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                                                                                                                 June 2010 Volume XVII

Innovator Spotlight
Deborah Spector: Breaking the Cycle with Persistence
In research endeavors and technology transfer,                                        leaving approximately 8,000 children with
discovery breakthroughs do not occur overnight.                                       permanent impairment.”
The application of slow, methodical, and                                              Current medical practice utilizes blood tests to
persistent efforts in research often yields a                                         identify the specific antibodies that indicate an
promising solution for a stubborn and refractory                                      hCMV infection. Viral cultures are another
problem.                                                                              diagnostic tool often used. However, once
This is the case with our featured innovator: Dr.                                     identified, treatment options are limited and there
Deborah Spector. A professor and researcher at                                        are no cures.
UC San Diego since 1978, Spector began with a                                           Through her CMV research, Spector has already
purpose: finding a vaccine for human                                                    made a substantial contribution to the field of
cytomegalovirus (hCMV). Her determination                                               medical diagnostics. An earlier innovation was
produced tangible results with issued patents                                           licensed to a diagnostics company that developed
U.S. Patent Number 4,762,780–Method and                                                 and marketed a test to detect the presence of CMV
composition for screening and diagnosing                                                      in blood or plasma. With her ongoing studies
"HCMV" and U.S. Patent Number 5,173,402–                                                      in virology, Spector hopes to continue to
Method and compositions for screening and                   Deborah H. Spector, Ph.D.         make strides in addressing infectious diseases
diagnosing human cytomegalovirus ("hCMV"). Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine that have limited treatment options.
Spector’s most recent patent application WO/               Skaggs School of Pharmacy
2007/106404–Vaccine for viruses that cause                                                    Dr. Deborah Spector received her Ph.D. in
persistent or latent infections, explains the methods and                  1975 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She spent
compositions for the prevention and treatment of infections                three years as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratories of Drs.
caused by viruses such as herpesviruses, retroviruses, hepatitis           Michael Bishop and Harold Varmus at UC San Francisco,
viruses, papillomaviruses, and cytomegalovirus.                            where she showed that the src oncogene is a conserved
                                                                           eukaryotic gene expressed in both normal and transformed cells.
Along with her research team at UC San Diego’s Skaggs School               She became an assistant professor in the Division of Biological
of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Spector has worked                Sciences at UC San Diego in 1978 and began her studies on
diligently towards understanding the replication cycle and                 cytomegalovirus. In 2005, she moved to the Department of
infection process for hCMV and similar viruses. In the case of             Cellular and Molecular Medicine at Skaggs School of Pharmacy
hCMV, it is believed that this virus infects as many as sixty to           and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Spector’s faculty web site is
ninety percent of adults in the U.S. While dormant in many,                located at
hCMV can be life threatening for individuals who are immuno-
compromised and often results in birth defects when transmitted
to a developing fetus. In fact, hCMV causes more birth defects
than any other virus.
According to Spector, “Between 0.5 percent to 2.5 percent of
newborns are infected with hCMV, and of the 5 percent to 10
percent that are symptomatic at birth, most develop a secondary
consequence, such as microcephaly, hearing loss, or motor
disabilities. Even in the asymptomatic group, approximately 15
percent will later show hearing or vision loss. It is estimated
that each year in the United States, 40,000 children are born
with congenital hCMV infection, resulting in 400 deaths and                            Dr. Spector with members of her research team.

UC San Diego Technology Transfer Office Newsletter                                                           1
UC San Diego Technologies in the Pipeline
Nearly three hundred new innovations were disclosed to the TTO in the first three quarters of FY2010 (7/1/09 -
3/31/10). Listed below is a sample of these innovations, more information is available on the TTO web site at
AGRICULTURE/PLANT SCIENCE:                                        A New Method To Accelerate Tissue and Wound Healing Rates
                                                                  and Reduce Swelling and Scar Formation; Case No. 2010-084
Nitrate-Responsive Synthetic Promoter Produces Nitrate-           (Schmid-schonbein, Geert W.)
Regulated Gene Expression in Plants; Case No. 2010-073
(Crawford, Nigel M.)                                              DIAGNOSTIC/DEVICE:
AUTOIMMUNE/INFECTIOUS DISEASE:                                    Chemically Amplified Response Strategies for Medical Sciences;
                                                                  Case No. 2010-089 (Almutairi, Adah)
New Method to Predict Immune Recovery; Case No. 2010-039
(Woelk, Christopher H.)                                           GENOMICS/NUCLEIC ACIDS:
CANCER:                                                           Improved “One and Two Yeast Hybrid” Systems for Individually
                                                                  Arrayed Libraries; Case No. 2010-069 (Kay, Steve A.)
Identification of Liver-Cancer Initiating Cells and a Method to
Inhibit Their Tumorigenic Potential; Case No. 2010-115 (Karin,    METABOLIC/ENDOCRINOLOGY:
Michael)                                                          Pancreastatin, A Novel Peptide Regulator of Glucose and Lipid
CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE:                                           Metabolism; Case No. 2010-026 (Mahata, Sushil K.)
New GPCR Protein Targets for Cardiac Fibrosis; Case No.           STEM CELL:
2010-128 (Insel, Paul A.)                                         Defined and Xeno-Free Serum Replacement for Maintenance of
Stimulus-Triggered Metalloenzyme Inhibitors; Case No.             Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESCs); Case No. 2010-036
2010-123 (Cohen, Seth M.)                                         (Muotri, Alysson)

System and Method to Diagnose, Localize, and Treat Heart-         Scalable Generation of Erythrocytes from Embryonic Stem Cells
Rhythm Disorders; Case No. 2010-102 (Narayan, Sanjiv M.)          Can Increase the Transfusion Capacity of the Blood Supply; Case
                                                                  No. 2010-045 (Carrier, Ewa)

PHYSICAL SCIENCES/ENGINEERING                                     Methods For Layout Decomposition For Double Patterning
                                                                  Lithography; Case No. 2010-015 (Kahng, Andrew B.)
A New Method to Synchronize Data Streams Over a Local Area        High-Efficiency, High-Linearity, Acoustic to Ultrasonic Power
Network; Case No. 2010-035 (Makeig, Scott)                        Amplifier for Low-Cost Underwater Modem Applications; Case
                                                                  No. 2010-161 (Kimball, Donald F.)
IceCube: A Totally Self-Contained Multi-Directional Robotic
Sphere; Case No. 2010-032
(Bewley, Thomas R.)
iHop, A Reconfigurable
Hopping/Stair Climbing
Robotic Rover; Case No.
2010-033 (Bewley, Thomas
                                                                                            iHop Illustration
Switchblade: A Mobile
Balancing Robotic-Rover;
Case No. 2010-034 (Bewley,                                        WIRELESS:
Thomas R.)                       IceCube Image
                                                                  Unrestricted Spherical Quantization for Data Compression; Case
SEMICONDUCTORS/                                                   No. 2010-070 (Palmer, Jason A.)
                                                                  A Zero Turn-On Voltage Rectifier for Efficient Wireless Power
Cladding Modulated Bragg-Gratings in Silicon Waveguides;          Supplies and Energy Harvesting; Case No. 2010-135 (Asbeck,
Case No. 2010-119 (Fainman, Yeshaiahu)                            Peter)

UC San Diego Technology Transfer Office Newsletter                                                 2
U.S. Patents
More than 50 U.S. patents were issued to UC San Diego researchers during the ten-month period from July 2009 through April 2010.
Listed below are some of these patents. Patents in bold are available for licensing.
Asbeck, Peter et al.                        7,642,280 – Inhibitors of acyl               La Clair, James
7,652,532 – Correlation method for          glucosaminyl inositol amidase and            7,706,984 – Method and device for
monitoring power amplifier                  methods of use (SD2001-169)                  identifying molecular species
Carson, Dennis et al.                       Fenical, William et al.
7,601,846 – Compounds having activity       7,635,712 – Salinosporamides and             Larsen, Lawrence et al.
as inhibitors of apoptosis (SD2000-         methods for use thereof                      7,567,123 – Adaptive bias current circuit
E70)                                                                                     and method for amplifiers
7,682,607 – Wnt and frizzled receptors      Fu, Xiang-Dong et al.
as targets for immunotherapy in head        7,601,492 – Genome mapping of                Lo, Yuhwa et al.
and neck squamous cell carcinomas           functional DNA elements and cellular         7,675,686 – Fluidic adaptive lens
(SD2001-C78)                                proteins (SD2003-244)
                                                                                         Marrow, Marcus
Cavenee, Webster et al.                     Galton, Ian et al.                           7,564,933 – Method and system for
7,589,180 – Specific binding proteins and   7,602,323 – Digital background               near optimal iterative detection of the
uses thereof                                correction of nonlinear error ADC's          2-dimensional ISI channel
Cheng, Chung-Kuan et al.                    Haas, Martin
7,622,779 – Interconnection architecture    7,569,385 – Multipotent amniotic fetal       Nguyen, Truong et al.
and method of assessing interconnection     stem cells (SD2005-041)                      7,623,719 – Video encoding methods
architecture                                                                             and devices (SD2003-247)
7,679,416 – High speed clock                Hostetler, Karl et al.
distribution transmission line network      7,652,001 – Pharmacologically active         Raz, Eyal et al.
                                            agents containing esterified                 7,560,436 – Methods of treating
Chojkier, Mario et al.                      phosphonates and methods for use             gastrointestinal inflammation
7,655,472 – Treatment of disease by         thereof (SD2004-100)                         (SD2004-B64)
inducing cell apoptosis                     7,687,480 – Phosphonate compounds
                                                                                         Sullivan, Benjamin
Cohen, Seth et al.                          Hu, TC                                       7,574,902 – Tear film osmometry
7,579,486 – Metalloprotein inhibitors       7,565,391 – Binary digit multiplications
7,705,164 – Metalloprotein inhibitors       and applications (SD2005-046)                Tsien, Roger et al.
                                                                                         7,560,287 – Long wavelength engineered
Cruz, Rene et al.                           Intaglietta, Marcos et al.                   fluorescent proteins
7,633,894 – Scheduling methods for          7,670,844 – Supported molecular
wireless networks (SD 2002-222)             biofluid viscosity sensors for in vitro      Vecchio, Kenneth et al.
                                            and in vivo use (SD2003-145)                 7,621,435 – Designs and fabrication of
De Callafon, Raymond                                                                     structural armor
7,688,984 – Active noise control method     Kahng, Andrew et al.
and apparatus including feedforward and     7,614,032 – Method for correcting a          Viirre, Erik et al.
feedback controllers                        mask design layout                           7,572,234 – EEG feedback controlled
                                                                                         sound therapy for tinnitus
Du, Jiang                                   Karin, Michael et al.
7,602,184 – Magnetic resonance              7,695,921 – Method for detecting the         Witztum, Joseph et al.
spectroscopic imaging with short echo       presence of prostate cancer                  7,556,927 – Methods for diagnosing,
times                                       (SD2007-141)                                 imaging and treating atherosclerotic
Evans, Sylvia et al.                        Kelner, Michael et al.                       7,575,873 – Reagents for diagnosing,
7,625,874 – Compositions and methods        7,629,380 – Antitumor Agents                 imaging and treating atherosclerotic
for treating diseases associated with T-    (SD2008-218)                                 disease
box and N-Myc (SD2005-223)
                                            Kriegman, David et al.                       Wong, Eric et al.
Fahey, Robert et al.                        7,689,035 – Methods for identifying,         7,587,233 – Velocity-selective arterial
7,560,229 – Methods of use of the           separating and editing reflection            spin labeling without spatial selectivity
enzymes of mycothiol synthesis              components in multi-channel images and       (SD2001-175)
(SD2002-094)                                videos

UC San Diego Technology Transfer Office Newsletter                                                  3
A Different Kind of “Early Stage” Technology Transfer
2010 Junior Solar Sprint Competition

                                        1                                                   2                                             3
                                              !                                                   !                                                !

Staff members at TTO volunteer within                 “The program brings together the same           of the local community, non-profit
the community by providing their time                 elements of technology, fun, and team           organizations, and cleantech
and expertise on various technology                   spirit fostered by the San Diego Science        companies*.
transfer-related projects. Recently,                  Festival and deepens the students’
Senior Licensing Officer Victoria                     appreciation of renewable energy                *The 2010 JSS sponsors were: Sullivan
Cajipe was one of the volunteers who                  sources.”                                       Solar Power, Butler Sun Solutions, the
promoted and organized educational                                                                    San Diego Electrical Training Center,
activities and a racing event for the                 Victoria lectured about solar cells and         and the California Center for
2010 Junior Solar Sprint (JSS)                        electricity during the JSS teacher              Sustainable Energy.
competition hosted by the San Diego                   training workshops and was one of the
Renewable Energy Society.                             judges for best craftsmanship,
                                                      innovation, and technical merit among
“What can you do to enhance solar                     the model cars. “Armed with basic
collection in a photovoltaic panel?” A                concepts and practical guidelines, the
challenge for university inventors,                   kids got to experience the process of
certainly, but also a question for the                invention,” she says. “They learned
middle-school students who participated               about photoconversion and understood
in the JSS competition that culminated                the advantages of adjustable angle of
with a race of model solar-electric cars              incidence and reflectors–the principles
on June 5. “Junior Solar Sprint is a                  behind sun-tracking solar panels and
wonderful hands-on learning program                   concentrator photovoltaic systems.” JSS
launched in the 1990s by the U.S.                     Race Day was a sunny success with 31
Department of Energy to stimulate                     model cars of all shapes, colors, and
students’ interest in science and                     styles participating. It was a different
encourage them towards a technical                    kind of “early stage” technology
                                                                                                                Victoria Cajipe, Ph.D.
career. The kids receive a standard solar             transfer–to creative 6th, 7th, and 8th                   Senior Licensing Officer
panel and motor to then figure out how                graders who built working prototypes
to build a solar car,” Victoria explains.             within weeks–facilitated by joint efforts

                                         4                                                        5                                        6

  Photo captions: (1) At the starting line, with solar panels under shade. (2) Away they go! (3) Nifty solar turtle. (4) Solar stretch limo.
  (5) A-frame solar vehicle. (6) Hawaiian-theme solar car.                                                                                             !

                                (Event photos courtesy of Elaine Gillum, Marshall Middle School and Grazyna Krajewska, SDRES board member)

UC San Diego Technology Transfer Office Newsletter                                                    !         4
TTO Move/TPCN Renovation                                            to vacate leased properties at Executive Drive and McKee Street
                                                                    —eliminating over $600,000 of annual rent expenses,
                                                                    strengthening functional relationships between units, and better
                                                                    aligning workplace design with future needs. In addition, the
                                                                    renovation will provide opportunities to reduce our carbon
                                                                    footprint and achieve greater energy efficiency consistent with a
                                                                    LEED Silver rating, as well as ensure compliance with ADA

                                                                    TPCN renovation is slated for completion in March 2011. In the
                                                                    interim, you can contact the TTO staff at the same phone
The Technology Transfer Office will be moving to temporary          numbers and email addresses (
offices this summer in McGill Hall on the Muir campus while         staff.shtml). Disclosure forms and policy information are always
it’s current location at Torrey Pines Center North (TPCN)           available on our website at
undergoes a total renovation. According to the renovation web
site, the strategic renovation of TPCN will allow UCSD

UC San Diego TTO                             companies and is active in local business     Team Cognionics Wins
                                             development groups.
Forging Stronger Ties
with Industry                                Scott Minick is a bicoastal business
                                             executive who splits his time between
                                             two major biotechnology hubs: San
What do three business executives from       Francisco and Boston. He is president
different fields have in common with a       and CEO of BIND Biosciences, Inc. and
university technology transfer office?       a venture partner with ARCH Ventures.
They comprise the university’s industry      His experience includes senior positions
technology transfer advisory committee.      with biotechnology start-ups, large
                                             medical-device companies, and large
UC San Diego’s Technology Transfer           pharmaceutical companies.
Office (TTO), established in 1994, has
been in the business of promoting and        Bob Slapin brings high-tech savvy to the
licensing university technologies to the     mix; he is known in the local high-tech       Mike Chi, a graduate student in electrical
commercial sector for over 15 years.         community and has extensive experience        engineering at the Jacobs School of
Prior to 1994, university technologies       in software distribution, joint ventures,     Engineering and members of Team
were managed by a central office at the      Original Equipment Manufacturer               Cognionics won the top prize—$25,000
University of California Office of the       (OEM) arrangements, and channel               in start-up funding and $15,000 in legal
President in Oakland, California—an          marketing. He has held executive              services—at the 2010 UCSD
office established before the passage of     positions in several high-technology          Entrepreneur Challenge. The team
the Bayh-Dole Act (University and Small      companies and is involved in                  included graduate engineering and MBA
Business Patent Procedures Act) in 1980.     international trade and business              students at UCSD, the Salk Institute, and
                                             development for emerging companies.           The Scripps Research Institute.
UCSD’s TTO has retained an academic                                                        Cognionics also won the audience choice
advisory committee for guidance and          The industry advisory committee               award for its demonstration and executive
oversight for many years; last year an       provides guidance from a practical            summary presentation and best entry in
industry technology-transfer advisory        business perspective. “They help our          the high-tech track. Cognionics uses a
committee (I-TTAC) was assembled to          office to remain connected with an ever-      wireless sensor to detect biopotentials,
expand ties with industry. The current       changing technology and business              tiny voltage signals that emanate from
members of the industry advisory team        landscape,” said Jane Moores, who leads       electrically active cells, such as neurons
are Julia Brown, Scott Minick, and Bob       the campus’ Technology Transfer Office.       and cardiac cells that propagate to the
Slapin.                                      Serving as an interface between the           skin through the conductive media of the
                                             university and industry, this recently        human body. The device also uses
Julia Brown is prominent in the local        formed committee communicates and             wireless networks to transmit the cardiac
biotechnology community with previous        provides feedback on industry concerns        data to computers for review. The
senior management stints at Amylin           regarding the technology transfer process.    technology co-inventor and principal
Pharmaceuticals, Dura Pharmaceuticals,       All members were selected for their           investigator is Gert Cauwenberghs,
IVAC Corporation, and Hybritech              expertise in business areas that the TTO      Professor of Bioengineering at the Jacobs
Corporation. She also serves on the board    targets for potential partnering              School of Engineering.
of directors for several biotechnology       opportunities.

UC San Diego Technology Transfer Office Newsletter                                                   5
                                               News Roundup from Licensees
  Senomyx Signs Letter Agreement With Pepsico Regarding                         Ringing in the New Year: Five San Diego Tech Companies
  Potential Collaboration Related To The Discovery,                             Raise Cash in December;
  Development, And Commercialization Of New Sweet Flavor
                                                                                Xconomy - Bruce V. Bigelow - 12/ 24/2009
                                                                                —Ortiva Wireless, a San Diego company that specializes in
  SAN DIEGO, 6/24/2010--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Senomyx, Inc.
                                                                                software for mobile video delivery, has raised almost $1.7
  (NASDAQ:SNMX), a leading company focused on using
                                                                                million toward a $2.5 million equity round, according to a
  proprietary technologies to discover and develop novel flavor
                                                                                recent regulatory filing. Previous investors include Artiman
  ingredients for the food, beverage, and ingredient supply
                                                                                Ventures, Avalon Ventures, Comcast Interactive Capital, and
  industries, announced that it and PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP), the
                                                                                Mission Ventures, according to the company’s website.
  world’s second-largest food and beverage company, have signed
  a letter agreement and entered into an exclusive 60-day                       Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. Announces Closing of $7.5
  negotiation period regarding the completion of a definitive                   Million Registered Direct Offering
  agreement for a new collaboration related to Senomyx’s sweet
  taste technology.                                                             NOVATO, Calif., 12/23/2009 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via
                                                                                COMTEX/ -- Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. ("Raptor" or the
  Nereus Pharmaceuticals Raises $20 Million                                     "Company") (Nasdaq: RPTP), today announced that on
                                                                                December 22, 2009, it completed its registered direct offering
  SAN DIEGO, Calif.,6/23/10 — Nereus Pharmaceuticals Inc., a
                                                                                with institutional investors, raising an aggregate amount of
  San Diego-based drug developer that uses marine microbial
                                                                                approximately $7.5 million of gross proceeds (before placement
  sources, has raised $20 million in new VC funding. HBM
                                                                                agent fees and offering expenses) through the sale of 3,747,558
  BioVentures led the round, and was joined by Alta Partners,
  Forward Ventures, Gimv, Advent International, Pacific Venture
  Group, Roche Venture Fund and Astellas Venture Management.                    Neoprobe Files Phase 3 Report with FDA – Lymphoseek
  The company has raised over $145 million in total VC funding                  End-of-Phase 3 Meeting Request Made
  since 1998.
                                                                                DUBLIN, OHIO – 12/8/2009 – Neoprobe Corporation
  Nereus also announced completion of enrollment in the                         (OTCBB: NEOP), a diversified developer of innovative
  randomized Phase 2 ADVANCE study evaluating its tumor                         oncology surgical and diagnostic products, has completed a
  selective vascular disrupting agent (VDA), plinabulin                         Phase 3 clinical trial of Lymphoseek® (NEO3-05) with positive
  (NPI-2358), in patients with non-small cell lung cancer                       results. The Phase 3 clinical trial was designed to provide, and
  (NSCLC) who have failed treatment with chemotherapy.                          achieved its primary endpoint of, the evaluation of the efficacy
                                                                                of Lymphoseek in anatomically delineating lymph nodes in both
  Genomatica Raises $15 Million to Commercialize Low-Cost,
                                                                                breast cancer and melanoma patients that may be predictive of
  High-Efficiency Sustainable Chemicals Platform
                                                                                determining whether cancer has spread into the lymphatic
  SAN DIEGO, Calif., 3/25/10 — Genomatica, a leading                            system. Based on these positive outcomes, Neoprobe has
  sustainable chemicals company, announced today that TPG                       submitted an end-of-Phase 3 meeting request to the US FDA to
  Biotech has led the new investment in Genomatica’s bold vision                discuss the results of the clinical trial as part of our continuing
  for a sustainable chemical industry. TPG Biotech, part of the                 preparation of a New Drug Application (NDA), which we plan
  venture capital platform of global private investment firm TPG,               to file later in 2010. The NEO3-05 study has been closed on the
  augments the full participation of existing investors Mohr                    national clinical trials website
  Davidow Ventures, Alloy Ventures and Draper Fisher Jurvetson.
  The firms have collectively invested $15 million for the initial
  close of the Series C funding.

                                                                              UC Technology Transfer @ BIO
                                                                  The BIO International Convention was held May 3-6, 2010 at McCormick
                                                                  Place Convention Center in Chicago, IL. This global event on
                                                                  biotechnology drew 15,322 industry leaders from 49 states and 65
                                                                  countries. BIO’s annual gathering provided a broad array of top-level
                                                                  speakers addressing critical global challenges and the top issues in biotech.
                                                                  The BIO Business Forum hosted a record-number 17,100 partnering
                                                                  meetings between 2,125 companies and 190 company presentations. Drs.
                                                                  Denise Lew and Melissa Fitzgerald represented UCSD TTO and met with
                                                                  dozens of potential corporate partners during BIO to market university
                                                                  technologies at this large industry gathering.

Staffing the UC Booth at BIO were Dr. Denise Lew (UC San Diego TTO) and Dr.
Gonzalo Barrera-Hernandez (UC Office of the President IAS). UC representatives
met with potential industry partners interested in licensing university innovations.                                TechnologyTransfer Office
  UC San Diego Technology Transfer Office Newsletter                                                               6

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