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					Centralized Application

Some of the things we should look to make this application centralization

intention is to facilitate the client PC to utilize resources collectively same

example antivirus server

Creating a centralized antivirus is good to save an internet connection, so that,

each client PC does not need to update the antivirus / anti spyware it directly to

the Internet, simply through the server only, although we do not have to buy anti-

virus server, we can use a free antivirus (like calm av, avg free, etc.), just that we

need to know how the process schematic antivirus updates, and we can make a

batch file that will be put on the schedule task on the client PC.

Basically, the working model is similar antivirus update process is similar, there

was a def consists of 1 files, 1 folder, there are several files, some are in the zip,

etc., so essentially we just need to unite these definitions to the client PC, the

problem we need find out what files are updated by the antivirus when he was

doing the update process connection to the internet, to find it, use software to

monitor files (there are plenty of freeware on Google, typing just "file monitor")

so, antivirus def folder can be shared over a network, and client PC can create

folders directly into the folder, so that the client PC do not forget to include a

batch file into the schedule task and set the time to update the client.

To create a folder or not, will only facilitate the process of making a batch file

only, while for the process required to make a batch file dos batch programming

capabilities (Windows) and shell (Linux), for more detail it can refer to my

previous article about batch file.
Print Server

In addition, we can make a shared printer is also on this server either directly to a

printer or to PDF server, we just install the application and instantly share, so this

would save money to buy a print server that could be worth 100 dollars an DHCP

and domain controller or adequate computer if we can make a dhcp server and

domain, built in the 1st place.

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