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					Laurel Hill Tritons save 100s of management hours +
increase participation and dollars by one-third after
implementing Active’s online registration tools

Nestled between thousands of acres of open space and parkland in Lorton,
Virginia, is the community of Laurel Hill, home to the Laurel Hill Tritons swim
team. The Tritons are a division of the 50-year Northern Virginia Swim League,
and 2011 marks their sixth year. Their team is comprised of boys and girls aged 4
through 18; more than 150 participate. In 2007, the Tritons were undefeated; the
following year they finished second in their division.

With actual team training and activities run by parents and other volunteers,
it is Theresa Phillips’s role to handle the rest. This means getting word out
about registration and events, organizing volunteers, processing and tracking
registrations, maintaining files on participants, assigning participants the proper
slots according to age, and of course processing and tracking funds. It’s a huge
undertaking she took on only this year, one she is doing solo – something akin to
an individual medley for this organizer.

When Theresa took over as Team Rep for the Tritons she had no practical
experience with swim team management and no idea how much work it would
entail. She began talking with Active Network, Endurance about its swimming
club registration software, and having had previous experience with workflow
processes, she knew the power of effective management and how Active might
help. Just before the new swim season started Theresa made her decision.
“Adopting the automated registration system was the BEST decision I’ve made!”
Going to an automated system from a paper/manual process eliminated hours
of paperwork, trips to the bank, phone calls and more. In fact, prior to adopting
online registration it was impractical to keep registration open throughout the
swim season due to the logistical burden of data input and coordination that
traditionally landed in the lap of the busy Team Rep. This year, with Active’s
online registration software, up to one-third of the club’s participants signed up
after the initial registration event. Because the swimmer inputs all the data and
processes payment through the system, late registration is easy and a source of
continuous revenue. “With a single email link sent to interested swimmers, who
then do all those things themselves, it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to add as many as want to

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Case Study: Laurel Hill Tritons Swim Team

                                              swim; the team gets more swimmers — and revenue — with almost zero effort!”
                                              She has been so impressed that she’s recommended Active online registration
     Customization: Theresa
                                              software to other team reps. For her, “The fact that it’s all automatic changes the
     Phillips especially likes how
                                              entire deal, and the cost is affordable.”
     Active helped her customize
     registration pages so players
     can click on which schedule they
     want to participate in. “Now I
     have a roster showing me which           Last year it took at least five volunteers to process registrations; this year,
     children will be available for           thanks to Active’s online registration software, it was completely automated
     each meet - something always             and Theresa did it solo. “Last year looked pretty chaotic,” she says. “Now
     difficult to manage during the           all the swimmer information is correct and hundreds of hours of work have
     summer when families are                 disappeared.” She especially likes how Active helped her customize registration
     going on vacation.” This has not         pages so players can click on which schedule they want to participate in.
     only streamlined the process             “Now I have a roster showing me which children will be available for each
     of slotting swimmers, but has            meet—something always difficult to manage during the summer when families
     greatly helped the families and          are going on vacation.” This has not only streamlined the process of slotting
     coaches as they prepare for the          swimmers, but has greatly helped the families and coaches as they prepare for
     season.                                  the season.
     Efficiency: Thanks to online             She’s gotten “a tremendous amount of feedback and not one complaint” since
     registration and related card            implementing the new system and raves about what she sees “as an immense
     payments directly linked to the          amount” of forethought went into creating the system. “If I need it to do
     Tritons’ bank account, Active’s          something, it is do-able!”
     online registration software
     means, “All registration                 She uses the online registration software to download reports, segmenting
     information is correct and               by age, gender, even which swimmers ordered silicone and which latex caps,
     hundreds of hours of work have           making management of the various activities and requirements a breeze. It’s the
     disappeared.”                            same with the system’s flexibility for families, allowing them to go online and
                                              update email addresses, make changes in contact information, etc.
     Growth: With Active as a
     partner, the Tritons’ program            With Active as a partner, the Tritons’ program has grown by more than a third,
     has grown by more than a third,          increased branding and upped registration revenue by a third – this year about
     increased branding and upped             an additional $2500. A huge plus for Theresa is how the online registration links
     revenue by a third – this year an        directly to the HY-TEK system and to their bank account, especially the credit
     additional $2500.                        card payment option. In fact, this is what really sold her on Active. “With 155
                                              swimmers, this has paid off in dividends,” she says.

                                              What’s Next
                                              Theresa hopes to expand on the system’s customization capabilities and add
                                              swimsuit and goggle sales to the swim caps and t-shirts she currently sells
                                              online. She will continue utilizing the broadcast email capabilities, which have
                                              helped her with event announcements and getting out last-minute urgent
                                              updates. Overall, she hopes to expand her knowledge so that she can have more
                                              flexibility with communications (such as sending targeted emails to designated
                                              individuals on her list), implement special fundraising activities (possibly a
                                              camping trip) and continue to grow the Tritons in all ways possible.

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