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                                                                                                                           Dedication, shrewdness, warm
                                                                                                                          and passion are all traits shared

                         he Hotelier Middle East
                         Awards 2009, in association
                                                                 — which resulted in hundreds of
                                                                 messages of support from peers, col-
                                                                                                                          the shortlisted nominees for the
                         with fino International, is              leagues and even guests — Hotelier                       Hotelier Middle East Awards 20
                         without a doubt, the indus-             Middle East is pleased to reveal the                     revealed here for the first time
                  try event of the year. It’s glamorous          shortlisted nominees.
                  and grand, exciting and emotional,               First whittled down from a total of
                  but most importantly, it is the only           1506 nominations to a long-list of 10,
                  awards for the Middle East hotel               which was carefully dissected and
                  industry that recognise the people             debated by the Hotelier Middle East          nominees, surrounded by their fellow     to dig out your ‘glad rags’, find that
                  that really matter — you.                      team before drawing up the list of           hoteliers, will find out if they have     dickie bow and prepare to celebrate
                     Following weeks of nail-biting              finalists, every single candidate has         been successful in winning a coveted     with the industry in style.
                  tension since the nominations dead-            battled against the cream of the crop        Hotelier Middle East Award.                 Now, without further ado, Hote-
                  line on August 31 and the subsequent           for their place in the top-five.                Being held at Madinat Jumeirah         lier Middle East is proud to pres-
                  publication of the long-listed candi-            There is now just two weeks to the         on October 14, this is one event you     ent the 2009 Awards shortlist. The
                  dates on                ceremony itself, where these worthy          don’t want to miss out on. It’s time     countdown has begun!

                        Fitness & Recreation Person of the Year                               Spa Person of the Year                                  Accounts Person of the Year
                                  SPONSORED BY TECHNOGYM                                 SPONSORED BY ESADORE INTERNATIONAL

                                      Competition is tough for Fitness                                                                      The spotlight has been on hotel
                                      and Recreation Person of the                                                                          accountants over the past 12
                                      Year, with InterContinental’s Babu                                                                    months as properties battle
                                      Mohan Das already winner of the                                                                       against the financial crisis.
                                      hotel’s Employee of the Year Award.                                                                   Candidates for Accounts Person
                                      He is up against Jumeirah favourite                                                                   of the Year include Layia’s Asep
                                      Luminita Stoican, Mina Seyahi’s             The five spa gurus include Michael Monsod from The         Permana; “superwoman” Deepa
                                      Chris Denil and Asela Jayaweera,            Palace — The Old Town, Chantelle Mason, promoted          Aidasani at Jumeirah Beach Hotel;
                                      who in 2008 increased the                   twice in the space of 12 months at Beach Rotana           Fairmont’s audit-leading Rola
                                      profitability of her department at           Abu Dhabi, and James Roderiguez, a dedicated spa          Qiblami; debt-buster Noor Hamith
                                      InterContinental Doha by 9%. Last           therapist based at Madinat Jumeirah. Joining the          Mohammed Reeza from Crowne
                                      but not least, Ilie Popa has his eyes       trio is InterContinental’s expert facialist Anchen Els    Plaza Muscat; and The Ritz-Carlton
                                      on the title, following the opening         and Sunanda Marasinghe from Radisson Blu DMC.             Bahrain’s debt-collector Joy John.
                                      of The Address last year.
                                                                                                      NOMINEES                                                 NOMINEES
                                        NOMINEES                                    CHANTELLE MASON Director of spa                           ROLA QIBLAWI Assistant director,finance
                        ILIE POPA Recreation manager                              Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE                    Fairmont Dubai,Dubai, UAE
                     The Address Downtown Burj Dubai, Dubai, UAE
                                                                                    MICHAEL MONSOD Spa & recreation manager                   ASEP PERMANA Receiving clerk
                        BABU MOHAN DAS Recreation supervisor                      The Palace - The Old Town, Dubai, UAE                     Layia Oak Hotel & Suites, Dubai, UAE
                     InterContinental Muscat, Oman
                                                                                    JAMES RODRIGUEZ Spa therapist                              NOOR HAMITH MOHAMMED REEZA
                        LUMINITA STOICAN Fitness instructor                       Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE                              Accounts receivable supervisor
                     Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai, UAE                                                                                        Crowne Plaza Muscat, Oman
                                                                                    SUNANDA MARASINGHE Wellness centre in-
                        CHRIS DENIL Recreation manager                            charge and head therapist                                   JOY JOHN Credit manager
                     Mina Seyahi Complex, Dubai, UAE                              Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Media City, Dubai, UAE           The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain, Bahrain

                        ASELA JAYAWEERA Recreation manager                           ANCHEN ELS Senior spa therapist                          DEEPA AIDASANI Finance manager
                     InterContinental, Doha, Qatar                                InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE          Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai, UAE

                  October 2009 • Hotelier Middle East                                                                                               
                                                                                                                                                                                    HOTELIER AWARDS
      Hotel Engineering Person of the Year                                   Concierge of the Year                                       IT Person of the Year
            SPONSORED BY AQUACLEAR & WAFI                                    SPONSORED BY BAKEMART

                    Often described as a hotel’s doctor,                                                                  Relied on for solving technical glitches , the IT
                    it is fitting that engineers get a                                                                     manager often goes above and beyond the call of
                    chance to shine at the Hotelier                                                                       duty. At Fairmont Dubai, Keith L’Esteve regularly works
                    Awards.Al Diar Siji Hotel’s Tito                                                                      24-hour shifts; at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Fayaz Cajee
                    D’Costa was shortlisted for his                                                                       has achieved his goals despite a 40% reduction in
                    “pride of ownership”; Fairmont             Concierge of the Year is a hotly-contended title, no       manpower; and at Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira
                    Dubai’s Karuna Krishan for                 doubt deserved by all of the shortlisted nominees.         Creek, Asif Minhas has introduced innovative printing
                    his heated humidity control                However, only one person can take home the Award.          options. Meanwhile,Vision’s Mohan Nasseem is
                    system; and The Address’’ Pijush           Should it be Beach Rotana’s long-serving Ashok             described as a “genie in a bottle” and Hakam Sourani
                    Chowdhury for a speedy pre-                Kuckian; Emirates Towers role model Dickson                at Emirates Palace is dedicated to meeting VIPs needs.
                    opening. Lloyd Fernandez has               D’Souza; or Denver Cramer at Qamardeen Hotel? This
                    developed 18 Omanis in his team            is not forgetting Kempinski’s team tour guide Gerado
                    at Al Bustan Palace and buggy              Gabat or Hilton Kuwait’s resourceful Ahmed Allazim.
                    technician Anas Makba has defied
                    his entry level role.                                          NOMINEES
                      NOMINEES                                    DENVER CRAMER Head concierge
                                                                Qamardeen Hotel, Dubai, UAE
    PIJUSH CHOWDHURY Duty engineer                                                                                           ASIF MINHAS IT manager
  The Address Downtown Burj Dubai, Dubai, UAE                      ASHOK KUCKIAN Chief concierge                           Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek, Dubai, UAE
                                                                Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    KARUNA KRISHNAN Chief engineer                                                                                           FAYAZ CAJEE IT manager
  Fairmont Dubai, Dubai, UAE                                       DICKSON D’SOUZA Assistant manager -                     Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, UAE
    LLOYD FERNANDEZ Area director of engineering                Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai, UAE                          MOHAD NASEEM IT manager
  Al Bustan Palace InterContinental, Oman                                                                                  Vision Hotel Apartments, Abu Dhabi, UAE
                                                                  GERARDO GABAT Assistant chief concierge
    TITO D’COSTA Chief engineer                                 Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates                         KEITH L’ESTEVE IT manager
  Al Diar Siji Hotel, Fujairah, UAE                             Dubai, UAE                                                 Fairmont Dubai, Dubai, UAE

    ANAS MAKBA Buggy technician                                    AHMED ALLAZIM Chief concierge                             HAKAM SOURANI Director of IT and AV
  Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE                                  Hilton Kuwait Resort, Kuwait                               Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

                                                     HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARDS
             NEW                                     For the first time, the Hotelier Middle East
                                                     Awards has introduced a “Highly Commended’
                                                                                                                  gory will now have two Highly Commended hote-
                                                                                                                  liers that will be announced on October 14.

           FOR 2009
                                                     awards category.                                                With a three out of five chance of picking up an
                                                       Such was the calibre of the nominations that               award, make sure that if you have been shortlisted
                                                     Hotelier Middle East wanted to maximise the                  you attend the awards ceremony on October 14.
                                                     recognition given to this year’s shortlist. So while,           To snap up the final few tickets, contact Annie.
                                                     there can only be one winner, each awards cate-                                                                                                                       Hotelier Middle East • October 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                            HOTELIER AWARDS
              Green Hotelier of the Year                                           Laundry Manager of the Year                                               Housekeeper of the Year
              SPONSORED BY JOHNSONDIVERSEY                                          SPONSORED BY JOHNSONDIVERSEY                                             SPONSORED BY FRETTE / EF GULF

                      Responsible for saving the                       Managing a vast team, driving additional revenue and
                      environment as well as saving                    keeping hotel linen spick and span is all in a day’s
                      costs, the Green Hotelier is an                  work for the top five nominees shortlisted for Laundry
                      increasingly important role.                     Manager of the Year. First up is Jay Chhetri, who
                      Candidates for the title are                     manages two operations for Southern Sun in Dubai,
                      especially passionate, including                 and then Manoj Raj, who boosted guest satisfaction                    Tasked with a round-the-clock job, housekeepers are
                      community champion Wael                          scores at Shangri-La Dubai from 13% to 78%                            also the eyes and ears of the hotel, greatly relied upon
                      Farouk at Marriott, Hilton Dubai                 last year. From Al Khobar is Balaiah Thiyagarajah,                    by management and colleagues, as well as guests.
                      Jumeirah’s high achiever Sameh                   responsible for reducing chemical consumption at                      The contenders for Housekeeper of the Year are all at
                      Zaki and Doha Marriott’s “green                  InterContinental by almost 50%, while in Abu Dhabi,                   the top of their game, including Dusit Thani Dubai’s
                      ambassador” Sasidharan                           Nittyanand Nadar leads a team of 42 at Emirates                       hands-on Kachane Bunnag, Renaissance Dubai’s
                      Gopalan.Also vying for the title                 Palace. Finally, at Park Hyatt in Dubai,Teddy Matthews                manager of the quarter Suvarna Bahadarpurkar and
                      are green GM Laurent Rigaud from                 is a laundry expert, businessman and team leader.                     Ulriche Hocke, the lady providing “constant care” to
                      Crowne Plaza and The Palace’s                                                                                          her team at Al Manzil and Qamardeen. Fighting for the
                      Abdul Quddus Sheikh.                                                                                                   title also are InterContinental Phoenicia’s Mountaha
                                                                                                                                             Trad and industry veteran Michele Clark at Kempinski.
      SAMEH ZAKI Director of engineering
   Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Dubai, UAE                                                           NOMINEES                                          KACHANE BUNNAG Executive housekeeper
                                                                                                                                              Dusit Thani Dubai, Dubai, UAE
      SASIDHARAN GOPALAN                                                    JAY CHHETRI Laundry manager
   Director of engineering                                               Al Manzil and Qamardeen Hotels, Dubai, UAE                              ULRICHE HOCKE
   Doha Marriott Hotel, Qatar                                                                                                                 Complex executive housekeeper
                                                                           MANOJ RAI Laundry manager                                          Al Manzil and Qamardeen Hotels, Dubai, UAE
      ABDUL QUDDUS SHEIKH                                                Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, Dubai, UAE
   Director of engineering                                                                                                                       MOUNTAHA TRAD Housekeeping technician
   The Palace - The Old Town, Dubai, UAE                                    BALAIAH THIYAGARAJAH Laundry manager                              InterContinental Phoenicia, Beirut, Lebanon
                                                                         InterContinental Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
      LAURENT RIGAUD General manager                                                                                                            MICHELE CLARKE Executive housekeeper
   Crowne Plaza SZR, Dubai, UAE                                             TEDDY MATTHEWS Laundry manager                                    Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE
                                                                         Park Hyatt Dubai, Dubai, UAE
      WAEL FAROUK Director of engineering                                                                                                        SUVARNA BAHADARPURKAR
   Courtyard by Marriott & Marriott Executive                               NITTYANAND NADAR Laundry manager                                  Housekeeping manager
   Apartments Dubai Green Community, UAE                                 Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE                                      Renaissance Dubai Hotel, Dubai , UAE

MEET THE                    The list of shortlisted                                                                                                              THE JUDGES:

                            nominees displayed                                                                                                                     Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority head of
                            over these pages was                                                                                                                 tourism training Michelle Sabti
                           presented, along with their                                                                                                             The Emirates Academy of Hospitality
                          nomination submission                                                                                                                  Management MD Ron Hilvert
                       and supporting documents,                                                                                                                   Viability director and Hotelier Middle
                  to the Hotelier Middle East Awards’                                                                                                            East columnist Guy Wilkinson
  independent panel of judges in September.                                                                                                                         MMI brand manager — Moet
    After being given a few days to individually                                                                                                                 Hennessy Fabrice Papin
  peruse the lengthy nominations, draft their                                                                                                                       Charterhouse Partnership director
  feedback and pinpoint the most deserving                                                                                                                       Travis Cowgill
  candidates, the seven judges met on September                                                                                                                     Caterer Middle East editor
  10 to debate the shortlist.                                                                                                                                    LucyTaylor
    What followed was a five-hour discussion, with                                                                                                                   Hotelier Middle East editor
  the merits of each and every candidate deliberated                                                                                                             Louise Oakley
  in turn, before the winners were agreed upon.
    The winning names will stay confidential until the                                                                                                            See page 22 for Guy Wilkinson’s
  ceremony at Madinat Jumeirah on October 14.          From left: Michelle Sabti, Guy Wilkinson and Fabrice Papin debate the Hotelier Awards’ nominations.       views on the shortlist.                                                                                                                                         Hotelier Middle East • October 2009

                             Stewarding Person of the Year                                                  Chef of the Year                                           Sommelier of the Year
                              SPONSORED BY A. RONAI AND STEELITE                                        SPONSORED BY NESTLE                                                SPONSORED BY MMI

                                                                                      The hotel chef is a key personality within the hotel, but         The sommelier plays a major
                                                                                      who is worthy of the Chef of the Year Award? Should               role in driving outlet revenue and
                                                                                      it be newcomer Olivier Biles at InterContinental DFC              interacting with guests. But who
                                                                                      or Uwe Micheel, who has held his current role for 16              does it best? Worthy candidates
                                                                                      years? And this is not forgetting Hilton’s Matthew                for Sommelier of the Year are
                    Stewards are the backbone of the kitchen, keeping                 Pickop, Desert Island’s Anthony Gallo and Shangri-La              The Palace — The Old Town’s
                    back-of-house operations running smoothly.Well-                   Abu Dhabi’s Giles Perrin. It’s going to be a tough one.           award-winning Nicholas Vallet;
                    deserving of an award are this year’s finalists: Hilton                                                                              Hilton Dubai Creek’s Garth Beer;
                    Dubai Creek’s Stephan Prakash Monis, Park Hyatt                                                                                     Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s David
                    Dubai’s Rajendra Joshi, Radisson Blu Dubai Deira                                                                                    Elliott; and Reflets’ Julien Coron.
                    Creek’s Chamil Lasantha Kumara,The Address                                                                                          Or will last year’s winner Nicholas
                    Downtown Burj Dubai Bernard Ombee and Radwa                                                                                         Murcott take the title again?
                    Holiday Inn — Yanbu’s Mohammed Siddeque.
                                         NOMINEES                                                             NOMINEES                                                       NOMINEES
                       RAJENDRA JOSHI Stewarding manager                                 UWE MICHEEL Director of Kitchens                                  JULIEN CORON Sommelier
                     Park Hyatt Dubai, Dubai, UAE                                      Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira,Creek, Dubai, UAE                 Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire, InterContinental
                                                                                                                                                         Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE
                        STEPHAN PRAKASH MONIS                                             OLIVIER BILES Outlet chef
                     Assistant chief steward                                           Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire                                           GARTH BEER Sommelier
                     Hilton Dubai Creek, Dubai, UAE                                    InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE                  Hilton Dubai Creek, Dubai, UAE

                        CHAMIL LASANTHA KUMARA                                           ANTHONY GALLO Executive chef                                      NICHOLAS MURCOTT Head Sommelier
                     Stewarding supervisor                                             Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara,                          Raffles Dubai, Dubai, UAE
                     Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek, Dubai, UAE                 Abu Dhabi, UAE
                                                                                                                                                           DAVID ELLIOTT Beverage manager
                        MOHAMMED SIDDEQUE Chief Steward                                   MATTHEW PICKOP Executive Head chef                             Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai, UAE
                     Radhwa Holiday Inn - Yanbu, Saudi Arabia                          Hilton Dubai Creek, Dubai, UAE
                                                                                                                                                            NICOLAS VALLET
                        BERNARD OMBEE Assistant chief steward                             GILLES PERRIN Chef de Cuisine                                  Sommelier
                     The Address Downtown Burj Dubai, Dubai, UAE                       Shangri-La Hotel Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi, UAE                   The Palace -The Old Town, Dubai, UAE

                                               Outlet Manager of the Year                                                                         F&B Manager of the Year
                                                    SPONSORED BY A. RONAI                                                                         SPONSORED BY FRETTE / EF GULF

                                                                                NOMINEES                                                                                           NOMINEES
                                                                  FELIX HARTMANN SkyView Bar Manager                                                                  ALFRED ABI MOUSSA Director F&B
                                                                Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE                                                                            Crowne Plaza Dubai SZR, Dubai, UAE

                    The shortlisted candidates for Outlet         SIMONE HOPMAN Manager                                Creative minds, astute business skills,        HUSSEIN ABBAS
                    Manager of the Year head up some of         The Exchange Floor, Fairmont Dubai, UAE                attention to detail and unfaltering          Assistant director of Food and Beverage
                    the region’s most exciting bars and                                                                dedication to the role are talents shared    Four Seasons Doha, Qatar
                    restaurants. Multi-award winning Felix        GIOVANNI RULLO Restaurant manager                    by the top five F&B managers shortlisted
                    Hartman keeps his head out of the           Certo, Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Media City,            for this award. In Doha, Hussein Abbas         EDOUARD GROSMANGIN
                    clouds at Burj Al Arab’s SkyView Bar;       Dubai, UAE                                             is described as a “silent soldier” and       Executive assistant manager — F& B
                    Simone Hopman manages Dubai                                                                        “pillar” of the hotel; while in Abu Dhabi,   The Palace - The Old Town, Dubai, UAE
                    favourites The Exchange Grill, Cin Cin         ANUJ SHARMA                                         Eric Francis Lobo is an expert on exciting
                    at The Cigar Bar at The Fairmont; while     Restaurant manager — Asado                             promotions and loyalty schemes. Dubai’s        EMILY SHAW
                    Anuj Sharma has turned Asado at The         The Palace -The Old Town , Dubai, UAE                  hot contenders include Crowne Plaza’s        Food and Beverage Manager
                    Palace into another success story.                                                                 multi-talented and tenacious Alfred Abi      Desert Palm, Dubai, UAE
                    Giovanni Rullo focuses on authenticity at      CHADI NAHRA                                         Moussa; Desert Palm’s events queen
                    Radisson’s Certo while Chadi Nahra has      Restaurant manager BiCE restaurant                     Emily Shaw and The Palace — The Old            ERIC FRANCIS LOBO
                    really set the dining standard for Jeddah   Qasr Al Sharq Waldorf Astoria Collection,              Town’s innovator and money-maker             Food and Beverage Manager
                    at the Qasr Al Sharq.                       Jeddah, Saudi Arabia                                   Edouard Grosmangin.                          Al Diar Dana Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

                  October 2009 • Hotelier Middle East                                                                                                             
                                                                                                                                                                                     HOTELIER AWARDS
                                                            Hotelier’s Unsung Hero of the Year
                                                                           Sponsored by fino International

                                                                              IVY DELA CRUZ Hotel nurse                          RISHI RAM GIRI
                                                                            Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE             Steward
                                                                                                                               Doha Marriott Hotel, Qatar
                                                                              RAKESH KUMAR
                                                                            Foreman — engineering department                     MARIOL CAYANAN
                                                                            Park Hyatt Dubai, Dubai, UAE                       Hotel nurse
                                                                                                                               Dusit Thani Dubai, Dubai, UAE
  Hotelier’s Unsung Hero of the Year Award is one of the most                 DUMINDA PRADEEP KUMARA MADDUMAGE
  anticipated awards and for good reason.This year, there were 137          Hotel driver, Courtyard by Marriott and Marriott     SARAVANAN ALAGAPPAN
  nominations for this category alone, and for this reason the shortlist    Executive Apartments Dubai Green Community, UAE    Assistant Housekeeping manager
  for this Award comprises the top 10 nominations.                                                                             Raffles Dubai, Dubai, UAE
     The candidates have all excelled in various different ways,               PINAKI CHATTERJEE Cluster occupational
  whether it be looking after guests’ most prized possession, their         health and safety manager                             ABDUL NASIR Senior security supervisor
  children, struggling through adversity to support their team and          Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE                  Al Manzil and Qamadeen Hotels, Dubai, UAE
  continue their hotel career, rescuing their hotel from fire and other
  disasters or being credited with saving a guest’s life.                     SUJA KURIAKOSE Babysitter                          MADELYN COX PERALTA Sales agent
     See for each nominee’s full story.              Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, UAE                   Jumeirah Living, Dubai, UAE                                                                                                                     Hotelier Middle East • October 2009

                                              General Manager of the Year                                                               Procurement Person of the Year
                                              SPONSORED BY AL AQILI FURNISHINGS                                                  SPONSORED BY CHOICES GENERAL TRADING LLC — SICO

                                                                                 NOMINEES                                                                                   NOMINEES
                                                                     ADRIAN RUDIN GM, Shangri-La Hotel                                                         AJAY KUMAR RAMACHANDRAN
                                                                   Qaryat Al Beri,Abu Dhabi, UAE                                                             Purchasing officer
                                                                                                                                                             Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort
                    An indisputable highlight of the                 ABDIN NASRALLA GM                         Matching the demands of hotel                 Fujairah, UAE
                    Hotelier Middle East Awards is the             Jumeirah Bab Al Shams Desert Resort &       colleagues with the services of suppliers
                    General Manager of the Year Award,             Spa, Dubai, UAE                             is no easy feat and all our shortlisted         GABY CHAHOUD Materials manager
                    which recognises the person that has                                                       procurmement and materials experts            Seriramis InterContinental Cairo, Egypt
                    best driven their property and team              ANDREAS FLÜCKIGER GM                      would be worthy of the title Procurement
                    to business success and industry               Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek,       Person of the Year.Among the finalists           DARVI VARGHESE
                    accolade. Some familar names appear            Dubai, UAE                                  are pre-opening and renovation experts,       Group procurement manager
                    on this year’s shortlist, as Abdin Nasralla,                                               all wokring even harder during 2009           Holiday Inn Express Hotels Dubai, UAE
                    Tom Meyer and Moritz Klein again vy for           TOM MEYER GM                             to achieve a good deal. Make sure you
                    the title. But the winner could be one of      InterContinental Hotel Group properties     attend on the night to see if the winner is     JOSEPH LAURANCE Materials manager
                    the new names to appear on the shortlist,      Duba, Dubai, UAE                            Le Meridien’s Ajay Kumar Ramachandran,        Crowne Plaza Kuwait, Kuwait
                    perhaps Adrian Rudin from the Shangri-                                                     Seriramis InterContinental’s Gaby
                    La Abu Dhabi complex or Andreas                  MORITZ KLEIN GM                           Chahoud, Holiday Inn’s Darvi Varghese,          RAJAN VATTAKANDY
                    Flückiger from Radisson Blu Dubai Deira        Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi                      Crowne Plaza Kuwait’s Joseph Laurance of      Area materials manager
                    Creek? Let the battle commence!                Abu Dhabi, UAE                              Al Bustan’s Rajan Vattakandy.                 Al Bustan Palace InterContinental, Oman

                                           Marketing / PR Person of the Year                                                                 HR Person of the Year
                                                                                                                                         SPONSORED BY CATERERGLOBAL.COM

                                                                               NOMINEES                                                                                     NOMINEES
                                                               YASMINE HIDALGO                                                                                 NOORA AL NABRI
                                                            PR & marketing communications manager                                                            Human resources manager
                                                            Renaissance Dubai Hotel, Dubai, UAE                                                              Park Inn Muscat, Oman
                    Usually focused on achieving                                                               As people managers, team leaders,
                    recognition for other members              KATERINA DIXON                                  guidance cousellors and surrogate               MARION GAY Director human resources
                    of the team, the hotel industry’s       Director of marketing communications               parents, the role of a hotel HR or training   Crowne Plaza SZR, Dubai, UAE
                    marketing and PR experts finally         InterContinental Hotels Group properties           manager is diverse and hands-on. So
                    get their chance to shine at the        Dubai, UAE                                         who has really excelled in 2009, when           KAREN THORBURN
                    Hotelier Middle East Awards. But                                                           HR teams have been pushed to their            Regional director of training, Kempinski
                    who is the most deserving? Should         LAURA PEREZ DIAZ Director of public relations    limits to counter the impact of the global    Hotels ME and Africa, Ajman, UAE
                    it be energetic Yasmine Hidalgo;        The Address Hotels + Resorts, Dubai, UAE           downturn? The only all-women category in
                    personalised PR expert Laura Perez                                                         the Hotelier Awards sees Emaar’s Louise         LOUISE FORRESTER
                    Diaz or complex director of market         DERRYN FRENCH                                   Forrester,W Doha’s Marieke Schellen,          Corporate director of human resources
                    communications Derryn French?           Director of market communications                  Crowne Plaza Sheikh Zayed Road’s Marion       Emaar Hospitality Group, Dubai, UAE
                    This is not to forget marketing         The Westin & Le Meridien Mina Seyahi, Dubai, UAE   Gay, Kempinski’s Karen Thorburn and Park
                    campaign masters Natalie Glorney                                                           Inn’s Noora Al Nabri go head to head in the     MARIEKE SCHELLEN
                    at Shangri-La and Katerina Dixon at        NATALIE GLORNEY Director of communications      competition for HR Person of the Year. May    Director of casting
                    IHG in Dubai Festival City.             Shangri-la Hotel Qaryat Al Beri Abu Dhabi, UAE     the best woman win!                           W Doha Hotel and Residences, Qatar

                    The Hotelier Middle East Awards ceremony will be held at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai at 7.30pm on October 14. To be one of the first to find out who
                    the winners are, book your table or ticket now at or contact See you there!

                  October 2009 • Hotelier Middle East                                                                                                       

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