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									                          Gellish English Dictionary
                            Extension procedure

                                 dr. ir Andries van Renssen

                                         Version 2.0
                                       September 2006

1 Scope
The scope of this document is to outline the process for the extension and enhancement of the
Gellish English Dictionary with public domain concepts and for extensions that are included
in Domain Dictionaries with definitions of proprietary domain specific concepts.
This document provides guidelines for users of those dictionaries when they propose
modifications for standard data (concepts, kinds of things or classes) such as kinds of physical
object, kinds of properties or document types. Examples of users are people that create facility
information models (by entering data and documents about facilities in databases) or that
specify knowledge in object libraries.

2 References
This process references to the following documentation:
Gellish EN (dictionary)
Gellish English Dictionary
Extension Manual

3 Roles & Responsibilities

Company Dictionary             Responsible for coordinating the change management process
Manager                        within a Company, prior to proposal submission to the Gellish
                               English Dictionary manager.
Gellish English Dictionary     Responsibility for the management and coordination of all the
Manager                        concepts and definitions and to be focal point for the respective
                               Company dictionary focal points relating to change proposals.
Data owner                     The Data owners are the various discipline focal points
                               responsible for data sets for the discipline within their
                               organisation. They will be required to review and approve /
                               reject change proposals submitted by Company members.
Document owner                 The Document owners are the various focal points responsible
                               for documents within their organisation. They will be required
                               to review and approve / reject change proposals submitted by
                               the Company members.
4 Data Management Process
4.1   Introduction
A Company Dictionary, which incorporates the whole or relevant parts of the Gellish English
Dictionary (STEPlib), is being used in various applications to establish reference data.
       A typical subset of data used for a particular application or project consists of:
           -   Equipment classes
           -   Classes of characteristics (properties and other aspects)
           -   Document types
           -   Relations between equipment/functional location classes and classes of
               These relations define which characteristics shall be captured about which
               types of equipment or functional location.
           -   Allowed values per class of characteristic
           -   Allowed units of measure per type of scale (for a class of property)
           -   Presentation formats of values per class of characteristic
The data that is used in an application usually uses its own naming conventions for the
concepts in its scope. Comparison of those concepts typically shows that those concepts
appear to be a subset of the Gellish Dictionary, whereas the application specific names are
partially identical and partially synonyms of existing names of concepts in the dictionary.
Usually only a limited number of concepts does not exist in the Gellish English Dictionary
and need to be added, either in a proprietary Company Dictionary or should be proposed as
extension of the public domain Gellish Dictionary.
Such a subset should be defined in a separate Gellish Database table that may be added to the
Company Dictionary. The applications may maintain their specific identifiers (names), which
are then added as synonyms to those tables. This means that where a project uses an object
type that does not exist in Company Dictionary it should be added to Company Dictionary and
if appropriate it may be proposed as an extension of Gellish English Dictionary.
Each Company Dictionary kind of object (concept) shall have a unique identifier, one or more
names (possibly in various languages) and a definition. Each concept shall be an element in a
specialization hierarchy of concepts and can be a ‘node’ in a knowledge network of
knowledge models and may have relations with other data and documents.
4.2   Proposals and Approval procedure
Reference is made to the process flow in Attachment 1.
The Company Dictionary Manager is the custodian of Company Dictionary. The Gellish
English Dictionary is as ‘Open Source’ available in the public domain.
Both dictionaries are maintained as a collection of Gellish Database tables (which may be in
the form of spreadsheets, MA-Access database tables or any other tabular form, provided that
the table is compliant with the definition of Gellish Database tables.
In order to allow parallel work on the sheets, some ‘rules of the game’ are required, as
described below.

4.2.1 Data Verification
A proposal for addition of a new concept or term to Company Dictionary is defined as
   -   Define the concept in accordance with the guidelines in the Gellish English Dictionary
       Extension Manual.
   -   Create a new line in a Gellish Database table, with the proposed name of the concept
       and either a synonym relation with an existing concept in Company Dictionary or a
       definition of the concept by specifying a specialisation relation with the direct
       supertype of the concept and a textual definition of the defined concept.
   -   Optionally define additional lines that specify the discriminating aspects that the new
       concept by definition has or specify the component(s) of which the new concept by
       definition is composed.
   -   Furthermore, fill in:
           o The status column: ‘new’.
           o The columns: date of latest change, author of latest change, and reference.
           o Any comments in the comments column.
The Company Dictionary Manager will review the proposals and decides whether the
proposal(s) shall be circulated for comments/approval to the other focal points for the
appropriate subject area/discipline. In such a case he gives the ‘new’ proposals the status
‘proposed’. If the proposal is of sufficient quality and certainty, the Company Dictionary focal
point will implement the proposal directly and informs the originator of the proposal.
Typically this should be done within a working day.
If no commercial arrangements are made and substantial additions are proposed, then the
proposing organization may need to provide a budget.

4.2.2 Proposal Approval
Comment on or approval of an existing proposal is given as follows:
   -   Modify an existing line as required, leaving the table format unchanged, and fill in:
           o The status column: ‘propdel’ (proposed to be deleted) or ‘agree’, or leave it
           o The columns: date of latest change, author of latest change.
           o Any comments in the comments column.

4.2.3 Consolidation
The Company Dictionary manager will consolidate the contributions of the various focal
points and draws a conclusion to revise the proposal(s) or to raise the status to ‘accepted’ and
to issue a new version of the data.
If the addition or enhancement of the concept is of a nature that is wider than the scope of the
Company specific dictionary, then the Company Dictionary Manager should issue the
enhancement to the Gellish Dictionary Manager for inclusion in the public domain Gellish
English Dictionary. He will use a similar procedure to extent and enhance that dictionary.
Feedback from the Gellish English Dictionary Manager (including comments from the
national or international focal points) should be included in the Company Dictionary wherever
5 Document Type Data Management Process
5.1       Introduction
Document type data in the Company Dictionary typically expresses requirements for
documents of those types in case such documents are delivered by a project.
Change proposals for data about document types will either be made to an existing document
type (new or changed discipline, changes to requirements, or to remove the discipline or
document type), or to create a new document type.
5.2       Proposals & Approval Procedure
Reference is made to the process flow in Attachment 1.

5.2.1 Document Type Data Verification
Following a document type data change request the Company Dictionary focal point will
consider whether the change proposal is to an existing document type or whether it is to create
a new type. In either event the focal point will have to refer for ownership to the information
about the document type (also known as the ‘Document Matrix’) and issue the proposal to the
assigned document owner to review and approve the proposal.
The format for the document type data change proposal shall be issued as lines in a database
table that has an equal layout as the current Company Dictionary table with document
The fields to be filled-in are identical to the fields to be filled-in for a proposal on an addition
or modification of a concept (see par. 4.2.1)

5.2.2 Proposal Approval
The document type data owner is responsible for reviewing the proposed change and
indicating whether the modifications will be incorporated in the requirements specification or
whether the proposal is rejected. In a case that the change proposal is not accepted Company
Dictionary focal point will inform the original requestor for the change.
The comments on a proposal are treated in a similar way as specified for comments on
proposals for addition or modification of concepts (see par. 4.2.2).

6 Actions required
          Focal points need to be appointed per data and document category (discipline).
                                                                                    Company Dictionary Maintenance Process
Who                       Input                                                                    Attachment 1 - Data Management

                                                                Data Verification                                                                   Proposal Approval                                               Consolidation

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Notify Original
                      Data Change
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Requestors if
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Proposals are not

                                                                    Verify Data Type & Assign
                                                                    New Data Owner. Status is
Data Owner

                                                                                                        Issue 'Proposal' to

                                        Object                                                                                                                                                                 Consolidate accepted
                                                           NO                  'new'                   Data Owner / Focal                                                                                                                          Issue new
                                     is within an                                                                                                                                                                 contributions
                                       Existing                                                        Point for comments/                                                                                     Company Dictionary                  version of
                                      Dictionary?               S                                            approval                                                                                              Database                           data
                                                                    Verify Data Type & Owner

                                                                                                                                                                               Modify line in
                                                                                                                                                                      Company Dictionary Database
                                                                                                                                      Proposal is
                                                                                                                                                             YES       - Indicating Date of Change,
                                                                                                                                                                       Author, Source & Comments.
 Company Dictionary

                                                                                                                                                                          Change status to 'Agree'

                                                                                                                                                                               Modify line in
                                                                                                                                                                      Company Dictionary Database
                                                                                                                                                      NO               - Indicating Date of Change,
                                                                                                                                                                       Author, Source & Comments.
                                                                                                                                                                        Change status to 'Propdel'

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