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					Network Administrator Jobs

How do I become a reliable support technical, in a medium scale company down?

As we know, a medium-scale companies will be minimal IT budget, but many

large companies that do not apply it with good IT infrastructure, there is no future,

like a service person, and other sentences that make us so it is not eager to work

and career through pathway.

If now in the situation we become a support onsite, in a company, could we

answer all of these:

Are we able to handle more 100PC? Can we maintain its entirety? Can we

maintain servers and applications? if we work alone or a maximum of 2 people?

if I provided in such statements, I would say could, because I follow the model of

IT infrastructure like the one below, with this model is expected that a technical

support will be pulled out of his routine, and can further explore to advance the

company's IT system, without having to be bound by routine, and spend lots of


12 things we have noticed is:

1. Centralized Application

2. Data Center

3. Backup Center

4. Remote System

5. Report and Documentation

6. Software Management
7. Live CD

8. Portable Apps Software

9. Automation

10. Spare Device

11. R & D

12. Internet gateway

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