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					Rarely Update Blog, Alexa Ranking Descending

Since this Online Business Blog Update Rarely or Seldom Alexa Rank Post was

making a decline, it is true since the first of what was reported by some bloggers

about Alexa ranking update the blog where the intensity is one of the factors

causing high or low traffic of visitors. Why is that?

In the previous post titled "Tips To Increase Alexa Rank Blog" admin online

business blog never mentioned the matter, following a little quote in it:

   "Diligent update the blog regularly and consistently will have an impact and

affect your alexa rank, because I felt alone even though alexa ranking online

business blog is not very big but enough to feel since I began diligently to keep

posting regularly."

Alexa ranking dropped it certainly indicates that the blog visitor traffic also fell

surely not? or less . Therefore, for those of you who want to raise the ranking of

blogs do not expect much if you post infrequently and irregularly (ideally a pure

article * every day).

The decline in visitor traffic Technical / alexa rank due to infrequent blog updates

Back to the basic problem is: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine,

as we know before the keys to success for business blog traffic is one of them is

how our blog favored by search engines. How do I?
1. Update: make regular blog posts and helpful to visitors and for Search

   Engine blog, try not there is a typo because it will affect SEO Score.

2. Backlink / Link Back: submit and try to take advantage of (blog directory,

   facebook, dummy blogs, forum) every time you update with a reasonable

   way **.

3. Unique and Interesting Articles: We know all the time that search engines

   such as Google's most like the title and the contents of unique or rare post

   never existed before.

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