag-
            several generations before the Keldornans, but many            er. Their favoured classes include; Warrior, Mercenary,
            centuries after the fall of the prior inhabitants of the       Wizard and Templar. It is rare for them to take on the
            Sea of Sands and what is now called the Azhrada Des-           Berserker class. Their favoured weapons include; short
            ert. Mysterious pyramids and clay ruins dot these lands        sword, crossbow, javelin, long sword.
            amongst the Azhradii round cities and towns, now
            ruled only by the dead. The perilous journey across the        They live in the desert and encounter very few animals
            desert to the IceCrest Mountains, and the Horde oppo-          and beasts, but cats, and birds remain their most fre-
            sition that lay in wait prevented the Azhradii from con-       quent pets and horses hold as their favoured mounts.
            quering the grasslands. Once the Keldornans settled
            the grasslands, they opened trade routes and could             Although they can often be found commanding the
            combine their strength to oppose the Horde effectively         dead, they are also found battling them just as often.
            enough to keep the route open. The Azhradii had pre-           The ancient ruins from prior civilizations that came be-
            viously avoided the tombs of the dead under the strict         fore them left behind many dangerous attrocities for
            laws and penalty of death, but in recent days raids have       them to deal with on occassion.
            been permitted by the most recent Maharajas and the
            dead have become the servants of the rich. Azhrada is          They speak Azhradii and Trade languages. Their names
            a harsh civilization, thievery is dealt with by severing off   often contain soft A’s with hard K’s and M’s closely inter-
            hands, murder is dealt with by execution and raising to        mixed, such as; Akhim, Ahkla, Serjhad, Minuush, Nishad
            serve the family or Maharaja.                                  or Azeem.
                                     D U N G E O N                   C R A W L E R

DWARvES                                                         Gold Dwarves have beige to brown skin. Their eyes are
                                                                brown or green and their heads are covered in thick
                                                                blonde, red, brown or white hair. Their features are
These stout, stalwart and surly looking ruffians are very
                                                                rounded and chunky. The males proudly sport their
spiritual, traditional and robust. They are proud warriors
                                                                long, thick braided beards. Gold Dwarves commonly
and craftsman, building to last and impress. They are
                                                                dress in brown clothes, but given the choice prefer to
fearless and loyal. Dwarves keep the secret of Adaman-
                                                                dress in hides and furs. Their weapons are simple steel
tium, a grey indestructible metal that they forge in to
                                                                or adamant, but their armour is often a bright golden
weapons and armour.
                                                                colour, part of the reasoning for their namesake.
Dwarf sub-races are not limited to these two, there are
                                                                Gold Dwarves can take any Fighter or Invoker Classes.
also Dwarves of the deeper recesses of the world named;
                                                                Their favoured classes include; Warrior, Mercenary, Ber-
Gem Dwarves and Granite Dwarves whom look upon
                                                                serker and Cleric. It is rare for them to take on the Sha-
surface dwellers with much less kind spirit.
                                                                man or Witch classes. Their favoured weapons include;
                                                                axe, battle axe, mace, morningstar, flail, warhammer and
As a note; there are no Dwarven thieves, they are called
Dwarven Explorers, without exception. To call them a
thief is akin to insulting their heritage. Although they
                                                                Common mounts used by the Gold Dwarves include
share all of the traits of a actual Thief, they do not steal,
                                                                Cave Bears and occasionally Gryphons. They dislike
but are skilled to reappropriate lost items or navigate in
                                                                horses as mounts, but can not find the words to convey
to a tightly defended structure.
                                                                why. They sometimes have dogs as pets, but often have
                                                                companions like Giant Badgers or Sabre Toothed Tigers.
Dwarves stand between three feet and four and half feet
tall and are quite dense weighing around 175-200lbs.
They have short pointed ears and the males sport thick          DWARVES
beards in most cases. They are stout, barrel-chested and
thick boned. Their average age is 200.                          BP     10      AD      3+0+0S        Height        1

                                                                MP 6           DD 2+0+0              Width         1
                                                                SP     3       MV 7                  Length        1
Often thought of as savage, the Gold Dwarves wage
war against the foul races of Ara. They are often called        Endurance 1, Can’t use weapons of Length 5+
Mountain Dwarves, as they dwell within mountains
or as close to the surface as any Dwarves might. They           Innate; Courage 1/10 Turns.
rarely back down from a fight, and their innate courage         Photo 50, Hear 10, Smell 3, Taste 0, Touch 0,
makes it rare that they would ever have the need to.
They use battle fury and attack as a swarming chaotic           Infravision 10
mass. Their banner is that of a red field with a golden         Visibility -1, Sound +0, Odour +0
starburst beneath a black twin headed axe. Their capital
city is Stonehold.                                              Morale 3

                                                 Myrrtog Krythgor
                                                 Ice Dwarf Warrior

                                                              Kada Grilgot
                                                            Gold Dwarf Druid

                                                D U N G E O N                 C R A W L E R

                                                                           in blue hues with silver, gray, white and black. Their
            Gold Dwarves speak Dwarven and Trade. Their names              craftmanship has curved edges, and if arced still appear
            usually contain D’s or G’s akin to a grumble and fol-          quite square.
            lowed with hard T’s or K’s. Their surnames follow suit,
            but sometimes translate into specific words describing         They can take any Fighter or Invoker Classes. Their fa-
            how sturdy they are.                                           voured classes include; Warrior, Mercenary, Weapon
                                                                           Specialist and Priest. It is rare for them to take on the
            iCE DWARvES                                                    Berserker, Shaman or Witch classes. Their favoured
                                                                           weapons include; short sword, axe, mace, morningstar,
            Ice Dwarves are more recluse than Gold Dwarves, pre-           flail, warhammer and crossbow.
            ferring the underworld to the light of day, but some do
            come out in search of fortune or honour from their icy         Mounts used by the Ice Dwarves include Cave Bears,
            mountain top citadel. In battle the Ice Dwarves are cool,      Giant Owls and occasionally Gryphons. They dislike
            regimental and efficient, a creed they live by is “keep        horses as mounts, but like Gold Dwarf cousins can not
            your witts and you’ll keep your head”; which can mostly        convey why. If they choose a pet, they tend to like the
            be attributed to their innate courage. The Ice Dwarves         independant house cat.
            banner is that of a silver or grey war hammer on top
            of a white diamond with a blue field. Their homelands          Ice Dwarves speak Dwarven and Trade. Their names
            are much higher in altitude and go deeper than that of         usually contain M’s or Th’s and are followed with hard
            the Gold Dwarves, their capital is Mythorr the silver city     G’s or R’s. Their surnames are very similar.
            high in the mountain peaks.

            Ice Dwarves have grey to pale white skin, often with a
            bluish hue. Their eyes are variations on blue or steeley       ELvES, HiGH
            grey, and their hair is white, grey or black. Their features
            are edged and squarer than the Gold Dwarves. Like all          The banner of the High Elves is the symbol of the dawn
            Dwarves, Ice Dwarves, have a spiritual and structured          and of life, the green Eternal Tree with a yellow rising

            society. The males proudly sport their thick and well          sun on a blue field. There are actually two main divi-
            groomed beards usually they are kept trimmed shorter           sions of Elves; the High Elves and the Dark Elves. High
            than the bushy beards of the Gold Dwarves. They dress          Elves are often thought to be arrogant and pious, how-

                                                Wood Elf Enchantress

                                                            Quorensaar Lonestone
                                                              Stone Elf Wizard

                                   D U N G E O N               C R A W L E R

                                                            the sky amongst the branches of the Eternal Tree with-
HIGH ELVES                                                  in the heavily guarded Grove. An Elf’s affinity with the
BP      6       AD        2+0+0S     Height       2         Fae stems to them protecting their kin fiercely.

MP 10           DD 2+0+0             Width        1         All Elves are slender in build and between four and five
                                                            feet tall. They are easily recognized by their long slen-
SP      1       MV 9                 Length       1         der pointed ears that end just above the top of their
                                                            heads. Their average age is 500. They stand between 4’
Can’t use weapons of 6+ Base Damage.                        and 5’ tall and are quite lithe weighing only 80-100lbs.
Innate; 3 Common Elemental Spells 1/Rest
                                                            WOOD ELvES
(permanent, restricted by Sub-race).
                                                            Wood Elves are the most whimsical of all the High Elves,
Fae Blooded                                                 given to moods of camaraderie and sharing. Although
Photo 75, Hear 20, Smell 10, Taste 2, Touch 2               they tend to be flighty; after getting to know someone
                                                            closely, they move on their next new friend, only to re-
Visibility +0, Sound +0, Odour +0                           turn on a whim. In combat they prefer to keep moving
Morale 3                                                    rather than to fight toe to toe, and when they do fight it
                                                            is almost always from a distance. Wood Elves originate
ever, this is untrue. Their very nature makes them reclu-   from the Sylvan Wood, but also reside in the Grove.
sive and their desire to preserve the beauty in the world
pits them against many foes that on another day could       Green eyes and blonde or white hair and fair skin are
have been an ally. Their Fae-traced lineage gives them      Wood Elf traits. Wood Elves like green, yellow and blue
a long life and a bond with the wilderness and magic        in their clothes, but prefer white and silver in their ar-
they enshroud themselves within. The Elves hold the         mour. Their clothing is form-fitting, and appears simple
secrets of Mithril Steel, a magical blue steel that they    or fragile with intricate design. The armour is construct-
                                                            ed light for quick movement and although artistically

forge weapons and armour from. They also have secret
passages within the Sylvan Woods that only they may         elegant it is made to last.
access. They can all be found in their prized citadel in
                                                            Wood Elves use Air Elemental magic for their innate

                                                                                  Tiedaelus’dal Coralswept
     Cindrellahna’kami                                                            Sea Elf Earth Elementalist
     FIre Elf Mercenary

                                               D U N G E O N                 C R A W L E R

            spells.                                                       ten contain something that sounds like a stone or gem
                                                                          fused together with an “orden”, “dar” or similar hard
            They are restricted to any Fighter, Druid or Spell Caster     tone. Their sirnames translate to a fusion of two words
            Classes. Their favoured classes include; Scout, Weapon        that are often cold or stone-like.
            Specialist and Wizard. It is rare for them to take Berserk-
            er or Necromancer classes. Their favoured weapons
            include; long sword, short sword, short bow and long          FiRE ELvES
                                                                          Of all of the High Elves the Fire Elves are the most mili-
            They love nature and can be found amongst any variety         tant. Their competitive natures and strategic flexing
            of animal, but their prefered mounts are Giant Eagle,         can often prove trouble to themselves and their allies.
            Hippogriff and occasionally Unicorns. They prefer to          Of course in comparison to their darker brethren the
            have animal companions over having pets, the concept          Chaos Elves, they pale like the moon to the sun. Fire
            of owning a living creature is one thing that distin-         Elves fight with a heated passion in the heart of battle,
            guishes them from the Dark Elves.                             whereas Chaos Elves tend act without reason. Their
                                                                          specialty in life seems to be combat, they like to plan
            Wood Elves speak Sylvan and Trade. Their names are of-        out and execute strategies like a chess player whether
            ten long and difficult to pronounce, containing “wynn”        face to face or in large scale conflict. Fire Elves, despite
            “rei“ “lorr“ or “lahn“ with soft combinations of sounds.      their lithe frames, have no fear of running in to battle
            Their last names translate in to two words that usually       using skill and speed instead of brute force and relish in
            have something to do with nature and woodlands, mak-          doing so. Fire Elves originate from the Burning Peaks,
            ing their namesakes a calling card for their sub-race.        some reside within the Grove.

                                                                          Their eyes are generally brown or blue, and their red
            StONE ELvES                                                   or blonde hair hangs over their fair skin. Fire Elves like
                                                                          gold, black and red in their clothing and armour. It is
            The Stone Elves are the embodiment of patience. They          often form-fitting with many straps, loops or pockets.

            do not give way to emotions easily, if ever, they ac-
            knowledge futility and resist giving in to despair. They      Fire Elves access Fire Elemental magic for their innate
            prefer to be alone with their thoughts, instead of social-    spells.
            izing. It is said that when they work, the work is done
            efficiently, perfectly and quickly without waste of time      Any Fighter, Druid or Spell Caster Classes are allowed
            or effort, because they think it all out before doing the     to Fire Elf characters. Their favoured classes include;
            work. Stone Elves do not like to fight, but when they         Warrior, Mercenary, Weapon Specialist and Wizard. It
            do it they are never hasty, and are as efficient as when      is rare for them to take Druids or Necromancers. Their
            they work. They perceive little difference between the        favoured weapons include; short sword, long sword,
            two. Stone Elves originate from the Frost Peak Moun-          spear and short bow.
            tains, some reside within the Grove or traverse across
            the Faerahn.                                                  Their love of nature’s raw strength is often used for
                                                                          glory or conquest only in dire times, for it is nature that
            An interesting feature of the Stone Elf is their light grey   they fight to protect. They use Giant Eagles, Hippogriffs
            skin, they have dark eyes and black or white hair. Stone      and Gryphons as battle mounts, and occasionally can
            elves like blue, grey and red in their clothing, but prefer   be found on Unicorn. Since they view nature as some-
            black and silver in their armour. Their clothing is often     thing to protect and respect, they can be found with
            simple an inornate, being form-fitted at the top, if at all   animals, but do not view them as pets.
            and baggy at the bottom, or a simple cloak.
                                                                          Fire Elves speak Sylvan and Trade. Their names are
            Stone Elves access Earth Elemental magic for their in-        riddled with fiery undertones, and their sirnames are
            nate spells.                                                  literal translations of two words fused that are akin to
                                                                          life and flame.
            Any Fighter, Druid or Spell Caster Classes are allowed
            to Stone Elf characters. Their favoured classes include;
            Weapon Specialist, Warrior and Wizard. It is rare for         SEA ELvES
            them to take the Berserker or Necromancer Classes.
            Their favoured weapons include; hand to hand, long            Sea Elves are the most “human” of all High Elves. They
            sword, spear and long bow.                                    tend change emotion with the tide, maybe even a little
                                                                          more often. At times they can be as cold as a Stone Elf,
            Nature, like anything else, is a tool to be used wisely and   heated as a Fire Elf, or as whimsical as a Wood Elf. They
            sparingly. They have Giant Eagles as mounts, and occa-        are ever changing no matter how slight, and that may
            sionally Gryphons or Unicorns when willing. They have         be the difference between them and humans. Sea Elves
            no desire to have pets, put treat animals that coexist        vary their combat tactics depending on their moods,
            with them with respect.                                       keeping in mind their desired results. Although not ar-
                                                                          bitrary like the Chaos Elves, they are prone to a wide

        8   Stone Elves speak Sylvan and Trade. Their names of-           range of heavy emotions that can require subduing, or
                                    D U N G E O N                C R A W L E R

no emotion that requires inspiring.                           Dark Elves, Chaos
                                                              Known for being as hazard-
The skin of a Sea Elf is a light blue in colour, their eyes   ous to themselves as they are
are widely varying shades of blue and green, while their      to their enemies, if anyone
hair is white or black in colour. They prefer white, yellow   can figure out who that might
and blue in their clothing and armour. It is often flowing    be from moment to moment.
cloth with crenellated ornate armour.                         Chaos Elves have been known
                                                              to turn against their allies or
Sea Elves access Water Elemental magic for their innate       leave an opponent alive with-
spells.                                                       out reason; no one knows why.
                                                              It is as though they have some
Any Fighter, Druid or Spell Caster Classes are welcome        unspoken bond to the balance
to Sea Elf characters. Their favoured classes include;        of chaos that they feel rather than see. Not even the
Mercenary, Wizard and Sorcerer. It is rare for them to        other Dark Elves understand them, and fortunately for
take Fire Elemental and Necromancer classes. Their fa-        them the Chaos Elves have never turned against their
voured weapons include; long sword, trident, spear and        Mystic or Shadow brethren unless it was on a personal
crossbow.                                                     level. Chaos Elves most often have different coloured
                                                              eyes, and their hair if not two colours as well is usually
Their love of nature extends as always to treating ani-       brown or red. Berserkers, Martial Artists (Archers, Swash-
mals more as friends and allies than as pets and mounts.      bucklers), Mercenaries, Sorcerers, Thieves and Warriors
They are known to use Giant Eagles, Dolphins and Sea          are most common amongst Chaos Elf classes.
Drakes as mounts, and occasionally Unicorns. They co-
exist with many smaller creatures such as birds, fish and     Dark Elves, Mystic
mammals rarely distinguishing one as lesser than the          Preferring solitude from all oth-
other.                                                        er races, they believe that they
                                                              are the superior race and should

Sea Elves speak Sylvan and Trade. Their names are con-        not have to deal with lesser
trived of aquatic undertones, while their sirnames are a      species or issues. The majority
combination of two oceanic words.                             of these Elves are Spell Casters
                                                              by trade. Very few bother to
                                                              learn to fight in close quarters,
                                                              as it repulses them to be soiled
                                                              by another lesser being. The
OtHER RACES                                                   Mystic Elves always see a use
                                                              for other races; as spies, tools or
Other common races that may be used by players can            a shield. Mystic Elves have dark blue skin unlike a Sea
be found here, only in the event that the keeper agrees.      Elf, but their eyes and hair are silver or black. Enchant-
These other races are common enough to be used with-          ers, Sorcerers, Thieves and Warriors are most common
out offsetting the game by too much, their details are        amongst Mystic Elf classes.
found in the Keeper’s Guide.
                                                              Dark Elves, Shadow
Centaur                                                       As the epitome of darkness, it is
The Centaurs are a proud                                      as though an evil cloud follows
race, often loud and bois-                                    as a Shadow Elf appears. They
terous, they take precious                                    are cunning masterminds, who
little seriously. Their Fae-                                  do not mind getting their hands
blood bonds them to                                           dirty. Their organizations are
protect the Fae and their                                     dedicated and efficient. Shad-
brethren the Elves, but                                       ow Elves have natural black
they prefer the wide range                                    hair and skin, not just dark but
of personalities that hu-                                     a solid charcoal or black, often
mans provide. Dwarves                                         they will alchemically alter their
and Elves are typically too                                   hair colour and pattern their skin. Martial Artists (Any),
serious for them to en-                                       Mercenaries, Sorcerers, Thieves and Warriors are most
joy, with the exception of                                    common amongst Shadow Elf classes.
Wood Elves, but the Faeries
are just flighty enough to make them willing compan-          Goblin, Horde
ions. Centaurs appear as large humans from the waste          Seen as a plague that over-
up and a small equine from the waste down, the fur on         runs large portions of any land.
their four legged equine half ranges from brown, black,       These small creatures thrive
white, gray, patched and spotted. Berserkers, Martial         anywhere that can support
Artists (Archers), Medicine Men, Scouts, and Warriors are     their wiry frames, often finding
most common amongst Centaur classes.                          refuge in small abandoned ar-
                                            D U N G E O N                 C R A W L E R

         eas like mines, villages or ruins. Goblins are fast runners   the Dreadmasters has head-
         and make excellent and expendable scouts for other            ed north through the Waste-
         more powerful races, but can also prove to be lethal in       lands to lay claim to new
         great numbers as they are often found. Goblins are typ-       lands in honour of his Empire.
         ically scrawny, stand about three feet tall, their skin is    It is said that the Dreadland-
         green in colour, their eyes are yellow, red, green or blue    ers have enslaved many races,
         in colour, long wide pointed ears, very few have hair,        and would soon claim Keldor-
         those that do tend to paint it unusual colours. Goblins       na unless new armies stand
         use Giant Spiders as steeds. Mercenaries, Necroman-           to oppose them. Dreadland-
         cers, Scouts, Thieves and Warriors are most common            ers are gray-skinned, their
         amongst Goblin classes.                                       eyes vary in colour and their
                                                                       hair is usually white or black.
         Harpy                                                         Martial Artists (Any), Mercenaries, Sorcerers, Templars,
         Harpies are deadly and often                                  Warlocks and Warriors are most common amongst
         cunning opponents, fortunate-                                 Dreadlander classes.
         ly their numbers are small due
         to the amount of young rival                                  Kobold
         deaths in their communities.                                  This race of troublesome crea-
         Harpies tend to stay in flocks                                tures are experts at digging
         until they become venerable                                   holes and laying traps for the
         and then seek out on their own                                unwary. They are usually only
         amongst the “lesser” races,                                   dangerous to small groups
         preferring to regain status in                                and even then they must be
         a new pecking order. Harpies                                  in large numbers. Their tactics
         tear their enemies apart and feast on their flesh. All        often consist of setting traps,
         Harpies, oddly enough, appear female. Harpies are             as they may not be highly intelligent they are, however,

         humanoid from the waste up with large black wings,            crafty and cunning. Kobolds are tiny, standing between
         clawed hands, raven from the waste down, their eyes           two and three feet tall, have furry bodies with exposed
         and hair range widely in colour, and their ears are long      hands and feet, wide pointed ears and a naked tail. They
         pointed. Berserkers, Scouts, Sorcerers and Warriors are       are akin to rats. Their fur is usually, brown, grey, black
         most common amongst Harpy classes.                            or white and sometimes mixed. They use Dire Bats or
                                                                       Giant Rats as steeds to do battle. Mercenaries, Scouts,
         Hobgoblin, Horde                                              Warriors and Wizards are most common amongst Ko-
         The biggest mystery in Ara, no                                bold classes.
         one knows from where Hob-
         goblins came or why. Some                                     Manticore
         of the stories that have come                                 The Manticore
         forth through the ages have                                   are a loathsome
         been rather strange.         One                              group; their so-
         claims that they are a cross-                                 cial behaviours
         breed of Dark Elves and Gob-                                  are as distorted
         lins. Another claims they were                                as their person-
         actually a sub-race of Elves                                  alities ranging
         like the Shadow Elves or Mys-                                 from solitary,
         tic Elves, but they worshipped                                to       families,
         the darkness and as a result were perverted in to this        to packs and
         strange new race. Some say they are the twisted spir-         tribes. Intelli-
         its of dark Dwarves that used to live deep in the earth.      gent and able to cast magic, pray for power from the
         They may even be failed experiments by some ancient           darkness or seek out the Slaugh for their gifts, although
         Sorcerer on Goblins. No one knows for certain except          they are extremely bestial in appearance, they are cun-
         for maybe the Hobgoblins and they rarely speak with           ning, calculated and malicious. Manticores dwell in the
         outsiders or to each other for that matter. Hobgoblins        mountains, swamps or caves, and have a distinct hatred
         are lithe, have charcoal skin, long sharp narrow teeth re-    for the Centaurs who are said to be their direct oppo-
         vealed in a perpetual snarl or grin, small black eyes and     site on the “scales of chaos and order”. Their opposition
         pointed ears. Mercenaries, Sorcerers, Templars, Thieves       may seem obvious by their rather quiet and brooding
         and Warriors are most common amongst Hobgoblin                natures, compared to the boisurous Centaurs. Manti-
         classes.                                                      cores appear as felines with black, brown or red manes
                                                                       and human like faces, they have large usually black bat
         Human, Dreadlander                                            like wings, a long golden or russet chitenous tail with a
         It is said that the Dreadlanders were once humans that        large stinger, are typically tan, brown or red in colour,
         were perverted by the power of Darkness. Originally           and their eyes range to any colour in the spectrum.
         from the Shadowlands they have managed to conquer             Conjurers, Sorcerers, Warlocks and Warriors are most

         realm after realm creating their Dread Empire. One of         common amongst Manticore classes.
                                       D U N G E O N                   C R A W L E R

Minotaur                                                           jaws, their eyes are yellow, red, green or blue in colour,
Deep in the underground,                                           their ears are short and pointed, and their hair is black if
further than the Dwarves                                           it has not been shaved clean. Orcs use Horses as steeds
and Orcs, these creatures                                          and when able Manticores. Berserkers, Mercenaries,
rule a large portion of the                                        Shamans, Sorcerers, Templars, Warlocks and Warriors
Underworld with their dark                                         are most common amongst Orc classes.
worship. On the surface
they can be found as strong                                        Troglodyte, Cave
arms for powerful armies,                                          Poisonous and generally
or as elite guards and war-                                        hostile, survival of the fit-
riors for powerful masters.                                        test is the creed amongst
Minotaurs are large, strong                                        their clans and even their
and not as bestial as Trolls                                       larger more advanced cult
making them an intelli-                                            societies. They are also
gent asset to any military. They are man-eaters and it is          found in jungles and des-
common to encounter Infernal Minotaurs or Warlocks.                erts, prefering warmer cli-
Minotaurs are tall and powerfully built, their bodies are          mates. These Reptans are
covered by short fur, their heads are bovine and they              a brownish green colour
sport a bovine tail. If a Minotaur is spotted with bovine          with bright markings de-
legs, it is a sure sign that it is Infernal. Their fur ranges in   pending on their clans,
colour from white, black, brown, red, or gray, their eyes          they have fleshy spines along their heads, backs and
are yellow, orange, red or black in colour. Berserkers,            tails, and their eyes are bright green or yellow. Berserk-
Mercenaries, Sorcerers, Warlocks and Warriors are most             ers, Mercenaries, Shamans and Warriors are most com-
common amongst Minotaur classes.                                   mon amongst Cave Troglodyte classes.

Ogre, Horde                                                        Troglodyte, Deep

Ogres are the giants                                               Exceptionally agile and lithe,
of Keldorna.       Al-                                             they live deep underground
though not truly Gi-                                               using the worlds heat to keep
ants, they are larger                                              them warm. These semi-ad-
than any other liv-                                                vanced archaic creatures rob,
ing creatures in this                                              enslave and back-stab those
realm and are feared                                               unfortunate enough to en-
for their monstrous                                                counter them. They have pad-
size. Powerful and                                                 ded feet with claws for climbing. These Reptans appear
stupid these crea-                                                 black, bright blue or pale white in colour with red, blue
tures are often used                                               or black eyes. Mercenaries, Scouts, Sorcerers, Thieves
as battering rams                                                  and Warriors are most common amongst Deep Troglo-
in battles, and have                                               dyte classes.
proven to be effec-
tive time and again.                                               Troglodyte, Desert
They will often work                                               Adapted to their surroundings,
for food, even if the                                              these Reptans will burrow be-
food is a Kobold or                                                neath the sand and wait to am-
Goblin. Ogres appear like yellow skinned massive ver-              bush any unsuspecting travel-
sions of Orcs. Martial Artists (Boulders), Mercenaries,            ers. Their homeland is in the
Shamans and Warriors are most common amongst Ogre                  Wastelands. Invaded by the
classes.                                                           Dreadlanders they have come
                                                                   in to the service of a cruel
Orc, Horde                                                         master, the DreadLord. These
The scourge of the world,                                          Reptans are a dusty brown to
as adaptable, but not as                                           grey or orange colour with
smart as Humans, they                                              brown to black eyes. Berserkers, Mercenaries, Medicine
tend to rely on brute                                              Men and Warriors are most common amongst Desert
strength to gain what they                                         Troglodyte classes.
want. Hordes of these brut-
ish creatures exist in the                                         Troglodyte, Water
Icecrest Mountains waging                                          Advanced and intelligent, these Reptans tend towards a
an age long war against                                            neutral alignment, making trade possible and hiring as
the Dwarves. Orcs have                                             mercenaries possible. This makes them both dangerous
lengthy arms, are muscular                                         and useful at once. These lizardfolk are able to traverse
although sometimes pot                                             small bodies of water by running across it’s surface, but
bellied, they have green skin, sloping foreheads, large            are also adept swimmers. These Reptans are an aqua-
                                            D U N G E O N                 C R A W L E R

         marine colour with light to                                   tAXONOmy
         dark blue eyes, they have a
         head, back, forearm and two
                                                                       The taxonomy of Dungeon Crawler is the different clas-
         tail crests and long slender
                                                                       sifications of characters found in the game. This breaks
         tails.   Mercenaries, Scouts,
                                                                       down the characters into distinct and defined groups
         Thieves, Warriors and Wizards
                                                                       to aid in the understanding of the universe around the
         are most common amongst
                                                                       characters as they play.
         Water Troglodyte classes.
                                                                       These taxonomies are kept simple, breaking down in to
         Troll, Hedge
                                                                       groups called races, and then races are broken down in
         Known as the fiercest crea-
                                                                       to groups called sub-races.
         tures in the Sylvan Woods
         and Deep Marsh, these
         large savage creatures                                        ANimALS
         have one terrible advan-                                      Animals are indigenous to
         tage to enhance their lack                                    the Material plane and have
         of fear, regeneration. Only                                   distinct anatomy. Animals
         magic can harm these                                          make up the bulk of active life on the Material Plane,
         gruesome monsters. Trolls                                     consisting of more distinct groups, such as; Mammals,
         are known to talk or riddle                                   Reptiles, Fish, Birds and Insects. They have no super-
         their prey to get in close                                    natural or magical abilities.
         to strike. They are often
         found worshipping the                                         ANimAtED
         Slaugh and are man-eat-
         ers, a combination that puts them at odds with most           Animated are literally materials made to
         good races. Trolls are covered in short green or gray         move at the will of the invoker control-
                                                                       ling them. They have a barely discernable

         fur, with varying coloured manes and tufts of hair, they
         have clawed hands and feet, long pointed ears, large          anatomy, no organs, they do not even rely
         noses and variously coloured eyes. Berserkers, Merce-         on proper physics and appear as though
         naries, Scouts, Shamans and Warriors are most common          something moving, that is not quite paying attention
         amongst Troll classes.                                        to all of its parts at the same time.

         Vodyanoi, Leaf                                                AvAtARS
         Although known                                                Avatars are the Light and the Darkness in
         for being thieves,                                            their material form. They can never truly be
         these Vodyanoi are                                            destroyed, but can be defeated in this form,
         usually      friendly.                                        although this is highly unlikely. The form
         They prefer drug-                                             selected by the Light or Darkness is often
         ging or paralyzing                                            that of something those they are trying to communi-
         their targets in or-                                          cate with can relate to. Avatars often reveal themselves
         der to rob them,                                              with glowing white or yellow eyes, and then a pure
         rather than to kill. They are at home on land, in the trees   white or pure dark form.
         and in the water. The Leaf Vodyanoi are lithe and usual-
         ly a bright green with yellow or white bellies, their eyes
         are often bright yellow, blue or red. These Vodyanoi live
         high in the trees within simple wooden huts. Merce-           Collectives are tiny organisms
         naries, Scouts, Thieves and Warriors are most common          that have gathered together
         amongst Leaf Vodyanoi classes.                                to act as one seemingly sentient being. They are nor-
                                                                       mally inhabitants of the Material plane. They have no
         Vodyanoi, Pond                                                distinct anatomy or organs, but react as living beings.
         The Pond Vodyanoi are stout-
         er than their leaf cousins and                                CREAtURES
         much more aggressive. They
         have grey bumpy skin and their                                Creatures are native to the Material
         eyes are usually light orange or                              plane and although not all of them are
         silvery white. These Vodyanoi                                 bipedal, most are and all are sentient
         live within clay mud huts deep                                with the benefit of reason. This does
         in the swamps or deep in the                                  not mean however, that they are rea-
         Great Blue Lake of their citadel                              sonable. A distinction between Crea-
         Bolgola. Berserkers, Mercenar-                                tures and Monsters is in how they advance. Creatures
         ies, Shamans and Warriors are                                 advance by learning skills and gaining Castes, while
         most common amongst Pond                                      Monsters advance by maturing and developing their
                                                                       abilities naturally reaching greater Echelons as they do.
         Vodyanoi classes.
                                    D U N G E O N                 C R A W L E R

DAmNED                                                        unerringly loyal. Golems are made of any non-living
                                                              solid matter, they have a green pin point glow where
The Damned are cursed Crea-                                   their eyes should be.
tures twisted by invocation as
a lesson none shall soon for-                                 iLLUSiONS
get. They no longer are part
of society, but rather live off of                            Illusions are magical energies manefested to appear as
society, they follow different                                something else. They are made to act or react as what
laws of the universe twisted by their now half-life they      they are copying would, but lack real substance to resist
only partially resemble what they once were. There are        much more than a casual probe.
varying degress of Damned, their only hope is being
given Salvation. Red pinpoints of light can be seen in        mACHiNES
their eyes under the right conditions.
                                                              Machines are constructed,
                                                              have no sentience or will and
                                                              require an operator to carry
Eidolons are the spirits of the                               out their most basic functions, even if that operator sim-
land in the Material plane, they                              ply has to trigger a weight, pulley or handle (like in the
coexist with nature and grant                                 case of a trap or seige engine) or is required to input ver-
blessings upon those that follow their codex. The Sidhe       bal commands for magically infused machine.
(pronounced “seed”) often appear as a yellowy-green
ethereal form that is a cross of animal and humanoid          mONStERS
wreathed in thriving flora. Their eyes glow green. The
Slaugh (pronounced “slaw”) appear as a purple ethereal        Monsters are indigenous to
forms with eyes aglow the same colour, and a hybrid           the Material plane. Although
animal-humanoid form wrapped in dying plant life.             they may appear like Crea-
                                                              tures, Animals or Plants, they
                                                              have distinct abilities not

                                                              found in nature. These myste-
Elementals are are indigenous                                 rious traits often give them an edge over nature. Lesser
to the plane of Pandemonium.                                  monsters behave like beasts, while greater monsters
There are four distinct groups;                               can behave as civilized as the most regal of creatures.
Air, Earth, Fire and Water El-                                As Monsters age, they advance in Echelons, their abili-
ementals. It is believed that                                 ties and attributes often improve or change.
their taxonomy derived from
their relation to the elements, even though fire is not       NEtHERWORLDERS
an actual element. Although they are sentient, they
act on the will of their controllers without fail and with-   Netherworlders are broken in
out concern for their own safety. There are many other        to three distinct groups; Out-
denizens of the Elemental plane that have manefested          siders, Neth and Shades. All
with less stringent ties to the Elements. Although core       are indigenous to the Nether-
Elementals have a vaguely humanoid and simple form,           world plane; but, Outsiders are
they do not have faces and a blue energy glows where          found in the portions known
their eyes should be.                                         as Limbo, Neth are found in the portions known as Ge-
                                                              henna and Shades are found in the portions known as
                                                              the Twilight realms. Outsiders seem to have unknown
                                                              goals, while Neth usually strive to conquer and enslave,
Fae are indigenous to the Material plane, but                 and the Shades attempt to swell their own numbers
usually reside within dimensional pockets                     with the bodies of material beings. These beings do not
called Faerie Groves. The purest blooded Fae                  share common behaviours or goals and often wage war
are known as Court Fae or Noble Fairies and                   upon one another. They do all have orange glowing or
the next tier of Fae are known as the Wild Fae like the       pin point eyes.
Pixies or Will O’ Wisp. They are the closest thing to a mix
of Creature and Eidolon known. Many creatures share a         pLANtS
bond with Fae, the Faerie-Kith are a step below Wild Fae
like the Spriggan or Dryads, and some are known only in       Plants are native to the Mate-
title of “Kin” like the Elves and Centaurs.                   rial plane. They are slow to
                                                              react and require only nutri-
                                                              ents from soil, sun and water
                                                              (with certain exceptions to
Golems are simple entities created as guard-                  this rule). Fungi are included
ians or enforcers by powerful spell casters.                  in this classification. They can
They are sentient enough to carry out simple                  not communicate with most
tasks, but have no desires or will of their own.              beings, and have very little will.
They feel no pain, remorse or rage, they are
                                           D U N G E O N                C R A W L E R

         pOWERS                                                      stroy all Mortals. Although called Mortal Souls, they are
                                                                     indeed still immortal, but come from the Mortals of the
         Powers are beings from the                                  Material Plane. These Mortal Souls, when their physical
         Astral plane. They share very                               bodies perish, are sorted in to Pure Souls and Burning
         disctinct traits; horns, spade                              Souls depending on whether they are sent to Heaven
         tipped slender tails, pointed                               or Hell; however, a few can become lost in the afterlife
         ears, shape shifting and size                               and become Lost Souls. Angels seek to protect and
         shifting. Their anatomy is usu-                             teach mortals the path, without forcing it upon them,
         ally akin to a humanoid, but their physiology lacks the     or giving them the answers outright.
         ability to procreate even if they appear equipped for it.
         Imps, Gargoyles, Succubi and Genies are a few of these      SpiRitS
         Astral beings. Powers have white glowing eyes.
                                                                     Spirits are the essences of ill-will
         SOULS                                                       from the Twilight Realm. They come
                                                                     in many different incorporeal forms,
         There are four very disctinct                               like that of phantoms, specters,
         groups of Souls; Demons, Fall-                              ghosts or wraiths, but always have
         en Angels, Mortal Souls and                                 green pin-points of light for their
         Angels. Souls are immortal,                                 eyes.
         and although they have phys-
         ical forms, they can not die,                               UNDEAD
         reproduce or feed (although they may devour). They
         do not succumb to gravity and can shut off inertia in       Undead are the physical ill-will from
         relation to themselves. Demons have glowing yellow          the Twilight Realm. They come in
         eyes, Angels have very light blue glowing eyes and the      many different forms, like that of
         Fallen have blackened hollow sockets where their eyes       skeletons, zombies, ghouls and
         used to be (however, they still see just fine). Demons      mummies, usually wrought from the

         seek to recruit mortals in to their armies, through bar-    corpses of their victims, but always
         gains, trickery or intimidation. The Fallen seek to de-     have green pin-points of light for their eyes.
                                                                     CHARACTER SIZES (Largest to Smallest):
                                                                      · Gargantuan (Leviathan) GAR
                                                                        · Immense (Behemoth) IMS
                                      Massive                              · Humungous (Ancient Dragon) HMG
                                                                             · Colossal (Colossus) CSL
                                                                               · Enormous (Elder Dragon) ENR
                                                                                  · Gigantic (Giants) GIG
                                                                                    · Massive (Ogre) MAS
                                                                                      · Large (Troll) LRG
                                                                        Large            · Medium (Human) MED
                                                                                           · Small (Dwarf) SML
                                                                                             · Tiny (Cat) TNY
                                                                                                · Miniscule (Mouse) MIN
                                                                                                  · Puny (Ant) PNY



                                       D U N G E O N                C R A W L E R

SAmpLE NAmES                                                  ELF, StONE
                                                              MALE                FEMALE           SIRNAME
                                                              Agat’orden          Granixa’fal      Clayforge
This is a guide for making character names, so that the       Amythorr’dar        Hrinnorax’lahn   Darkclay
character will better fit in with the world around them.      Forma’lohan         Ithissa’lorr     Evercold
                                                              Corrthis’sarr       Lothixa’wyn      Granitehart
                                                              Granithoes’ilk      Lythinn’arif     Greyhome
                                                              Rynnorr’dar         Maxylla’wyn      Northstone
                                                              Sterlynn’ar         Nix’dorr         Runetome
                                         What’s in a name?    Therom’ael          Omaera’fael      Shaderidge
                                             Consider:        Trem’orden          Tremora’daen     Stonespire
                                         “The Broken Barrel   Xaryth’aren         Xilaera’foern    Tremorform
                                           and see how the
                                            flavour flows.    ELF, WOOD
                                                              MALE                FEMALE           SIRNAME
                                                              Anduwin’tal         Avara’fael       Ashleaf
                                                              Arathane’lef        Alowyn’ras       Harrowdale
DWARF, GOLD                                                   Cethus’pyn          Arrowyn’norr     Farbrook
MALE                 FEMALE                    SIRNAME        Darrowynn’gra       Danei’lorr       Gentleroot
Ardlug               Alga                      Bareknuckle    Erawynn’ora         Gilanthra’norr   Longstride
Beorn                Ardra                     Barragorr      Galanithos’ima      Narwyn’ire       Lostbark
Boraak               Byorka                    Cavegutt       Irathus’foel        Northwyn’lef     Quickstream
Dredak               Carda                     Dimdrone       Perythallyn’thorr   Pynwyn’ela       Riverwind
Drovek               Chara                     Drimot         Ranwyn’arr          Varei’ath        Slendertwig
Gimel                Derva                     Dvorak         Talothyrr’pyn       Wynnara’foen     Weathervine
Glowan               Droda                     Garrok
Goelad               Drogeda                   Glimdus
Grimtok              Dvora                     Glimgold       HUmAN, AzRAHDi
Hrigg                Gela                      Glorick
                                                              MALE                FEMALE           SIRNAME
Jarrad               Jeda                      Hrimgrid
                                                              Anheed              Ahni             Aabihd
Kardak               Maglada                   Runeforge
                                                              Anhamutt            Baephora         Alajohad
Karzden              Tula                      Stonebeard
                                                              Barhamutt           Bathsheva        Arehm
Thoren               Urdra                     Stonehold
                                                              Hamaraad            Harabah          Basheem

Varak                Vorta                     Thunderstone
                                                              Hepzhibahr          Hephista         Ekhimahd
                                                              Jameer              Jaki             Eshmhaar
                                                              Kherim              Manjula          Humaar
DWARF, iCE                                                    Naranan             Morha            Ikbhaar
MALE                 FEMALE                    SIRNAME        Paneehd             Nahza            Mahl
Arythorr             Ameth                     Derrigarr      Uhrgahd             Sandahra         Nazar
Barythorr            Belometh                  Dorvarr
Darovath             Boveth                    Embarr
Gathrandiir          Byranev                   Erinnthorr
                                                              HUmAN, BARBARiAN
Gorrthogg            Cevath                    Faril
                                                              MALE                FEMALE           SIRNAME
Kyrthranorr          Djareth                   Fyranorr
                                                              Agus                Aowen            Bleedingoak
Myrthodge            Drevath                   Garanthorr
                                                              Bal                 Bora             Cryingtree
Mythrandiir          Ereth                     Hrinngarr
                                                              Brax                Evara            Dancingwood
Nothyrov             Meloth                    Raagnarr
                                                              Gor                 Fylla            Darkbrush
Quarrvath            Myradeth                  Roedanthorr
                                                              Hagott              Fynla            Glowingmarsh
Quargg               Nev                       Terognarr
                                                              Igrahm              Hilla            Oceansky
Rathnorr             Nevoth                    Toril
                                                              Kor                 Jorna            Starbreeze
Vorath               Quiloth                   Turgorr
                                                              Orik                Hailian          Talkingwind
Vyrthagg             Ravoth                    Tyrithorr
                                                              Sibra               Ryssa            Treesong
Yarvath              Yaveth                    Voraash
                                                              Urie                Thana            Underhill

ELF, FiRE                                                     HUmAN, GypSy
MALE                 FEMALE                    SIRNAME        MALE                FEMALE           SIRNAME
Ashaardis’bar        Ashaara’hel               Blazenhair     Aziz                Areez            Armad
Burnardius’imar      Blisza’char               Brandedsoul    Dakon               Darva            Damod
Charthodius’mal      Burnaroes’fael            Brightspark    Fazool              Esmeralda        Gharab
Cinderis’torh        Charthoes’lyn             Flamebearer    Hajo                Faza             Hiraam
Flamberis’iffran     Cindara’burs              Moltenstepe    Malaar              Gillana          Hosshiram
Phaeris’corr         Faeroes’imor              Smokechaser    Malakov             Gena             Rhoterim
Pyradaemius’hal      Siszlanna’dar             Steelember     Vallos              Jhenna           Saro
Shaeramis’bel        Sithaeroes’imor           Tindershot     Vlademyr            Myra             Sham
Syzlore’fal          Uthza’vol                 Volcana        Zanatos             Nylla            Toro
Volcarr’mag          Voltha’mag                Wispseeker     Zaros               Zanara           Vanzante

ELF, SEA                                                      HUmAN, KELDORNAN
MALE                 FEMALE                    SIRNAME        MALE                FEMALE           SIRNAME
Botanicus’al         Botania’myr               Bluescale      Caldus              Ahnka            Arykor
Coralithus’merlah    Lhania’fael               Coastwake      Caliban             Cursa            Arkan
Crusarian’dorsa      Merhlla’myr               Everice        Grekor              Embrin           Brikken
Merhklore’cass       Mistra’lora               Freewave       Keron               Kayla            Darken
Rytharr’sel          Roenn’ara                 Fridgedcoast   Koren               Keli             Keldornan
Sabian’freth         Shordara’corr             Frostdale      Kriegal             Kearin           Krigan
Serfius’cora         Solia’daen                Icecove        Kriegan             Meira            Stedder
Shoris’daen          Sylene’ara                Seahaven       Malik               Riza             Tarken
Solis’var            Thessa’daehn              Silverfin      Narrak              Suki             Trakkor

Syllian’merlah       Veika’sil                 Softcoral      Ulrik               Tekla            Vakik

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