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									Caring Computer With Anti Virus

The threat posed by computer viruses - a small software program that can destroy

programs and data you are getting scary. As daily updated antivirus, virus makers

also turned out every day working hard to update the virus. The dispute between

these two parties is increasingly fierce and increasingly sophisticated.

Unfortunately that is not their victims, but you do not know anything about

computer viruses. So keep watch constantly because the virus can attack anytime.

However, virus protection software from many commercially available, and you

just select want a free or paid. Antivirus can scan your disk and virus check every

program that has been hidden or even overt. Even the antivirus can scan all the

files on your hard disk to detect the virus. Especially for viruses sent via email at

this time, the user must configure the utility to run antivirus software when they

start the computer.

If you do not have antivirus utility on your computer, you must go to one of the

online antivirus utility to scan your computer system. Some of them;

Online Virus Checkers

Trend Micro Housecall - will scan and remove threats

BitDefender Scan Online - will scan and remove threats

Ewido Online Scanner - will scan and remove threats

Panda Activescan - seems to only scan but not remove threats

McAfee FreeScan - seems to only scan but not remove threats
eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner - will scan and remove threats

Symantec Security Check - will scan and remove threats

Dr.Web Online Check - users can upload and test the threat in a particular file

You also need anti-spyware program is good to help clean your system from

spyware, malware, and adware. The best thing in my opinion is Malwarebytes

Antimalware, you can download a free version or buy the full version that allows

real-time monitoring of your system for spyware.

If you do not already have anti-virus software on your computer, please download

and install antivirus product immediately. Popular commercial antivirus products

like McAfee and Norton are very good but quite expensive, but there is also an

excellent free antivirus solutions available. Listed below are several free antivirus

and a popular commercial;

• Anti-Vir by Avira (Free)

• Avast (Free)

• AVG (Free)

• McAfee VirusScan

• NOD32 (I recommend)

• Norton Antivirus

• Trend Micro PC-Cillin

hopefully useful to you all

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