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					      YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                               YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008


1          Introduction of Humanity in Focus (HIF)

2          Message from the Board of Directors (07-08)

3          The Impact of HIF’s work

     3.1 Youth Education in Hong Kong and Abroad
     3.2 Empowering Communities
     3.3 Fundraising for Overseas Development Projects
     3.4 HIF’s Publications
4          Youth Education

     4.1 Young Global Citizenship Program 2008 --- Step into Poverty
     4.2   “Dream a Better World” at the University of Hong Kong
     4.3 Advocating for Global Citizenship
     4.4 Crossroads International X HIF Experiential Camp
     4.5 The Shouters
     4.6 The Discoverers
5          Empowering Communities – Overseas Developing Projects

     5.1 BIKE to School Campaign

6          Fundraising for Overseas Development Projects

     6.1 ‘Sweet and Sour Cambodia’ Sharing & Fundraising Night
     6.2 Not Toy Long Ago – A Cappella Concert by Mosaic
7          Publication

     7.1 柬。約 - “A Promise to Cambodia”
     7.2 Voices – “The Pursuit of Happiness”
8          Financial Review

9          Our Supporters

10         Our Staff and Board

                         Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                                  YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

1          Introduction

    To become the foremost youth platform in Hong Kong where young leaders
    are nurtured to become global advocates and dedicate themselves to serve &
    empower children in developing communities through education in a
    sustainable way.

    (i)      Empowerment: To empower impoverished children from developing
             nations to reach their fullest potentials through education.
    (ii)     Education: To educate and mobilize children and youth in Hong Kong
             to care and understand about global poverty and inequality issues, and
             take actions as responsible global citizens.
    (iii)    Exchange: To promote global understanding among youth leaders in
             developing nations (such as Cambodia) and Hong Kong through
             volunteers’ exchange, and motivate them to take responsibilities and
             work together to build a better world.

    We believe and act on…
    Dedication to the underprivileged
    Respect for cultures and values
    Empowerment of youth through education
    Actions as young global citizens
    Manifestation of professionalism and commitment
    Sustainable Development

    ‘BY the youth, THROUGH the youth, TO the youth of the world’

                            Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                                YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

2      Message from the Board of Directors (07-08)

    Dear Friends,

    When Humanity in Focus (HIF) was first set out in the summer of 2006 to
    raise awareness of global issues among youth, to be global advocates and
    take action, we never imagined what this youth activist group might evolve
    into. Right now in this century, there is an evolving movement, in which youths
    are trying to change the world today than ever before in history.

    HIF believes that the youth-led aspect of work is critical. We believe that
    youths are the changing agents in society, and it is only by the youths of today
    that can achieve miraculous things. And the youthfulness of our team is what
    distinguishes us from other larger NGOs that are working towards the same
    cause. We continue to inspire others and tell the world that YOUTH can make
    a difference!

    HIF also emphasizes the responsibility that young people should take as
    “global citizens”. In the global village nowadays, all humanities and all
    cultures should be respected. We must realize that in this world today,
    everything we do could affect another on the side of the globe, and hence we
    should take a further step to care for our neighbours in the developing world.
    This is what we call global citizenship, and global responsibility.

    This is what we do in HIF. We take action and care for those on the other side
    of the earth. This is why our on-going overseas developing projects are so
    important and are the fundamental basis for HIF. In 2008, we have launched
    our first ever “BIKE to School Campaign” in the rural villages of Battambang.
    We continue to monitor and maintain our previous Water Tank project as well
    as the Ortres Village School in Sihanoukville though land grabbing has indeed
    affected the original purpose of the project.

    In these two years, HIF has expanded its scope but nonetheless kept its focus
    on serving the developing world. HIF continues to focus on empowering
    communities, educating youths, encouraging leadership and making the
    impossible come true!

    We thank you for your support towards our work, and we hope that you will
    join us in making this world a better place in the years to come!

                     Be the change you want to see in the world.

                              Dream Wild and Act NOW!

    In Peace,
    Humanity in Focus
    Board of Directors 2007-2008
    Humanity in Focus
                          Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                   YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

By the Youth, Through the Youth, To the Youth of the World
  Keeping the passion at heart, keeping the fire burning!

             BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2007 - 2008

             Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                                YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

3         The Impact of Humanity in Focus’ Work
    3.1     Youth Education in Hong Kong and Abroad

        “Global Citizenship” is no
    longer an unfamiliar term, but a
    responsibility which we ought to
    take up in the midst of poverty
    crises, global warming and
    humanitarian crises in the 21st

        We believe youths are the
    agent for CHANGE, hence by
    planting seeds in different youth
    at all levels of the community,
    we are making a foremost start
    to help create a brighter future.

        HIF has continued to use the power of youth to spread the messages of
    global citizenship, poverty and taking action to youth at different levels of the
    community including the University, Secondary school level as well as the
    community at large. HIF’s sharing sessions, school talks, Global Inequality
    Camp co-organized with Crossroads International, and HIF’s featured Young
    Global Citizenship Program (YGCP) all hope to inspire youth in Hong Kong to
    understand the roots of poverty and initiate viable solutions to make a

    3.2     Empowering Communities

       The primary focus of HIF’s key overseas development projects has been
    based in Cambodia during the past two years. Though civil war and the
    Khmer Rouge regime have ended, civilian suffering continues in the boundary.

        Throughout 2006 till 2008, HIF increasingly focused on education and
    health sanitation projects in the rural areas of Battambang and Siem Reap. A
    “BIKE to School” campaign was launched in June 2008 to emphasize the
    importance of education to children and their families. Bikes were distributed
    to the children’s families with most needy and furthest away from the village
    school, in order to provide easier access for village children to go to school in
    two rural villages namely Tngor and Kondul Sturng village. To prevent the
    devastating effects of malaria, mosquito nets were also given to families in

    3.3     Fundraising for Overseas Development Projects

       Two major fundraising events were held to raise funds for the overseas
    development projects. A “Sweet and Sour Cambodia” Poverty Dinner was
    held at the University of Hong Kong, attracting more than one hundred people
                          Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                           YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

to join the event. A Cappella Concert by Mosaic was also held at the Rayson
Huang Theatre, the University of Hong Kong to raise funds for HIF’s overseas
development projects.

3.4   HIF’s Publications

   HIF believes that publications serve as an effective tool to reach a wider
audience in order to spread our motivation for serving others in Hong Kong
and overseas to others. In the past year, HIF has published two major

   “A Promise to Cambodia” (柬約之旅 - 青年世界公民計劃二零零七相片
集)was HIF’s first publication ever. It was kindly sponsored by Scopus (an
academic research engine). HIF also collaborated with the Voices Committee,
Spastics Association of Hong Kong and published a book called “The Pursuit
of     HaPPiNess”       (    尋     找      快     樂       的     泉    源     ).

                     Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                              YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

4         Youth Education
    4.1    Young Global Citizenship Program 2008 --- Step into Poverty

        This year we have successfully launched the YGCP in its second year,
    where 15 participants were sent to Cambodia along with our facilitators to
    study the problems faced by the poor in developing countries and share their
    experiences to the youth in Hong Kong when they returned. The YGCP is a
    yearlong project and it is segmented into 3 phases, namely the pre-trip
    activities, the trip to Cambodia and the post-trip activities.

    Phase One – Pre-trip activities
    (i)  Training Workshops

                                                  Pre-trip training workshops were
                                                  held from March to May 2008 to
                                                  allow participants to engage in
                                                  different topics regarding the
                                                  theme “Global Citizenship and
                                                  Poverty”. Roundtable discussions
                                                  on issues such as human rights
                                                  and CSR in developing countries,
                                                  tourism and foreign investment,
                                                  global trade and consumption
                                                  behaviours, humanitarian crises

    and fair trade were held to raise
    global awareness on problems in
    the world today. Speakers from
    different fields were invited to
    speak on the topics.

           Apart   from     roundtable
    discussions, participants prepared
    presentations      on      different
    research areas including health,
    sanitation and education in
    Cambodia. This empowered them to take on a more active role to learn about
    the issues in Cambodia and prepare them for the trip in June.

                        Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                           YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

(ii)   Teambuilding Camp

                                                      A    team-building  training
                                              camp was introduced to the pre-trip
                                              activities of the YGCP to increase
                                              the bonding of the team prior to
                                              setting off to Cambodia and to train
                                              their basic survival skills. The
                                              outdoor overnight camp was
                                              organized on the 8th and 9th of
                                              March 2008 at the Long Ke Beach
                                              in Sai Kung.

        A series of physical and team building activities were held and
participants of the YGCP cooked and built tents using limited materials. It was
a mentally and physically challenging camp to get them well-prepared for the
journey to Cambodia in June.

                     Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                              YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

Phase Two: Journey to Cambodia

        Participants experienced first hand the inequality and poverty in
developing countries. The team visited various organizations from grass root
to institutional levels, slum areas in the outskirts of the city areas and factories.
Voluntary teaching was also held in two village schools in rural Battambang.

(i)    Organization Visits

       The aim for such visits was to allow participants to study the problems
of poverty in a more widened and in-depth perspectives, and understand the
social-political background of Cambodia. Arrangements were made with a
wide range of organizations including S-21 war museum, Pannastra
University, Womyn’s Agenda for Change, the International Finance
Corporation, the UNESCO, and the Salvation Centre for Cambodia.

       Frequent exchanges were organized between Hong Kong students and
Cambodia youth. A team of 20 volunteers from Village Focus International
(VFI) received the HK volunteers and introduced them to the culture and
poverty conditions of Cambodia. Visits and meetings were also arranged with
local NGOs such as Khmer Youth Association to promote understanding on
youth advocacy work and societal problems in Cambodia.

                                                         Left: Womyns’ Agenda for
                                                         Change, an organization
                                                         focusing work on
                                                         empowerment of women;
                                                         sex workers, garment
                                                         workers, migrands and rural

Right: Village Focus
International, HIF’s
partner NGO. VFI
emphasizes on
community participation in
local and national policy
making. It tries to achieve
its mission through local
leadership training.

                       Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                           YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

(ii)   Village Life Experience

       A 6-day village stay was arranged for the participants to gain hands-on
experiences of how village farmers and children lived. A summer camp was
organized for the children in Tgnor and Kondul Sturng village where lessons
and activities were planned and organized by Hong Kong students. Apart from
planning activities for village children, the participants made home visits and
had a chance to experience the everyday life of a typical villager including
cooking, washing dishes, fishing and farming.

                          Experiencing the rural way of life

                     Teaching at the local village school

       VFI and HIF

                     Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                          YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

(iii)   Slum Visits and Teaching

        Participants were arranged to visit a few slum areas in the city
including a Garbage Dump in Phnom Penh and to teach at a slum school in
Battambang. Participants also had a chance to learn more about the daily
lives of the slum inhabitants and interact with them.

                                                                  Left: Garbage
                                                                  Mountain in
                                                                  Phnom Penh,
                                                                  capital of
                                                                  2,000 families
                                                                  live around the
                                                                  area and earn
                                                                  less than 2USD
                                                                  per day by
                                                                  picking up
                                                                  garbage from
                                                                  day till night.

Right: HIF
having fun with
the children at
the Slum
School in the
city of

                    Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                            YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

(iv)   Global Issues Forum & Sharing

        Global issues forum and sharing were held every night to re-capture
and link together the daily visits and exchange in both the city and rural areas.
We believe that as a young global citizen, knowledge is the foundation and
basis in order for youth to take further action to advocate for change. The
global issues forums were based on different topics including history and
conflicts, sustainable economic development, income disparity in rural and
urban and the legal system of Cambodia.

Phase Three: Post-Trip Activities

    The final phrase of the YGCP is to encourage the participants to become
young advocates on global citizenship and bring forward their learning and
insights to the Hong Kong society. The post-trip activities will be held from
October 2008 to February 2009.

4.2 “Dream a Better World”

       “Dream     a    Better  World”
Campaign was held at the University
level to reach out to youth and show
that that they too, can make a
difference in the world. The campaign
was held from 2nd to 5th October 2007
at the University of Hong Kong.

                      Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                           YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

(i)   Photo Exhibition – “A Day in the Life of Ah Doe”

       A series of photos were exhibited at the University of Hong Kong with
the theme of “A Day in the Life of Ah Doe” which talks about the life a young
boy in a rural village of Cambodia. We hoped that young people in Hong Kong
would take a more active role to learn about their neighbours in this
increasingly globalized and interdependent society. Issues such as global
warming affected the young village boy greatly which led to lack of water and
hence less crops produced even in the wet season.

       HIF raises these issues in order to engage youth to link their life in HK
to those in neighbouring countries. HIF stresses on the importance of how
small changes could make a big difference, and together, make a better world!

                                                   Left: HIF members Tiffany and
                                                   Alice at the University of Hong
                                                   Kong advocating for change.

RIght: Photo
Exhibition at Run
Run Shaw Podium,

                     Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                           YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

(ii)   War and Conflicts Forum –“Does the International Community
       have a Responsibility towards the victims of genocide in Darfur?”

        On October 4th 2007, HIF held a global issues forum with the theme
war and conflicts at Happy Park, HKU to raise awareness of the Darfur
conflict and situation of refugees in Chad. Speakers included Ms. Lourdes
Lasap (Humanitarian Team Staff, Oxfam Hong Kong), Mr. Johime Lee
(Consultant of the United Nations Children’s Fund), and Ms. Nicole Tao
(student from the University of Hong Kong) gave different perspectives of the

       HIF believes it is important to raise such issues among society and
youth and to act as a voice and agent to engage others to discuss how the
international community could help in response to the issues in Darfur and

From Left to Right: Ms. Nicole Tao, Ms. Jessica Lai, Mr. Johime Lee, Ms.
Lourdes Lasap

                     Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                          YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

(iii)   “Sweet and Sour Cambodia” Poverty Dinner

   A “Sweet & Sour Cambodia” Sharing Night was held at Rayson Huang
Theatre on October 5th 2007. HIF members shared their experiences in
Cambodia voluntary trip. A poverty simulation was made to let the audience
experience the inequality and inequity in the world. We were very pleased to
have Dr. Albert Chau (Dean of Student Affairs, HKU) and Mr. Chong Chan
Yau (Director of Student Development, CEDARS) to join us that night.

Above: HIF members, Mr. Chong Chan Yau and his wife, Dr Albert Chau, and
youth who joined the event on October 5th 2007.

                    Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                           YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

4.3    Advocating for Global Citizenship
(i)    School Talks & Sharing

    Throughout the year, HIF has been invited to advocate and speak on
issues about global citizenship. These sharing sessions at the University level
and within the community had the effect of letting HIF members spread the
values to youth to empower them that they, too, can make a difference in the

     Sharing sessions were held in 2007-2008 at the Leo Club District 303, St
Stephen’s Girls College, St Clare Girls’ College, The RC Lee Hall of the
University of Hong Kong, St Paul’s Convent School and the lower and upper
forms at Heung To School respectively. HIF and three other local NGOs also
held a sharing session with visiting students of Harvard University. Through
the lively sharing by HIF members, it is believed that the messages of global
citizenship and inequality have reached over 2500 young students in Hong

(ii)   HKU CEDARS X HIF Global Citizenship Week

    From the 29th October till 1st November 2007, along with other youth
activist groups, HIF joined the Global Citizenship Week at HKU, organized by
CEDARS. We took the chance to spread the values of global citizenship to

                     Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                           YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

4.4   Crossroads International X HIF Experiential Camp

   More than 30 youth joined the overnight simulation camp organized with
the support of Crossroads International held from 11th to 12th January 2008.
The event reached its educational purpose in increasing the participants’
knowledge and understanding on poverty, conflicts and refugees’ issues. We
hereby thank Crossroads International for their continuous support towards

4.5   The Shouters

    “The Shouters” are a team of around 8
HIF members from different universities
and disciplines including social sciences,
law, humanities, art and business.
Shouters are a spirited team which aims to
advocate and “Shout for Humanity”
through reaching out to Secondary School
Students and encouraging them to take

                     Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                           YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

(i)    Shouting for Humanity – “Shouted against Poverty”

       From March to May 2008,
Shouters has “Shouted against
Poverty” at different Secondary
Schools in Hong Kong, including
St. Pauls Convent School, as
well as Methodist Wai Lee
College. The content of the talk
included the concept of poverty,
the seriousness of world poverty,
the situation of poverty in Hong
Kong and lastly, what youth can
do to TAKE ACTION and make a

(ii)   ‘See the World- Everybody has a Story to Tell’ Writing

       The Shouters, HIF has launched its first-ever writing competition “See
the World – Everybody has a Story to Tell” in March 2008 to encourage
secondary school students to imagine the lives of people in developing
countries and envisage their roles as a global citizen. More than 250 articles
from different secondary school students were received and a Prize
Presentation Ceremony was held on 6th July 2008. The winners included
students from Diocesan Girl’s School, Heep Yunn School, Tsuen Wan Gov’t
Secondary and St. Michaels University School.

                     Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                           YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

                                              Left: Prize Presentation Ceremony
                                              held at the University of Hong Kong.

Right: Junior Section
Winners and Merit Awardees

4.6   The Discoverers

        The Discoverers were set up
in November 2007 to serve as a
“think tank” for the HIF, particularly
on devising policies and strategies
for     our     overseas     projects
development. The Discoverers
have visited World Vision, Oxfam
and other student NGOs to learn
about     their   methodology      on
implementation of projects in overseas developing countries and several
reports were published to reveal their learning and reflection on these visits.
These reports serve as important references for HIF to develop and
brainstorm             for             their       future            projects.

                     Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                                YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

5         Empowering Communities - Overseas Developing Projects
    5.1      BIKE to School Campaign (Tngor and Kondul Strung Village)


           In view of the low school attendance rate and high drop-out rate in
    primary education in Cambodia, HIF initiated the BIKE to School Campaign in
    two villages (Tngor and Kondul Strung Village) in the Battambang province
    this year to encourage school attendance and promote the importance of
    education to parents and the society.

            28 bicycles were given out to students from poorer backgrounds or
    remote families. The importance of education was emphasized to all villagers.
    To ensure fairness, helping those most in need and minimal disruption to the
    local community, a detailed process was carried out before the distribution of
    bicycles: 1) Meeting with the Parents Association and village chief, voting by
    villagers, 2) Household visits and interviews with parents and teacher, 3)
    Village meeting and distribution of bicycles.

    Projects Description:

          1) Meeting with the Parents Association and village chief

       In each village, a meeting was held with the representatives of the Parents
    Association of the public school and the village chief. The purpose of the BIKE
    to School Campaign was communicated by HIF volunteers to obtain the
    support of the village representatives for the project and to decide on a list of
    potential beneficiaries. Two criteria were used in the selection of potential
    beneficiaries: i) Students who come from a poorer family background and ii)
    students whose homes were remote from the public school.

                                                     Meeting   with    villagers   and
                                                     Parents Association

                          Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                            YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

   2) Household Visits and interviews with parents and teachers

     As we obtained a list of potential beneficiaries from the Parents
Association, we visited the families house by house to assess the degree of
needs of each family and student. During the household interviews, HIF
volunteers gained knowledge of the actual distance as well as roads condition
from each family to the public school, as well as understanding the degree of
motivation of each family had in sending their children to school, and their
willingness to support them to continue their education in the secondary level.
The children’s motivation to learn and past school attendance records were
also taken into account during the interviews with the class teachers.

    The household visits had not only enabled us to screen out students who
were in real need for a bicycle to travel to and forth school, it also provided us
with the actual experiences of walking two hours through muddy paths under
the 40 degrees sun in order to reach the school. Not only had we realized the
strong determination of these students to learn and to escape from the
poverty cycle of their parents, the value of our BIKE to School Campaign was
also recognized once again as we received the genuine appreciations from
these families visited.

Above: Village children                      Above: Parents and families
accompanying HIF volunteers to walk          gathering to listen to HIF volunteers
hours of muddy road each day to              explain about the importance of
conduct household visits.                    education and share about their own
                                             concerns and needs.

   3) Village meeting and distribution of bicycles

   In the end, 28 bicycles were given out to primary school students in Tngor
and Kondul Strung village. In the village meetings, the importance of
education was once again emphasized by HIF volunteers by stressing that the
bicycles were given to students whose families have shown high motivation in
sending them to school, and to encourage continuous attendance of the
                      Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                           YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

students in primary and secondary schools. The selection criteria of
beneficiaries and details of the process were explained to villagers as well.

                                                  Left: A young girl in Kondul
                                                  Sturng Village who just received
                                                  her bicycle


        The BIKE to School Campaign in Tngor and Kondul Strung Village was
the first project of such nature conducted by HIF in Cambodia. The campaign
has received very warm and positive responses from villagers during the
household visits and village meetings. Village Focus International volunteer
Ridan Sun has commented on the project - “While the bicycles may only last
for several years for the students, the encouragement given to these children
for their efforts to attend school has induced positive changes in their
mindsets that may last a life-time!” This reinforces the essence of the BIKE to
School Campaign: while the bicycles provide immediate support to the
students and families to encourage school attendance, the campaign hopes to
spread the message among villagers, that education is valued and rewarded
in the society, which in turns empowers these young students to eventually
aid their families breaking from the poverty cycle.

                     Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                                  YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

6         Fundraising for Overseas Development Projects
    6.1     ‘Sweet and Sour Cambodia’ Sharing & Fundraising Night

           As part of the Young Global Citizenship Program 2007’s post-trip
    “Dream a Better World” series, the young advocates of HIF held a sharing
    night with the theme “Sweet and Sour Cambodia” at The University of Hong
    Kong on the 5th October 2007. The theme “sweet and sour” was to capture
    the sweet memories in Cambodia, as well as the sour bitterness that are
    facing this generation’s people in Cambodia.

            Apart from HIF members
    sharing their experiences about
    what it means to be a “global
    citizen”, a photo exhibition was
    also exhibited for a whole week at
    The University of Hong Kong as
    well as at the Rayson Huang
    Theatre that night. In order to
    engage audiences to experience
    “poverty”, a themed dinner was
    rranged using banana leaves, rice
    and plain cuisine and all practiced eating etiquette using their hands.

                                                             A total of more than
                                                      HKD12,000 was raised that night.
                                                      All proceeds were used for
                                                      implementation of HIF’s overseas
                                                      development projects. HIF would
                                                      like to thank all supporters for
                                                      coming that night. We would also
                                                      like    to   acknowledge    HKU
                                                      CEDARS’ support, and also
                                                      Oxfam Hong Kong and Scopus for
                                                      their sponsorship.

                               Left: Plain rice wrapped with banana leaf for dinner.
                               Right: Guests mingling and socializing and
                               experiencing the poverty simulation.

                            Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                                YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

6.2     Not Toy Long Ago – A Fundraising A Cappella Concert by Mosaic

                                                                          Mosaic held an
                                                                   A            Cappella
                                                                   Fundraising   Concert
                                                                   on the 28th December
                                                                   2007 at the University
                                                                   of Hong Kong, Rayson
                                                                   Huang Theatre. All net
                                                                   proceeds         were
                                                                   donated to HIF for the
                                                                   overseas development

                                                                   Mosaic is an A
                                                            Cappella singing group
                                                            formed      in    HKU
                                                            operating      on    a
      voluntary basis. The name “Mosaic” was chosen to capture the very nature of
      the group; it resembles a picture made up of coloured pieces of diversity.
      Mosaic gathers people of different faculties and levels who take pleasure in
      singing. HIF would also like to thank Mosaic for their endless passion and
      support towards HIF’s humanitarian and development work.

      Pictures of Mosaic A Cappella
      and HIF members

                          Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                                YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

7         Publication
    7.1     柬。約 - “The Promised Land . Cambodia”

           “A Promise to Cambodia” (柬約之旅---青年世界公民計劃二零零七相片
    集”) was HIF’s featured publication this year. As part of the youth advocacy
    project of the Young Global Citizenship Program 2007, the twelve participants
    from the program compiled a publication to recall the memories and promises
    made to the children of Cambodia.

            It composes of the participants’ reflections, writing, photos and
    literature on global citizenship and their experiences in Cambodia during the
    YGCP 2007 trip. We believe that publications like this one serve as an
    effective tool for youth, university professors and students to learn more about
    our work. The publication is also placed on the shelves of The University of
    Hong Kong’s Libraries and also The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s

           Our major sponsor for this publication was Scopus and we hereby
    thank them for their support towards Humanity in Focus. A SCOPUS X HIF
    IPOD Online Quiz was jointly organized by HIF and the academic search
    engine Scopus. Questions of the quiz related to different global humanitarian
    issues and participants were to search answers in the publications through
    the Scopus search engine. It attracted more than 700 staff and students at
    HKU whom participated in the online quiz. 121 participants were awarded
    prizes from Scopus and HIF, including IPOD Nano, optical mouse, HIF
    publications and calendars.

                          Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                            YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

7.2    Voices – “The Pursuit of Happiness”

      In partnership with the Voices Committee, Spastics Association of
Hong Kong, and fellow youth volunteers from Cambodia, HIF participated in
“The Pursuit of Happiness” Project in order to raise awareness among the
Hong Kong community regarding children with special needs or disability.

       A team of 12 university students were recruited to pay visits to the
special schools of Spastics Association, organize games and activities for the
children there and to conduct interview with 10 targeted children. In the end, a
publication full of pictures, essays and the reflections of the university
volunteers were written regarding their encounters with the autistic, mentally
handicapped and physically disabled children they interviewed.

         The book “The Pursuit of Happiness” was compiled of stories regarding
how the children with special needs and their families overcome their
difficulties and enjoy the small things in life that makes them happy.

                      Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                                YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

8      Financial Review

                         Financial Secretary’s Report
                  for the fiscal year ended 31 October 2008


    As a non-governmental organization, Humanity in Focus initiates activities
    including overseas volunteer programs, namely Young Global Citizen Program
    (YGCP), Cambodian children empowerment projects, and local youth education
    projects. It provides a platform for Hong Kong youth to interact with youth from
    other parts of the world.

    The organization has successfully expanded its principle activities in the year
    2008 with funding mainly from the following channels:

        OXFAM Hong Kong funding for YGCP
        Free Donation
        Project participation fee


    The income and expenditure statement of the fiscal year from September 2006
    to December 2007 and of the ongoing year from January 2008 to present is set
    out in the following section.

                          Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                                         YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

Income and expenditure account
for the fiscal year ended 31 October 2008
                                                                       4                        2                  3
                                                               Notes                    2008          2006/2007
                                                                                        HKD                HKD

Donation received                                                                 31,036.40          36,817.90
Income from Young Global Citizens Program                                        100,417.34         102,265.10
Income from HIF products                                                           1,830.00          16,124.50
Total Income                                                                     133,283.74         155,207.50

Young Global Citizens Program expenses                                           (105,674.27)        (69,025.94)
HIF product expenses                                                                    0.00         (11,714.00)
HIF projects expenses (Overseas and Local Projects)                               (10,407.70)        (12,907.42)
Administrative expenses                                                              (456.00)         (4,233.00)
Total Expenditure                                                                (116,537.97)        (97,880.36)

(Deficit)/Surplus for the year1                                                   16,745.77           57,327.14

  1. (Deficit)/Surplus for the year = Total Income – Total Expenditure incurred in that fiscal year.
  2. Fiscal year 2008 starts from January 2008 and ends in October 2008.
  3.Fiscal year 2006/2007 started from September 2006 and ended in December 2007, including the whole program of
  4. The exchanged rate was kept updated during the record.

                                   Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                              YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

9      Our Supporters

    We hereby acknowledge and give our sincere thank you to all HIF volunteers,
    donors, supporters, sponsors and partner organizations.


    IN KIND:

                        Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                               YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

10 Our Staff and Board
  10.1 Board of Directors for 2007 – 2008

  Lai Ka Wing, Jessica

  Youth Consultants:
  Choi Wae Yee Wendy, Wan Yau Sum Yves, Cheng Ka Yeung Calvin, Tsang
  Hing Ho

  Youth Education Department:
  Director: Lau Wing Fai, Winfield
  Officers: Cheung Hiu Wai Tiffany, Lee Ho Yin Diana, Chan Yan Yee Karen

  Overseas Projects Department:
  Director: Wong Chi Lai Agatha
  Officers: Leung Hei Tin Alice, Tao Meng Nicole

  External Correspondence Department:
  Director: Lau Kit Gee, Georgina
  Officers: Li Wing Chung Eric, Wong Hing Luen Dennis, Yip Pui Shan Rachel,
  Yeung Ka Man Joanna

  Supporting and Administrative Department:
  General Secretary: Cheung Hiu Wai Tiffany
  Financial Secretary: Tao Meng Nicole
  Publicity Secretary: Teoh Pei Yan Stephanie
  Property Secretary: Leung Hei Tin Alice
  Webmaster: Cheng Ka Yeung Calvin

                         Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008
                          YEAR REVIEW 2007- 2008

10.2   Advisory Board

Begbie, David        Director of Crossroads International

Chan C.W., Joseph    Professor, Department of Politics and Public
                     Administration, HKU

Dr. Chau, Albert     Dean of Student Affairs , HKU

Chong Chan-yau       Director of Student Development, Centre of
                     Development and Resources for Students, HKU

Clancey, John        Chairperson of the Board, Asian Human Rights

Cummings, Lucy       Honorary Assistant Professor, Department of Politics
                     and Public Administration, HKU

Lao Mong-hay         Senior Researcher, South East Asia Desk of Asian
                     Human Rights Commission

Maria Del Mar      Teaching Consultant, Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU

                                    The End
                    Humanity in Focus   Year Review 2007 - 2008

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