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					                                                Holistic Heart
                                    Heal Self—Heal Others                                                          August 2006

Australian Holistic                      Introducing AHHA member – Linda Cleland
Healers Association
                              I graduated from the College of Therapeutic Resources in 2004, completing a Diploma of Healing

                              I enrolled with the College of Therapeutic Resources after a near death experience in 2001. Immediately
                              following my time in intensive care, I developed a sense of complete peace, compassion, deep love for
                              myself and every living thing. The first morning I got out of my own bed, I felt I was floating out of the
                              room, down the stairs and into the garden where everything looked different. I felt deeply connected to
                              every person I came in contact with. The feelings were overwhelming and guided me to spiritual book
                              shops where I would buy books and tapes and just read and listen to metaphysical material all day and
                              night. I could not sleep, I just wanted information. I took a month off work because I could not focus on

                              Prior to this experience I had a general belief in God, but was not religious and never really thought
  www.ahha.org,au             about spirituality.

                              I understood I was going through some type of spiritual awakening, but could not express myself to the
Inside this issue:            people around me in case they thought I was delusional. During one of my visits to a spiritual book
                              shop, I picked up a magazine and noticed there were many colleges that offered holistic healing courses
                              and I thought this would be a good way to mix with other people on the spiritual path.
 Editorial                    Healing others came naturally, I felt I had always been healing. I understood what people were feeling
 &                        2   without knowing how. Part of my studies included psychic awareness and I knew I had to just trust the
 Linda Cleland, cont’d
                              information I was receiving. Other students during practice healing sessions would ask how I knew
                              certain information and I would simply say,‟ I have no idea.‟
 Change is upon us        3
                              When I received my Practitioner‟s Certificate, after having completed half the modules for my Diploma,
                              I commenced healing family and friends and received many referrals. I had no ambition to actually leave
 Inspiration              4   recruitment and work in the Holistic Healing field, but I felt that I had no choice but to help people if
                              they came to me. That is how I finally started a part-time business in 2002.
 Reality is an Illusion   5                                                                                            Cont‟d page 2
                                                                                                           Cont‟d page
 Mindful Thoughts         6                                                              Livwell Holistic Healing
 Snippets                                                                                   re-opens its doors
                                                                              On the 29 April 2006, Livwell threw open its new doors
 AHHA Meeting             7                                                   to invited guests, in celebration of its new premises.
 Summary                                                                      Here, Vice President, Hansie Jaensch welcomes those
 Casey 97.7fm Radio                                                           present including AHHA President, Diane Collett and her
 AHHA Contacts            8                                                   husband (left) and founding member of the AHHA,
 More Snippets                                                                Public Officer and Treasurer, Mark Brown. Livwell
                                                                              Holistic Healing is offering free energy assessments to
                                                                              members of the AHHA as a means of introducing them
                                                                              to the concept of energy medicine. Ph: 03 8502 0669
Page 2                                                                                                              Heal Self—Heal Others

This newsletter has been shaped by the early responses received from a questionnaire sent out to those members who are able to be
contacted by email. For those who are receiving the questionnaire by mail for the first time, this is your opportunity to respond and
add your voice to the thirty or more voices already being heard. Every vote is important, because this is a chance to have your say
about the future direction of the AHHA. Over the next three months, there will be much discussion as to the way the AHHA moves
forward. What is apparent, is the need for opportunities to network with other members, the desire to keep learning about other
modalities, best business practices, other members‟ knowledge and experiences and the best way for the AHHA to more fully
represent the wishes and needs of its members. The deadline for the return of the questionnaire is 31 st August 2006.
The Newsletter Committee welcomes its newest member, Ms Lisa Dell‟Arciprete. Lisa has already made her mark by contributing
articles and making contact with Linda Cleland, whose moving story has graced our front page. The theme for this newsletter is
„Wellness‟; the next newsletter has been appropriately called, ‟Joining Together‟. In this issue we focus on meditation and positive
thinking; our next newsletter we wish to feature crystal healing. We welcome your contributions.
Marilyn Jacksch, admin@livwell.com.au
Editor, August 2006. Phone: (03) 8502 0669

Linda Cleland, cont‟d from page 1
As a Reiki & Holistic Healing Practitioner, I believe that with some guidance everyone can unlock their personal power and
manifest the life they want and deserve. I work with people who want to make permanent changes in their lives, changes that will
improve their emotional and physical well-being.

The procedures I use in my healing practice create balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the client‟s
body. Reiki and Counselling are part of every healing session. I also work with Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystals,
Colour Therapy, Channelling and Past Life Therapy. The course I completed covered over 250 procedures and included many
modules on Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition. I have found this part of the course invaluable.

When I moved to Bundalong (near Yarrawonga) a few years ago, I wanted to continue my healing practice on a part-time basis and
opened Lakeside Natural Therapies, which I operate from home. After advertising in the local paper, I received an enormous
response and found that I could not cope with the volume. I stopped the advertisement after 2 weeks and have been getting referrals
ever since. I also have clients that come from Melbourne for Reiki and intuitive readings.

Working in Holistic Healing on a part-time basis allows me to continue my career in recruitment. I sold my recruitment company in
1999, but was asked to stay on and manage the business. When I moved to the country, I just took my office with me and now work
approx 20 hours a week and travel to Melbourne twice a month. It gives me the opportunity to live away from Melbourne, but to
still be actively involved in business and satisfy the corporate side of me.

Caring for Injured and Orphaned Wildlife
I am also involved in care for Wildlife; this work is as extremely rewarding and brings me endless joy. To give an animal a second
chance at life is amazing. I specialize in orphaned and injured Kangaroos, but take any native animal that requires shelter and care.
My wonderful husband helps me with all the animals. I could not manage without him because it requires total commitment and
around the clock care; it is similar to having babies. I registered as a Wildlife Foster Carer in April last year and released my first
three Kangaroos on Easter Monday this year. It was extremely hard to let them go, but that is the reason you care for them in the
first place. I now have four new Joeys to rear and release next year and we have an injured owl, who will eventually fully recover.
In the meantime we need all the mice we can get to feed him.

The diversity of my life gives me balance and keeps things in perspective. Since my near death experience I don‟t take anything too
seriously; I let things go easily and can see clearly what is important. I have enormous energy because I love my life. I am blessed
because I have a great marriage, I live in a small peaceful town, away from the general fast pace of life and I am doing everything I
want to do. My life was manifested by me; once I connected with my higher self, everything just fell into place. The key is love
and respect for yourself, giving up trying to control situations, having faith and gratitude for all you have.

Although I don‟t plan too far ahead, I would like to continue with further studies. It is difficult to travel for study from where I live
and you can‟t take Kangaroos to most Colleges. Therefore, I am searching for a quality correspondence course on subjects I have
not studied and hope to start a course in 2007.

Meet Jonney – Photograph on Page 4
Heal Self—Heal Others                                                                                                             Page 3

                                           CHANGE IS UPON US
 An organization is only as good as its members.                       Future of Alternative/Complementary Medicine Therapies
                                                                       Many members expressed disquiet about the future of Alternative /
 The AHHA is the accrediting body for holistic health                  Complementary Medicine Therapies. From my understanding,
 practitioners. Without it, they would lack legal cover and be         plans are afoot to regulate our industry. I believe the very strength
 unable to gain professional indemnity insurance. The stability        of the AHHA, as a professional peak body and as the accrediting
 and strength of the AHHA must be our primary concern, if we           institution, will be the determining factor to our professional
 want to continue in our profession. An AHHA member‟s                  survival.
 official classification is that of a “Para-Medical Practitioner”
 whose fundamental professional objective is to prevent „dis-          Some very important objectives have been achieved. Past AHHA
 ease‟ and to facilitate good health. This principle also applies to   President, Alana Dore, was able to negotiate a favourable outcome
 our accrediting body. Last year‟s election saw more members           with OAMPS Insurance Brokers to cover current accredited
 willing to share responsibility in shaping the Association. New       AHHA members with a comprehensive professional indemnity /
 office holders, like myself, quickly realized that the AHHA           risk insurance under: “The Business – AUSTRALIAN HOLISTIC
 needed to keep abreast of developments and changes affecting          HEALERS ASSOCIATION”.              In the current „self-regulating‟
 our industry.                                                         environment this now officially recognizes,
                                                                             the AHHA as a professional peak body, and
 In order to gauge the level of membership support for the                   the current associated member as a Practitioner of Natural
 AHHA, a questionnaire was developed by myself, in                              Therapies, and
 conjunction with Associate Member, Marilyn Jacksch and                      the modality of HOLISTIC HEALING (Dip.)
 approved by the Executive Committee.
                                                                       However, all this may come undone if government is tightening up
 Those on e-mail have already received this questionnaire. Half        its tertiary education policy to a point where teaching institutions
 have been returned. The first results show some interesting           (including private colleges) are only allowed to teach government-
 trends:                                                               approved accredited courses. This could mean that certificates and
       A high percentage of members would like to connect             diplomas achieved in the present „self-regulating‟ environment
         with and network other members on a regional basis as         may lose their current recognition and ability to attract insurance
         well as through the AHHA website.                             cover. The cost involved to setup and implement a curriculum for
       Members are eager to learn about other members and             accreditation, e.g. a Diploma (3 years or more) or a Certificate in
         visit their premises with the aim of generating               Natural Therapy, is excessive and unaffordable for most private
         referrals.                                                    health colleges.
       Many members expressed the wish to become more
         active in the AHHA                                            The ability to seriously debate these issues with the government to
                                                                       gain a satisfactory outcome for our members, would entirely
 Following through on the idea of regional networking, members         depend on the strength of our conferring peak body. Needless to
 could meet together, form regional sub-committees of the              say, the strength may lie in the strength of its membership. It may
 AHHA and nominate a delegate to the General Meeting of the            be possible that other professional associations (peak bodies or
 AHHA. This would enable the AHHA to become more                       otherwise) find themselves in similar circumstances, and that ought
 inclusive and draw on the skills and knowledge of its members.        to be explored.

 The Executive Committee of the AHHA could also attend on a            Maybe it is time for all AHHA accredited colleges to work towards
 rotational basis to support the work of the regional committees       one accredited unified basic degree (including core modalities)
 and work with them on the larger issues.                              setting an acceptable code and comparative standards, e.g. three
                                                                       years course for a fully accredited Diploma in Holistic Healing.
 The AHHA Newsletter                                                   The cost for accreditation could be made affordable by sharing it
 The AHHA newsletter is the flagship of the Association,               between affiliated colleges and the AHHA, thus giving the peak
 through which it communicates with its members, particularly          body to exercise an official regulatory role. Post graduate courses
 with those in other States, who are unable to attend General          could be made available for additional accredited certificates in
 Meetings. It may be necessary at some stage, depending on the         other modalities. In fact, such a move could open up a path for
 increased level of participation of members, to make it a bi-         much stronger representation for AHHA members to the regulatory
 monthly publication. This would enable members to be kept             authorities.
 more up-to-date with matters concerning the industry, issues
 pertaining to AHHA business, our local members‟ businesses,           While some may or may not agree with some or any of my
 accreditation and training issues, marketing and so forth.            comments, I am certain that we can not afford to stick our heads in
                                                                       the sand. I would like to hear your thoughts about any of the above
                                                                                                            Cont‟d on Jaensch by e-mail
                                                                       raised issues. You can contact me, Hansiepage 4
  Hansie Jaensch is the Vice President of the AHHA &                   hansie@livwellbiz.com or call me on 03 – 8502 0669
  Director of Livwell Holistic Healing in Glen Waverley
                                                                       Active members are the life of a vibrant organization. I thank you
                                                                       for taking an interest in your AHHA.

                                                                       Vice President Hansie Jaensch
Page 4                                                                                           Heal Self—Heal Others

         Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

         Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

         It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

         We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

         Actually who are you not to be?

         You are a child of God.

         Your playing small does not serve the world.

         There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

         We are all meant to shine, as children do.

         We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

         It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.

         And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

         As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

         Inaugural Speech – Nelson Mandela 1994

         Submitted by Lisa Dell‟Arciprete, AHHA Newsletter Committee

                                                              Photograph of Jonney, by Linda Cleland
                                                             Jonney, the love of my life, released on Easter
                                                             Monday. I carried a towel around for days for my
                                                             tears, it broke my heart. I travelled to where he was
                                                             released 3 times, just to see him, Rusty and Minnie. I
                                                             still miss them, but am happy that they have adjusted
                                                             to the wild. They still come and visit the Carer who did
                                                             the final release and I will be going to see them in a
                                                             few weeks. lcleland@riddells.com.au; (03) 5726 8631
Heal Self—Heal Others                                                                                Page 5

                                          Reality is an Illusion

  Wow, what a concept – reality is an illusion. This is           Reality is described by leading scientists in the film
  hard for us to believe as we experience life as matter          “What the Bleep” (currently out on DVD). They
  being hard, tangible and “real”. An illusion is like a          conclude with the Quantum Physics theory, that all
  dream.                                                          matter is made up of nothing. This means that our
                                                                  world or reality is an illusion. This leads us to realise
  Teachings of the past have revealed that the world we           that it is the thought that is real and not things outside
  know it is actually an illusion. The teachings of Lao Tzu       our thoughts, as we currently perceive them to be.
  from the book Tao Te Ching (The Law of Virtue and its
  Way) is the next most translated book following the             Wow, another amazing concept, but watch the film
  Bible. It is a spiritual teaching of Asian origin, written by   and it explains how history keeps being proven
  Lao Tzu a philosopher in the sixth century BC. There            wrong. What do I mean by that? Well, man once
  are several different translations. This one is by              said the world was flat. All things are only impossible
  Stephen Mitchell. Below is a small extract from the             until someone proves them possible. So if anything
  book indicating that the world is an illusion.                  is possible, what are our limits? We create limits with
                                                                  our thoughts so basically it is our thoughts that
                                                                  control what happens around us.

                                                                  I don’t know how many times movies have been
                                                                  made, especially sci-fi and 20 years down the track
                                                                  the technology catches up. ie. Star Trek. They are
                                                                  now working on the technology of “Beam me up,
                                                                  Scottie”, moving humans from one place to another
                                                                  by the person disappearing and then instantly
                                                                  showing up thousands of miles somewhere else in
                                                                  the world. All the spacecraft movies made 20 years
                                                                  ago are now a reality. One week before the shooting
                                                                  of JFK, a film was released about the killing of the US
                                                                  President. People get a lot of their ideas from
                                                                  movies. This proves that it is the idea that is real.
       “The world is formed from the void, like                   Movies create the idea, people watch the movie,
     utensils from a block of wood. The Master                    which puts the idea or thought into their heads and
     knows the utensils, yet keeps to the block;                  then someone creates that technology or copies what
    thus she can use all things. The Tao can’t be                 has happened in the film.
        perceived. Smaller than an electron, it
           contains uncountable galaxies.”                        There is a wonderful magical quality that makes life
                                                                  amazing. To think that if the thought is real and
  Lao Tzu wrote Tao Te Ching with hesitation at the               everything else isn’t, how amazing everything really
  request by his many students and followers, to leave            is. We are amazing people with incredible powers of
  something behind that they could read and study. He             creation. This also works in the negative but to
  wrote the book unwillingly, as he said, “the Tao that is        create a world of peace and harmony we need to
  written is not the true Tao”.                                   think only peaceful and harmonious thoughts. This is
                                                                  a lifelong challenge but it is possible and along the
  What does this wise enlightened person mean when he             way we can enjoy the magic that is life.
  says the true Tao cannot be written? He meant was
  that once you put something into words it loses its
  meaning because you label it with words. Words are              Nikki Staley
  open to interpretation by people with different                 Holistic Counsellor
  perceptions. Everyone has their own perception or               Dip Hol Counselling, Reiki II
  reality so the words that a person uses to describe it, is
  only through their eyes or point of view. It is like trying     www.staleyholisticcounselling.com
  to describe the taste of water with words. It is difficult:
  to truly know it; you must experience and taste it.
 Page 6                                                                                                        Heal Self—Heal Others

                                                Mindful Thoughts

Mindful thoughts: what does that mean in terms of Holistic Health? Once we realise that every thought creates our
future – we better be careful what we think.

Everyday we have a myriad of thoughts running through our heads: what we have done, what we are going to do,
thoughts about ourselves and other people. Thoughts created from watching television, reading newspapers,
magazines or books and even looking at our environment. All these thoughts contribute to the creation of our future.
This may explain why is can be so difficult to achieve our goals in life if they are mixed up with all the daily thoughts that
we have with regard to our responsibilities and chores associated with work and family. It can get pretty busy in there.

So how do we organise all of these thoughts inside our head? If we have so many thoughts at a conscious level,
imagine how many we have at a sub-conscience level? How can we create thoughts that will give us a life of love,
happiness and fulfillment? How do we think thoughts that create goodness in our life? As we are well aware,
successful people are always positive in their thought processes as opposed to people who have negative thoughts.

This takes practice and like anything – practice makes perfect. It is a learned skill and needs to be developed everyday
to keep it alive. Meditation is a great tool for clearing the mind of the chatter in our heads and enables us to calm right
down and control our thoughts to be more positive, loving and kind. Also exercise can clear our heads. Practices, such
as Yoga and Tai Chi, for example. These help to achieve a lot less clutter in our brains, and as the saying goes – a
healthy mind is a healthy body.

Having inner peace is to be healthy. If we are mindful or careful of our thoughts and start choosing which thoughts we
wish to have, this will also reflect in our attitude to life and our health. It is so amazing and transforming, that it can have
very beneficial effects in the way we relate with partners and co-workers and also enables us to achieve our goals much
faster. When our heads are clear and we focus on saying and thinking kind and loving thoughts, we will have a life of
kindness and love. Sounds simple! Of course it is difficult to start, but with mediation or exercise it can be very easy
and effective almost immediately. Test it out for yourself! Try one week of either, meditation, exercise, yoga or some
form of relaxation where you can slow your mind down to a more peaceful and calm state and notice the changes that

So, as you can see, having mindful thoughts is actually a very powerful and transforming way to live. If we are always
careful in what we think, it is easier to relate to people in a kind and loving way. We would be contributing to creating a
world of peace and harmony just by being careful of what we think! Wow, how powerful we are!

Nikki Staley, Holistic Counsellor
Dip Hol Counselling, Reiki II

Wrong Medicine Harms Many –MX News Friday 21 July 2006 Page 8
The Institute of Medicine in the US reports that medication errors hurt 1.5 million people every year in the US and costs $4.67

Lab-Grown Meat – Article posted on the Alternet by Traci Hukill
„Cultured meat‟ as it is called, is grown in the laboratory. It already exists as ground or chipped form, but Dutch scientists are
working on a product which reduces cost from thousands to a few dollars. Grown from stem cells, these potential muscle cells are
attached to a scaffold and are stretched as they grow. Nutrients are supplied while they are exercised regularly either by stretching
or administering electric currents.
Advantages, outside the obvious one of reducing the slaughtering and suffering of animals, include the absence of diseases such as
avian flu, reduction in cholesterol and anti-biotic resistance. Opponents to the idea suggest that we reduce the intake of meat
consumption, treat our animals humanely and increase the price of meat. Traci Hukill predicts an increase in the trend towards

New film by Michael Moore called ‘Sicko’ coming out in 2007
MM comments, „Sicko‟ is a comedy about 45 million people with no health care in the richest country on earth.
                                                                                                            Page 7
 Heal Self—Heal Others

Summary of AHHA General Meeting 7th May 2006

 Bank of Melbourne Building, 75 High St, Woodend
                                                                  Andonnia Gotsi             Spiritual Healing, Massage
 Members Present: Eight members present, two apologies                                       therapist, Reiki: College of
                                                                                             Psychic Studies Healing
 Business attended to from the last meeting                                                  Course

 Basic upgrade for the web site, check it out                     Feran Bilal (Student)      Alpha Omega College
 Updates also for our membership certificates; Review of the      Anna Polacska             Holistic Counsellor: Holistic
 role of the constitution and the roles of office bearers.        Living Training Institute
 Hansie presented some interesting material he received from
 the Office of Consumer Affairs.
 Further discussion at the next meeting                           Newsletter
                                                                  Has been well received and distributed to all members, a
 Reports                                                          wonderful job by our hard working committee.
 Treasurers Credit balance $6,625.94                              Diane to approach members for articles for future
 Internet banking to be made available.                           newsletters.
                                                                  Letters to the Editor welcome.
 New Members welcomed to the AHHA:
 Clifford Loveday    Holistic counselling: Alpha                  Accredited Colleges
 Omega College                                                    To be updated and presented in Locality Guide
                                                                  Applications for new courses approved, Lisa Brecko
 Sarah Mc Donald           Yoga teaching Verification of          AHHA to set requirements for Diplomas, Certificates to
 qualifications pending                                           meet AHHA standards; at present Diploma 250 hrs
 Lindsay Splatt            Spiritual Counsellor and Healer:       Certificate 50 hrs training
                           Trinity Academy of Science and
                           Philosophy                             Locality Guide
                                                                  Investigation into having it published on the website;
 Paula Havryluk            Holistic Healer, Holistic              options to be sought; further discussion at next meeting;
                           Counsellor, and Reflexology:           Phone office with any comments.
                           Victorian College for Holistic
                           Healing                                Executive Committee to consider holding meetings
                                                                  between General Meetings to streamline processes.
 (Summary by Secretary, AHHA                                      Next meeting: 10.00am Sunday 13 August 2006 at the
 Helen Bramley-Jackson)                                           Woodend address (see back cover)

                                              AHHA gets a plug on air at Casey SER 97.7FM Radio every alternate
                                              Tuesday between 2.00pm and 3.00pm.
                                              Here, Vice President, Hansie Jaensch discusses nutrition with Dr Elizabeth
                                              Blank on the Alternative Medicine Hour.
                                              AHHA Member, Lisa Dell‟Arciprete was interviewed on Tuesday, 1 August
                                              2006. Lisa is a Holistic Lifestyle Counsellor and runs the Australian Centre
                                              for Holistic Studies in Blackburn, Victoria.
                                              Nikki Staley, of Staley Holistic Counselling will be heard on Tuesday 15
                                              August 2006, talking about Reiki and Energy Medicine. Hansie is looking for
                                              other AHHA members to come on the program with him. If you are
                                              interested, phone him on Ph: 03 8502 0669
                                              Livwell Holistic Healing, a sponsor of Casey FM Radio, also runs a
                                              philosophy group, called: „Logos – Art of Reason‟ on alternate Wednesday
                                              evenings at 861 High St Rd, Glen Waverley, Vic at 7.00pm. All welcome.
Dr Elizabeth Blank & Hansie Jaensch at Casey Radio
       Australian Holistic
       Healers Association

     President: Diane Collett
 Secretary: Helen Bramley-Jackson
      Treasurer: Mark Brown
   i      11/75 High Street
          Woodend Vic 3442
          Phone: 5470 5566

 SUNDAY, 13 August, 2006
 Westpac Building (upstairs)
   75 High St, Woodend

            We value your input
             and involvement

              visit our website

 More Snippets
 Issuing sickness certificates now extended to registered health workers – The Australian 7 July 2006. Adam Creswell,
 Health Editor.
 A sick note written by a traditional medicine practitioner has triggered an official complaint by the AMA, which plans to test this
 element of the Howard Government‟s Work Choices laws. The AMA claims the note breaches state law and has complained to
 the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria in April 2006. The complaint is now before the Medical Practitioners Board
 of Victoria.
 Health groups are now preparing guidelines for their members.

 Health groups are preparing guidelines for their members. The Pharmacy Guild had a „positive view‟ of pharmacists being able to
 issue sick notes for conditions such as rashes and heavy colds. The Chiropractors Association of Australia has also drawn up a
 sick note policy.

 A spokeswoman for Mr Andrews, Workplace Relations Minister, said many patients attended non-doctor health professionals and
 it was „sensible therefore that the issuing of medical certificates is not solely done by GPs‟.

 GST-free: Allied health professionals’services – Australian Master GST Guide Page 308 -321
 Lists of services which are recognised, include: dietary, chiropractic, naturopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, audiology,
 paramedical. To be recognised professional, the practitioner must be approved or registered under the relevant State law, or be a
 member of a professional organisation with uniform national registration requirements. In the case of naturopathy or herbal
 medicine, goods supplied to a patient are only GST-free if they are supplied at the same premises and are also used or consumed

 Obesity boosts cancer risk – Sheryl Taylor, National Nine News medical reporter 2 May 2006
 Research reveals blood cancers could be linked to obesity – pancreatic cancer most certainly is – and there is growing evidence
 that overweight could be linked to cancers of the liver and gall bladder.

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