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					Lotus Quickr 8.1 Services for Lotus Domino (i5/OS)

Consolidated Fixpack and Enabling Fix for Domino 8.0.2
      PTF LQ03386 for product ID 5724S31

Mar, 2011

Table of Contents
      About the Fixpack
      Installing the Fixpack
      Additional Steps if you have installed Fixpack or
      Upgrading your places and other Quickr Domino databases
      Upgrading offline installations
      Documentation Updates / Addendums
      Additional Information for special fixes
      Quickr 8.1 Fix List

About the Fixpack
           Information for customers with locked down client environments:
            This current build,, does not include an updated qp2.cab. The most recent update was included in,
            dated 2010/01/14.
           Sept/2010 – Fix List information
            As of 2010/09/15, the Fix List will contain both the SPR and APAR number if an APAR number exists.          The APAR
            information is useful when dealing with support.
           May/2009 – New option added to “qptool upgrade”
            When running “qptool upgrade -f -a” as specified in this documentation, some Form customizations may be lost.
            Those customizations are now retained if you use the new qptool upgrade switch -saveformprefs. The customizations
            that will be retained are the “hidden” status of the form and also the “order” in which the forms are displayed.
           IMPORTANT: Please read if you’ve installed Fixpack   or
            An issue was introduced in FixPack; this issue is fixed in Fixpack If you have installed either or
  , it is important to perform additional steps after installing or a later fixpack.
           This Fixpack package includes the following files:
                o    Readme.doc: this file
                o    LQ03386: a savefile containing the fixpack that is built and applied as an i5/OS PTF to Lotus Quickr 8.1 for
                     i5/OS (5724S31).
           This Enabling Fix for Domino 8.0.2 is required in order for Quickr 8.1 servers on i5/OS to run on Domino 8.0.2. Do not
            install the PTF if you plan to run your Lotus Quickr server on any level of Domino other than 8.0.2.
           This fix only includes the changes to the Quickr Domino services code. You should also obtain the latest available
            version of the 8.1 Quickr Domino Connectors update from Fix Central and copy the update to your server. The latest
            Quickr connectors update is included in the recommended fix group for 8.1 Quickr services for Domino on i5/OS. The
            Connector updates are intended only for Lotus Quickr version 8.1 but are independent of the level of Domino.

   New Quickr installation:
          If you are deploying Lotus Quickr for the first time and have never installed an earlier QuickPlace release, you should
           first install Domino 8.0.2 and Quickr 8.1. Then install the pre-requisite PTF (see "Prerequisites" section below), install
           this fixpack, and also install the connectors update before configuring your Lotus Quickr server.
          For more information, see the Lotus Quickr 8.1 information center, which is available from the Lotus Quickr
           documentation site: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus/documentation/quickr/

   Upgrade from an earlier release:
          Before installing the fixpack or connectors update, Lotus Quickr 8.1 must be installed. Therefore, if you are using an
           earlier release of Quickr or QuickPlace, first complete the upgrade to Quickr 8.1.
          If you need to upgrade your Quickr server to Domino 8.0.2, you can install this PTF and the connectors update before or
           after installing Domino 8.0.2 and upgrading your server to Domino 8.0.2. However, complete the Domino upgrade and
           install the fixpack before you start the server and attempt to use Quickr.
          PTF LQ01447 is a prerequisite for this fixpack and must be applied permanently before installing this fix. See the
           Prerequisites section below for more information.
          If you have installed any Quickr 8.1 PTFs other than LQ01447, remove them before installing this PTF. It is not
           necessary to remove connector updates before installing a later level.
          If you have multiple QuickPlace or Quickr servers running in the same i5/OS LPAR, they must all be running Quickr 8.1
           and Domino 8.0.2 in order to use this fix.
           (Domino multi-versioning permits you to run other Domino or Sametime servers in the same LPAR using different
           Domino releases if you prefer.)

       Before installing this fixpack:
              5724S31 V8R1M0 Quickr 8.1 for i5/OS must already be installed on your system.
              8.1-Quickr-LQ01447-Domino-i5OS (5724S31 PTF# LQ01447) must be permanently applied. This fix is available
                from Fix Central.

Installing this Fixpack (PTF LQ03386)
       This fixpack installation procedure requires a user profile with command line capability and a user class of *SECOFR.
       The PTF is provided as i5/OS save file called LQ03386.
           1.   Establish a 5250 session with the IBM i server and sign on with the appropriate user profile.
           2.   Run the following command to create a temporary library:
                CRTLIB LIB(MYLIB) TEXT('Library for Quickr 8.1 Fixes')
           3.   Run the following command to create the necessary Save file:
                CRTSAVF FILE(MYLIB/LQ03386) TEXT('Quickr 8.1 Fix LQ03386')
           4.   Transfer the PTF save file from your workstation to the System i server.
                From your workstation, enter the following commands and responses when prompted:
                         cd xxxx [change to the directory on your workstation that contains LQ03386]
                         ftp: [your System i name or IP address]
                         Name: [Enter your user profile name and press ENTER]
                         Password: [Enter your password and press ENTER]
                         Representation type is binary IMAGE.

                         ftp>put LQ03386 MYLIB/LQ03386
           5.   To end any active Quickr servers, enter the following command:
                Use option 6 (End Domino server) to end each active server that is running Quickr.
                Use the Work with Active Job (WRKACTJOB) command to determine when all Quickr servers have ended. Wait
                until the servers have completely shut down before continuing to the next step.
           6.   Determine if any Quickr hot fixes are currently installed by running the following command:
                DSPPTF LICPGM(5724S31)
                PTF LQ01447 is a prerequisite for this fixpack and must be permanently applied. If any other PTFs are currently
                applied, remove them using the RMVPTF command.
           7.   Run the following commands to load and apply the Quickr PTF:
                LODPTF LICPGM(5724S31) DEV(*SAVF) SAVF(MYLIB/LQ03386)
                APYPTF LICPGM(5724S31) SELECT(LQ03386)
           8.   Now you can start the Quickr servers.
                Use the WRKDOMSVR command and select option 1 (Start server).

Additional Steps if you have installed Fixpack or
       An issue was introduced in FixPack, this issue is fixed in FixPack If you previously installed either
       or, it is important to perform the following steps after installing FP or a later fixpack:
           1.   Shut down the Quickr Domino server.
           2.   Set the following NOTES.INI setting :
           3.   Start your Domino server and run the following commands in the Domino Console. Wait for each command            to
                complete before continuing to the next command :
                         load qptool unlock –a
                         load qptool repair –a
           4.   Shut down your Domino server.
           5.   Remove the „QPTOOLREPAIR_TYPE=folder‟ setting from the NOTES.INI file.
           6.   Start your   Domino server and run the following commands:
                         load qptool upgrade -f -server
                         load qptool upgrade -f -a

Upgrading your places and other Quickr Domino databases
       After upgrading the files on your Lotus Quickr server, you should upgrade the place templates and other Quickr Domino
       databases so that they reflect the most current changes to the files you‟ve upgraded. Complete the following steps on each
       Quickr server:
               Make sure the Quickr server is running.
               From the Domino Console type the following commands (wait for each of command to finish before proceeding to
                 the next command. You will know that the command has finished when you see a message in the console such as
                 qptool: command finished: {the command performed}

                               Command                                     Action It Performs
             IMPORTANT – If you are upgrading from Fixpack or, please see the additional steps in
             the previous section of this document.
             load qptool unlock -a                    Unlock all the places.
             load qptool upgrade -f -server           Upgrade all the databases on the server.
             load qptool upgrade -f –a                Upgrade all the places and PlaceTypes.
Upgrading offline installations
       When you install a Quickr Domino fixpack, you also receive the latest files needed for your offline installations. Clients
       taking a place offline for the first time after applying the fixpack will automatically get the latest version of the offline
       support files installed to their machine.
       For client workstations that already have offline places installed on their machine,    the following steps are recommended for
       updating the client with the latest offline support files:
                 1.   Take note of all the subscription names from the Domino Sync Manager.
                 2.   Synchronize all the places to deliver any changes from the offline places.
                 3.   Delete the subscriptions from the Domino Sync Manager.
                 4.   Uninstall the Lotus Domino Sync Manager to remove it from the machine.
                 5.   Go to the online places that were noted and take them offline.
       This will ensure that the latest version of the offline support files have been installed on the client machine.

Documentation Updates / Addendums
       Applying a Fixpack to Quickr 8.x servers in a cluster
       For the Quickr cluster to run properly, each server in the cluster needs to be using the same release and fixpack.    To upgrade
       Lotus Quickr servers in a cluster to the new fixpack, perform the following steps:
       *Please note: It is highly recommended that you first backup all places and PlaceTypes.
       1.   At the Domino console, use the “load qptool unlock -a” command on only one server in the cluster to unlock all the
       2.   Stop every Lotus Quickr server in the cluster.
       3.   Upgrade all the servers with the Fixpack.
       4.   Restart each of the servers (cluster replication and qptool replicamaker tasks should remain running).
       5.   Use the “load qptool upgrade -f -server” command on only one server in the cluster to upgrade the design of databases.
       6.   Use the “load qptool upgrade -f -a” command on only one server in the cluster to upgrade places and PlaceTypes.
       7.   Let replication pass the design upgrades to all servers.
       Your Quickr 8.x servers should now be upgraded to the latest Fixpack.

Additional Information for special fixes
*Please note: each row in the following table represents a specific issue as described by the SPR / Description column, these special
fixes (the Instructions column) only need to be applied if you encounter that specific issue. Applying these fixes if you do not
encounter the issue specified may cause unexpected results and is not recommended.
                      SPR / Description                                                   Instructions
    MMOI7MH576 - IMPORTANT                             Please see the “Important information before beginning install”
    This fix applies to everyone who is upgrading from section near the beginning of this document, specifically the section:
    either Fixpack or                 2008/12/29 – Please read if you‟ve installed Fixpack OR
    DAMC7F2GF5 - With                                  Fix requires QuickPlaceHandleWebsphereTokenDNSpecialChar=7 in
    QuickPlaceHandleWebsphereTokenDNSpecialChar=7, notes.ini
    users with “(“ in OU name can't be added to places
    XSS Protection updates                                   See xss protection section in qpconfig_sample.xml for this fix.

    NXLE79BBG2 - Sign out won't display with TAM LTPA See <authentication> section in qpconfig_sample.xml for this fix.
    KABS785K2A - Connector does not display places for Requires         Domino Fixpack 801HF376
    users with umlauts/accented chars in name
    MPUL7FRLK4 - When ST Enabled, browser Hangs              Requires Sametime Fixpack      AJMA-7GRMFZ
    (CPU 100%) when User Clicks On Context menu of
    locked discussion post
    PMOO7ECMPS - Domino Drag and Drop does not               Requires Quickr81hf_path_prefix=1 to be set in notes.ini
    work after Domino Quickr 8.1GA update
    MMOI7H9VCV - Using the 8.1 theme, user lookup            Requires QuickPlaceLookupTimer=(some amount of time in
    replaces desired results if there are pauses in typing   milliseconds) to be set in notes.ini. The default is 300 (3 tenths of a
    GAKI7L5MD4 - Added ability to change the default         See <rich_text_editor> section in qpconfig_sample.xml for this fix.
    font for the Rich Text Editor
    DAMC7KWNPC - While adding Members, Members               See „display_max_num_names' in the 'member_lookup_ui' section of
    lookup only displays 15 members shown in search          <user_directory> in qpconfig_sample.xml for this fix.
    ESEO7M9LVH - Groups unable see place in my               Requires QuickPlaceThirdPartyDSAPIAuthentication=1 to be set in
    places or authenticate directly to places with FP8103    notes.ini
    and SAM
    SHYN7LATXP - Two managers editing the same               Requires QuickPlaceShowConflictWarning=1 to be set in notes.ini
    document can create save/replication conflict with no
    warning given to the second editor.
    KABS7HMHTX - My Places displays member email             This will fix newly created places, to correct old places perform the
    addresses as "Unknown" when using Domino Server as       following:
    non-LDAP user directory.                                    qptool unregister -placecatalog -a
                                                                qptool register -placecatalog –a
    KABS7MEK5A - Need to support multiple Notes              Set <use_whole_dn_for_member_nsf_lookup enabled="true"/> within
    users with the same common name but different            <user_directory> section of the qpconfig.xml file.
    SSHD7P7HG8 - Need option to hide Files link UI for       Set <file_ui enabled="false"/> within the <my_files> section of the
    customers who don't support shared files (Quickr Entry   qpconfig.xml file.
    PNOT7DZQCG - In Accessibility Mode, changes to           Requires QuickrTimeStamp=1 to be set in notes.ini.
    color schemes are not retained.
    THES7PNQGV - “Find Shared Files” drop down list          See <member_lookup_ui> section in qpconfig_sample.xml for this
    should be configurable for the amount of entries         fix.
    returned and be able to scroll that list
    MMOI75D2LF MMOI7LAP5T -                                  See the new section named <password_synchronization> within the
    Offline: Use login passwords (use_login_passwords)       <offline> section of the qpconfig_sample.xml.
    not functional when MSSO enabled
    Offline password does not synchronize with online
    password change

Additional Information for special fixes continued…
   CPRE7PETT3 - MyPlaces portlet owner field shows After applying the Fixpack and starting Domino, perform the
   nothing for full dn of a manager in place.             following command in the Domino Console:
                                                                    load design -f Placecatalog.nsf
   ESEO7PUUTQ - In non-Internet Explorer browser,         To limit attachment sizes within Quickr please note the following:
   uploading a file that exceeds the maximum sizes listed Quickr Admin : Other Options -> Maximum Attachment Size : Set
   in the Domino Server configuration may give a          this to the maximum sized attachment you want to allow
   “Connection Interrupted” page.
                                                          Domino config : Internet Protocols Tab- > HTTP Tab -> Maximum
                                                          size of request content : This must be set to 0, this is a Domino
                                                          setting. If you set this to an amount, 100 meg for example, and the
                                                          user tries to upload a file 101 meg, you will get a Connection
                                                          Interrupted error message. This is by design for Domino

                                                         Domino config : Internet Protocols Tab -> Domino Web engine tab
                                                         -> Maximum POST data : This should be set to the same size of
                                                         Quickr Admin setting Maximum Attachment Size. If it is smaller
                                                         than the Maximum Attachment Size, this amount will be the
                                                         maximum allowed Quickr Attachment Size.

                                                   Also, note that the now if your post exceeds the maximum attachment
                                                   size as defined above, you will get an error page stating "Attachment
                                                   size exceeds the amount allowed".
   KABS7QHMQU - The column_disambiguate setting The fix involves setting up a user-defined field in qpconfig.xml. In
   in qpconfig.xml is not functioning properly for this example, the field mobile is designated to do the desired
   attributes other than "dn" and "mail".          disambiguation:

                                                         1) This line should be added into qpconfig.xml

                                                         2) The following two fields in qpconfig.xml should be the same.




Additional Information for special fixes continued…
   YXIO7QBBKL - Daily news update email is not sent The following qpconfig.xml settings need to be applied if applying
   to all group members.                                   this fix:
                                                           If using LDAP as your directory, set the following
                                                                      <send_news_to_groups          enabled="true" />
                                                                               <expand_external_groups enabled="true"/>
                                                           If using Domino Directory as your directory, set the following
                                                                      <send_news_to_groups          enabled="true" />
                                                                               <expand_external_groups enabled="false"/>
   DAMC7AEGQU - In connectors, if “Show Views” is Please see new section in qpconfig_sample.xml, be sure to read about
   selected on a place, checked out and draft documents in this fix in the description above the webservices section:
   subrooms are not shown, only those documents in the <webservices>
   main room are shown.                                           <connector>
                                                                       <views_include_rooms enabled="false" />
   JRIE7VKMP9 - Added qpconfig.xml option to               Please see new section in qpconfig_sample.xml:
   remove “Allow Anonymous” from the “Grant Access <user_directory>
   to Everyone” dialog box in Member Management.                 <member_allow_anonymous_selection allow="false"/>
   LTPA token timeout - New feature added to handle Please see new configuration settings in the authentication section
   LTPA token timeout to allow users to save work in       within the qpconfig_sample.xml:
   progress.                                               <authentication>
                                                                  <sign_out enabled="true">
                                                                         <sign_out_confirmation> …. </sign_out_confirmation>

   TJOR7W7NWZ - Adding approval process to a               After applying the FixPack, existing Work Flow documents will have
   custom form causes previously submitted documents to to be checked out and then checked in for the functionality to be
   become unusable.                                        restored. New Work Flow documents will function correctly.
   PNOT7XYQUZ - Enhancement: Optional hyperlink Please see new configuration section <add_to_connectors_message>
   at bottom of place invitation to allow adding the place within the <notifications> section of the qpconfig_sample.xml for this
   to the new member's connectors.                         enhancement.
   MMOI7K7QWS - Authors can't delete own page in To enable this fix, please add the following new notes.ini setting
   dual-directory SiteMinder environment                            QuickPlaceHandleDeleteDocumentWithResponses=0
   DAMY823MCW - Quickr EMM gives no warning                Please see new configuration setting <grouplimit> in the
   when LDAP server group reaches the 32k limit.           <expanded_membership_model><ldap_server> section of the
                                                           qpconfig_sample.xml to enable this enhancement.
   CWIR87KSJ4 - Need a way to override the sender‟s Please see new section <sender_rules> under the <notifications>
   email address when sending notifications.               section of the qpconfig_sample.xml.
   SSHD7CQRQF - Issue with using SiteMinder with           Please do not enable this fix unless instructed to through support.
   Quickr when going into rooms.                           To enable this fix, please set the following in notes.ini:
                                                           QuickPlaceDbLoginNameCheckMsg={message presented to user}
                                                           To enable debug, please set the following in notes.ini

        If users have unexpected results after applying this update, they should clear their browser‟s cache. The user can also
          clear the Java cache, which is located in the Control Panel and may be named something like Java Plug-In or Java
          Control Panel. Go into this applet and find the Cache settings; you should be able to clear the cache from there.
         If users have problems using Internet Explorer, they should remove the Lotus Quickr ActiveX control (instructions
          below). Then install it the next time they are prompted by Quickr when browsing to a Quickr Place.
         To remove the ActiveX control:
          1.   Close all instances of Internet Explorer
          2.   From the Windows Control Panel, open Internet Options.
          3.   Complete the steps below for your version of Internet Explorer:
               Internet Explorer 6:
                       On the General tab, press the Settings button.
                       On the Setting dialog, select View Objects…
                       Select the Lotus Quickr Class (qp2.dll) and press the Delete key on your keyboard.
               Internet Explorer 7:
                       On the Programs tab, press the Manage Add-ons button.
                       On the Manage Add-ons dialog, select the Lotus Quickr Class (qp2.dll).
                       Press the Delete button.

Lotus Quickr 8.1 services for Domino: Fix List

02/10/2011                   “qptool changemember” doesn‟t work properly on an external group.

                             Under certain circumstances users using the Notes Sidebar Connector intermittently get an
01/21/2011   TKAO8DAT44
                             "Access Denied" message.

             MMOI8B9QV9      Setting qpconfig section <xss_removerichtexteditorhtmltoggle value=”true”> causes spell check to
             LO56422         not work correctly.

             SSHD7CQRQF Issue with using SiteMinder with Quickr when going into rooms.
             LO27916    (see fix SSHD7CQRQF in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

11/03/2010   LO51011         Crash on clustermate when running qptool report -policyexecute.

             MMOI88PSLZ      For Domino Native Authentication, going directly to a place when the Domino server has Internet
             LO54334         Site Documents enabled results in the user being prompted to login.

                             Need a way to override the sender‟s email address when sending notifications.
09/27/2010   CWIR87KSJ4
                             (see fix CWIR87KSJ4 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

             TJOR88GSAE      Under certain circumstances when sending notifications, the email address of the selected
             LO54159         recipient is incorrect.

                             After deploying Java version 1.6.0_19 or later on a workstation, users get a warning dialog when
09/15/2010   No SPR
                             running the drag and drop java applet (dndapplet.jar).

                             After deploying Java version 1.6.0_19 or later on a workstation, users get a warning dialog when
                             running the Quickr Sametime applet (peopleonline31.jar).
09/15/2010   No SPR
                             *Please note, you will have to copy the LotusQuickr\peopleonline31.jar to the Sametime server as
                             described in the Quickr Infocenter to get this updated functionality.

             MPUL89AHUN      Under certain circumstances when sending notifications, certain members of a room are missing
             LO54739         from the list when sending notifications.

                             After editing members of the authors group, when using the notify function, the list of users in that
07/29/2010   ESEO86WRLL
                             group were not correct.

                             In certain circumstances, the Domino server may crash when running the command           "qptool
04/30/2010   CSTS7WYMP8
                             report -policyexecute”

                             When an email has been sent to the place, if the email address is sta standard RFC822 address,
04/30/2010   MPUL84JL7G
                             the senders email address gets truncated.

                             Under certain circumstances, an user with Editor rights may receive an error that a document has
04/30/2010   ASHH84WG46
                             is already checked out when trying to check out a document.

                             Disabling Java applets in a place does not remove the "Upload To Library" applet which is still
04/30/2010   JRIE84GGDL
                             visible and functional.

04/30/2010   TJOR84VQAN      New Local Member notification e-mail does not contain the assigned password.

                             When Quickr is setup within a portal and in an iFrame, creating a “New Blog Entry” does not
04/13/2010   XZSU7K2853
                             display properly.

04/13/2010   JRIE7ZWMXS      Submit and Cancel buttons missing when creating a “New Image” with Quickr inside an Iframe

                             Newsletters are not sent out if Quickr uses the Domino LDAP task on the Domino same server as
04/13/2010   KABS7TFJAN

                             When overwriting in connectors and choosing Yes to overwrite an existing file that is not checked
04/13/2010   HMON7XGKBF
                             out, overwrite fails saying the file must be checked out.

                             Quickr EMM gives no warning when LDAP server group reaches the 32k limit.
03/25/2010   DAMY823MCW
                             (see fix DAMY823MCW in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

                             When trying to send notifcations from a room, specific members of local groups are not
03/12/2010   CSTS823S2Y
                             individually selectable.

                             When creating wikipages, the page title is displaying too small and there is no way to change this
03/12/2010   DJOE83CDXR

                             Subroom still shows in a room‟s table of contents after the manager revokes themselves from the
03/12/2010   BTLW82G9XA

                             When using Sametime integration, the option to Add Tools returns an error that the client does not
03/12/2010   CMCH82HMNB
                             support this functionality.

03/12/2010   DAMY82REWN Cannot Add or Edit fields In custom forms In Places with many users.

                             When using Quickr is configured to use Domino Domain Indexer, when you remove a place via
03/12/2010   TSNG7S6BT7
                             qptool, the files do not get removed when qptool remove -cleanup is run as a nightly process.

                             Moving a folder in Connectors which includes DBCS characters causes that folder to become
03/12/2010   TKOA837AB7

02/12/2010   ASHH822D6E      Problems using Previous page button in a folder if documents have responses.

                             With Quickr Traditional Chinese localized version, a custom form with a time field will not display
02/12/2010   ACHG7Z33LX
                             the correct minutes that was originally entered.

                             In certain circumstances, small attachments may not be fully uploaded using the the ActiveX
02/12/2010   MMOI7YUPEL
                             control in IE6.

01/28/2010   RTIN7YRLGS      Click Color option of the Clean Space theme does not correctly set the color of a clicked link.

01/28/2010   CXCX8234Q7      Logout and Help links do not work within the Place Administration pages.

                        When using any theme other than the Default theme, expanding or collapsing items in the
01/28/2010   DAMY7ZXEBW Discussion Folder cause the page to be redirected and the content of the Discussion folder is no
                        longer displayed.

01/21/2010   PNOT7UVJDC      In Internet Explorer 6, user edits are not saved in an application when exiting the browser

01/21/2010   JRIE7YXGDM      The Notify context menu option does not work for documents in a workflow.

                             After adding a local group to a room‟s security, clicking the Member Profile of the group gives an
01/19/2010   XHKG7CG5GU
                             invalid Member Profile.

                             When importing a Word Document containing Word graphic objects (square, line, circle), the
01/14/2010   KABS7XBGDJ
                             graphic objects do not render correctly on the imported page.

01/14/2010   GBAT7QGD7P      For notifications, special characters, such as & appear as the HTML equivalent (&amp;)

                             Notes Sidebar connector does not prompt you for authentication if your password has changed in
01/14/2010   No SPR
                             your directory (requires Quickr Connectors 8.1 HF19 or 8.2 HF6).

                             When adding authors to a document, the user list selection will not show if there is a large number
12/10/2009   RTIN7Y5S2W
                             of place members.

12/18/2009   ESEO7YMS2X      Notifications in rooms not set to users whose name has an apostrophe in it.

12/18/2009   ESEO7YFN8Z      Under certain circumstances, a specific security issue acts differently depending on the user‟s

                              access level.

                              Domino server on AIX may crash when running “qptool register -install” if that place allows
12/18/2009   No SPR
                              anonymous users.

12/10/2009   ESEO7YHPPW Headline Folder doesn't show folder navigator when that headline folder contains only folders.

12/10/2009   RTIN7Y3U4K       Notifications sent from Place Administration send text double spaced.

12/10/2009   XZSU7WY874       Sometimes clicking on “Usage Statistics” will bring you to “My Places”.

                              Authors can't delete own page in dual-directory SiteMinder environment
12/10/2009   MMOI7K7QWS
                              (see fix MMOI7K7QWS in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

12/03/2009   GALI7XJEWN       The What's New Component is not available to Anonymous users.

12/03/2009   MMOI7XW54P       Cannot use qptool‟s changemember command to convert Active Directory names.

                              Notification email not set to a user that has the same first/last name as a different person, but in a
12/03/2009   CLOH7Y4FKB
                              different organizational unit.

12/03/2009   RALF7X2MNG       When sending a notification you do not get the option to select individual users

                              Uploading a file through connectors that is larger than the maximum allowed will appear as if the
                              upload was successful, but then appear as a 0k file
12/03/2009   AHEL76KUHT
                              (It is important to follow the instructions defined for fix ESEO7PUUTQ in “Additional Information
                              for special fixes” section)

                              When an invitation is sent that a user has been added to a place, the password notification setting
12/03/2009   HMON7XJSCS
                              in qpconfig.xml is ignored for Local members.

                              Under certain circumstances, the Domino server may crash when running the          qptool newsletter
11/20/2009   CNKE6ZQAGH

                              During Move/Copy folder option in Quickr web, if user is editor, when they select where to
11/20/2009   KSAA7WTDFX
                              move/copy the folder, they can not expand the folder list.

11/20/2009   XZSU7XG936       You will receive an Error 4000 when deleting a Blog entry with a comment.

                              With logasio enabled in Domino and the Quickr DOLS offline support dll (nqpextmgr.dll) enabled in
11/20/2009   CSTS7TZJNQ
                              Domino‟s notes.ini, logasio doesn‟t terminate after Domino shutdown on Win32.

                              Enhancement: Optional hyperlink at bottom of place invitation to allow adding the place to the
11/20/2009   PNOT7XYQUZ       new member's connectors.
                              (see fix PNOT7XYQUZ in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

                              User located in an LDAP group integrated through Directory Assistance cannot access room
11/10/2009   XZSU7X3A8P

11/10/2009   TSNG7W76E2       “Check in” button missing when in a Wiki document‟s 'Draft In Progress' tab

11/10/2009   CTRP6MMUE8 „To‟ field, when sending a notification, can only have a maximum of 1024 characters.

                              In a folder, if a document has more than 2 levels of child responses, moving to the next page may
11/10/2009   ASHH7WSV5F
                              cause a javascript error.

                              When importing a PowerPoint presentation, during preview if the user clicks zoom, it will zoom to
11/10/2009   JRIE7G4JL4
                              a very large size, bigger than what can fit on the screen.

                              When using custom form to create a document in a clustered environment, duplicate entries gets
11/03/2009   RALF7WUQL6
                              created after replication.

11/03/2009   CNKE7WT9CM In My Places, „Next” and „Last” hyperlink is incorrect if there are less than 10 places listed.
11/03/2009   MPUL7WYJ6X       In Connectors, upload / move of files sometimes makes the place unusable via the web UI.

10/26/2009   SSHD7TBNLH      Missing Cancel and Submit button in “New Image” dialog when accessed via WebSeal.

10/26/2009   CSTS7R5QS4      Document added via Mail using a Notes Mail Rule will not display properly in Quickr.

10/26/2009   RTIN7WFLWB      Backslash is not allowed in Notify comment.

10/26/2009   MALZ7W5NRC In certain circumstances, logging in as a superuser can cause the Domino server to crash.

                             Place manager's id as shown in place invitation should be configurable to use cn instead of
10/26/2009   CWIR7WNN9Z

10/16/2009   JRIE7VKMP9      Quickr on AIX may crash the Domino Server when subscribing to Atom feeds.

                             In certain circumstances, selecting Next in My Places to show the next page of places does not
10/16/2009   KSAA7W8BMN
                             work correctly for Super Users.

                             You will receive a 404 error when logging out in Firefox when your Quickr server uses
10/16/2009   TJOR7W8K7F
                             "/Quickplace" as it‟s directory.

                        Adding approval process to a custom form causes previously-submitted documents to become
10/16/2009   TJOR7W7NWZ unusable.
                        (see fix TJOR7W7NWZ in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

10/16/2009   BTLW7WL4UF      Advanced Search across All Places returns a 404 error.

                             Users with Membership enabled as “Allow Logged in non members” cannot launch attachments
9/30/2009    RELS6Y5NHS
                             when using Domino Native Authentication.

                             In certain circumstances, qptool removemember does not remove the member from the place
9/30/2009    THES7RLGWG

9/30/2009    SSHD74UNAF      Integrated Sametime chat over port 80 or via reverse proxy fails.

                             New feature added to handle LTPA token timeout to allow users to save work in progress.
9/30/2009    None
                             (see fix “LTPA token timeout“ in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

09/22/2009   DAMC7UEGVR Notification email is not sent when creating an Online Meeting.

                             In Internet Explorer 6, user edits are not saved in an application if user exits the browser before
09/22/2009   PNOT7UVJDC

                             When using a custom form and displaying one of those fields as a column in folder view, if the
09/22/2009   RTIN7V4FWM
                             field value contains a double quote, the browser displays an error.

09/22/2009   HMON7V4P3H      Drag and Drop fails to upload file if Workflow set to Simple Submit and using a custom form.

09/22/2009   CSTS7VYKG6      No member list when sending email notification from within subroom.

                             With a server configured for Domino Native Authentication, if a user goes offline, the server could
09/22/2009   MLZG7UPB9N

                             Added qpconfig.xml option to remove “Allow Anonymous” from the “Grant Access to Everyone”
09/09/2009   JRIE7VKMP9      dialog box in Member Management.
                             (see fix JRIE7VKMP9 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

                             When deleting an attachment from a virtual folder within connectors, that delete is not replicated to
09/09/2009   ASHH7V34BT
                             other cluster members.

                             When sending a notification from within a room, all members of place get notified when only the
09/09/2009   ESEO7TXSBY
                             room members should.

09/09/2009   TSNG7VG7F3      Room not removed from the PlaceCatalog / Usage Statistics after deleting a room from a place

                             Cannot set your Place Description (Customize/Basics/Describe your place) to blank after entering
09/09/2009   DYLU7AQEMS
                             in a Place Description
09/09/2009   JRIE7TZJ8C      Forward slash character no longer available as a title or folder name

                             In Connectors, file changes made on a client may get saved back to the Quickr server even
09/02/2009   KSAA7UVEA9
                             though the file wasn‟t checked out when the file is named using international characters.

09/02/2009   CSTS7UPN4Y      After rebuilding the place catalog, places that allowed anonymous access no longer do.

09/02/2009   MMOI7UUKXX      Fix a Quickr Server crash on AIX during “qptool report -policyexecute”.

09/02/2009   CSTS7TZJNQ      Fix a crash that appeared during Domino shutdown.

08/25/2009   MMOI7UGHUD When opening an .html file from connectors, you may get an error downloading the file.

08/25/2009   BTLW7TGA9G      Blog comment lists the comment author as their login name, it should be Firstname Lastname

                             When deleting 1 file from a document containing multiple files through the Explorer Connector, a
08/25/2009   KSAA7UVDM5
                             conflict document may be created when viewed through the Web UI.

                             Users accessed via Directory Assistance are not displayed correctly when performing lookups in
08/25/2009   DAMC7UCDB9
                             Member Management.

                             When adding an Author to a document, if you select a Group and a member at the same time, the
08/25/2009   KSAA7UVCUM
                             Group is not saved.

08/13/2009   KABS7TYUUG      qptool refresh re-creates mail-in database documents.

                             When Quickr is configured for Active Directory if you log in, then log out and then attempt to log in
08/06/2009   ESEO7TTSCK
                             with a bad password then check the number of bad password attempts, it will show 2.

                             Active Directory groups added using Directory Assistance gets displays as the DN when it should
08/06/2009   DAMC7U2DRP
                             be the CN.

                             When attachments are added using Connectors and the Quickr server is running on AIX,
08/06/2009   PKAY7RHMRR
                             modification time of the file may be off.

08/06/2009   DTRR7PDKB3      When deleting a place that has a subroom, the subroom does not get removed.

                             Using Domino Catalog Search where places are not clustered to the Catalog Search server and
08/06/2009   MPUL7UCKN7
                             then doing a search on all places from a different server results in an invalid URL error.

                             When performing an Advanced Search while using a Domino Catalog Search and then clicking on
08/06/2009   MPUL7UFK9A
                             My Places results in a page with no formatting.

08/06/2009   KABS7UBV5V      Places are not visible in Place Administration if the user name contains an umlaut.

07/24/2009   None            FixPack installer error MissingResourceException error for key Chooser.VersionVerification

07/24/2009   GAKI7TGCL3      Show Folder Navigator does not sort correctly when folder names contain numbers.

                             Different results occur when you delete a response that has a response by using the drop down
07/24/2009   RTIN7RTH34
                             action as opposed to selecting the document and then selecting More Actions and then Delete.

                             When dragging a folder in Connectors to the Explorer, if one of the files in the folder is based off
07/24/2009   RALF7TQMDN
                             an imported Microsoft Word or Excel document, that file will not get copied.

07/22/2009   KABS7S9G28      Issues with members of External Groups if the member is also a member of a Local Group

07/22/2009   GAKI7TDKJ2      Quickr ActiveX does not support MS Word‟s .docm format.

07/22/2009   SHYN78RVV2      Upgrading placetypes errors out with "File not found"

                             In a clustered environment, qptool replicamaker may create a malformed quickr server document
07/15/2009   MMOI7ARMZ5
                             in the PlaceCatalog.nsf .

                        In connectors, if “Show Views” is selected on a place, checked out and draft documents in
07/15/2009   DAMC7AEGQU subrooms are not shown, only those documents in the main room are shown.
                        (see fix DAMC7AEGQU in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

                             When creating a Link Page in older themes, the option for the link to open in a new window does
07/15/2009   RTIN7C7MQ3
                             not work correctly, the link does not open in a new browser window.

                             Local user who has same username and password across places can not sign in after signing in
07/15/2009   MPUL7QGM8T
                             and out of first place.

                            When drag_and_drop_files_applet authentication is set to basic in the qpconfig.xml, user is given
07/07/2009   HMON7T2TD4
                            the error “You are not authorized” when uploading a file via the drag and drop applet.

                            In certain circumstances, trying to access a file via the connectors can give an error “The file has
07/07/2009   JYJG7SA573
                            been deleted on the server, please select another file”.

07/07/2009   HTTN7ST3QJ     User was being prompted to re-authenticate when adding users to a place.

07/07/2009   KABS7TCJCL     qptool register -install does not work well with non-ascii characters

             MMOI7STSYW Cannot check both checkboxes in “Grant Access To Everyone” dialog within Member
             XNXN7T5DGU Management.

                            When logasio is run as a Domino task, Quickr will not shutdown when the Domino server is
06/25/2009   PKAY7SKRU4

06/25/2009   CSTS7QVN4N     Blog rss feeds not showing pictures when using the Notes Feed Reader.

                            When sending Notification emails, if the email address ends in a number (ex: test2@non.com),
06/25/2009   RALF7S8KZJ
                            another character is appended to the email address, making it an invalid email address.

                            If using Quickr Blog within another site in an iframe, clicking some of the blog links removes the
06/25/2009   CLOH7SV634

                            Setting the Domino config setting Domino Web Engine / POST data / Maximum post data to 0
06/25/2009   PKAY7S8JAF
                            prevents Quickr from being able to create a new place or post.

06/25/2009   TPEA7SUBJU     In a Wiki place, moving one folder into another folder may give an error.

                            In a Wiki place, checking a document into a folder using “Check in with options” will result in that
06/23/2009   RALF7STL6R
                            document appearing in both the folder and in the Table of Contents.

                            After Quickr server is just started, if web client enters a URL to a place and that URL has a special
06/23/2009   THES7BSN7M     character at the end such as a period, you can no longer get into the place even with the correct
                            URL until the Quickr server is shut down.

06/23/2009   MPUL7T6JD3     Connector uploads failing for Editor users who are members of an LDAP group.

06/19/2009   CSTS7QVN4N     Quickr Blog rss, problem displaying pictures in Notes Feed Reader

                            Cannot check both checkboxes in “Grant Access To Everyone” dialog within Member
06/19/2009   WWGO7RK5Z3

                            Error “HuDirectoryBaseClass::Bind ERROR” when going offline and directory type is Domino
06/19/2009   MPUL7SHDND
                            Native Authentication.

06/11/2009   ESEO7S6PKV     Regional preferences are not saved when changing them via the Select Time Zone link.

06/11/2009   RTIN7RYG2Z     With versioning enabled, cannot view older versions of PDF files within Connectors.

                            Mail-in database document not updated in child places when Mail location is changed in
06/11/2009   DAMC7S9C92

                            When a folder has a default form that is a customized form and that form has a Date Popup field
06/11/2009   CBRN7S2NY9
                            that is required, can never check in a file in using the Connectors.

                            Adding a group to membership and have it send an invitation, the invitation displays the group
06/02/2009   RELS7LRPSW
                            name as the log in name, should be the user name.

                            Unable to add a place using Domino Web Access if the place description contains non-ascii
06/02/2009   KABS7S7ESM

06/02/2009   MZHA7SEBJX     In a rare circumstance, the server may terminate when accessing a calendar entry.

                            In Explorer Connector, when an author user double clicks a document they created, they are not
06/02/2009   MPUL7S6ERW
                            given the Open Document dialog box.

                            For older themes, the headline folder and slideshow folder give no way of creating a new post
06/02/2009   JYYG72JC9F
                            once a post has been added to the folder.

                             From Connectors, dragging and dropping a folder from a Room to your desktop results in folders
05/27/2009   RALF7RAKHZ
                             being created with no files.

                             In some circumstances, the Connectors gives incorrect error ("No remote service found") when
05/27/2009   ESEO7H9KXR
                             user‟s password has been changed or expired.

                             When deleting a page, if you select Cancel to the confirmation, another confirmation to delete will
05/27/2009   RTIN7S9J6B

05/27/2009   PNOT7RYLA9      Javascript error “oRText is not defined” when creating new blog entries.

                             In IE6, when uploading multiple files via the Library Upload control, the time to reload the
05/27/2009   MMOI7S9HS4
                             page is noticeable.
                             FIELDTITLE_UNTITLED (Group) displayed in Members page in non-default themes when the
05/27/2009   DAMC7S9JNM
                             directory type is Domino

05/20/2009   RTIN7RMGJD      Blog RSS Feed showing blank entries.

05/20/2009   CBRN7RLNTU      Problem downloading files with spaces in filenames from IE6.

05/20/2009   PNOT7S3JLG      Javascript being displayed when creating a new theme.

05/14/2009   CSTS7QVN4N      Quickr RSS feeds do not display images when using the Notes RSS Feed Reader.

                             Rooms allowing Anonymous users are not shown in the Table of Contents of the parent place for
05/14/2009   RTIN7RJFJ8
                             an Anonymous user.

                             Logout Link is not shown in Firefox when the LTPA Token configuration is not named LtpaToken
05/14/2009   JRIE7QNGR9
                             within the Domino Server configuration.

                             In IE7, embedded objects added to the Rich Text Editor when editing in HTML mode doesn‟t
05/14/2009   JSHN7QFU9T
                             display correctly if, after checked in, you check out the document.

                             With Wiki places, a folder disappears from the list of folders when editing the folder and choosing
05/14/2009   MMOI7R3RM5
                             to “leave it where it is".

                             The names in the "Assigned to" drop down list when New Task are not correct if that name
05/14/2009   RTIN7RQP8X
                             contains a comma.

05/14/2009   CCLI7ABB4V      Domino server crash while looking up a user in the Member Management page.

05/11/2009   XMXU7RUBBE Problem publishing a file in an Entry Place using Sametime or Notes Sidebar connector.

05/07/2009   THES7RCV72      Blog comment separator is too close to the following comment.

                        If anonymous access is allowed within qpconfig.xml and anonymous is removed from a place and
05/07/2009   KABS7QGG3R then anonymous access is disallowed within qpconfig.xml, usage statistics will show those
                        disallowed places to anonymous users.

                             qpconfig setting <use_whole_dn_for_member_nsf_lookup enabled=”true”> does not work for
05/07/2009   RALF7RLJ36
                             Domino Native authentication.

                             When adding a new image within the rich text editor, a separate document will be created that
05/07/2009   RTIN7MPQ6D
                             contains that image. That image document should not be displayed in the list of documents.

                             Running "qptool upgrade -f -a" as required in the upgrade documentation of a Fixpack removes
                             some custom properties.
05/07/2009   JRIE7QNLA4
                             (See “Upgrading your places and other Quickr Domino databases” section for the new parameter
                             -saveformprefs to resolve this issue)

05/07/2009   SSHD7PJUTG      Log out from a place fails in Firefox if accessed through a Proxy.

                             qpconfig setting <use_whole_dn_for_member_nsf_lookup enabled="true"> displays DN instead of
05/04/2009   TPEA7RADGB
                             CN displayed in member view.
                             In Places Admin, if a place has a number of rooms, clicking Next does not show the remaining
05/04/2009   CNKE7QW9RN

                             In Explorer Connector, dragging a virtual folder (a document that contains multiple attachments)
05/04/2009   RALF7RCMW4
                             from the root level (the table of contents) to the desktop causes an empty folder to be created

05/04/2009   KABS7QBLLK      Notification email from sent from a place being is addressed to the wrong external group member.

                             Error “The parameter is incorrect” is displayed when trying to edit an HTML file from an Imported
04/29/2009   CSTS7RAKS5
                             HTML Page.

04/29/2009   RTIN7QNLPX      Modified dates not showing correctly for files uploaded by Drag And Drop (bullseye) applet

                             In certain circumstances, the Domino Server can crash when checking out a document through
04/29/2009   MMOI7PSR8J
                             the connectors.

                             In certain circumstances, the Domino Server can crash when during member lookup in the
04/29/2009   CCLI7ABB4V
                             Member Management page.

                             When dragging a file into the Explorer connector that already exists and is checked out, multiple
04/29/2009   CSTS7RBUC4
                             copies of that file may show in the Explorer connector.

04/28/2009   TPEA7QMGMK RSS Feed         error message "No description provided" when retrieving content of a document.

04/23/2009   KABS7QHMQU Column_disambiguate setting in qpconfig.xml fails for attributes other than “dn” and “mail”

04/23/2009   MPUL7QGM8T      Local users can‟t authenticate with multiple places using common name instead of full DN

04/17/2009   PKAY7NZL63      Document version not automatically created in connectors when implicit versioning is enabled.

04/17/2009   KABS7QHPUF      "Grant access to everyone" for anonymous users not working properly

04/17/2009   JRIE7QPN2D      “qptool refresh” not updating Basic Customization changes from parent place

                             Changes not saved when switching Rich Text Editor to HTML mode, making changes and then
04/17/2009   MMOI7F2S4J
                             switching back to Rich Text Edit mode in Internet Explorer.

                             When sending an email to a place and it contains more than 1 attachment, those attachments
04/16/2009   KABS7K9UTG
                             aren‟t seen via the Quickr Connectors.

                             Cannot change the font of initial default pages (Welcome, Team Goals, etc) using Internet
04/16/2009   SHYN7LHU6D

04/16/2009   KABS7QHPUF      In the Member Management page, "Grant access to everyone" does not work properly.

                             “Find Shared Files” and “Member Lookup” drop down list should allow more than 100 results.
04/14/2009   ESEO7QYQ8T
                             (see fix THES7PNQGV in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

                             MyPlaces portlet owner field shows nothing for full dn of a manager in place.
04/14/2009   CPRE7PETT3
                             (see fix CPRE7PETT3 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

                             When adding a group to the membership of a place using a full DN of that group, the Domino
04/14/2009   CWIR7Q9Q2Q
                             server could crash.

                        In non-Internet Explorer browser, uploading a file that exceeds the maximum sizes listed in the
04/14/2009   ESEO7PUUTQ Domino Server configuration may give a “Connection Interrupted” page.
                        (see fix ESEO7PUUTQ in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

04/14/2009   CBRN7QJSQE      Sametime awareness is blank for posts that were mailed into the place.

04/14/2009   GAKI7QREHZ      When clicking the twisty of Task with a long name the menu never appears.

                             404 error when you click Next in the PlaceType Options page when using Quickr with a reverse
04/14/2009   DAMC7QADCU

04/09/2009   CSTS7Q3JG6      Images linked via Insert Image / New Image are not found if the name of the place changes

04/09/2009   XHKG7LW942      Cannot chat via Sametime integration when using Domino Native authentication.

04/09/2009   YXIO7QBBKL      Daily news update email is not sent to all group members.

             MMOI7LAP5T      Offline password does not synchronize with online password change
             MMOI75D2LF      Use login passwords (use_login_passwords) not functional when MSSO enabled

                             (see fix MMOI75D2LF MMOI7LAP5T           in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

                             With Internet Explorer, launching an attachment will sometimes give an error that there is no
04/08/2009   ESEO7QG24R
                             application associated with it even though the association is known to the operating system.

04/08/2009   KSLI7QF939      Ampersand characters in the Place Summary field breaks Quickr RSS feeds.

04/08/2009   PKAY7QFPJL      Restricting individual readers in blog places prevents all readers and authors from logging in.

04/08/2009   SORA7N4HLU      Stylesheet changes to custom themes are not applied.

04/07/2009   PNOT7QQR2S JavaScript errors appear in Firebug when choosing a theme with Firefox and Firebug active.

                             When fonts left at default in the Rich Text Editor, the second line of text appear smaller when
04/07/2009   DAMC7NQKY3
                             viewing the published version.

04/07/2009   GMUN7Q9JP7      Apostrophes are incorrectly displayed for semicolons in Connectors Properties dialog box.

                             Added bulletproofing to prevent deletion of unmarked places under certain uncommon system
04/07/2009   KABS7Q2H77
                             shutdown conditions.

04/03/2009   JRIE7QNMEU      Welcome Page is not displayed correctly in Internet Explorer 6.

                        “Find Shared Files” drop down list should be configurable for the amount of entries returned and
04/03/2009   THES7PNQGV be able to scroll that list
                        (see fix THES7PNQGV in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

                             Placetypes designated as hidden should not be pre-checked in the UI as available for selection by
04/03/2009   RTIN7QAGZB

04/01/2009   MPUL7MFMQD Page footer length should be configurable to allow more than 256 characters.

                             Place names containing apostrophes appear with "&apos;" in the name instead of the apostrophe
04/01/2009   THES7EUKRS

                             Nightly place statistics via "qptool placecatalog -push" are not updated in clustered proxy
04/01/2009   SSHD7PMJXD

                             MS Word file attachments cause slow page loads in Internet Explorer after places have been
04/01/2009   XZSU7PS6ZJ
                             upgraded from QuickPlace 7 to Quickr.

04/01/2009   JHHO7HPEML      Wiki place document histories show only the first and latest revisions.

04/01/2009   JSHN7QETQE      Folders with apostrophes or quotation marks in their names can't be selected or displayed.

                             Canceling new room creation action causes the the Table of Contents to disappear from the
04/01/2009   DTRR7PSMY2
                             following scene.

                             Some accented UTF-8 characters (e.g., French) are mismapped to garbage Unicode on page
04/01/2009   GAKI7KXKQR

                             Blog & Wiki design pseudo-places appear in the Admin UI place list after unregistering /
04/01/2009   PNOT7DHRL8
                             registering -a.

                             Upgrading an unrefreshed child place marks it incorrectly as no longer needing refresh from its
04/01/2009   DAMC7PVFWE
                             parent place.

                             Group members do not receive e-mail notification after the group is added to a place via Domino
04/01/2009   KMAS7PRQ6K
                             NAB directory.

                             Sorting on some of the data columns in the My Places Statistics view removes all the place data
04/01/2009   ESEO7PYJ7A
                             from the view.

03/25/2009   AGAI7KWP4F      Server crash if moving a folder within connectors and the folder name contains a forward slash.

03/25/2009   JXBI7Q2BTT      Deleting one copy of a wiki page deletes all copies.

                             Viewing a bulleted list in a blog post shows that it does not indent the same way it indents in edit
03/25/2009   CSTS7P8TCY
                             mode with the Rich Text Editor.

                             In Wiki places, UI text, "Attachments: you can attach files..." is sometimes obscured by editable
03/25/2009   YXIO7N5B5T
                             text in Rich Text Editor.

                            “&” in the place name causes a duplicate place name        to be displayed in the navigation bread
03/25/2009   ESEO7PFPE6

                            Using the “Add Authors” functionality under “More Actions” of a document does not let you add an
03/25/2009   ASHH7MFA6V
                            individual from a group as the display shows that you should be able to do this.

03/25/2009   GMUN7PUEU8 Changing the name of a room causes statistics to not update.

03/19/2009   DAMC7NGF3W The left hand navigation menu (TOC) disappears with Accessibility Mode enabled

03/19/2009   THES7P8JTV     Search does not work consistently with the Quickr 8.0 with Navigation theme

03/19/2009   XZSU7NA8NR     Security alert given if using the Quickplace Classic theme and create a response to a post.

                            Spell checker needs an option to check English words on systems using non-Western character
03/19/2009   KMAO7JZMYR

03/19/2009   HTTN7NY8JX     Misaligned text in page after importing a MS Word 2007 document.

03/19/2009   RTIN7H3GXT     Imported MS Office files get clipped on right-hand side with no way to scroll.

                            In Accessibility Mode, changes to color schemes are not retained.
03/05/2009   PNOT7DZQCG
                            (see fix PNOT7DZQCG in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

03/05/2009   MPUL7P7LCF     Qptool upgrade -f In A Cluster Results in Replication Conflicts For Wiki, Blog & Entry PlaceTypes.

                            Need option to hide Files link UI for customers who don't support shared files (Quickr Entry
03/05/2009   SSHD7P7HG8     places).
                            (see fix SSHD7P7HG8 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

                            Dragging a virtual folder from connectors onto desktop results in a random number of oddly
03/04/2009   JHHO7PRBKQ
                            named files.

03/04/2009   YXIO7NJEF4     Wiki page does not show the update history.

                            Need to support multiple Notes users with the same common name but different domains.
03/04/2009   KABS7MEK5A
                            (see fix KABS7MEK5A in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

03/04/2009   CSTS7P8TCY     Using a bulleted list within a Blog post does not result in the correct indentation of   wrapped text.

03/04/2009   RTIN7NRHLY     Downloading files with a comma in it‟s file name cause the file not to download

03/04/2009   GMUN7L5J6M     Entry places transmit over http instead of https when using WebSeal.

                            Javascript error “_qp_openVersionList is not defined” when using 8.0 (with classic navigation)
03/04/2009   CSTS7PJV2R

03/04/2009   WBSI7HF5SX     Documents created in a parent PlaceType are not replicated to their child places.

03/04/2009   DAMC7PEFL5     Child places only accept changes from a parent place one time when performing basic refresh.

03/04/2009                  Headline folder‟s tabs overwrite other parts of the page if there is more than 1 row of tabs.

03/04/2009   ESEO7P4NGL     When notifying, email will not be sent out if only the BCC field is filled out.

02/27/2009   SSHD7P7TBZ     No navigation on Set Time zone or regional setting page.

                            Non-admins shouldn't have links to Work with Templates and Place Administration on Create
02/27/2009   PNOT7PFJBB

02/20/2009   PKAY699P37     Signing a Placebot results in save conflict

02/20/2009   RELS7HWSRE Adding a        Quickr Entry place to Connectors using https will instead use http.
02/19/2009   MMOI7CY6CG     Non-admins should not see command links to Work with Templates and Place Administration

02/19/2009   SSHD7P6GXQ     Place links from Usage Statistics page are broken when accessed through proxy or WEBSeal.

                             My Places displays member email addresses as "Unknown" when using Domino Server as
02/19/2009   KABS7HMHTX      non-LDAP user directory.
                             (see fix KABS7HMHTX in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

02/19/2009   BTLW7MGAHQ Imported wiki pages do not appear on list of available internal page links.

                             Accessibility theme for QuickPlace V1 and V2 styles show graphic text links incorrectly as
02/19/2009   SORA7M8J6S

02/19/2009   RELS7NH57M      File downloads fail when the titles contain '#' or '%' characters.

                             Placetypes created without inheriting ACL of source place do not include Anonymous in the new
02/19/2009   SPAL7NKNWX

                             Spell checker needs an option to check English words on systems using non-Western character
02/19/2009   KMAO7JZMYR

                             Attempting to delete documents in Index view shows unnecessary message: "Please select one or
02/19/2009   THES7NXGGZ
                             more items".

02/10/2009   DDUT7NWRZG Quickr Place Atom feed has incorrect title

02/10/2009   RELS7M8TWG Default XSS settings from qpconfig.xml disable image uploads
                             The qptool changemember command does not update the member in the place‟s contact
02/10/2009   SHYN7LQVZG
                             database, nor does it update the placecatalog.

                             Rich Text Editor – Style changes from Normal (DIV) to Normal when pressing Enter, Internet
02/04/2009   DAMC7NQNRD
                             Explorer only

02/04/2009   RELS7N2TVP      Under certain circumstances, Fixpack Installer does not install files into the HTML directory.

                             Two managers editing the same document can create save/replication conflict with no warning
02/04/2009   SHYN7LATXP      given to the second editor.
                             (see fix SHYN7LATXP in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

02/04/2009   MMOI7MG4TQ Sub-folder is inappropriately displayed         in Table of Contents instead of its top-level parent

02/04/2009   DAMC7MCDN7 Folders listed in the “Folder Navigator” should be sorting by Folder Name, not Creation Date.

02/04/2009   JRIE7NJLEJ      Scroll Bar is visible in Notify window in Internet Explorer 6 with display set to low resolution.

                             Groups unable see place in my places or authenticate directly to places with FP8103 and SAM.
01/27/2009   ESEO7M9LVH
                             (see fix ESEO7M9LVH in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

01/27/2009              Java drag and drop function should work for Ordered List folders.

                             With 8.1.1 Connectors, when adding places, not all places are shown if there are Entry Places in
01/27/2009   RELS7N9VW6
                             the list.

01/27/2009                   Need to use scroll bar to choose the Close button in the Add Members window on older themes

01/20/2009   TSNG7MK53Q      When Wiki place is created, Anonymous user access is not present

01/20/2009   RELS7M2PWB Some places have wrong colors, buttons after upgrading from Quickplace 6.5.1 to Quickr 8.1

01/20/2009   RTIN7M6HND      After creating a Blog comment, Rich Text Editor still contains the just submitted comment.

01/20/2009   MMOI7MDE9G In Quickr 8.1 theme, Rooms should not be a selectable component in PlaceType options

                             "h_MeetingUrl undefined" error appears in IE browser status bar when using Sametime server
01/20/2009   XHKG7LY8Y2
                             also as an LDAP server

01/20/2009   MPUL7MFJ7Q      Connectors "Checked Out by Me" view is showing other members' draft documents
01/20/2009   AGAI7HNKWB      Accessing places through Connectors does not store last accessed or last modified timestamps

01/20/2009   PKAY6P8JW3      In certain circumstances, upgrading from Quickplace 6.5.1 to         Quickr 8.1 does not populate folder


01/20/2009   CLOH7LY64F      Re-editing wiki pages with inserted images causes images to lose their page alignment

                             “Buffer Overflow Exception” error given when entering more than the allowable amount of
01/20/2009   JYYG6ZV8YM
                             characters in a Member‟s “Other Information” field.

01/20/2009   MBAM7LJRNT      Versioning information is lost after moving documents with versioning between rooms
01/20/2009   BTLW7N2CK8      Text Area fields in custom forms are formatted incorrectly when user enters multiple lines of text

01/20/2009                   Running qptool upgrade -f in a clustered environment causes numerous replication/save conflicts

01/14/2009   MPUL7MSF92      Quickr Entry Place not found if url is redirected from another url

01/14/2009   MZHA7EFD9M      Full Text Search index not generated on clustered server when running "qptool replicamaker -t".

                             A File imported through connectors where the filename contains a semicolon are not recognized
01/14/2009   SORA7MUSYK
                             as an attachment using Quickr Domino Web UI on Internet Explorer.

01/14/2009   XHKG7LW9C2      Rich Text Editor is cut off at the bottom in Internet Explorer.

01/14/2009   TORI79ENTF      Sametime Awareness integration on an Entry Place does not display properly

01/14/2009   SHYN7LZMUS      “qptool upgrade” will should not recreate the “Home” page in the TOC if was manually removed

01/14/2009   RELS7LR3XD      Lock icon tooltip displays original author, not person who's checked out doc

01/14/2009   PKAY7LLJF5      Notifications for a group name that contains “[“ or “]” will not be sent out

01/09/2009   RELS7LRPL8      External group members not receiving Quickr email notifications

01/09/2009   RELS777SXR      My Places should display places sorted by title field rather than by place name

01/09/2009   GMUN7MFGVV Drag/drop should be enabled in sub-rooms

01/09/2009   SHYN7HMMJP Qptool sendmail losing newlines in email body sections

01/09/2009   MBAM7M62HS Logo Maker customize feature truncates logo text with some fonts

                             Place creators using placetypes with subrooms are listed as managers rather than owners of the
01/09/2009   DAMC7M7JP3

01/09/2009   THES7ET43D      Workflow notifications are missing a space before the place name.

01/09/2009              Error "Object does not support property or method" when attempting to insert/edit a table.
01/09/2009   BACY7L2TK6      Users with apostrophes in their name can't be deleted in Room Security

01/09/2009   RELS7M8TWG Enabling XSS Security settings causes data loss in Rich Text Editor when uploading images
01/09/2009   MPUL7LJHG6      ??? appears in Folder Name Breadcrumb instead of Folder Name when viewing a sub-folder

01/07/2009   RELS7MGP7F      Performing a qptool refresh -r on a Wiki place may cause Domino to crash.

01/07/2009   JRIE7MTJ4T      When using long place names, Comment Box in email notification is too long.

                             While adding Members, Members lookup only displays 15 members shown in search results.
01/07/2009   DAMC7KWNPC
                             (see fix DAMC7KWNPC in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

                             Documents show up in multiple folders after applying Fixpack
12/23/2008   MMOI7MH576
                             (see fix MMOI7MH576 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

12/22/2008   CBJW7JA93W      In Symphony Connector, Entry Place owned by signed in user is not blue.
12/22/2008   MMOI7MH576      Documents may appear in multiple folders.

12/22/2008   RELS7LARKR      Server crash when deleting items in connectors

12/22/2008   RELS7DKVS8     "My Files" doesn't work with non-standard ports

12/22/2008   MPUL7KHLPR     Author & Editor users cannot select content In Folder View

12/17/2008   RTIN7LKKW7     Some columns for shared documents are too small, so they seem cramped.

                            Folder's favored form action button does not appear for non-managers unless the Create... link is
12/17/2008   MBAM7KVNFD

                            Domino Quickr libraries feed does not provide detailed place listing that appears in the
12/17/2008   DDUT7D2LAH
                            corresponding J2EE feed.

12/17/2008   BBAR7L6KS4     Navigating to http://server.name.com/index.htm displays non-functional Admin console.

                            "From" field in qptool newletter mail shows server name instead of place name when user
12/17/2008   DAMC7LYG7S
                            directory is configured to Domino Server.

12/17/2008   AGOR7ELN8R     In Connectors, attachments in virtual folders show only the first 32 files.

12/17/2008   GMUN7LBL9D     In Connectors, can't drag/drop email documents with long subject lines

12/17/2008   SHYN7LRTE3     Creating a folder with a long name in Connectors gives an error.

12/17/2008   SHYN7LRQDA     Member UI lookup results shows "givenName" instead of member's actual given name

12/17/2008   DAMC7LSC3T     Progress bar in large file uploads shows progress erratically, does not complete at 100%

                            Basic place search with multiple search terms defaults to "matches any" rather than "matches all"
12/17/2008   SORA7LAME5

12/10/2008   XZSU7E94K5     <connector_install_url> qpconfig setting doesn't work on all pages

                            My Places in Quickr portlet not showing places created by users logging in via Domino Native
12/10/2008   VSTB7LJQZ5

                            Drag / drop of folder in a connector fails to copy that folder's files if the folder name contains NLV
12/10/2008   JQZN7LJDMG
                            (Turkish, Arabic, etc) characters.

12/10/2008   SHYN7GMTY2     Drag and Drop applet no longer supports jre 1.42

12/10/2008   MPUL7LHLVX     User Cannot Edit A Post that is Mailed Into A Place

12/10/2008   SHYN78RVV2     File does not exist   error when upgrading PlaceTypes

12/10/2008   MMQS7K86B8     Error   when trying to create link on table cell, edit table or insert link on a image in IE7

12/03/2008   JCHG7F7CVS     Place Administration / Create New Policy user interface contains untranslated text.

12/03/2008   DYLU79J7UT     My Places view: sort by owner sorts by title instead.

12/03/2008   TPSG7JDELV     When creating a table in the rich text editor, the table borders disappear after check in.

12/03/2008   MPUL7HUJSB     Modifying a Quickr File Without Checking Out Results in Check Out On Save

12/03/2008   RELS7A3PH2     Pressing “Enter” in the rich text editor causes a double spaced line.

12/03/2008                  Rich text editor style dropdown initially blank

12/03/2008   MZHA7LACZ2     When using TAM, the logged in user‟s name is proceeded by an “=”.

12/03/2008   TSNG7JRFLR     Document delete does not delete the document‟s versions.

12/03/2008   PKAY699P37     After signing a Placebot a draft version of the Placebot document remains in the data base

12/03/2008   SHYN7JESYV     Cannot import HTML documents with Meta tags.

12/03/2008   GSTS7DAM9C     Navigation buttons are not displayed on customized Quickr 8.0 (with classic navigation) skin.

12/03/2008   MBAM7KXW3F Logo truncated when using LogoMaker with Your Place Name Here option enabled.

12/03/2008   GAKI7KXKQR       Some accented French chars will be omitted when importing html pages.

                              IE only: Drag / Drop email message to Notes Quickr Sidebar connector and then view the email
12/03/2008   THES7LAPZA
                              message using Quickr web, user gets prompted for authentication for each graphic.

11/21/2008   TSNG6PW7DX Members that are in multiple groups may get duplicate emails when notifications are sent.

                              Images not loading when customizing a theme and drag / drop the image file onto the drag / drop
11/21/2008   KABS7GULJG

11/21/2008   JFLD7JYNDA       With versioning enabled, when selecting Notify from the folder view a new version will be created.

                              When a place uses an older theme, and user is a member of a Domino LDAP group, that user
11/21/2008   SHYN7L9JDF
                              may not see this place in My Places

                              Uploading an EXE file into the Library results in "unknown file type" when downloading in the
11/21/2008   MPUL7K2KWM
                              Library Index View

11/21/2008   MZHA7L9DAX       URL is truncated when clicking “Log out” button in Place Administration page
11/21/2008   MZHA7L9BZ6       URL is truncated when clicking Going back to Home button in Place Administration page.

11/21/2008   JHHO7HPEML       Wiki history only showing original and last entries

11/21/2008   JRIE7L3MFE       Unable to view all folders in Quickr "Save Folder Options" after highlighting a folder

11/21/2008   SHYN7K7U4C       Error creating a place type from a place with a external group

11/21/2008   RELS7KUPTF       Places with group access do not show in the placatalog

11/18/2008   RELS7L6STY       Moving nested folders to a room may corrupt the folder structure.

11/18/2008   MMOI7KURY2       Rich-text formatting lost when posting blog pages using IE

11/18/2008   MMQS7K86B8       Error on page when trying to create link in a table with the Rich Text Editor in IE

11/18/2008   PNOT7LDP7P       After qptool upgrade, cannot edit a wiki page.

                              Moving a post from a top-level folder to a subroom's Table of Contents errors with "Entry not
11/12/2008   QCAO7AJBET

                              Clicking "Recommend" link appends sender's mail signature to the document as shown in the
11/12/2008   SORA7KP2QL
                              resulting Notes client doclink

                              When adding member LDAP with >20,000 entries, UI temporarily shows wrong result when user
11/12/2008   MMOI7H9VCV       pauses while typing search term.
                              (see fix MMOI7H9VCV in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
11/12/2008   DAMC7KGEVR Moving a sub-folder causes it to lose its original default-form setting.

                              Creating a child place from a placetype that gives access to an external group fails with a garbage
11/12/2008   SHYN7K7U4C
                              error message.

11/12/2008   PKAY7KPHGT       Moving a page from a subroom to parent's TOC moves it to the place index instead of the TOC.

11/12/2008   GMUN7J3DRU Canceling save draft command leaves a stray file (FIELDTITLE_UNTITLE) in the document index

11/12/2008   QCAO7L6ABV       Can't download file named with Central European (NLC) character set to a client system using IE6

                              Running qptool upgrade -server causes warning; "Cannot locate design template
11/12/2008   PNOT7J5J63

                              Running qptool upgrade -f in a clustered environment causes replication conflicts in the room
11/12/2008   RELS6Z4PTG
11/12/2008   AGAI7JQQEU       Qptool upgrade converts Wiki "Versions" to "Responses"

11/12/2008   PNOT7KXN7Y       Qptool setTheme command not properly resetting all design elements to default theme values.

                             Pages can no longer display their version lists after a replication/save conflict has occurred in the
11/12/2008   RELS7L3TPX

11/12/2008                   Some themes generating "404 : File not found" errors for js , css, and png filetypes

                             Added ability to change the default font for the Rich Text Editor.
11/12/2008   GAKI7L5MD4
                             (see fix GAKI7L5MD4 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

                             Exception thrown on qptool register -install when include_anonymous setting enabled in
11/04/2008   PNOT7KGKDE

11/04/2008   ESEO7KLUK4      qptool placecatalog -push -a command times out with very large (>1.7GB) place catalogs

11/04/2008   MPUL7K8J9P      Invalid Document Identifier error accessing a folder renamed after copying it with connectors

                             Offline login password doesn't work when MSSO is enabled
11/04/2008   MMOI75D2LF
                             (see fix MMOI75D2LF MMOI7LAP5T in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

11/04/2008   JFLD7K8JPX      qptool addmember does not support -owner user role

                             Error message given to user when user has rights to a room, but not it‟s parent room made more
11/04/2008   CH1E4600QP
11/04/2008   JFLD7KFLPJ      Placetype refresh isn't taking parent places's change of theme

11/04/2008   MMOI7KURY2      Rich-text formatting lost when posting blog pages using IE

10/30/2008   THES7H2PMK      Mail notifications for New Policy action contain blank "From:" field

10/30/2008   CWIR7KMPVP      XSS security fix (see security secton in qpconfig_sample.xml for current settings)

10/30/2008   SORA7JV659      Blog pages can be created wider than the screen and no horizontal scroll bar is provided

10/30/2008   GMUN7J3DRU Canceling save draft command leaves a stray file (FIELDTITLE_UNTITLE) in the document index

10/30/2008   RELS7HWPQ7 Downloading files from Entry Places with SSL enabled truncates them to 0 bytes

10/30/2008   JQZN7JUCDB      Editing a document's title causes its description data to disappear.

10/30/2008   JASH7KVMK3      Need a qptool command to set all places to the standard 8.1 theme

10/30/2008   PNOT7KHKUD Setting maximum attachment size to blank in the Quickr UI breaks drag and drop.

                             Customize options page loses buttons, table of contents after upgrading from Quickr 1.0 classic
10/30/2008   MMOI7KGQ4Z
                             theme to 8.1

10/30/2008   PNOT7JZMSS      Folders should not show action buttons corresponding to hidden forms

10/22/2008   PKAY7KDJ4P      Blog view column entries other than the leftmost column are misaligned

10/22/2008   RTIN7JYH4V      Multiple-file import filesets show some extensions incorrectly as .htm when viewed in a Connector

                             QPServlet in portal environments incorrectly adds places from which a member has been
10/22/2008   AGAI7K6K6X
                             removed to My Places list

10/22/2008   SORA7JRJ5N      Searching a single place using more than one keyword returns an empty result.

                             Can't check documents into a folder via connectors after the folder has been moved to a subroom
10/22/2008   TSNG7KL8XK
                             via Quickr Web UI

10/22/2008   WWGO7KFT2Q Custom theme displays Chinese characters incorrectly and breaks Web UI in IE 6.0

10/22/2008   MMOI7KGQ9W UI does not allow reverting        to Classic 1.0 theme after upgrading a place and changing its theme

10/15/2008   THES7F9NVR      XSS security fix (see security secton in qpconfig_sample.xml for current settings)
10/15/2008   GMUN7JZGNY Connector Learn More link for not respecting qpconfig variable

10/15/2008   PNOT7DXMQD Entry places are displayed in My Places after qptools upgrade/register

10/15/2008   JCHG7K66FX      Java script error occured when clicking Add button on Security page.

10/15/2008   PNOT7JXLF3      load qptool register -install -a generates QPExceptions messages

10/15/2008                   Mail notifications sent from 8.1 theme have name backwards

10/15/2008   PNOT7JZN6C      Upload form in a Blog does not have Title field

10/15/2008   JSAG7KCBBC      Upload Logo listing within "Create.." page of Blog and Wiki Place After qptool upgrade

10/10/2008   BBAR7FKQQ8      Disabling ActiveX for a place prevents uploading custom themes

10/10/2008   PKAY7JEJ7W      Group members not notified when the external group is added to a place

10/10/2008   DAMC7FZS97      Qptool install -a leaves extra place "Entry Template" in Public Places view

10/10/2008   SHYN7HMMJP Qptool sendmail losing newlines in email body sections

10/10/2008   WZBI7J63LG      Html import corrupts some Traditional Chinese character content

10/10/2008   MPUL7JQJW6      Search.nsf contains multiple scope config documents after replication in a cluster

10/10/2008   GMUN7J3DRU Canceling save draft command leaves a stray file (FIELDTITLE_UNTITLE) in the document index
10/10/2008   MMOI7K2366      Classic QuickPlace 1.0 theme gets wrong colors after upgrade from QuickPlace R7 to Quickr

10/10/2008   MMOI7K22D5      Deleting member name in Add Member UI iprevents further lookups in the 8.1 default theme

10/10/2008   MZHA7EFD9M      Search full-text index not being generated in clustered environment

10/10/2008   KABS7H7FTG      Domino Native Authentication should work with Sametime integration in Quickr

10/10/2008   RELS7JBVDA      Members by implicit membership in a group can't authenticate in a SiteMinder environment

10/10/2008   GMUN7JCD3Q Connector shows standard forms despite Quickr user's configuring to show only custom forms

10/10/2008   TSNG7HV9MR Initial author can delete a workflow document after it has gone through final approval

10/10/2008   XMXU7JD95D      Check-in fails after changing a document's type

10/10/2008   DAMC7GKDHM Nested folders don't inherit the Default Form setting from parent

10/10/2008   JROE7JSLZV      Extra file (images.htm) appears in library after adding blog or wiki to connectors.

10/10/2008   MMOI7K7QWS Authors can't delete own page in dual-directory SiteMinder environment

10/01/2008   KABS7FXJBL      Exact match search within a place returns some inexact words variant matches

10/01/2008   MROI7JTK32      Heap corruption when loading language directory text resources into system memory

10/01/2008   GMUN7JCD3Q Connector shows standard forms despite Quickr user's configuring to show only custom forms

10/01/2008   XMXU7JD95D      Check-in fails after changing a document's type

10/01/2008   TSNG7HV9MR Initial author can delete a workflow document after it has gone through final approval

10/01/2008   RTIN7JSN9U      Slideshow folder pages are missing a link to download the presentation

10/01/2008   RELS7JAVF9      Rich text editor content loses indenting when published

10/01/2008   SHYN7GMTY2      Drag and drop applet upload will fail uploading large documents.

09/29/2008   BBAR7FKQQ8      Disabling ActiveX for a place prevents uploading custom themes

09/29/2008   DAMC7HPLUP Not all files and folders are copied from file system when using the Explorer connector

                             If a user checks out a file using the Explorer connector, no other non-manager user can see that
09/29/2008   MPUL7J7HYJ

                             Prompted to authenticate when adding members from the Quickr 8.1 default theme in a
09/29/2008   SHYN7JMKVB
                             SiteMinder environment

                             Clicking "Place Administration" changes user name to Anonymous in a SiteMinder
09/29/2008   RELS7HER77
09/29/2008   JFLD7GZT25      Server crash in docnote string handling code

                             Submitting new folder options permanently removes "New Event" button for authors / editors using
09/29/2008   RELS7C83C8
                             calendar and task views

09/29/2008   RELS7HPTHY      Folder options allows selecting a hidden form as the favored form for this folder

09/29/2008   XFXF7JDBCX      Server crash when processing a URL requesting an image from resources.nsf

09/29/2008   BBAR7FCMZW Layout problems if custom theme lack HTML DIV in member management page

09/16/2008   MZHA7JDB8T      Getting rooms information through Java XML Api results in "unsatisfied link" error

09/16/2008   MZHA7JDCPR      Deleting subroom through Java XML Api results in "unsatisfied link" error

09/15/2008   MMOI7HVLZF      Table of contents background color tweak lost after upgrading to Quickr 8.1

09/15/2008   DAMC7JEGH3      Only   the 8.1 default theme is available in Customize -->    Choose a Theme
09/09/2008   MPUL7BEFSB      Can't see subrooms in a connector after accessing parent room as a local group member

09/09/2008   MPUL7J7KHU      Copy / paste of folder hierarchies in connectors discards empty folders

09/09/2008   PNOT7JAKTB      Font family inappropriately changed to Times Roman for in several Quickr views

09/09/2008   KABS7CDFRB      Running a place offline uses up to 50% of cpu

09/05/2008   KABS7J4ES7      Clicking on calendar view shows error: "h_FolderDocCount is undefined"

09/05/2008   RTIN7HBL8R      Uploading a document through a connector assigns updated date earlier than the created date

                             Symphony connector breaks folder / document actions when pathname contains Unicode
09/05/2008   XMXU7EF9W4
                             &#131072 &#131073

09/05/2008   CBJW7HPBF3      Editing Symphony document properties does not automatically update draft documents

09/05/2008   NXLE7HWC3T      Can't get room information for rooms created via Java API

09/05/2008   DAMC7HWGF9 Dates in the Blog Entry form are not formatted to match user's locale

09/05/2008   SHYN7AJLJU      User font selections in Rich Text Editor are lost after publishing   / displaying the document

09/05/2008   DAMC7HYEYP Inadvertent draft submission is created by clicking on the You are here" path skin component

09/05/2008   SHYN7F4MWG Drag / dropping a document attachment to the desktop leaves it with read-only access

09/05/2008   DAMC7CNDGP Connector drag / dropping a folder containing an empty subfolder renames the folder to a UID

09/05/2008   DAMC7J4K6H      Renaming an MS Office document in a connector does not update the name in the connector UI

09/05/2008   JHHO7J5BVM      Changing blog welcome text in the Rich Text Editor causes HTML tags to appear on redisplay

09/05/2008   PNOT7J7MA4      Security filtering inappropriately converts double-quotes to entities

09/05/2008   PNOT7J7LH7      Security filtering continues to convert HTML tag data to entities when the feature is turned off

09/02/2008   SQSQ7GLDM8 Drafts views continue to show drafts rejected by approver

09/02/2008   DANE7GMNTL Hiding columns via Folder Options leaves gaps between columns

09/02/2008   CKUA67PER3      Mailed file attachments always show size 1KB and date 1/1/1601

                             Editing MS Word images document through Explorer connector makes document unusable in the
09/02/2008   RTIN7H8FLR
09/02/2008   DAMC7HVBWP Managers can't delete documents that are not locked

09/02/2008   KHIA7HWNTX      Room titles are not returned with the Java XML API result for getRooms

09/02/2008   SSHD7FVTH7      Print output does not match screen output after some document sort       operations in Index view

09/02/2008   JHHO7GE4WX Can't hide What's New link using Customize --> Basics --> Show/Hide

09/02/2008   ESEO7HBHXX      Provide qpconfig setting to suppress pre-8.1 themes in the list of available themes

09/02/2008   DAMC7FZS97      Reinstalling all places inappropriately displays "entry_design" place in Public Places view

                             View All option on Index page causes browser hang with >200 documents and Sametime enabled
08/22/2008   MPUL7FRLK4
                             (see fix MPUL7FRLK4 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

08/22/2008   JDES7H7M2P      Draft documents created via connectors can be checked in without filling in required fields

08/22/2008   SQSQ7GM62K Folder does not        immediately display (requires refresh) after cut / paste in Symphony connector

08/22/2008   ESEO7GTM9W Toggling between list and details views on Index page eventually hangs browser

08/22/2008   KABS7FRLG3      Printing Members only shows 1 Member.

08/18/2008   KABS7G5NAU      Deleting a file attachment from the browser UI fails with "item not found" error

                             Explorer connector gives incorrect error ("No remote service found") when        user enters invalid
08/18/2008   ESEO7H9KXR

08/18/2008   XFXF7HF5HB      Server crash with nonstandard URL argument for OpenDocument command

08/18/2008   TYTY7H9DK3      Creating a new theme from generated files causes JavaScript error

08/18/2008   TYTY7H88YP      Can't create rooms using the Java API

08/18/2008   ESEO7H4KV9      Directory member lookups are incorrectly formatted, hard to read in Quickr 8.1 default theme

                             Site Administration Security options opens with error "theForm.h_CalendarTypeCombo is
08/13/2008   PNOT7HBPHU

08/13/2008   JFLD7GTNZ5      Can‟t display more than 13 Quickr places on a connector using clustered environment.

08/13/2008   PNOT7HENNJ      Connectors not showing "required fields" error message on file checkin

08/13/2008   THES7BZM66      A place manager can demote or delete a place superuser group

08/12/2008   RTIN7H3GXT      Imported MS Office files get clipped on right-hand side with no way to scroll.

08/12/2008   ESEO7ENLY2      Can't add member from Quickr 8.1 default theme in some SiteMinder configurations

                             Performance degradation when showing >200 documents in Quickr Index view with Sametime
08/12/2008   DAMC7H3E5N

08/07/2008   PNOT7H2MRM Newly created Wiki pages disappear when inserted into the Quicker table of contents

08/07/2008   RELS7G5MYA      Multiple discussion responses generated with forms using implicit versioning

08/07/2008   TYTY7H346M      In Chinese version, can't create RSS feed from a Quickr place

                        Drag and Drop fails when using proxy servers connected to both Domino and J2EE Quickr
08/07/2008   PMOO7ECMPS servers.
                        (see fix PMOO7ECMPS in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

08/07/2008   CNIS7GZS66      Connectors not copying files contained in a folder when copying the folder with drag and drop.

08/07/2008   WBSI7GZAZ6      Editor can delete pages created by a different author

08/07/2008   SQSQ7GLEE7      Document version info displayed with DN instead of display name in "Modified by" field

08/07/2008   SQSQ7GSAV2      Quickr place properties view in Symphony connector show incorrect location path

08/07/2008   TCHU7HA9UN      Hebrew and Hijri calendar need to be disabled until fully translated.
                                                       HF 8100.019

07/31/2008   AGAI7GMH8T      Server Crash: NQUICKPLACE.CGI::TranslateURLEncodedContent+368

07/30/2008   KABS7G6DXN      After modification Wiki page jumps to top of TOC

07/30/2008   PNOT7AHQ7C      Use cookies to remember the selections. to remember which view you prefer

07/30/2008   MSAD7FBL6E      ERROR HuDirectoryBaseClass::Bind ERROR in console log when using Show Usage Statistics

07/29/2008   MMOI7GDUKX Prompted for login when deleting document in Siteminder environment

07/29/2008   MMOI7GDTYD      Checked out document listed as checked out by Anonymous in SiteMinder environment

07/29/2008   ZASI7GZBSR      Calendar view cut-off on Quickr 8.1

07/29/2008   THES7GTSAV      Performance issue loading page with imported HTML file in headline folder

07/29/2008   XCDL7GZGUE      js error in Member in blog

07/29/2008   SSHD7FHKBY      Creating a new response with history for a URL Link page creates a copy of the URL Link

07/29/2008   KABS7FPGLT      Clicking on navigation control while Editing results in inadvertent Draft submission
                                                       HF 8100.018

07/24/2008   JWES7CWEBB Open Document Summary Link created by Connectors in a Notes Document fails for https url's

07/24/2008   RELS7GRMT5      Can't re-add users after HF17

07/24/2008   PNOT7F4PB8      everyone can create a place.

07/24/2008   KABS7FHNGR      Two users can edit wiki page at the same time

07/24/2008   PNOT7FXLRZ      Resetting Blog Anon Access will give the user the ability to create pages w/o logging in

                             Sign out won't display with TAM LTPA Junction
07/24/2008   NXLE79BBG2
                             (see fix NXLE79BBG2 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

07/24/2008   JCHG7GKCNE "In progress by" doesn't resource out for translation.

07/24/2008   SSHD7FFL3L      Folders not showing in the Lotus connectors notes UI

07/24/2008   RELS7FKVDH      Notes Connector won't display folders

07/24/2008   AGAI7FVL6F      Adding members w/ same last name & other issues causes People Search failure

07/22/2008   MBAM7G4LVZ      "No Access" adding directory group - non default theme

07/22/2008   KABS7ETCFY      External Groups listed as "No access"
                                                       HF 8100.017

07/17/2008   QJSU7FUES4      Connector cannot upload "large file" successfully when the bandwidth is low

07/17/2008   THES7GBKMM When adding members can crash the server

07/17/2008   YCPN7FZFYL      Error happened when click on "Modify" in Site Administration->Security

                             Connector does not display places for users with umlauts/accented characters in name.
07/17/2008   KABS785K2A
                             (see fix KABS785K2A in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

07/16/2008   SHYN7DYURN Search in a place returns only 15 results (1 page)

07/16/2008   KABS7DGU8U      Users with accented characters fail to login via web if using LDAP for authentication

07/16/2008   SHYN7ETVWJ      Search results - Show 10 | 20 | 50 |100 | All not working

07/16/2008   JRIE7G8EZA      Unable to use more actions to delete place members in Quickr 8.1 when Language pack installed

07/16/2008   AJEE7GLKS2      iSeries pointers are all 16 bytes, a crash happened due this was not taken into account

07/16/2008   KABS7G6DXN      After modification Wiki page jumps to top of TOC

07/16/2008   YGUN7GK93A      The date is incorrect on Blog Fast Start

07/16/2008   GHCN7FZBKW Folder Sorting wrong when do anything with the folder options
                                                       HF 8100.016

07/08/2008   YGUN7G4D47      Missing Download icon on Wiki and Blog place

07/08/2008   YGUN7G4D7G Missing Lock icon and In progress by on Wiki and Blog place

07/08/2008   KABS785K2A      Connector does not display places for users with umlauts/accented chars in name

07/08/2008   AGAI7CGLX8      Entry Places cannot be disabled for Anonymous access

07/08/2008   PNOT7GCLUT      XSS security fix (see security secton in qpconfig_sample.xml for current settings)

07/03/2008   THES7G6NRW Fixpack 15 breaks being able to do custom themes

07/03/2008   JWUU7FZD3Y      Wiki icon is same as Standard place

07/03/2008   JCHG7FP6B9      For Polish, three different translation of "places" is necessary.

07/03/2008   PNOT7G4LS5      Cannot add a doc in a room using QuickR Connectors if Membership Add By Local QuickR Group

07/03/2008   VCHN7FZFTL      Unexpected "Response" was shown.
                                                         HF 8100.015

06/30/2008   AJEE7FZUB4      QnninRtvDominoServerAttr fails when server name has 2 dashes "-"

06/30/2008   SHYN7AJLJU      Different fonts in the rich text editor

06/30/2008   RELS7DYNCM Edit calendar entry and Start time resets hour and AM/PM

06/28/2008   RELS7ECMYZ      Pagebody font sizes ignored in all but 8.1 theme

                             If post, page or document is locked, editor can receive XMLHttpTransport Error: 401
06/25/2008   SSHD7FHBY2

06/25/2008   THES7FAHV2      XSS security fix (see security secton in qpconfig_sample.xml for current settings)

06/25/2008   THES7ESR4D      XSS security fix (see security secton in qpconfig_sample.xml for current settings)

06/25/2008   MBAM7ETH7L      XSS security fix (see security secton in qpconfig_sample.xml for current settings)

06/25/2008   THES7EWKUK XSS security fix (see security secton in qpconfig_sample.xml for current settings)
                                                         HF 8100.014

06/24/2008   JCHU7FPEBR      Layout and Truncation problem

06/24/2008   JCHU7FPE54      An default file name is redundant at imported page

06/24/2008   JCHU7FPDUW Incorrect date format in blog

06/24/2008   JCHG7FP6B9      For Polish, three different translation of "places" is necessary.

06/24/2008   JCHG7FN5P3      Please isolate a reused word "places".

06/24/2008   VCHN7FKALD      Can't adjust the dialog layout in dll file

06/24/2008   JASH7FPR5S      Group 2b language issue: Place Admin delete policy

06/24/2008   SSHD7FHB49      Selecting All documents does not show all documents

06/24/2008   JCHG7FW634      dojo1.0 date/time format issue

06/24/2008   JCHG7FWD3J      unresourced out string (QuickrEntry)

06/24/2008   MPUL7FVHHR      "Blog Reader & comment Author" Results In Anon Able To Create New Blog Entry
                                                         HF 8100.013

06/17/2008   DAMC7EGLPJ      Extra Meta Data (Addtional fields in forms) Not Captured Through Connectors.

06/17/2008   DAMC7EGKT9      Connectors - Changing Document Type does not update Versioning value of file in Meta Data.
06/17/2008   DAMC7EGJD3      When uploading files via Connectors, Document Type is ignored & default form for folder is used.

06/17/2008   PNOT7E8NVS      Error when saving a comment in a place that has a new template based on a blog

06/17/2008   JJIO7E2DGZ      Blog and Wiki: Insert Internal Image does not show any previously uploaded images

06/17/2008   RTIN7DTNNR      Word wrap not working in notifications

06/17/2008   SSHD7FFKTW      Wiki page disappears from Table of Content

06/17/2008   JCHG7FN66N      Please isolate a reused word "this policy"

06/17/2008   JCHG7FN5P3      Please isolate a reused word "places".

06/17/2008   PNOT7F4MS6      Public Places are missing the Owners after a QPTool upgrade
                                                       HF 8100.012

06/11/2008   PMR: 083 255    Fix_for_French_translation: New
                                                       HF 8100.011

                             With QuickPlaceHandleWebsphereTokenDNSpecialChar=7, users with ( in OU name can't be
06/10/2008   DAMC7F2GF5      added to places.
                             (see fix DAMC7F2GF5 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
                                                       HF 8100.010

06/06/2008   MPUL7EVM9X      Root Folder Files Disappear When Moving Folder Tree Using Connectors

06/06/2008   MBAM7EVUWG Formatting bug on Member Profile page

06/06/2008   JCHU7CDELK      Role of group - No Access
                                                       HF 8100.009

06/02/2008   RELS7ENQLD      Connector doesn't display all places unless PlaceServerNames match FQIHN in server document

05/31/2008   JSDZ7F3C8B      Editor-In-Chief Workflow,Approve the page have a Warning message.

05/31/2008   JSDZ7F3BZU      Can't New Image when creating a page

05/31/2008   MMOI7EWTQK Insert new internal image hangs on Create New Image pop up with Creating message

05/29/2008   TKAO7ENSE8      QPTool doesn't upgrade the design for entry places

05/27/2008   JCHG7EZ83B      Time format is not right for Swedish (AdminConsole)

05/27/2008   TKAO7ENSE8      QPTool doesn't upgrade the design for entry places

05/27/2008   PNOT7EMPA7      Drag and Drop prompts for authentication

05/27/2008   CCCC7EWBUT Domino backend only:Change document type failed.

05/27/2008   RELS7ELSEX      Delete Wiki revision, get thrown into Index (which is hidden)

05/27/2008   THES7CULXU      Newsletter generates wrong URL links

05/27/2008   RELS7ECUU3      8.1 Theme - Cannot customize invite password message

05/23/2008   JASH7EVRC3      Problems Importing text into an HTML document

05/23/2008   JCHG7EW5XM NLV Testers want to isolate a reused word.

05/23/2008   SHYN7DHR5G Cannot create a custom theme from the Quickr 8.1 Theme

05/23/2008   RELS7ENPH2      The recipient address is not valid

05/22/2008   BBAR7EPKYP      JS error on sign placebots screen.

05/21/2008   AGOR7EPQRR ActiveX control - date/filesize missing when doc contains multiple attachments

05/21/2008   GHCN7ETBDM Time display wrong in wikipage history
                                                       HF 8100.008

05/21/2008   RELS7EHV5N      imported word documents take 40 mins to open

05/21/2008   RELS7EGSXD      Headline/Slideshow folders do not display Draft Documents

05/21/2008   RELS7ELM66      List items (bulleted, numeric) not displaying correctly in Blog
                                                        HF 8100.007

05/20/2008   LLIG7ETBWY      'Modified' field is blank in properties page

05/19/2008   LLIG7EE94G      Check in document created from document type, it is published instead for approval

05/19/2008   XPLU7A2CXJ      WS API: getDocument from Java client, AxisFault thrown out.

05/19/2008   LLIG7ESBJJ      'Modified By' field is blank in version\properties list

05/16/2008   YXIO7EMDVN      Incorrect File Size & Date/Time shown for uploaded files

05/16/2008   JCHG7EN5SJ      Cannot load admin.css, QuickrEntryStrings.js from no folder

05/16/2008   PNOT7EMQNF Folder view icon not highlighted when selected

05/16/2008   PNOT7EMQUJ Hide Responses not working correctly in the Details for all entries folder view

05/16/2008   JCHG7EN5SJ      Cannot load admin.css, QuickrEntryStrings.js from no folder

05/14/2008   AGAI7DPLZ5      GA server crash

05/14/2008   AGAI7E6QB4      GA Crash - NQUICKPLACE.CGI::DecodeURLEncodedContent+966

05/14/2008   RZHO7EMB4V      Fail to add documents to place via DI or Symphony Connector with HF7-1

05/13/2008   CRAY7BDPJQ      Summary Library View UX fixes

05/13/2008   XMXU7E5E3S      Domino Turkish server-Create version with unicode chars issues

05/13/2008   XMXU7ECDFP iSeries server special- folder name and file name contain native chars work with issue

05/13/2008   MMDL678M8M Awareness and Web Conferencing not functioning in QuickPlace with Netegrity Siteminder SSO

05/13/2008   YGUN7EG45Q      The number format is incorrect on Create a Policy page

05/13/2008   QCAO7DS9H6      Incorrect date/time format

05/13/2008   XCDL7DT582      Date is not correct when new a page.

05/13/2008   XMXU7E7ABN      newest version doesn't display version number and description for turkish domino server
                                                        HF 8100.006

05/09/2008   LLIG7EG8HD      Domino only: The draft didn't submit for approval displays yellow lock

05/08/2008   PNOT7DXMQD Entry places are displayed in My Places after qptools upgrade/register

05/08/2008   AGAI7CBJMX      Memory leak when qptool upgrade is run on many places.

05/08/2008   XMXU7ECDFP iSeries server special- folder name and file name contain native chars work with issue

05/08/2008   XMXU7EBCNP Entry AIX Unicode- can't open from place document names contain unicode chars

05/08/2008   LLIG7E66QH      AIX Special issue: - document name with native chars can't open

05/08/2008   SQSQ7E56Z4      AIX special issue, Domino backend:fail to create version with native chars

05/08/2008   AGAI7DKMVQ      User sees duplicate "Discussion" folder in Connectors

05/08/2008   SSHD7CQRQF QuickPlace inline portlet shows wrong user name as the logged in user with dual directory

05/08/2008   MMOI78PS4X      Tab link text disappears
                                                        HF 8100.005

05/06/2008   LLIG7DXEJT      Domino backend : Approve/Reject actions are disable in both right click and toolbar menu

05/06/2008   LLIG7DW9WF      Fail to load Domino document type

05/06/2008    XMXU7DX9XA      No error message when add document to place or rename folder and document as reader

                         Users whose DN is like "CN=LastName, FirstName..." cannot login to Quickr Web UI using their
05/06/2008    DAMC7CPL3Q

05/06/2008               Cannot Assign a Task to a LDAP Comma User

05/06/2008    MMOI7E4W5L      Bullet issue in rich text editor

05/06/2008    MMOI7E5NJF      context menu for files

05/06/2008    XPLU79JD29      WS API:java.lang.NullPointerException when invoke getDocumentTypes from Java Client
                                                          HF 8100.004

05/02/2008               Cannot Assign a Task to a LDAP Comma User

05/02/2008    THES68UKF9      Have to resave ldap server. QP server disconnects from LDAP; loses connection

05/02/2008    CWIR7DDQYZ      Sun Access Manager doesn't work with Quickr
                                                          HF 8100.003

04/30/2008    GHCN7E287P      Dojo problem-the time display error when drag a file to library folder or Entry place

04/30/2008    XCDL7DT582      Date is not correct when new a page.

04/30/2008    JCHG7E6CD9      "Activities" is displayed garbage character For French.

04/30/2008    GHUU7DHCUB Mac: unfriendly buttons "Choose File" display on the top of the page

04/30/2008    QCAO7E6AM8      Entry - Clicking download link results in Domino server crash

04/30/2008    YCPN7CP4HM an error dialog box prompted when adding members to the place

04/30/2008    JJIO7E2DGZ      Blog and Wiki: Insert Internal Image does not show any previously uploaded images

04/30/2008    PNOT7DZ8AT      Button text is cut off in the Place Admin - Policy tab

04/28/2008    THES68UKF9      Have to resave ldap server. QP server disconnects from LDAP; loses connection

04/28/2008    MLQI7E2FH3      TAM: Can not expand subfolder when move a post in wiki place

04/28/2008    MLQI7E2DLQ      The content size of "Comments" in the blog is restricted

04/28/2008    TCHU7E2GR5      Missed buttons in new post page using IE 7.0 but not reproduce in Firefox 2.x

04/28/2008    JASH7DZT8H      With translated membership area, the owner of the place can be edited or deleted.

04/28/2008    JCHG7DZCGU "Usage Statistics" is displayed in English.

 04/23/2008   JCHG7D6D9R      Cannot load admin.css from zh-tw, pt-br folder

04/23/2008    TORI7BM3BQ      Entry: IE Saving downloaded file display in browser does not handle NLV chars correctly

04/23/2008    JCHG7D5AH6      8.1 theme: The variable of {0} cannot be moved properly.

04/23/2008    JCHG7DKBAC      the same variable ${2} is used twice in one sentence.

04/23/2008    HAKY7DAGWT Dojo fails to load NLS grogorian files with non English default language

                              Cannot load strings from language folder for
04/23/2008    TCHU7CJM82

04/23/2008    JCHG7DP4MU      The same variable is used in may places.

04/23/2008    PNOT7DXKJQ      QPTool Upgrade- removed owners from my places

04/23/2008    PNOT7DRPJ7      Unknown error in the Place Administration

04/23/2008    BBAR7DYK2T      404 Errors in Quickr Entry pages

 04/18/2008   ESEO7CTKLR      RSS Feeds inop

 04/18/2008   XCDL7CL9YM      Pagination link works incorrectly in Place Administration

04/18/2008    WBSI7BJ9HC      Fatal Error when enforcing policy

04/18/2008    JMAA7AUCDN      Unlimited max size and expiration days in policy

04/18/2008    WBSI7CLAXK      Place summary page is empty if place name include some special characters.

04/18/2008    TCHU7DAJMJ       8.1 Theme : Strings in admin console cannot translate

04/18/2008    JHHO7ABCDA      EMM/UI: The member list for restrict readers/add authors is too narrow to show the users

04/18/2008    PKAY6L4NG2      With EMM Place, the popup for adding Editor to existing Page displays without Add/Close buttons

04/18/2008    XHKG76T4KU      EMM: Select members dialog doesn't show fully

04/18/2008    XCDL79SCGC      'h_IsNewGroup' is undefined when add member to a group if EMM enabled

04/18/2008    QCAO7CP5SH Can't display the member in a NLC group in room

04/18/2008    XHKG79FB29      EMM: Too narrow for existing members listbox

04/18/2008    YGUN7CG9AY The date and time is incorrect when you edit "Blog Fast Start"

04/18/2008    JCHU7DC9LT      8.1: Cannot load QuickrEntryStrings.js from zh-tw, pt-br folder

04/18/2008    YCPN7C7PRN      TAM: folder can not be shown correctly in place

04/18/2008    YTYT7CPDTN      There is error message when create a blog entry in firefox behind TAM

04/18/2008    PNOT7B8H6D      My Places - multiple owners displayed as DNs when use Domino Directory

04/18/2008    AGOR7DAJWK "Restored from" is not translated

04/18/2008    AGOR7DHRCY qp2.dll (ActiveX control) crashes during HTML import

04/18/2008    PNOT7BM8AF      Selecting the Back button in the Create Page screen will create a private draft

04/18/2008    AHAS7CUPVF      MS Word Page show up as folder in connector.

04/18/2008    GHCN7DA94T      "QuickPlace", old-product name displays

                              Quickr 8 - Not able to see places as superuser in the Connectors.
04/18/2008    JFLD759RD3
                              (Web services issue.   web services are not respecting the SuperUser entry in qpconfig)

04/18/2008    XCDL7CLAY9      Time can not display correctly when new a page.

04/18/2008    GHCN7CMD9A Time display wrong in place library

04/18/2008    XCDL7CNASP      Time is always 12:00 when upload a file in Entry place.

04/18/2008    QCAO7DK8KP      NlV blog place name and blog entry name display garbage in Notes client when Click envelop icon

04/18/2008    KCLU7DK65A      Mac: My File page went blank after uploading a file

04/18/2008    KCLU7DK744      Mac: My Files page went blank when going back from summary page

04/18/2008    JCHG7B38ZX      Theme 8.1: Layout issue - Place Administration

04/18/2008    PKAY79SMBT      Cannot add EMM Place to Connector

04/18/2008    SHYN79DV6H      EMM users (Domino LDAP) do not see my places

04/18/2008    SHYN79BNYV      Drag and Drop applet does not work with EMM

04/18/2008    XCDL7DJAKF      EMM: Owner in My Places is lost if EMM enabled

04/18/2008    JHHO7ABD38      EMM: [h_Managers] show in the member list for ristrict readers

04/18/2008    JSDZ7CN7SV      [Desktop Connectors] Datetime changed,when refresh the Explorer.

04/18/2008    XCDL7DJDMG      Multiple Imported Pages can not be created in blog.

04/18/2008    QCAO7CEC3Z      failed to add the user name or the group name including the special character "ı" in members

04/18/2008    JCHG7DKAYP      8.1 Theme : The values for 0 (zero) are grammatically wrong.

04/18/2008    XCDL7DPBFG      Authentication error if log out from Place Administration

04/18/2008    JCHU7A4D2M      MyPlace bar are too narrow can not show complete LOGO

04/18/2008    JJIO7CX82F      SiteMinder: Pops up a error dialog when added the office files to entry place from Connector.

04/18/2008    PNOT7DHRHG New Place Type based on a Blog will generate errors when Place is accessed

04/18/2008    LWOY7CLNXS Can't assign policy to EntryPlace template

                                                          HF 8100.002

                              Cannot load strings from language folder for
 04/23/2008   TCHU7CJM82

 04/04/2008   MMOI7DAV5R      Disambiguate not functional with new 8.1 theme

 04/04/2008   JCHU7CG8Y7      Missing usernames in non-default themes

 04/04/2008   MMOI7DAU5M      QuickPlaceUseDSAPIDNs=1 and checkbox .... get JS error

 04/04/2008   MMOI7DAURV      Library applet sends http    even if browser is https

 04/04/2008   AGOR7CVM4Z Removing attachments in FF causes inconsistencies with connectors

 04/04/2008   AHAS7CUPVF      MS Word Page show up as folder in connector.

 04/04/2008   BROS7CTRQG Quickr Entry run leaks private bytes at 2.5 MB/hour

 04/04/2008   CNIS7CQLEN      Connectors: discussion Response in the root of library

 04/04/2008   CNIS7CUJXY      Connectors: 'Modified by' user not updated

 04/04/2008   JSDZ7CN7SV      [Desktop Connectors] Datetime changed,when refresh the Explorer.

 04/04/2008   MBEA7CMF3N Add/Create Member: authentication challenge when directory is Domino Directory (not LDAP)

 04/04/2008   JSDZ7CPB6K      Native user create folder in Notes Sidebar Connectors have a error message.

 04/04/2008   PNOT7BYL7Y      Assigned task to user displayes "User" instead of name

 04/04/2008   QCAO7CTDLT      Garbage displays when subscribing a NLC file coming from connectors

 04/04/2008   RELS7CNPML      New Quickr theme always makes LDAP calls, even if "Domino Server" selected

 04/04/2008   AGAI7C8RER      /LotusQuickr instead of /QuickPlace in Offline Place (pre-8.0 places can't be taken offline)

 04/04/2008   GHCN7CTCXC Special japanese character display garbage when click on Subscribe

 04/04/2008   GHCN7CTDHC The Drag file name display garbage and time is wrong when Subscribe in Library folder

 04/04/2008   PNOT7CGKEA Can not save an Entry in Blog or Wiki when in Accessibility Mode

 04/04/2008   WBSI7BF9AM      No way to change online status except in 'who is online'.

 04/04/2008   JCHU7CGEX5      NLC file's description display garbage after DnD NLC file and edit it.

 04/04/2008   RELS7CWLCP No onload_handler when removing an attachment when ActiveX is disabled

04/04/2008   TORI7BM3BQ     Entry: IE Saving downloaded file display in browser does not handle NLV chars correctly

04/04/2008   JCHG7CL4V6     Please separate the %ss for plural noun use only.

04/04/2008   JCHG7CM5TG     8.1 theme: an extra place "Entry" displayed

                                                     HF 8100.001

03/25/2008   BROS7CTRQG Quickr Entry run leaks private bytes at 2.5 MB/hour


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