Psyonic Powers for Berning Wheel by qingyunliuliu


									                Psyonic Powers for Berning Wheel
New Psyonics-Lifepathes

Human Outcast
Psychic Apprentice   4yrs    2trt   5res +1men   peasent, villager, city   2 general
Psyonic              2yrs    1trt   5res +1men   peasent, villager, city   3 general, Psychic
Dwarven Outcast
Psychic Apprentice   10yrs   2trt   7res +1men   any                       2 general
Psyonic              5yrs    1trt   7res +1men   any                       4 general, Psychic
Elven Wilderland
Psychic Apprentice   50yrs   1trt   5res +1men   any                       2 general
Psyonic              20yrs   1trt   5res +1men   any                       2 general, Psychic
Orcan Servant of the Dark
Psychic Apprentice   10yrs   1trt   5res +1men   any                       2 general
Psyonic              5yrs    1trt   5res +1men   any                       2 general, Psychic

Psyonic: For being a Psyonic, you don’t must to have the Psychic
Apprentice lifepathes, but you must take the Psychic Talent trait.

Psyonic Elve’s Grief trait is their Psyonic ability. It is determind and
improved like Grief, but grants the Psyonic powers instead.

Psychic Talent - Die Trait - Cost: 3pt
The charachter have psychic powers, wether borned with it or practice for
having it. character with this trait can't be Gifted nor Faithful, she
dedicated her life for her inner-power only. Any character with this trait
have one free set of psychic powers (as will be described on the next

Psychic actions are open-ended. For each action spent on concentration,
the Ob is droped by 1. The GM decides the minimum Ob for making the
action, but it would never be less then Ob 2. When concetraiting, the
Psyonic is limited. he can't do anything but staying in air (if he used
telekinesis before), and if he gets hurt, he must make a concentration test
(a Will test against Ob of the damage level), or lose concentration.
The Psychic Powers
The Psychic Attribute: The character have starting Psychic Attribute of
half her will (rounded up), +1 for every Psyonic lifepeth she got, but
never more then 1.5 times her Will stat (rounded up).

Telepathy - Ob 1-4 (depends on the distance): Mind-talking. If the target's
language is unknown, +1Ob. To hear the target’s answers telepathicly, +1Ob.
Ob samples: use Telepaty with someone you can see Ob1; use Telepathy with
someone from other country but same languge Ob3; Telepathy with someone on the
other side of the planet and unknown tongue Ob5.

Telekinesis - Ob 1-10 (dependce on weight and distance): The ability to
move things in the air by will power, including living targets.
Ob samples: sweep the dust under the carpet Ob1; write a letter from a short distance
Ob3; make yourself fly or levitate Ob4; throw a small tree on someone Ob6; throw a
giant three on someone Ob7; bring yourself the mountain Ob10.

Teleporting - Ob 5-10 (depends on number of targets and distance):
Moving from one point to another in seconds.
Ob samples: Teleporting with a friend or two to the local bar of the city Ob5; Take
three or four friends to a visit in another-close country Ob7; continue the travel to a
far country Ob8; Telepoting with your ten-people squad to the other side of the planet

Mind Control - Ob=target's will +?: The Psyonic can control someones mind,
starting with simple commands, and up to full control (with higher Ob, of course).
For a permanent Mind Change (like changing a Belive of the target, for example) , the
Psyonic must make a very high Ob test (double target's Will, or even more).

Astral Travel - no Ob: The Psyonic can, by concetraiting for a while, travel with
his soul only, lefting his body behind in a trance. The soul is invisible to mortals, and
can travel by walking and flying as well. While in trance, the Psyonic obtain the
following powers (even if the psyonic can’t use them usually): Telepathy, Teleporting
(with -4 Ob to success). In adition, the soul can enter to a living body, and see and
feel what that body feels, and it can talk to him telepathicly without a check, but not
to control it, unless it makes a successful Mind Control check (when the base Ob is
only half the target’s Will, or full target’s Will if the psyonic can’t use Mind Control
in general). Any way, the soul can't stay without a body, so if the original body is
dead, the soul will disapear unless it "steals" someone’s else body in 24 hours. If that
happens, the Psyonic get’s the new body's physical ability and retain all the other

Minor Miracle - Ob 5: as the Faith power.

Miracle - Ob 10: as the Faith power.
The Psyonic must sustain his powers to keep them working (all but
Telleport, (because it’s instant) and Astral Travel). For each power he is
sustaining, he keeps one Will dice aside, like a spellcaster, and whenever
he is getting hurt, he must make a concentration test to keep sustaining
his powers. Psyonic can't keep powers while asleep.

Failing in Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleporting, Minor Miracle or Miracle
means the task is too hard for the psyonic, and he can’t use any more
psyonic powers with the same Ob or higher (though he can try the same
actions by lowering its Ob with concetrating) until having a good rest of
at least six hours.
Failing in Mind Control means the target’s will is too strong for the
psyonic, and he can’t try using Mind Control again on the same target
with the same Ob or higher (though he can try the same actions by
lowering its Ob with concetrating) until having a good rest of at least six

Psychic Attack Mods:

Psyshield(def): as block, but the psyonic keeps any success that wasn't used (even if
he wasn't attacked). Can't use this mod again until all the success are off.

Psycharge(neu): teleporting with high force into the enemy. Base Ob for this is 5
(like teleporting), but the target gets no Natural Defence.

Psydisarm(neo): as Disarm, but by using psychic ability.

Psylock(neo): a mind-attack, working like Lock, but using psychic ability, and Will
for Natural Defence. can be performed from the outside.

Brain-Blow(agg): like a melee attack with a weapon of that stat: fast, add 1, power 0,
while IMS is determined by Will, and there is no way to block the attack except of
Psyshield. The base Ob for this attack is the target's Will.
Final Burning Rules:

When creating a psychic character, he knows only one set of powers, plus
one set for each “Psyonic” lifepath he have. For learning a new set after
starting play, the character must learn it as Martial Arts with Ob 5. The
sets are:

Telepathy (only Ob 3 to learn after starting the game);

Mind Control, Psydisarm, Psylock, Brain-Blow (must have Telepathy
before taking this set);

Telekinesis, Psyshield;

Teleporting, Psycharge;

Astral Travel;

Minor Miracle, Miracle (Psyonics can't choose this set, but gets it
automaticly after having all the sets above);

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