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Scavenger Hunt The Scavenger Hunt questions can be answered by


									                                         Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt questions can be answered by listening to the information presented by the
guides, looking at museum exhibits and reading display information. It helps to focus student
attention as they explore Fort William Henry. The Scavenger Hunt may be photocopied and
distributed as desired.

                      Fort William Henry and The French and Indian War

   1. Fort William Henry is located at the southern end of Lake ______________.

   2. The French built a fort at the north end of the lake named Fort Carillon. This fort was
      later renamed _________________________.

   3. What is the name of the mountain located east of the fort? ________________.

   4. Which river flows past nearby Fort Edward? _______________________.

   5. Who were the first people to camp on this site? ______________________

   6. How where the walls of the Fort built to withstand a cannonaide? ___________

   7. What Country built the Fort? _______________________

   8. During which war was the Fort built? _____________________

   9. The army of which Country destroyed the Fort? ______________________

   10. How long did the siege last? _______________________

   11. Capt. Robert Rogers founded a group of fighters and militia that served throughout the
       Revolutionary War. This group was known as Roger’s ________________.

   12. By what other name is the French and Indian War known? ____________________.

Fort William Henry Timeline – match the year with the event shown. Year may be used more
than once.           1755 1756 1757 1763 1763 1953

_____   War officially declared between Great Britain and France.
_____   St. Patrick’s Day attack on Fort William Henry
_____   Excavation and reconstruction begins at Fort William Henry
_____   Montcalm defeats Col. Monroe and the Fort is surrendered
_____   William Johnson builds the Fort
_____   Treaty of Paris signed on Feb 10,
_____   Battle of Lake George
_____   Official end of the French and Indian War with the Treaty of Paris

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