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									                                 Class Syllabus – Fall 2010
                    ESL 150 (009) 75233 —Advanced Academic ESL (5 Units)
                   M W 12:00-02:00PM / F 12:00-01:30PM            BNGL A716
             Prereq.: Placement in ESL 150 or 72 or completion of ESL 140 or 62 or 68.


       Thi Thi Ma               tma@ccsf.edu                 (415) 452-7967
       Office Hour              Batmale 527                  M—3-4pm, F 11-12pm
       http://fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us/tma/ (Homework assignments, handouts, resources are updated
       on a regular basis. It’s required that you check the website after every class meeting.)

Required Texts

               (available in the Bookstore, (415) 239-3470
       B) EYE ON EDITING 2, Cain
       D) Self-Select Novel (not available in the Bookstore)
       E) 2 bluebooks (BIG SIZE) and ONE binder
       D) Recommended—College Level English-English Dictionary.

Course Description

Course Description: This course intends to help you improve academic reading skills and
strategies, as well as utilizing readings to support written compositions. A good portion of the
class focuses on practicing writing summaries, expository essays and essay tests. Acquisition of
advanced vocabulary and grammar instruction will be integrated within each reading and
writing unit.

Course Content: In order to help you advance reading, vocabulary, grammar and writing skills,
we will be working on 4 reading and writing units in which you will be practicing on writing
both in-class assignments of at least 350 words and out-of-class writings of 500 words. For out-
of-class writings, you will be asked to work on multiple drafts to improve editing and
proofreading skills. In each unit, you are expected to do a lot of grammar and vocabulary
exercises that will be tested at the end of each unit. At the end of the course, you will take a
reading final, a grammar final and the ESL department final composition exam.

Attendance and Class Policy

Attendance: Attendance is crucial in this class. If you have excessive absences (no more than 4
absences), your final grade will be dropped by 3%. For instance, if your final grade percentage
was 92% “A”, with excessive absences, your final grade status would be reduced to 89%, which
is equivalent to a “B”. Notice, 3 tardies is equal to one absence.
Notice: Official Withdrawal is the responsibility of the student. If you do not withdraw in accordance
with established procedures, you may receive a penalty grade. But please, communicate with the
instructor before withdrawing from the class.
Make-up Policy: All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the date noted in the course
syllabus or given by the instructor. Late daily homework assignments will not be accepted.
Only late essays will be accepted although the assignment’s final grade will be lowered by a
complete grade. You may not make up for exams without reasonable excuses.

Class Conduct Policy: Cell phones and all other beeping devices must be turned off prior to
entering class. It is important that you show respect and be attentive to your instructor and
fellow classmates when they speak. You are also responsible for adhering to the Code of
Student Conduct outlined in the College Catalog. Any students stepping out to answer phone
calls will not be expected to return to class.

Academic Integrity: All works you submit must be original. The CCSF Catalog has a complete
statement defining cheating and plagiarism. If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing another
person’s work, you may face one of the following repercussions:
    (A) Be given an F on the assignment, (B) Be given an F in the course, or (C) Be referred the
        to College Disciplinarian for further sanctions.

Course Mechanics: All out-of-class papers must be typed following the academic standards
(filling out the top RIGHT corner area as follows: Your full name, ESL 150 and section #, Name
of assignment, Date). In-class papers must be written in blue or black ink, on white lined
notebook paper. Daily textbook exercises may be completed in the textbook (or on paper if you
would like), unless otherwise requested. In-class activities will confirm your understanding of
what is needed. Not all work will be collected, but you are responsible for mastery of all
materials, so appropriate questions in class is expected and welcome.

Grade and Requirement

Grading: This course is offered on a credit and letter grade basis only. To receive credit or a
passing grade, you must complete acceptable work for all of the following requirements:
           Homework                                                 5%
           3-4 Out of Class Writings                                20%
           3 In Class Writings                                      25%
           Grammar/Vocabulary/Reading Quizzes                       15%
           Reading Project/Journal/Presentation                     10%
           Department Final (Essay #8)                              25%

The instructor will use this grading scale in percentages for calculating the final grade
A 90-100       B 80-89         C 70-79        D 60-69        F < 60

Notice: You must pass at least FOUR essays (both in and out of class) in order to pass the class.

Additional Requirements:

A.       ESL LAB: This is an intensive ESL class with 5 credit units. The amount of work given
in this course is equal to that of any TWO classes in the college. In additional to completing
course assignments, you are also assigned a lab requirement of a minimum of 15 hours of
independent study in the ESL Lab or the LAC. In order for you to pass ESL 150, you must fulfill
this lab requirement and follow the guideline given on the handout. We will have a lab
orientation, which will explain your options for completing this requirement.

B.      Vocabulary / Reading Log: You will be expected to keep 10 journal entries throughout
the semester. These writing entries (one-page, typed for EACH entry) will be about personal
reflections on the novel that you select. These assignments should be kept in your bluebooks
and will be checked once every two weeks throughout the semester. The due dates are shown
on the Weekly Plan Calendar. You will be given a handout on these assignments that includes
specific format requirements.

C. Writing Conferences: You are required to meet with me at least once (a 15-minute-session) in
the semester. The meeting is intended to give you a chance to work one-on-one with me on any
writing skills you see needed. It is also a chance for you to communicate any additional needs
or help you would like to work on.

Extra Credit: You will have a few chances to earn extra credit points throughout the semester.
These accumulative points can be added to any VOC/GRAMMAR quizzes. However, usually
these extra credit opportunities are not announced. Therefore, it is recommended that you
attend class regularly.


LAC: The Learning Assistance Center has both the reading and writing tutoring for your need.
Workshops on various skills are also provided regularly. For more information on workshop
topics and schedules, visit R207 or contact (415) 452-5502.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: In coordination with the DSPS office,
reasonable accommodation will be provided for eligible students with disabilities. If you do not
yet have an accommodation letter, please contact the DSPS office at (650) 738-4280.

Important Dates and Events—Fall 2010

Aug     30    Last day to drop FULL-TERM course work units in order to qualify for refund
Sep      3    Last day to add full-term course in-person and by Web4
Sep   4-6     Holiday, Labor Day Weekend Observance
Sep      9    Last day to drop credit classes.
Oct    11     Faculty Day No Class Held.
Oct    28     Mid-Term grades are available on the web at www.ccsf.edu
Nov   12-14   Holiday, Veterans Day Weekend (Observance). College Closed.
Nov    24     Thanksgiving Eve. Day classes only. No classes begin after 3:59pm
Nov   25-28   Thanksgiving Holiday, College Closed. No Classed Held.
Dec   10      ESL Final Exam, 8am-12pm.
              (Make sure you don’t book your vacation before this date.)
                Participation and Attendance

Do you know what it means to participate? Check the following questions to see if you
have 100% participation.

      1. Do you bring all books and materials to class?                      _______
      2. Do you finish your homework on time?                                _______
      3. Do you come in on time and are ready for the lesson?                _______
      4. Do you have a classmate’s phone number or email in case you don’t remember
             your homework?                                                  _______

Self-motivation and initiative:
      5. Do you ask questions when you don’t understand?                      _______
      6. Do you volunteer to give ideas and comments?                         _______
      7. Do you remind other students to speak English if they speak to you in your
             native language?                                                 _______

Attentiveness and Respect:
      8. Do you listen and pay attention when others are speaking?               _______
      9. Do you focus on the topic in class and not trying to finish homework?   _______
      10. Do you talk to other students when your classmates are talking?        _______
      11. Do you walk out of the classroom to answer phone calls?                _______
      12. Do you show respect to classmates who are different from you?          _______


      13. Do you work well with others?                                          _______
      14. Do you try to encourage your classmates to speak?                      _______
      15. Do you help your classmates to finish group and pair work?             _______
      16. Do you help your classmates when there’s a problem?                    _______

Contacts: Please write on the name of phone number of at least 2 classmates. You may
need the contacting information in case you miss a class.

Name: _____________________      Email: ________________ Phone: _________________

Name: _____________________      Email: ________________ Phone: _________________

Name: _____________________      Email: ________________ Phone: _________________

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